Silly BabyGirl. Fairy Tales are for Movies.

She never thought the day would come that she would be able to enjoy her little side fully.

She figured there would always be something that would get in the way of her happiness and ruin the dream she dreamed.

But it was the dream itself which made clear that she was never really looking for Prince Charming.  In order to do that, she would have to be Cinderella.  And she wasn’t Cinderella anymore than he was the Royalty.

What they were was a Daddy and a BabyGirl who fell in love and made their lives what they wanted them to be … Happy and Happy Together.

And on this Saturday morning, as she hung the laundry out to dry, she looked down at the wedding ring on her finger and thought:

“Silly BabyGirl, Fairy Tales are for Movies.  I like this Real Life thing so much better.”

25 “Charm Sakers”
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