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The New Storybook Experience

While driving home from TeddyCon on Monday, I thought back on the week that had been – on the 8 days that made up the TeddyCon 2019 experience for me … from storage to load in to set up to convention to tear down to storage return.  And the first thought that came to mind was one of the last things to happen.

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Ahh … some day.

On the day The 50 Shades books were reported about on NBC Nightly News, this website saw a one-day spike in traffic that has yet to be even remotely equaled since.

At first, I thought there was some sort of glitch in the WordPress stats feature.  But other less-than-vanilla websites were also reporting record visitations on that day.  So I knew something was up.

Three years later, I went to see the first 50 Shades movie in the theater – something I rarely do anymore … unless it is the latest Sylvester Stallone movie.  As I sat there watching it, I thought about the possibilities of where this all could lead.  And I will admit that my mind went right to The Zeke and Lily Saga. I saw it as a pipe dream, but still contemplated how to take all 10 books in the series (11 now, but at the time, there were only 10) and combine them into 3 or 4 movies.

To just see those words: Zeke & Lily on the screen would have been a thrill unparalleled and likely, never to be paralleled again.  But it might come at a grave cost.

Tell ya what … like me get back to the explanation of that grave cost in a minute.

Unlike a lot of folks, I liked the first movie.  It was extremely watered down, but at the same time, it was watered down enough to give the vanilla masses the ability to swallow it without choking.  When speaking with a friend about it, he disagreed with me – calling it an abomination of BDSM, going so far as to refer to the Shades stories as an abusive relationship and not a representation of BDSM at all.

He would continue on about it, saying how this showed BDSM in a horrible light and how it wasn’t fair to present it in mainstream with such an inaccurate depiction.

I respected his opinion, as he was entitled to have one.  But my reply to him was:

“Throughout the 90s, ABDL was bastardized on talk show after talk show after talk show – from Jerry Springer to Donahue to Montell Williams to Sally Jessy Raphael and so many others.  And not a single one of them took a serious approach to exploring the meaning of age play, instead opting to decorate their stages as a nursery and to allow their audience members to ask insulting and  demeaning questions with intention of poking fun at the subject – as opposed to learning about it and perhaps comprehending its meaning … none of which even once being corrected or redirected by the hosts.

So I understand your pain when I hear you speak of how 50 Shades has misrepresented BDSM.”

But he brought a good point to light, once again.  Everything comes with a cost … a grave cost.  And without the necessary monitoring to keep the subject objective (for lack of a less confusing way to put it), BDSM becomes a way to physically and mentally abuse people and get away with it … and ABDL becomes an organization of diaper freaks with Peter Pan Syndrome who avoid adult responsibilities.

Sounds ugly, doesn’t it? The four letters we have in common have never been given a fair chance in the public eye.  And because of this, we don’t smile fondly on more opportunities when they arise.  But as a community, we protect our own.  And we always will.

Perhaps there are situations when certain ABDLers go at each other.  Sometimes, this is a scuffle, figuratively speaking, between two members of the younger generations.  Sometimes, this is a battle between members of opposing events.  Sometimes, this is a poor exchange between two people who struggle with how to present their opinions. 

But regardless of our reasons for being human, another human condition is to dream.  And dream I do.

Who would have ever believed that we could come as far as we have already?  We have at least three hotel conventions, two of which that are now hotel takeover conventions.  We have massive house parties, regular events and gatherings, more munches and groups and websites than can be counted … and the ability to keep growing – on our terms.

Zeke & Lily – In Theaters Now.

Ahh … some day.

What I Saw and What I Loved

I wasn’t going to put up a posting about TeddyCon 2018, instead opting to thoroughly enjoy reading what other people wrote about it.  But when I got home on Monday night after having been at the convention hotel for the eight days prior, I felt a familiar urge to do something I hadn’t done in more than a week … to write.

The more people write and post about the events they go to, the more those events grow.  Posting about specific activities enjoyed or other recollections of specific moments at a convention give the organizers a bit of information about what was seen as most memorable at the event they put together.

Anyone who plans and implements a convention or similar gathering wants their creation to be memorable and to leave fond thoughts in their attendees’ minds, even days after the convention ends.  And when people write about their fresh memories, it becomes a window that clearly displays what people enjoyed the most.

So, instead of typing a minute by minute recalling of the entire experience, I’ve decided to write about specific moments from TeddyCon 2018 that I found to be personally touching.  It is an impossibility to be a part of every single class, activity, craft, special event and specific happening at TeddyCon as there are always at least six different options of things to do at all points in time.

It goes without saying that I didn’t see everything that went on at TC, every moment in every location.  So, I will write about what I saw and what I loved.


TeddyCon 2018 was the second year of a complete hotel takeover offering.  At TC, a complete hotel takeover is inclusive of every square inch of the entire hotel building, up to and including the glass doors of the main entrance as well as the indoor pool.  But it is also inclusive of the courtyard.  And the whole thing truly felt like a village, a magical destination – complete with a restaurant, a watering hole, a swimming hole, sleeping accommodations, shopping, entertainment, night life and the ability to roam about in nothing but a t-shirt and diaper – if so desired … protected and maintained to keep it safe.

And my oh my. The TeddyCon village atmosphere was filled with an energy I had never felt the strength of before while it offered up more than any prior TeddyCon had tendered.

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The Whole Sha-Bang

The Whole Kit-n-Kaboodle
The Whole Shootin’ Match
The Whole Nine Yards
The Whole Ball of Wax
The Works

I grew up as a country boy and literally lived right next to a junk yard.  My parents never liked it, but my brother and I were in Heaven.  We had the most elaborate dirt bike trail imaginable.

Country Time was a bit slower and we had our own phrases for everything.  We didn’t wash clothes, we warshed them.  The word color we pronounced as keller.

So you’ll have to forgive me going back to olde tyme phrases in my excitement.  It was recently announced that TeddyCon 2017 is now a complete and entire hotel takeover ABDL convention. 

The main convention space, the hallways, the pool, the courtyard, the lobby, the breakfast area, the bar … the entire building will now be included in TeddyCon 2017.  There will be no vanilla folks in the building for the convention.  And this means you don’t have to cover your littleness up when walking through the halls or anywhere else in the building.

It opens up so many other possibilities that hadn’t been possible since the days of those Vermont Ski Lodge Conventions.

And I am losing my mind with excitement.

TeddyCon 2017
3 days.
Only us.
And the entire hotel building is ours.

Oh yes.

The Doctor Is In!!!
See It, Build It, Do It
TeddyCon Nights


The West Coast is on Fire!!

Tickets are already selling very fast for The West Coast Jungle Gym 2018 Age Play Conference.

As with all conventions of this type, there is a limited number of registration spots available.  So, if you’re ready for the crinkly journey to San Diego, don’t hesitate in registering.

Once the tickets are gone, they’re gone.


FL Group: https://fetlife.com/groups/122142
FL Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/561892
FL Profile: https://fetlife.com/users/5135459
Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/westcoastjunglegym/
Tumblr: https://thewestcoastjunglegym.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thewestcoastjunglegym
Website: https://thewestcoastjunglegym.com/
Email: wcjgproducer@gmail.com
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Episode 11: The West Coast Jungle Gym

Episode 11 was an energetic podcast, the creators of The West Coast Jungle Gym introduced.  Speaking of their past experiences as well as their current ones, they drew to light how the desire for a west coast ABDL convention was born.

Join the Crinkle Crew as they get to know Bunney, Poppa Kirk, Donnie, Anthony, Rosie, Daddy Lee and Baby KC from the West Coast Jungle Gym!

Where to find the West Coast Jungle Gym:

Episode 11:  The West Coast Jungle Gym

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The West Coast Jungle Gym

The West Coast Jungle Gym

Have those five words recently shown up on your FetLife friend feed? How about on Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook?

It’s an ABDL convention that will take place on the west coast, Pacific breezes fueling the sails for the energetic team of ABDLers who are planning it.

And just by its name, the intrigue begins.

A jungle gym is a most interesting piece of equipment you find on a playground. Unlike a see-saw or a merry-go-round or even a swing set, a jungle gym has no one specific look to it. It can be built like a dome or erected like it was the structure of a sky scraper.  And there are so many other shapes it can take, each unique and different … yet still the same in principle.

That’s kind of like the ABDL community and more specifically, the members of the ABDL community. We are all unique and different, yet the same. We all have different interests – the dark, the pure-n-innocent, diapers or no diapers, outfits, pacifiers, stuffed animals, cribs, high chairs, humiliation, nurturing … or perhaps none of that.

For each ABDLer, the interests are unique. And that’s why the Jungle Gym is such an amazing way to describe an ABDL convention. And it’s even more brilliant that these west coasters put Jungle Gym into the name of their ABDL event.

Playgrounds are great places to go during recess. They are also great places to lend a helping hand to someone else – whether that’s sitting on the other side of a see-saw so the other person can raise up in the air or if that’s taking hold of the merry-go-round bars and giving it a spin for all those sitting on it or if it’s giving a push to someone who is sitting on a swing.

The West Coast has joined in on the ABDL Convention circuit. And TeddyCon is not only thrilled to hear this, but wants to give them a push – so they can reach the stars as they swing for the first time.

I love to promote anything that is ABDL-positive in nature.  And I’m going to support The West Coast Jungle Gym as they take their first baby steps towards the first west coast ABDL hotel convention … or at least the first one that has happened in quite some time.

It has always been a joy to give back to the community, providing them with something they will enjoy and recreating it every year – improving upon the experience and adding new things so they will further enjoy the experience in years to come.

In discussion with the leaders of The West Coast Jungle Gym, I can tell you that they are doing this for the good of the community, giving as opposed to taking.

And it is that one fact that defines their intentions, right from their inception.

Welcome to the community, West Coast Jungle Gym!

So, everyone … when you get the chance, stop by and say hello to our fellow crinklers of the west!

FL Group: https://fetlife.com/groups/122142
FL Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/561892
FL Profile: https://fetlife.com/users/5135459
Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/westcoastjunglegym/

Tumblr: https://thewestcoastjunglegym.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thewestcoastjunglegym
Website: https://thewestcoastjunglegym.com/

Email: wcjgproducer@gmail.com

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