The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 29-30

Episodes 29-30

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Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Doctor’s Visit


“We gotta go!  There is a military force on the way, a half-dozen choppers with orders to fire on the roof!” the pilot shouted.

“Well, I suggest you call them off!” Rikki shouted back at the pilot.  “Or there will be no blood sample!”

“We can’t save her!” the officer onboard shouted.  “If we could, we would!”

“That’s a load of bullshit!” Angelina shouted at him.  “You could have saved us in that cafeteria, but you didn’t!  Instead, you raised your guns to kill us if we broke through that glass and tried to escape!”

“I don’t make the decisions and neither does he!” the officer shouted, referencing himself and the pilot.

“Up here, you do!” Georgia screamed, joining in on the argument.  “It will be your decision as to whether we land with the means for the cure or if we just land with the poor decision you made!”

The officer and the pilot looked at each other.

“Okay, we will stay as long as we can.  But I can’t call the incoming choppers off.  They won’t listen,” the pilot said.  “Once they start firing, we’re leaving.  That buys your friend as much time as possible.  That’s all the more I can do.  Fair enough?”

“Fair enough,” Rikki said sadly.

While still holding Britney up by her hair, the zombie doctor throat-chopped her with his other hand – then dropping her to the ground.  Britney gasped for air, clutching the front of her throat – the doctor then kicking her in the ribs repeatedly and forcing her to roll back into the middle of the roof.

In the near distance, the sound of approaching helicopters could be heard, growing louder and louder each second.  Soon, the sound was deafening.  The wind being created by the rotors of those nearing choppers began to sweep across the rooftop.

Britney looked up at the zombie doctor and though her face was covered with blood, she smiled at him.  This sent Doctor Glen into a fit of anger that boiled him over.  Britney took a strong kick from him to the side of her face, putting her flat on her back.

Then a ringing noise filled her ear drums, silencing all else.  And everything began to happen in slow motion, from her perspective – her concussion worsening.  With minimal sight from her left eye, Britney saw the first of the helicopters surrounding the hospital.  The winds now whipped across the stone-surfaced rooftop.  The movements of the zombie horde around her as well as those of the zombie doctor became blurs to her, with the same slow motion as everything else.

Soon, all the military helicopters had arrived – practically shoving the rescue chopper out of the way, anyway.  They lined the rooftop in a circle, turning sideways so the troops aboard could aim their weapons.

“We gotta go!” the pilot shouted, Rikki then grabbing his right hand and putting the vial of blood in it.

“No,” Rikki pleaded with him.  “Just two more minutes, please.  Stay right here.”

The helicopter remained as close to the roof as possible, though it kept getting edged out of the way by the military choppers.

The zombie doctor grabbed Britney once again, standing her to her feet.  Britney was limp at this point and in her mind, she heard Chloe’s voice again.

You are a natural leader.  And I can see that, at some point in your life, you will prove this to yourself.”

Britney smiled at the zombie doctor, more brightly this time than before.  She had won, even though she knew she was going to die.  But she had beaten him at his own game.  He never broke her.

Then the zombie doctor stomped down on Britney’s right shin and snapped her lower leg.  Britney screamed in pain, the doctor lifting her up once more in the air and putting her on display for Rikki and the girls to see.

Rikki and the girls in the rescue helicopter wept at the sight of Britney in excruciating pain.  Her lower right leg was shattered, her tibia and fibula bones snapped in half and sticking out through the skin of her shin.  Britney screamed, but soon entered into a bit of welcomed exhaustion – brought about by an immediate bit of shock her body went into.  Her eyes drooped as she stopped screaming.

Seeing she was nearing the point of passing out, the zombie doctor tossed her across the width of the rooftop.  Britney landed with her back contacting the roof access door.  She fell down onto her diapered bottom, sitting there in a slumped position before falling over to her right side.  Opening her left eye as much as she could, which at this point was a sliver of sight only capable of allowing the smallest amount of vision, Britney watched as the zombie doctor slowly approached her.

There was no hurry in his steps and no haste in his movements, despite the fact that the six military helicopters were moving into a tighter position to fire.

“We gotta go!” the pilot said, flying the rescue chopper up and away.  “I’m sorry!”

Britney’s mind went in and out of the moment, trying desperately to avoid the nerve-ending signals of excruciating pain while also trying to keep from passing out – her body now going into full shock.

The zombie doctor approached her, smiling down at her with a condescending grin and then looking up at the military helicopters before he then reached down to grab her hair yet again.

At that moment, Britney grabbed the ax by the door and swung up at the doctor’s down-reaching left arm.  She chopped off his left hand and half of his forearm.  Doctor Glen shouted in anger, then grabbing her by the throat with his right hand.

Lifting her up, he banged the back of her head into the door repeatedly until she stopped moving.

But instead of passing out, Britney was repeatedly awakened by her mind receiving flash-traffic messages from her body – the nerve-endings still sending signals to her brain and sometimes making the connection.

When this connection was made, she jolted back to life – feeling the pain ten-fold.  It was a strange moment of anomaly that when she felt herself passing out, she wanted nothing more than to live – but when she felt herself jolting back to life, she wanted nothing more than to die – because of the pain.

Still holding her by the throat, the zombie doctor walked over to the front side of the rooftop, the military helicopter in that position being ordered to fly away.

And that it did with a quickness, bright lights from below shining up on the two of them.  But the zombie doctor didn’t move.  He was waiting for the shots to be fired.  Britney was mortal.  He wasn’t.

The forces below aimed their guns.

“Ready!!! … Aim!!! …,” a voice below said through a megaphone.

But at that exact moment the rescue chopper flew back down, hovering at the third-floor level of building and blocking the forces below from firing.  The wind alone forced all the gunmen back.

Delirious, Britney heard Chloe’s voice yet again, this being that last thing Chloe said to her before dying in the ambulance – a statement that, at the time, made no sense to Britney.  Yet now, suddenly, it made all the sense in the world.

You can do anything, Brit.  You can even fly.  So when the time comes, jump … and believe that you will land on your feet.”

Britney smiled at the zombie again, then wrapping her legs around his chest and locking her ankles just below his shoulder blades.  Reaching forward, she sunk both of her thumbs into the inner corners of his eyes.  Plunging her thumbs into his eye sockets as deeply as they would go, Britney then raked her thumbs outwards – gouging his eyes out of their sockets.  But the veins holding at the back of his eyes didn’t tear and he was able to see her leaning backwards, throwing him off-balance.

They fell from the rooftop together.  Doctor Glen released her throat as he tried to reach back for the rooftop ledge, to no avail.  They plunged downward and as they fell, she climbed down the front of his body, holding his feet and burying her face in the fronts of his lower legs.  The zombie doctor’s freakish strength now did him no good at all.  His face came in contact with the rescue helicopter’s rotor blades, flipping him backwards.

Having avoided the blades by being at his feet, Britney released her arm-grip around his ankles and reached for the helicopter, her hands being grabbed by Angelina and Georgia.  Then several other hands grabbed her and yanked her onboard as the zombie doctor fell.

But the chopper now quickly went down too – because of the contact with its rotor blades.  The pilot steadied the chopper, doing his best to keep them level and trying hard to avoid a flat spin, but the ground came quickly.  And luckily, the chopper had landed on its skids.

Everyone looked over to where the zombie doctor had fallen, seeing him impaled through the chest by the flag pole that snapped on contact with him.  He lay on the ground, motionless and lifeless. 

Above, guns were heard sounding off as they obliterated every creature on the rooftop.  Shells fell from the military helicopters like droplets of rain.  And when the extermination was complete, emergency personnel flock to the rescue chopper.

Obviously, Britney was dealt with first – put on a stretcher and whisked away.  The other girls would follow the same.  A caravan of military vehicles transported them away in less than a minute.

The pilot handed the vial of blood to Rikki who walked over and handed it to the on-site agent of the Center for Disease Control who was in charge.  Then she looked back over at the snapped flag pole, shocked to see that the zombie doctor was gone.

Chapter Thirty: Wrapping it up

Britney awoke in a hospital room, blinking her eyes and then squinting at the extreme brightness in the room.  All the curtain were open at the windows and sunshine was pouring into the room, making the white ceiling and walls even brighter.  As her vision adjusted, she began to take in the details of the room … or perhaps more appropriately stated, the lack of details.

This wasn’t Harris Regional Hospital she was in.  It wasn’t even a commercial hospital.  And there were cameras watching her. 

Her right leg was in a cast, held up in the air by a sling and some flimsy pipe work above her bed.  Her neck was in a brace and she could feel the adhesive stitches on her face when she ran her fingers down from her forehead.  She should have been in a great deal of pain.  But, given the IVs in both of her arms, she assumed that her veins were receiving a plethora of wonderful medications to fight infections and kill all her pain.

The pain of her thoughts couldn’t be lessened by IVs, however.  The pain of her memories of the weekend at that campground and yesterday at that hospital … they couldn’t be numbed by anything.  Yet, through those ordeals, there were happy memories and moments when she saw members of the Eclectic Eight do amazing and wonderful things.

  • The whole group, but especially Angelina, keeping Brook off her broken ankle by carrying her around the whole time.
  • In general, how they repeatedly came to each other’s aid when needed … how they banded together and fought their way out of that cafeteria … fighting the zombies as a group and not letting any of the group get bitten or killed.
  • Lorna having stepped up and used the self-defense skills she had to defend the others.
  • Brook, with her broken right ankle, hopping along at specific moments and saving someone – like how she saved Britney’s life when Britney was trapped in that dish chute in the food court area.
  • Georgia keeping everyone grounded in their thoughts, making certain that they were focusing on the facts – not on the hopes and dreams that would only ever be fantasies.  Georgia also keeping those who were injured in mind when in the pharmacy, finding a bottle of pain killer pills for them.
  • Iris, who really wasn’t a go-getter, becoming aggressive at moments, taking the lead and doing all she could to prevent the girls from becoming victims.

They had overcome odds that shouldn’t have be survivable.  But somehow, they had.  Britney would also remember that not all of the Eclectic Eight had lived to see this day. 

Yolanda, affectionately nicknamed Yara, had passed away in the ordeal.  Yara was a foreign student who had so recently come to America, attending college and bringing a sense of pride to her family in being the only member of her family to have ever attended schooling beyond high school.

Britney thought about Rebecca, not wanting to imagine what was going through her mind when she was attacked and killed.  She and Rebecca often butted heads but always found a way to squash their differences – remaining friends.

And then one more troubling thought came to mind.  Tears welled in Britney’s eyes as she remembered Chloe – her mentor, her teacher, her friend.  This was the most painful loss of all.  And the fact that Britney killed her twice only worsened the guilt she felt.

The door opened very slowly and in walked Rikki and Sherry, the other pledge mistress of Britney’s sorority.

They sat on either side of the bed, Sherry dabbing away Britney’s tears with a tissue.

“You’ve been asleep for three days, Sweetie,” Sherry said, sniffling a bit herself at the sight of Britney’s sadness.  “It’s almost the weekend again.  And I was wondering if you wanted to go camping with me?”

Britney laughed herself into more tears, Sherry carefully giving her a hug as to not disturb the raised leg or any of Britney’s injuries.

“Where am I, right now?” Britney asked.

“You are in a military hospital in Connecticut.  The other girls are here, too,” Rikki explained.  “Everyone was quarantined when brought here, including me and Sherry initially.  But you are the first to be cleared … yesterday morning.”

“So, what did I miss?” Britney asked.

“We received a military escort to this hospital.  You girls are heralded as having stopped the virus from spreading,” Rikki answered.  “Brook has received surgery on her right ankle.  Angelina has received treatment for her wrist.  The others were treated for their scrapes and bumps.  There have been lots of CAT scans and MRIs and all of that.”

“Everyone is alive and healing.  Well…,” Sherry said, she and Britney making eye contact and streaming more tears at the losses of Yara, Rebecca and Chloe.

“What did they do about the outbreak scare?” Britney asked, bravely pressing the conversation forward.

“The hospital was indeed shut down completely and one of those enormous bubble confinement contraptions was put over the entire building.  It made the hospital property look like a scene from the movie E.T.,” Rikki explained.

Britney smiled with weepy eyes as she listened.

“All bodies found in the hospital were taken away and incinerated,” Rikki said, then pausing to inhale deeply before continuing.  “This included Rebecca, Yara and Chloe.”

Britney nodded slightly, understanding it had to be done.

“The hospital will be burned to the ground and the property will see no rebuilding on it for quite some time,” Rikki said.  “A full-scale federal investigation is already underway, both at the hospital as well as at the campground where another full quarantine is in effect.”

Rikki stood up, walking over to the nearest window and closing the drapes to take some of the blinding bright light out of the room – then returning to her seat on the side of Britney’s bed.

“There are no signs currently that the virus made it out of the hospital.  But there is a state-wide alert.  Marshall Law is being considered for use again.  Thus far, no one has defied the mandates,” Rikki continued.  “I don’t know how long you and the girls will be kept here.  But you all will be released once medically cleared and after multiple government agents grill you all for everything you know.”

Britney laughed, realizing nothing was going to happen quickly.

“The blood sample?” Britney asked.

“They are working with it,” Rikki answered, not really knowing much of anything about it.

“And the zombie doctor?” Britney asked.

“He disappeared,” Rikki admitted, Britney’s jaw dropping – finding trouble in believing what she just heard.

“But the blades of that helicopter at least sliced his face open,” Britney said, shocked.  “And he landed on that flag pole.  It went up through his chest.  I saw him laying there with the flag pole coming out of his chest.”

“I know,” Rikki replied.  “Once the helicopters shot down everyone on the roof, emergency personnel ran over to our helicopter and got all of you into ambulances.  Doctor Glen was left to be dealt with after that.  But when the last ambulance pulled away, they went over to where he was laying … and he was nowhere to be found.”

“So, he’s alive?” Britney asked in terror.

“It would appear so,” Rikki answered.

“Where is he?” Britney asked, her eyes gaping open widely.

“No one knows,” Rikki confessed.  “No one knows.”


The zombie doctor would indeed re-surface in the near future, seeking a revenge he never got a chance to achieve on that rooftop.

But that … is another story.

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