The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 8-10

Episodes 8-10

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Chapter Eight: Infiltration and the Need

Monday, 2pm

Not having heard anything back from the agents sent to the morgue, the CDC presence outside the hospital convened with the local police force to discuss the next course of action.  More CDC agents were on the way but wouldn’t get there until 5 or 6pm.  And, based on the police band communications from the officers inside the hospital as well as the unquestioning evidence of failure displayed on the hospital camera feeds, their initial efforts to contain a most-deadly virus while maintaining control had been unsuccessful – to say the least about it.

It was determined that, by 5 or 6pm, the virus would have taken over the entire hospital – making the risk of further outbreak a real possibility.  And if that happened, then the anarchy currently infesting Harris Regional Hospital would outbreak with the virus.

In short: a new course of action needed to be taken now, while there was still a chance to salvage their previous efforts.

So the CDC and police devised a plan to infiltrate the emergency room area.  Not believing the zombies were organized in any manner at all, the CDC and police were going to go right through the front doors.  This was the worst decision they could have possibly made.  And thinking the zombies were disorganized would prove to be another horrible mistake they made.

Putting the police officers in hazmat suits as well, the joint force turned the power off in the emergency room area – temporarily, so they could manually open the doors and bypass the lock down.

When inside, the power was restored – the front doors locking again.  Their plan was to walk back through the ER hallway – continuing to follow that hallway to the morgue on the other side of the building.

The morgue was determined to be ground zero in this situation.  And once they had established what had happened there, they would move forward swiftly – whether that meant they would deal with the infected individuals one at or time … or if that meant they would accept all losses, imploding the hospital and incinerating the entire site.

The latter option would certainly produce some strong public discourse, but it was the public the CDC and police were protecting.

But no sooner did they get into the lobby than a handful of the CDC agents and police already inside appeared in that hallway – slowly weaving their way through a sea of empty stretchers.  This was a welcomed sight, friendly faces that would have answers.

But when those agents and officers walked out of the hallway and into the lobby, friendly was no longer how the infiltrating team would describe them.  These were the same agents and officers that Rikki and the girls saw walking down the stairwell a few minutes earlier, the same agents and officers who had underwent the harrowing ordeal in the morgue and who had turned … quite unfriendly.

This horde of undeads moved towards the team, ignoring the shouted demands for them to stand still.  And when it was accepted that these agents-and-officers-turned-zombies weren’t going to stop, the team took their positions and raised their weapons.

The eerie silence of the emergency room area, filled with the faint distance noise of music on the speakers as well as the nearby groans of the advancing zombies, became a far noisier place and brighter light show as they opened fire.

Pieces of slimy gray flesh and spurts of blood came off the zombies as the bullets traveled through them.  But their advances, slow and deliberate, never faltered because of the shots.  The teams kept backing away, emptying their guns before all had to stop to reload.  And that was when the zombies charged.

They grabbed the teams’ arms, snapping wrists.  Or they went straight for the jugular veins.  The team had no chance.  They fought for mere seconds before they were all taken down.  The response force outside had just been cut in half and this was the reason why they didn’t send in a second task team.  Now they were outnumbered.  And those agents and officers who had bravely tried to infiltrate the hospital were left there in plain view of everyone outside – to watch them become zombies in the next few minutes.

Military action would now be considered and the CDC alert would become CDC top priority.  The attempt to de-escalate, if not also neutralize the situation had failed horribly.  And those trapped inside that hospital were now on their own.  There would be no further infiltrations for any reason other than to kill everyone and everything the CDC agents and police came in contact with.

Marshall law was on the verge of not only being implemented, but also being redefined as something more gruesome than imaginable.


Rikki, Britney and all the other girls remained locked and hidden inside the doctors’ private quarters.  They were completely unaware of the carnage that was currently taking place in the emergency room area.  They also weren’t aware of how much of that hospital was now swarming with zombies.  But they would soon find out as they planned their own course of action to follow next.

“Okay, Brook,” Rikki said, hoping the girl would have a helpful suggestion.  “What is it that we have a lot of in this hospital that you feel will help the current situation?  And remember:  we are looking for things we need.”

“We need diapers,” Brook said emphatically.

“I beg your pardon?” Rikki asked, dumbfounded by her statement.

“We need diapers,” Brook repeated.  “It’s as simple as that.”

“I will get you more diapers, Brook,” Rikki said with a sigh, thinking Brook was only referencing her incontinent condition.

“We also need to know how Rebecca is doing,” Georgia added.

“Well, there I can help you,” Rikki said, going over to the desk top computer in the room and accessing the patient database.  “Okay, it says she’s still in surgery.  But that likely isn’t the case.  I’m assuming this information hasn’t been updated.  Typically, a surgery like hers has several steps to it.  If she has been in surgery already, then she has probably been moved to a holding area to open the surgery room up for the next person.  It’s just a question of finding the exact surgery room she was in.  Then, we’ll know where she is at and how she is doing.”

“We’ve gotta get to Rebecca,” Angelina said to Britney.

“You’re assuming that the procedures on Rebecca are still happening,” Rikki said, digging for further information in the database.  “Given the lock down, her surgery may have been cancelled.”

“… or she may have been taken into surgery, but the surgery never started,” Britney said, worry coming over her face.  “If that’s the case, she will be unable to defend herself if the surgery area has been attacked by zombies.”

“That’s why we need to get to her now,” Angelina stated boldly.

“We almost died making it to this room,” Lorna interjected.

“True, but remember back to the campground,” Georgia said to Lorna.  “When we stayed in one place for too long, the zombies multiplied around us.  It will be the same thing that happens here.  We have to keep moving to stay alive.”

“There are also better places to hide than in this room,” Rikki said, standing up from the desk.  “I’m going to take you all to the last known location of your friend, Rebecca.  We’ll be able to see how she is and hopefully be able to move her into another hiding place that is nearby the surgery rooms.”

Rikki walked over to the door and unlocked it.

“Is everybody ready?” Rikki asked.

“Wait!” Brook said, while climbing up on Angelina’s back.  “Don’t forget: we need diapers.”

“I will get you a diaper, Brook,” Rikki said with exasperation.

“No, I don’t think you understand,” Britney said to Rikki.  “Not only does Brook need a diaper, but we all need diapers.”

“Why do you all need diapers?” Rikki asked, looking around the girls.

“Because we don’t wanna die!” Brook said with exclamation.

Re-locking the door, Rikki turned around and folded her arms.

“Okay, girls.  Explain this to me fully,” Rikki said.

Chapter Nine

The Moment When She Finally Snapped


Monday, 2:30pm

The hallways of Harris Regional Hospital looked like a war zone – walls, signs, windows … all of it smashed and now, the zombies were systematically taking out all the doors in the hallways.  Breaking their hinges and ripping them down would make the entire building easy to move throughout – with no restrictions or anything to block a horde of undead souls that was multiplying by the second.  The vast majority of the sorority girls had been bitten again and had returned to the Borg-like existence as well as countless other patients who never had a chance.

However, the task of ripping all the doors down everywhere was a daunting one, even for the living dead.  It wasn’t quick or simple.  There were four floors and quite a few corridors.  But with growing numbers, it wouldn’t take too incredibly long to get done.

This gave Rikki and the girls a small window of time to still be able to move about the hospital with some degree of ease.  Regardless, their moves still had to be performed in a stealth-like manner.  And as they quickly relocated themselves from those private quarters to the other side of the second floor where a serious of operating rooms were at, Rikki found a pyxis unit – retrieving the pain killers Brook would need to continue to take for her broken right ankle as well as honoring the ridiculous request the girls had made for diapers to be found.

Rikki stood there with folded arms, shaking her head as she watched the girls diaper themselves while standing up.  It might well have been one of the most ridiculous things she had ever seen.  But the waddling garments would come in handy and even though they explained how the diapers would obviously collect the secret weapon that they had witnessed the success of in killing these demi-beasts, it didn’t make it any easier for Rikki to believe.  She would have to see it first.

Brook was eased down on her back, Angelina and Lorna quickly changing her as Britney and Georgia stood lookout.  Then the group quickly moved to operating room #4, the one that contained their beloved Rebecca.  Cautiously opening the doors, Britney poked her head in.

“Becca?” Britney whispered.  “Beckers?”

“She would probably be knocked out for the surgery, Britney,” Angelina said to her.

“Oh, yeah.  Right.  Duh!” Britney said with a laugh.

The girls walked in and saw their beloved Rebecca on the operating table in the very center of that room, her entire body covered with a sheet – except for her head.  Her eyes and mouth were closed.  She was indeed prepped for surgery.

“So … what does this mean?” Brook asked from her piggy-back perch on Angelina’s back.  “They got her ready for the surgery and then were attacked by the zombies?”

“That could very well have been the case,” Rikki said, standing guard at the door.

“So how long will she be out for?” Lorna asked.

“I honestly couldn’t tell you,” Rikki answered.  “There are so many factors that go into the decision on how much anesthesia a patient needs – the type of surgery, the degree of invasiveness of that surgery, body weight, genetics.  It could be for hours or for just another ten minutes.”

“Oh my God,” Britney wept, covering her mouth and walking away from the table.

“What’s wrong, Brit?” Iris asked, walking over to her.

Then Georgia’s eyes grew big and wide before closing, tears beginning to stream down her face as well.

“Is she dead?” Lorna asked Georgia, Georgia saying nothing.  “Damn it, Georgia!  You’re the pre-med student!  Just tell us what’s wrong already!”

In her bold fashion, Georgia pulled back the sheet that was covering Rebecca’s body to reveal that her frame, from her midriff down, had been chewed on by quite a few zombies.  It was a ghastly sight that made everyone turn away, Rikki closing the doors to the operating room when the girls began crying aloud.  Then she quickly walked over and covered Rebecca’s body with the sheet again.

“Girls, you have got to stop making noise,” Rikki whispered.  “I know how upsetting this is for you.  But if you don’t get quiet right now, you will attract attention to this room.”

The girls quieted down, now sniffling and sobbing.  There were no words to describe how they felt.  It was one thing to have had to battle with Chloe in defense of one’s life.  It was one thing to watch Yara die from wounds sustained.  But it was something completely different to have found Rebecca dead, chewed up and left there.

“Is she dead?” Brook whispered innocently through her tears.

“Yes,” Rikki responded with softness in her tone.

“If she was bitten, then why has she turned into a monster, like all the others?” Iris asked, sobbing.

“Because she’s still under anesthesia,” Rikki answered.

“Right.  That makes sense,” Georgia replied.  “Anesthesia affects the nervous system and blocks all sorts of transmission pathways between her nerve endings and her mind.  She is infected with the virus, but her mind doesn’t know it yet because the virus can’t communicate its presence.  When she wakes up, she will quickly turn.”

“Then we need to lock her in this room so she can’t get out and no one else can get in,” Britney said, an eerie monotone quality coming over her voice.

“I don’t believe that will help,” Rikki said.

“Shut up!” Britney fired back at Rikki, the whole group getting silent and still – no one blaming her for a misplaced outburst from an overload of unexpected emotions.

“No more talking.  No more scheming.  No more planning.  No more hiding,” Britney said with icy coldness in her tone.  “That approach will lead to our own deaths, here the same as it would have back at that horrible campground.”

Rikki and the other girls remained silent.

“We need food.  So Rikki, you are going to take us to the food court,” Britney said.  “And no matter what dead creatures we run into, we are going to take them down.  We will get out of this hospital alive and no one else is gonna die.”

Walking over to the doors, Britney flung them open – then turning back to the group.  She was physically trembling with anger.  And the look in her eyes was one of pure revenge.  It was the moment when she finally snapped.

“Now, let’s move, girls,” Britney said with a call to action in her tone.  “Angelina, even though Brook is on your back, you better keep up with us.”

“I will,” Angelina said, the group walking out of the operating room together.

Chapter Ten: Much Stronger.  MUCH Stronger.

Monday, 3pm

The activity outside the hospital increased dramatically as a full barricade system was set up around the entire building, keeping everyone and everything 50 feet away from all entrances and exits.  The CDC was in route, being given a military escort.  Every police officer and local military troop who could be found was called to the scene, armed and placed in position to gun down anyone who tried to leave the building, living or dead.  And with the entire local police force now at the hospital, the nearby residential areas and businesses were now forced to deal with a dramatic and sudden increase in crime.

Anarchy was breaking out all over, but nowhere more so than inside the Harris Regional Hospital.

The hallway of the second floor looked like a bomb had been set off inside it – the walls having been scratch and smashed into, quite a few of the overhead lights having been smashed and some hanging down from the ceiling.  And in the nearing distance were a few zombies, headed in their direction – the undead workforce still heavily at task to take down all the doors inside the hospital.

“Come on,” Rikki whispered, hurrying the girls into a nearby office room and locking the door.

Turning off the lights, she walked to the back of the office room, getting out a set of keys and unlocking the door on that side.

“We’ll cut through the psyche ward.  The stairwell is probably still our best chance to get down to the first floor,” Rikki said, locking the back door of that office room when everyone got through it.

The psyche ward was an elaborate area, a main central room with smaller hallways for bedrooms that spread out from the central room like the legs of a spider.  The zombie horde hadn’t been in there yet.  Everything was still intact.  But, much like every other area of the hospital, that would soon change … sooner than Rikki and the girls had anticipated.

“Straight across to the other side, girls,” Rikki said, the group moving around the enormous table in the center of the room and heading towards for the double doors on the other side.

Iris got there first, pushing on the doors but finding them locked.

“Rikki, do you have keys for these doors, too?” Iris asked.  “They won’t budge at all.”

“Yeah,” Rikki said, flipping through her keys to find the right one while walking over.  “Hold on a second.”

It was only a split second later that the doors burst open from the outside – Iris being tossed back quite a few feet as two zombies broke their way in.  They were only tearing down the doors and had no idea that Rikki and the girls were inside that main room of the psyche ward.

“Run, girls!  Hide!” Britney shrieked, picking up a wooden chair and swinging it at the nearest zombie.

The chair slammed into the right side of its body, then bouncing out of Britney’s hands.  She didn’t have the upper arm strength to swing very hard and she knew this.  But her purpose in trying was to buy time for the other girls to hide.  Running over and picking up the chair again, she kept it between herself and the advancing zombie.

“Come on, girls!” Rikki shouted, motioning to the front doors on the side of the room opposite from where the zombies had crashed in.

Angelina ran to those doors, still with Brook on her back.  Georgia and Iris followed as Rikki once again fumbled through her keys.

“We can’t leave, Britney!” Brook squealed with tears in her eyes.

“Brook, go!” Britney shouted, holding up the chair and blocking the swings from the zombie.

And that second zombie who entered?  Lorna had been distracting it, the two of them having a stare down contest with countered movements around the enormous table in the center of the main room.

Then, leaping across the table, that second zombie tackled Lorna to the ground.  It grabbed her shoulders, preparing to lean in for a neck bite.  But before it got the chance, Lorna curled her legs up into a ball and placed the soles of her feet flat on the zombie’s chest.  Then, she locked her knees – knowing that the average set of knee joints were extremely strong and she would be able to hold the undead creature far enough away from her that it would never get a chance to bite her.

Finding the right key, Rikki slid it into the lock of the double doors on the front side of the room.  But then she stopped before turning the key as some fairly hideous noises were heard coming from behind those doors.  She took a step back as her face turned ghostly white.

“Angelina, go hide Brook in one of the bedrooms,” Rikki said, Angelina sprinting to the nearest bedroom and shutting the door.

The front doors to the psyche ward were a triple-set of locked doors, sitting right next to the office where they entered from.  And though they were locked, the hideous noises now coming from behind them made clear that those doors wouldn’t remain locked, or even attached to the walls, for much longer.

Seeing their escape route was non-existent in that direction, Georgia turned back to see Britney and Lorna fighting the two zombies who were in the main room already.  The second zombie released Lorna’s shoulders and grabbed her ankles – then lifting her upside down in the air and preparing for an ankle bite.  Georgia ran at the second zombie and leapt up onto its back.  The zombie swung its left arm, sending Lorna flying back across the room as Georgia went flying as well.

Lorna landed on a stack of wooden chairs, knocking them over.  The chairs fell to the ground, several of them breaking in the process.  Georgia went flying through the glass window at the back of the office.

Then the front doors burst open, two more zombies hobbling into the room.  Now there were four undead deadlies to contend with.  Getting to her feet, Georgia began tearing the office apart, looking for a weapon.  The second zombie followed Lorna over to the broken chair pile, trying its best to get at her but now being blocked by chairs and chair pieces.  Britney was keeping the first zombie on the opposite side of the room – away from everyone else as she dodged the zombie’s punches.  The third zombie followed after Iris, who was slowly backing away from it.  And the fourth zombie made eye contact with Rikki, then strangely turning around and walking away – back through the double door entryway it had just cleared out.  But the other three remained.

Needless to say, all the zombies were ridiculously strong this time.

Finding a scalpel, Georgia jumped back through the broken office window and charged at the third zombie who had now cornered Iris.  Leaping up on its back, Georgia slashed at both of the creature’s eyes with the scalpel and then cut the front of its neck.  Then she jumped down and slashed both of the Achilles tendons at the back of its heels.  Tripping the creature backwards, she then slashed its wrists as well as several other areas on its body to produce a blood-letting that would keep the zombie too dizzy to move – hopefully long enough for them to escape.  Her pre-med classes had paid off, in a most unexpected way.

“Has anybody peed yet?” Britney screamed, fatiguing from dodging the first zombie’s punches.  “It would be really helpful right now!”

Seeing the effectiveness of the scalpel treatment to the third zombie, Rikki quickly went into the office and made up a syringe, remembering how a needle to the neck had dropped that zombie a bit earlier in the general admittance area of the second floor.  With the readied needle, Rikki then turned off the lights in the room, the only light now bleeding in from the hallways outside the two entryways.

“Georgia, Iris … go get Angelina and Brook.  And get ready to move,” Rikki said, then sneaking over to alongside the enormous table in the middle of the room.  “Britney, Lorna … see if you can get them alongside each other!”

“I can’t see anything, right now!” Britney shouted, now dodging the silhouetted punches of the first zombie but growing weary fast.

“Sure thing, Rikki!” Lorna sassed.  “We’ll line them up, no problem!  I’m sure they’ll cooperate with us, too!  Do you have any other stupid ideas you’d like to suggest?”

Still, Britney and Lorna did all they could to move the two zombies closer to each other.  And indeed, they were able to get them fairly close.  But no sooner did they get the two zombies in arm’s shot of each other than the second zombie backhanded Lorna, sending her flying across the room like a ragdoll once more.  And again, she landed on that pile of broken chairs.

The first zombie grabbed Britney by the neck and held her up, then cocking its right arm back.  But in the process of cocking its arm, it put its elbow into the side of the head of the second zombie – that zombie falling to the floor, knocked out.  Britney tried kicking the first zombie in the balls, but this had no effect.  So, she wiggled free of his throat grip of her and ran towards the middle of the room.  The first zombie tripped her, however, then grabbing her by the hair and tossing her up towards the ceiling.  Her head and back connected with the overhead light directly above the enormous table in the center of the room.  Then she landed belly down on the table, the overhead light now dangling down – bulbs shattered and ballast broken.

Getting up on the table, the first zombie kicked Britney in the ribs.  Turning on her side, she curled up into a fetal ball – the pain being excruciating.  The zombie stepped on the front of her neck, forcing her to lay flat on her back.

Perched on the side of that enormous table, Rikki tried to jab the needle into one of the zombie’s legs.  But with its free foot, the zombie kicked Rikki in the face, sending her flying away but not before she dropped the needle on the table.  Taking its foot off Britney’s neck and getting down on top of her, the zombie turned her head to the side and leaned in for the hard-fought neck bite. 

Waiting until his mouth was almost at her neck, Britney then grabbed the needle and jammed it into the zombie’s left eye socket.  Growling, the zombie got up on its knees and then on its feet, trying to get the needle out of its eye socket.

At that moment, Lorna leapt up onto the table with a broken chair leg in her hands.  She swung the chair leg at the zombie’s face, connecting with the plunger at the back of the syringe and driving the entire needle inside its head.  Then she swung upwards under the zombie’s chin – lifting the zombie’s head up a little and bringing its forehead in contact with the dangling overhead light.

At that moment, Georgia turned on the lights in the room.  Electricity flowed into the broken overhead light and electrocuted the zombie.  Rikki and Iris pulled Britney off the table.  And the group headed for the now-open double doors. 

On the far side of the room at the triple-door set, that fourth zombie re-appeared – the one who mysteriously walked away when it saw Rikki.  Accompanying its reappearance now was the zombie doctor, the infected remains of a man who used to be Doctor Glen.  He and Rikki made eye contact.  And she could tell he knew who she was.

Jimmy, his now-zombified assistant, appeared next.  But the zombie doctor stopped him from pursuing them as Rikki and the girls escaped.

“Okay … they are much stronger than before,” Britney said, still catching her breath as they ran down the hallway.  “Much stronger.”

“The virus may have added things to its composition.  We may be dealing with a new strain, at this point,” Rikki said grimly.  “Keep moving, girls.  Straight ahead, through those doors.”

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