ABDL BedTime Stories – The Tangled Fairy Tales

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy TalesThis is the story of Lil Red. But it’s also the story of Gretel & Petal. Wait a minute, it’s also the story of Lil Goldie and Lottie – one who was a Fairy Tale Girl in training and one who wasn’t even that yet. Okay. Hold on a minute … Let’s start at the beginning …

Kaitlin is a recent college graduate, driven and motivated to succeed. But on this weekend, she is so sick with the flu that she has to do something that makes her feel worse than the spiking temperature in her body. She has to call in sick to work.

Taz is her boyfriend-n-Daddy.  And on this weekend, he will also be her nurse.

Kaitlin is one of those BabyGirls who can never be still. But while battling with the flu, she finds herself too weak to get out of bed and becomes a handful for him to deal with. And in an effort to distract her from the boredom of being sick, he takes some common fairy tales and twists them around, then tangling them together and making one big long story to tell her – when she’s not sleeping and sweating the flu out.

From adventurous to sweet to a bit sexual to fairytale-tastic, this collection is perfect for the ageplay couple who like to enjoy every bit of their dynamic together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.

Little Red’s Ride
Lil Goldie’s Sparkles


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……………. The ABDL BedTime Stories

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Clean Ones      ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Dirty Ones      Bedtime - Tangled

The Clean Ones     The Dirty Ones    The Tangled Ones

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