The Waddling Dead: Episode 19

Episode Nineteen: Battle at Dawn

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Sunday morning, 8:30 am

Hillary and Britney took the final shift of standing guard, from 4 am until dawn light at 6.  But the camp seemed very quiet that morning with no sounds of any stirring at all on the outside.  There were no disgusting groans from the waddling dead, no screams of pain from the latest and current victims as they were eaten alive.  And for this reason, Hillary and Britney decided to let the group sleep.  There was still a full day ahead before their rescue on Monday morning.

This one-on-one time with Hillary also gave Britney a chance to collect a little more information that might prove useful.

“I think I slept in a weird position,” Britney said, twisting her shoulders and trying to crack her back.

“Yeah, it was much easier to sleep on cheap mattresses when we were little girls,” Hillary said, looking back at the huddle of baby sisters asleep in the middle of the cabin.  “I actually remember quite a few slumber parties where I slept in a sleeping bag, right on the floor.  And I never woke up with a stiff back.”

“I know.  Right?” Britney said, remembering similar past encounters from youth.  “How were we able to do that back then?”

“Because none of us had curved out yet,” Hillary replied.  “Life hadn’t made those changes to us yet and we were all the same.”

“I remember not being comfortable in my own body from like … the age of 12 until like … when I was 16,” Britney admitted with a smirk.  “Things happened to me and suddenly I felt the need to move in a different manner than before.”

“It sounds like you watched too many movies,” Hillary said with a laugh.  “And then … we had to start becoming interested in boys.”

“Yep,” Britney agreed, smiling. “And it was all downhill after that.”

“Pretty much,” Hillary said, shaking her head.

The small talk between them had been enjoyable and cordial, something Britney didn’t expect, but welcomed.  It was time, however, to dispense with those pleasantries, and get down to business.  Hillary knew more than she was letting on.

“I guess it was my insecurities that led me to the Beta-Alpha-Beta Sorority,” Britney said, sitting on the window ledge and facing back towards Hillary.  “People called the sorority a feministic cult.  But I learned quickly they were anything but that.  They helped their members to forget the things in life that controlled them.  It was empowerment like I had never felt before.”

“Feminism always gets a bum rap,” Hillary admitted, then pausing to think about what she had just said.  “No pun intended.”

Britney smiled, but then plowed straight into the heart of the matter.

“Tell me about Ursula,” Britney said.  “What was she like?”

“She was a bitch.  She and I never got along.  We were competition for one another,” Hillary admitted, walking over and sitting next to Britney on the window ledge.  “We habitually sabotaged each other whenever we could.  We even stole from each other on a regular basis.”

“Stealing things?  You mean … like baby bottles?” Britney asked, Hillary looking at her strangely.

“Baby bottles?” Hillary asked back in confusion.

“Yeah, you brought Ursula her baby bottle on the nature trail, right after you two fought,” Britney answered.  “What was in her bottle?”

“Uh … water?” Hillary asked back with attitude, her bitchiness having returned that quickly.  “What’s your point?”

“You know these zombies can sense where the living are at, right?” Britney asked.  “What was in her bottle?”

“I don’t have to answer these questions,” Hillary said, getting up and waddling to the other side of the room.

“YEAH, YOU DO!!!” Britney shouted with sudden outburst, the baby sisters awakening from the noise.  “This whole problem started with Ursula getting sick on that nature trail!  You are at the root of the cause of all of this! You’d better start talking, now!” 

“I’m not taking the blame for any of this!  Who do you think you are?” Hillary shouted back, walking into the center of the cabin and coming nose-to-nose with Britney.  “Maybe you need a scapegoat?  Is that it?  Will that make you feel better?  I am so sorry I saved you and your squirrels from up in that tree!”

“You pompous little cunt!” Britney screamed.

“Girls, come on.  This isn’t going to help our situation,” Olivia of the Horde said, getting up and walking over to the side window.  “What if the zombies can hear you both right now?”

Just like that, a zombified arm broke through the glass of the side window, grabbing Olivia by the face and yanking her out of the cabin.

“Girls!” Britney shouted, everyone getting up and scampering over to their makeshift battle stations as Britney looked over at Hillary.  “There’s one more person you can deny having killed!!”

The battle commenced, anyone who was wearing a diaper – taking it off and taping it inside out.  And as more zombie arms broke through the other windows of the cabin, Hillary broke them off at the elbows as Britney stabbed at their eyes with the knife.  Then they stepped out of the way as diaper bombs were sent out the window, the urine sizzling any zombie face it hit.  But they weren’t always direct hits and this method of defense didn’t yield the desired result of zombie deaths.

So they went to the next level of battle, projectile defense.

Throughout the night, condoms had been filled with pee from that bucket – a rather unsanitary task performed by those who were standing guard but a task that now aided them in having completed.

Two baby sisters held a t-shirt between them and stretched it out.  A third baby sister put a loaded condom in the middle and pulled the shirt back, then releasing it and sling-shotting the condom towards the windows.  The condoms exploded with contact and sent a foul spray out in all directions.

After a solid hour of this insanity, they had survived the first wave of the waddling dead.  But they knew they had been discovered and it would only be a matter of time before new zombies arrived.  They had to leave the cabin and do so quickly.

“Okay,” Angelina said, slipping into a new diaper and sitting down to catch her breath.  “Let’s all make the promise that we will not every tell anyone about this … even if we somehow survive and are made to give statements to the police.”

“Agreed,” Heather said.  “So where are we going to hide next?”

“I don’t know,” Angelina said, getting another diaper and helping Brook to put it on before having Brook climb up on her back.

“Let’s try the kitchen,” Hillary said, heading for the front door.

“I’ve already tried kitchen,” Britney said with monotone.

“Oh, of course you have!” Hillary shouted at her, their argument picking up right where it had left off before the zombie attack.

“Fine.  You wanna go to the kitchen, Hillary?  GO TO THE KITCHEN!” Britney said, handing the knife to her.  “You can return the knife.  That’s where I got it from.”

“So where do YOU think we should go, Princess Britney?” Hillary asked with anger.

“I think we should go back up into the trees,” Britney said, pulling back and trying not to encourage the argument anymore.

She and Hillary were just simply going to be enemies.  And in a sense, Britney could understand why Ursula had such a problem with Hillary.  But there could only be one alpha female in this situation.  And for as much as Britney believed Hillary was leading the group into danger, it seemed more dangerous to defy her adversary’s tunnel vision.

“You think you’re gonna meet Tarzan up there, Jane?” Hillary asked with bitterness.  “Heather, Raquel, Denise, Eva … let’s go.  Let’s leave these bitches to the wolves.  They’ve been nothing but trouble since we saved them.”

And with that, Hillary and horde stormed out of the cabin.  Welling with tears, Britney sat down.

“That is great!  That is just great!  Thank you, Britney!  Thank you so much for continuing to ruin our chances of survival!  We should have walked out of this valley yesterday, like I said!  But nooooooo.  She wants us to go climb a tree!  Now Brook is hurt and you, Britney, are chasing away people who could have helped us make it to Monday morning!”  Rebecca shouted.  “Fuck you, I’m outta here, too!”

“I think I’m going with her,” Lorna said.

“Me too,” Iris said, both of them walking out with Rebecca.

 “Don’t worry,” Georgia whispered to Britney.  “I’ll keep them alive.  But you’ve got to find a way to get the group back together.”

Georgia followed after the other three.

“Brit, Brit,” Brook said from her piggy-back on Angelina’s back.

Britney looked up at her.

“Don’t cry,” Brook said softly.  “Let’s go find a tree.”

Britney grabbed the two small backpacks and the three of them walked out of the cabin.  Hillary and the Horde were gone.  But now the Eclectics were broken apart as well.

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