Two-Parters Series

Two PartersI always have a tendency to write books in particular way. A lot of the books are once-n-done, meaning there won’t be sequels to them. But if there are sequels, they will form into series that are either three books long, five books long or ten books long. And in that process, I chunk the storylines up evenly and accordingly to the number of sequels to follow.

But every now and then, I write a storyline that winds up only needing two books to complete it. These storylines I call two-parters.

And that is what this grouping is about. Being as I can foresee a few more two-parters in the future, I thought it to be a good idea to give two-parters their own page.

So … here they are:

Feeling Little in a Big World

An adult BabyGirl’s trip out into the Big World where she encounters some situations which are bit humiliating, a bit embarrassing and also a bit thrilling.

She truly feels little in this Big World, but luckily her Daddy is with her to protect her and help her remain in that little state of mind which she so very much adores.

What would happen if you went “little” & had no way to go back?
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Feeling Little In a Big World 2

The story of Boo continues with another evening trip out-n-about to a college campus where the festivities of Greek week are in full swing.  Boo truly discovers what it’s like to feel little in a Big World as she waddles along, regressing inside and dealing with a bit of humiliation she suffered a few weeks ago.

Sample:The Difference Between a Big Girl and a little girl
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One Hot Night (The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)
One Hot Night
How far would you go to show someone how much you loved them?  What sacrifices would you make and what obstacles would you overcome … in the name of Love? 
One Hot Night is a tale of sexual energy, of human connections and of the strength in survival that we all possess.
Sample: Scorcher
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Another Hot Night (The Continued Story of a Girl Named “Love”)

Another Hot NightHow far would you go to help someone learn to help themselves? How long would you wait before you gave up? Or would you never give up? Would you keep trying and trying until something finally worked? Would anything deter you from reaching that goal? Could anything be more important … when done in the name of Love?

Another Hot Night is a tale of the human spirit, of sexual extremes pushed to a fevered pitched and of the courage necessary to never give up.

Sample:Love Was Here

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…………………………… The Two-Parters

Feeling Little In a Big World  Feeling Little 2 One Hot Night Another Hot Night

Feeling Little In a Big World
Feeling Little In a Big World 2
One Hot Night (The Story of a Girl Named “Love”)
Another Hot Night (The Continuing Story of a Girl Named “Love”)