Grats, Sagas & Yittlins

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There are three types of stories in the Zorro Daddy ABDL Library:

“The Grats – Stories which include the themes of spanking, sexuality, BDSM, humiliation and the like.
“The Sagas” – Stories which include the full relationship, with mild or minor sexuality.
“The Yittlins” – Or “Little Ones”.  Stories which are designed to produce little, safe feelings only.

To make clear which stories and books belong to each category, I separated them here:


The Grats

The Gratification Series – This collection of erotic short stories will bind you, break you, excite you, exhaust you, nurture you, then do it all again. Titles:  Fantasies & Punishment, Discipline & Humiliation, Surrender & Submission, Helpless & Vulnerable, Spankings & Correction, Mind Games & MeltDowns, Pleasures & Guilt, Power Trips & Sexual Extreme, Unfinished Fantasies & Unspoken Realities, Tender Belong, Feeling Little In A Big World, The Mind Fuck

Pleasures & Guilt Power Trips & Sexual Extreme Gratification Nine: Unfinished Fantasies & Unspoken Realities


The Saturday Night Series When this BabyGirl made her Daddy a list of her fantasies, she had no idea what the night ahead had in store for her. 10  Fantasies Fulfilled each night.  Titles: 10 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night, 10 More Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night, 10 Things Left To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Saturday Night, 10 Things To Do With Your BabyGirl On A Sunday Morning


The BedTime Stories Collection Written into short story segments, these collections are written for ageplay couples who enjoy every bit of their time together. These stories are perfect for the BedTime tuck-in, whether done in person or over the phone.  The question is: Which story will Daddy be reading to you tonight?  Titles: The Clean Ones, The Dirty Ones, The Tangled Fairy Tales

ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Clean Ones ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Dirty Ones ABDL Bedtime Stories - The Tangled Fairy Tales

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 FrontThe Sticky Situations Series – Fantasies can become real in an instant.  And that is exactly what the BabyGirls in these stories find out.  From humiliation to regression to  acceptance, they learn quickly how “sticky” situations can be when your mind is unraveled and your heart is left vulnerable.

The Mommy GratsIn a twist of roles, the Boy Toy Books are about the polar opposite pairing:  Mommy and BabyBoy.  Here are stories where the Mommies wield all the power and the BabyBoys waddle all the way.  The Girl Power Books are about the relationship between a Mommy and BabyGirl.  The power struggle is on and it’s sweeter than cherry pie.

Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 1 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 2 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 3 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 4 Mommy Grats - Boy Toy 5
Mommy Grats - Girl Power 1 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 2 The Mommy Grats - Girl Power 3 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 4 Mommy Grats - Girl Power 5

The ABDL Twisted BooksThese stories collections are a bit “twisted” in the sense that they take ABDL and combine it with another fetish or interest, making for adventures that are even more off-the-beaten-path than ever before.

The ABDL MedFet Book The ABDL MedFet Book 2 The ABDL MedFet Book 3 The ABDL MedFet Book 4 The ABDL MedFet Book 5 The Voice
The ABDL Horror Book The ABDL Pet Play BookThe ABDL Nympho Book 1 The ABDL Nympho Book 2 The ABDL Nympho Book 3 Tales With A Twist


The Sagas

The Zeke and Lily Saga – Before Zeke (a “Daddy” and an author) and Lily (a “BabyGirl” and a newspaper columnist) met, they were perfect strangers who shared a common interest in a role playing fetish. They were perfect for each other and though they lived in the same city, they hadn’t met until Lily happened upon Zeke’s profile online.  These stories tell their tale, from courting to love to a possible happily ever after.  Titles: Once Upon A Beginning, Overnight, Making a Memory, Her Diary, Ever After, Dream Catching, Resolutions – Part 1, Resolutions – Part 2, By Summer’s End, For A LifeTime

By Summer's End For A LifeTime

The Mia Series – Mia is a very sweet and very shy girl who meets Eric, a guy with a lot of confidence and a lot of dominant qualities which attracts her to him immediately.  She longs to be controlled and he obliges her innocent request by unraveling her thoughts, then rebuilding her to experience the absolute innocence of the BabyGirl mindset.  Titles: Oh What A Weekend, The Next Weekend The Next Memory, The Weekend of Decision, The Weekend She Believed, Her Birthday Weekend, The Weekend of “Signs”, The Weekend of “White-Hot” Attention

The Mia Series - Book One The Mia Series - Book Two The Mia Series - Book Three The Mia Series - Book Four The Mia Series - Book Five The Mia Series - Book Six The Mia Series - Book Seven The Mia Series - Book Eight The Mia Series - Book Nine The Mia Series - Book 10


The HodgePodge Series – The first thing to know about this series is that it isn’t a series at all, but rather, a collection of books that have no other series to call their home.  So, they remain in this jumbled mixture until their sequels appear.

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down   Climax Deja Vu LucyThe ABDL Apartment BookThe ABDL Apartment Book 2 The ABDL Apartment Book 3 BabyLove Crimson Dakota Book One Snake Eyes Sad girl holding a teddy bearOne Hot Night Another Hot Night
Country Rose Country Rose 2 Country Rose 3 Country Rose 4  

The Gabriel and Gina SeriesHer name is Gina, a college girl with a lot of fantasies that, until now, she has been unable to tell anyone about.  She wasn’t actually brave enough on her own this time either.  At least not without a little alcohol in her system at a frat party.  That’s when she told him of her fantasies about the “Daddy’s Girl” fetish.  She didn’t know that one week after confessing her heart’s secrets to him that they both would be exploring their dynamics.

  Gabriel and Gina (Book Three): Crossroads

The Yittlins

The Rock-a-Bye Series – A collection of thoughts, short stories, bedtime stories and other writings about “The Daddy’s Girl Fetish” and the Dynamic between a Daddy and BabyGirl.  There is also a fairy tale, coloring and activity book in the series.  Titles: Short & Sweet Stories, Thoughts & Other Journeys of the Mind, The Home Sweet Home Stories, The Stories of Time, Yittlin Extreme

The Stories of Time Yittlin Extreme

The Adventures of Penny – Her name is Penny Jordan, a girl who loves being a baby and who loves wearing footed pajamas, regressing to infancy quickly.  Written in 10 Volumes, this story tells of the many adventures she goes on with a man she calls “Daddy”. And every hop, step and skip of the way, she is his Pajama BabyGirl, a sweet girl with a love for being little, a love for adventure and a love for her Daddy.

The Pajama BabyGirl - Part 1The Pajama BabyGirl - Part TwoThe Pajama BabyGirl Follow Penny in these 30 heart-warming and innocent mini-tales, beginning with some last minute Halloween preparations and ending on Christmas Morning.

Penny 3 - BeachTownThe BeachTown BabyGirlPenny sheds the footed pajamas for a bikini.  She and Elliot spend a week’s vacation at the BeachTown where they met a year ago.

Penny 4 - SnowBunnyThe SnowBunny BabyGirlPenny and Elliot take trip to Mt. SkiTop, not knowing that a blizzard is on the way.  And in no time Penny’s love threatens to melt all the snow.

Penny 5 - The Traveling BabyGirlThe Traveling BabyGirlPenny & Elliot have a busy summer ahead, planning a series of road trips that lead to the one place where every BabyGirl belongs.


More to Come

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