The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 7-9

Episodes 7-9

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Chapter Seven: Evil Preparations

Friday, 3pm

“Sir,” a soldier said, appearing at the door to the general’s office, holding up a black trash bag – the latex gloves on his hands indicating that the wet diaper retrieval was complete.

“Thank you,” the general said.  “Set them in the corner and wait outside this office.”

The soldier did so and left the office, General Wynwood then return to his conversation with Dr. Liotta.

“James, I can’t stress this enough.  We want Britney’s blood,” Dr. Liotta said, selling this point again.  “It’s super blood, plain and simple … the building block of super soldiers.”

“You have explained this already.  I think I understand,” the general said, trying to get Dr. Liotta to stop the broken record routine.

“I don’t know as you fully understand what I’m talking about,” Dr. Liotta remarked, not backing down from this topic at all.  “Sir, I watched the wounds she received during her interrogation heal in a matter of minutes.  Imagine if a super soldier could heal that quickly.”

The general’s eyes light up.  Of course!  If soldiers are infected with the right mixture of both strains of this virus, they become like that Britney girl.  Strong, aggressive and quick healing.

“I see,” the general said, now lost in thought.

“This is why Britney can not be allowed to die,” Dr. Liotta stressed.  “Her blood needs to be coming from a living body, not a dead one … or an undead one, in the case of Doctor Glen.”

“If she’s strong enough, she’ll find a way to prevent her own death,” General Wynwood added.  “We’ll need to test that under circumstances far greater than just one infected opponent.”

“Exactly, but there’s one more discovery I’ve made and I want you to see this,” Dr. Liotta said, calling the waiting soldier into the office and handing him the trash bag of wet diapers.

Then Dr. Liotta sent that soldier down to the containment unit.  He and the general walked over to the office window that looked down on the unit.

“Watch this,” Dr. Liotta said, signaling for the soldier to toss a wet diaper into the containment unit.

When that diaper landed on the ground, the zombie doctor sensed the virus in it.  With no eyesight, he found the diaper and slashed at it, then backing away and seeking some sort of shelter from it.

“What’s happening to him?” the general asked, shocked by what he was seeing.

“Just watch,” Dr. Liotta said, the soldier then placing the wet diapers around the outside of the containment unit.

The zombie doctor all but lost his mind, trying to break the unit and escape for the first time since his capture.

“Now I’m really confused,” the general stated.  “When we brought this guy here from that hospital, he was dead … lifeless and unresponsive.  Then you injected him with some of the blood sample taken from that hospital and he came back to life.  You said he would be unlimited in his abilities and power.  Now, he’s scared of a diaper?”

“He’s not scared of it.  He recognizes that the hormones in the diaper have greater power than he does.  He’s recoiling from it,” Dr. Liotta explained.  “And when I injected him with that infected blood sample, I had no information about these girls and what they had been through.  Plus, I have noticed that he can sense them … particularly Britney’s presence.”

“So what does all this mean?” the general asked.  “And what did you want me to see?”

“Female urine contains estrogen, a hormone that he backs down to,” Dr. Liotta explained.

“That doesn’t surprise me.  Most guys back down to females,” the general stated.

“How right you are,” Dr. Liotta agreed.  “But the hormones are stronger now and have a greater effect on him.  They don’t kill him, but … they’re kind of like Kryptonite to Superman.  They control him … and thusly …?”

“That’s how we can control him, too,” the general said, seeing the point and smiling at the discovery.

“Precisely,” Dr. Liotta said.  “So that’s how you control him, but it also shows a weakness that is debilitating.  If female urine is the only Kryptonite of the zombie virus, then you simply need female zombies.”

The general jumped right to action with this information.

“Rick, bring me five soldiers, in full battle gear and with neuro-inhibitor weapons,” the general said, his eyes now showing a level of evil excitement.

“Sir, what are you thinking of doing?” Dr. Liotta asked, cautiously.  “These findings are tremendous grounds for further research, not for implementation presently.”

“The research begins now,” General Wynwood said sharply.  

“Sir, don’t play with fire.  Please,” Dr. Liotta pleaded.

“Get me five soldiers and don’t ask me any more questions about it,” the general snapped.  “I’ve got the making of a biological weapon as well as soldier performance enhancement on my hands.”

Dr. Liotta left the general’s office and searched for five soldiers as he was directed.

“And I will offer them both … for the right price,” he said, looking down at the zombie doctor and grinning.


15 minutes later …

Down in that dark room at the far end of the hangar, the girls were clung to the walls, none of them wanting to get anywhere near the decapitated remains of Sherry.

“We’ve gotta get out of here,” Georgia said.  “I’m gonna throw up, if we don’t.”

“We’ve gotta find a way out of this building and fast,” Angelina said, holding Brook in her arms and gently rocking her.  “This is a sick game of science we are a part of right now.”

“It’s a lot worse than you think,” Rikki added.

“What do you mean?” Angelina asked.

“These are tests we’re being put through,” Rikki explained.  “The interrogations were to size each of you up and infecting Sherry, then sending her in here was a test to see how you all work as a group.”

“Well, the next time, they send another test in here, we need to escape,” Lorna said, walking over to the door of that dark room.  “The sooner, the better.”

“It will be soon … very soon,” Britney said, staring at the floor.  “And we will escape.”

“How do you know?” Iris asked, seeing Britney staring at the floor.

“I don’t know how to explain it, but I’m getting this feeling they’re setting up another challenge for us right now,” Britney answered.  “And it won’t be just one person they send in here this time.”

Back up at the general’s office, Dr. Liotta returned with five soldiers, in full battle gear and neuro inhibitor weapons, semi-automatics that fired needle darts instead of bullets.

“Good, you’re ready,” the general said, standing up and walking over to the soldiers.  “Gentlemen, I have a dangerous task I need you to complete.  By now, you know that we have a contagion on base.  And the source of it can be found in that monster of a man down in the containment unit.  Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to kill him.  But I need better control of him.  So, I am sending the five of you down to him and I need you to plant as many darts into him as possible.  Once you have completed this task, get the Hell out of their as quickly as possible!  Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sir!” the five soldiers said in unison.

“Report back up here when you are done,” the general said, looking in the eyes of the soldiers.  “Get moving.”

The five soldiers saluted the general and then left the office, moving quickly down to the containment unit.  The general and Dr. Liotta watched from the office window, the general readying the lock down controls.

“Sir, what are you doing?” Dr. Liotta asked, seeing the general preparing to lock the containment unit down – which when done would not allow the doors to be opened.

“I’m preparing another test for your SuperGirl over there,” the general said with an evil glare in his eyes.  “You’d better hope she is up to this challenge.”

“You’re gonna send those soldiers in there to die?” Dr. Liotta asked.  “As lambs to the slaughter?”

The general didn’t reply, waiting for the soldiers to enter the containment unit.  And after they did, the door closed behind them, General Wynwood locking the doors and the unit down.

Then he folded his arms and watched with a contented smile.


Chapter Eight: Snap! Crackle! Pop!

Friday, 3:30 pm

When the soldiers entered the containment unit, they spread out – countering their movements as the zombie doctor could hear them but not see them.  He moved to the center of the room, listening carefully to the movements of the soldiers.  Then the soldiers stopped moving, each of them aiming his weapon at the center of the room.

“Fire,” the one soldier said, all five of them shooting a dart at Doctor Glen.

But the darts simply bounced off his skin.  They fired a second round, only one dart even sticking into his skin.  Then one soldier switched over from semi-automatic and unloaded his weapon, one dart sinking into the zombie doctor’s left arm and the other into his back.

Lunging in the direction of the repeated shots, Doctor Glen latched onto that soldier’s neck and sunk his teeth all the way in.

“Unload everything you’ve got!” another soldier said, all of them switching over from semi-automatic shots.

But as they rapid-fired darts at him, Doctor Glen turned around and held his snack of a soldier up in front of him.  The darts landed all over the back of that soldier’s body.  They continued firing at the zombie doctor, causing him to take steps backwards.  But he held his human shield up long enough to hear all the guns click to empty.

Then he dropped the body of the first soldier and lunged after the sounds he heard, grabbing two soldiers by their faces and taking a bite out of the top of each of their heads.  The remaining two soldiers ran for the door, trying to open it but finding it locked.

Turning around, the remaining two were greeted by a lunging zombie.  He bit into the front of the one soldier’s throat and then into the face of the last soldier.  Releasing them and stepping backwards into the center of the room, the zombie doctor began breathing heavy and his chopped-up face smiled as fresh blood traveled throughout his body.

The general watched with elation.  Dr. Liotta watched with horror as the five soldiers thrashed and cringed and began to decompose on the floor.  Then they stood up and faced the zombie doctor who pointed in the direction of the nearest wall of the containment unit.

Turning to face that wall, they all lunged at it and broke it down.  Then Doctor Glen pointed to the other end of the hangar, in the direction of that tiny dark room where the girls were being held.

The five soldiers, their bodies now coursing with the zombie virus, sprinted in the direction of that tiny dark room.

“Get ready, girls,” Britney said, still staring at the floor.  “Get away from the door.”

The girls all moved behind Britney who got in a stance for battle, clenching her fists and preparing to unleash Hell on whomever broke through that door.

“Lorna, Iris, go for their knees right away,” Britney said with a growl.  “Angelina, Georgia, snap their necks.”

The snarls of the zombie soldiers grew louder and louder.

“Brook, push down on the top of your head and get ready to pee,” Britney said, kicking Sherry’s body out of the way and picking up the wet diaper on the floor.  “Here we go!!!”

The door dented as five zombie soldiers slammed into it, then breaking it off its hinges.  And in they flew, Britney planting the wet diaper in the face of the first zombie to get to her – tossing that soldier back to Lorna and Iris as its face sizzled off.

Lorna and Iris kicked in both of that zombie’s knees and tossed him over to Angelina and Georgia who held him down, snapping his neck.

Britney grabbed the neck of the second zombie to arrive, kicking back the third and the fourth at the same time.  Ripping the throat out of that soldier’s neck and passing him back the line to Lorna and Iris, she then clotheslined the third zombie and planted a foot into the stomach of the fourth one.  But the fifth one tackled her onto her back.

Throwing punches and kicks at that fifth one, Britney crawled out from underneath him, grabbed his head and twisted it sideways.

“Brook!” Britney shouted, pointing at the zombie beneath her with a twisted neck.

Then a split second later, the two remaining zombies grabbed Britney and tossed her backwards as the lines of defense began to break down.  In the melee, Brook squatted over top of the zombie with the twisted neck and did just as Britney instructed, pushing down on the top of her head and grunting as she used her incontinence to her advantage – emptying her bladder on the head of Mr. Twistie and killing him.

The final two zombies had incredible strength, having been physically fit before they turned undead.  

General Wynwood and Dr. Liotta watched with fascination as they observed the fight from a monitor – safely locked in the general’s office and away from harm.

“This is absolutely amazing!” Dr. Liotta remarked, seeing the coordinating efforts of the girls – led by Britney with some unbelievable foresight.  “She delegates with such effortless clarity.”

“The question now is:  Can she be as effective on her own?” the General asked, Dr. Liotta raising an eyebrow at the question.

One of the behemoth zombies pinned Britney against a wall, Britney trying to fight her way out of his tremendous strength but struggling.  The other lunged at the girls but they kept moving away.

The zombie pinned both of Britney’s arms to the wall and she threw her feet up into its chest to hold him off as he leaned in for a neck bite.

Lorna and Iris took out both of the other behemoth zombie’s knees, dropping him.  Georgia grabbed his hair and yanked back on its head.  Angelina planted her right heel into the zombie’s forehead and jerked its spine, then grabbing the wet diaper from the floor and stuffing it into the zombie’s mouth.

Brook was busy kicking the other zombie fighting Britney in the back of its legs, to no avail.  So, Brook climbed up the back of the undead and reached around to sink her fingers in his eyes.

Tossing its head backward, the zombie sent Brook flying across the room.  Brook landed with hard contact on the floor.  Seeing this, Britney grew enraged and instead of pushing the zombie away, she drew him in close and then sunk her teeth into its right eye socket.

The zombie released his grip of Britney, but now it was she who wouldn’t let go.  He dropped to the floor and Britney bit his eye right out of his head, then twisting his head a full 360 degrees, killing him.

It was only then that Dr. Liotta made an alarming discovery.

“Where did Doctor Glen go?” he asked, he and the general looking down at the broken containment cell to see the zombie doctor gone.

Then he looked back at the monitor, to see the girls on the move.

“Sir, the girls are getting away, too!” Dr. Liotta said as the girls escaped from the dark room and ran back towards the center of the hangar – heading for the glass cells area.

Chapter Nine: Sacrifice

Friday, 4pm

Before they could even react, the general and Dr. Liotta saw the girls racing past the general’s office and back through the area with the glass cell rooms.  They were headed straight for the metal double doors they were brought in through.  The general fumbled with the controls to lock all the doors and exits of the hangar but wasn’t quick enough to stop them from opening the double doors and escaping to the outside.

Alarms went off all over the base and for a brief second, the girls halted their exodus.  After all, this was the first opportunity any of them had to see the base – given that they were taken straight into that hangar upon arrival.

And from a vantage point that was a distance away, this base did indeed blend into its surroundings.  It was tucked into the base of a mountain, Rugged Mountain, to be exact.  There were several buildings that sat at the very front of the tree line, the woods behind them.  This woods cover went the whole way back to the very base of Rugged Mountain.  And Rugged Mountain had a front side that was completely flat, a rock climber’s dream.

The very top of the mountain had a summit with a curved road that went up the side of it.

The only building that was visible from a distance was likely the hangar they had just been in.  And in front of all the buildings was a paved landing area, indicative of how the only way to get to that base was by flying there.

This meant that an escape would have been extremely dangerous if tried by climbing downward.  The terrain was so steep that not even military vehicle could navigate it.

Though the view was beautiful, the girls had no further time to stand still, soldiers from the other buildings beginning to emerge in response to the continued blaring alarm.

So, the girls got to running, but with bare feet, they weren’t able to move fast at all, even with tiny short-legged Brook up on Angelina’s back.  Getting into the tree line, they took advantage of the time of year – 4pm in autumn being the start of the sun’s descent.  So, there were shadows they could hide in and they slinked alongside the back of the other buildings. 

More and more soldiers were emerging from the buildings, running out into the open area and trying to figure out what the still continuing alarm meant.  Then the power went out across the entire base, back-up lighting and reserves kicking in but only partially illuminating the darkening area.

And amidst all this distraction, the girls found a way into the back door of one of the buildings – looking for somewhere … anywhere they could hide.

“Where did the flippin’ zombie soldiers come from?” Iris whispered as the group walked into a storage room of some sort.

“I don’t know.  But if there are more, we need to be prepared,” Angelina said, setting Brook on a counter and then opening the closest door to find a supply closet – then walking in and seeing what was there. “Bingo!”

“Bingo?” Georgia asked, looking in the closet.  “Bingo what?”

“Diapers,” Angelina said, grabbing one and tossing it over to Iris who caught it and turned to Brook.

“Lay down, Sweetie,” Iris said as Brook laid down on her back.

“Lorna, can you find me two trash bags please?” Angelina called from the closet, Iris diapering Brook on the counter.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” Georgia said with confusion.  “I mean, here we are on a secret military base in the middle of nowhere and you’re telling me that they have an entire shelf of diapers in stock?  How is that possible?”

“Two words,” Angelina said to Georgia.  “Zorro … Daddy.”

“Huh?” Georgia asked with greater confusion.

“Zorro Daddy would have it no other way but for there to be diapers at this secret military base in the middle of nowhere,” Angelina replied, loading her arms up with diapers and walking out of the closet.  “All right, girls.  You know the drill.  We need ammo.  So, you all need to squeeze out every drop that you’ve got now and then put your wet diapers in that trash bag Lorna has.  And then, get diapered up again.”

Angelina started tossing new diapers to everyone and then put the rest of the new diapers into the second trash bag.

“Make sure we get what we need quickly as certain surveillance likely is still watching us with only back-up power supplying them,” Rikki said as the girls stripped out of wet diapers and got into dry ones.  “When the power on the base returns fully, we will be screwed if we’re still in here.”

“So, what’s the bomb count, Lorna?” Angelina asked.

“Five,” Lorna said, looking in the first trash bag.

“That’ll have to do,” Angelina said, waddling over to Brook and handing her the second trash bag of new diapers before having her climb up into her usual piggyback position.  “Let’s move out.”

And just that quickly, they were on the go again.  But when they got back to the door they entered through, it was locked.

“Oh no, they’re rebooting all the systems,” Rikki said with a panic.  “Quick, girls.  Get to the front door.  Run!”

They all turned around and crinkled their newly-diapered sprints to the front door, Britney getting there just in time before the door locked and holding it open until everyone was out.

The middle of the landing area had a huddle of soldiers – all still trying to figure out why the alarm had gone off and also why the power had gone out.  The girls froze in place, not certain where to go.

“We’ll never make it to the woods without those guys spotting us,” Lorna said.

“Yes, you will,” Angelina said, handing Brook off to Georgia.  “I’m gonna run to the left and draw their attention and when I do, you girls run for those trees.”

“No, Angelina!” Brook fussed then shedding tears instantly.

“There’s no other way, BabyGirl,” Angelina said to Brook.  “I’ll be all right.”

Angelina then turned to Britney, expecting to get an argument from her.  But instead, Britney hugged her.

“Stay alive,” Britney whispered to her.  “I’ll come back for you.”

Angelina then sprinted in the opposite direction of the woods and the soldiers turned and chased after her – giving the girls the time they needed to sneak alongside the buildings and escape into the woods.

From the tree line, they watched as Angelina was taken down and beaten, then dragged towards the main hangar.

She had sacrificed herself so the rest could escape.


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