Breaking Free From What Holds You Back – (Both Parts)

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here is a little story about … well … the title says it all.


Breaking Free From What Holds You BackPart 1 of 2

Lily shifted in the passenger’s seat, overloaded with so many emotions and so many sensations she was incapable of sitting still.  And with every little fidgety movement she made, she could hear the tell-tale sounds of her diaper, crinkly underneath her short skirt.  It was a very short skirt, pleated in schoolgirl fashion and checkered in schoolgirl design.  She wondered if people would see her diaper peeking out underneath the lower edges.  And she wondered if people would hear the crinkling of her diaper with each stride.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, taking her to the mall was the man she called her Daddy.  He was exactly who she had dreamed about all her life, exactly who she saw herself winding up with and exactly who she needed.  Every BabyGirl had that dream Daddy in her mind, that one lone soul who rose above all the others in a sea of daddies.  Lily was no different and he was the one, the one she had searched for every night in her dreams.

Looking over at him, she smiled brightly behind her pacifier.  Oh, he was a dreamboat.  And what his mere presence did to her would take every line of every page of a diary to fully write out.  She was his BabyGirl, his pride and joy, his little diapered princess who adored everything about him and loved him more than life itself.

Currently, her nervousness and her excitement filled her with such loving affection she wondered if people would know he was her be-all end-all soulmate.

Pulling into the mall parking lot, her Daddy looked for a good spot to park.  The mall didn’t seem overly packed.  But there were several parking lots around the building and there would be no way to know the true number of shoppers inside until they went in.

This was what she wanted … all of this.  The experience.  The reality.  The feelings and emotions and uncertainties and that ever-wonderful sense of security from him being there.  Lily wanted to feel like a baby all the time.  And she wanted to be kept as one. 

Some girls wanted to be dressed to the nines and to make a splash upon entrance, so everyone would take notice to them.  But Lily?  She just wanted to be kept in a diaper and babied, making no big entrance at all.  The only person she wanted to give her attention was her Daddy.  This didn’t mean, however, that her Daddy hadn’t dolled her up for this trip to the mall.

Going with that pleated, checkered skirt was a white baby-t that clung to Lily frame.  The weather was nice and sunny that day, making it comfortable to wear thin layers and also to wear sandals.  Lily had painted her fingernails and toenails with a soft pink.  But her outfit and appearance really didn’t matter to her this time … the same way that shopping really didn’t matter to her this time – even though they were at the mall.

Lily was a shopaholic and went to this mall several times a week.  Yes, she shopped online too.  But the trip to the mall would never be old-fashioned to her.  This trip, though, was just about being there with him.  She would, of course, keep her eye out for bargains.  But that would only happen if she remained mentally capable of being able to do so.  And as her Daddy found a spot for them to park, Lily didn’t believe she would be able to do much of anything, except stay right by his side and dwell inside her own BabyGirl thoughts.

How right she was.  She just didn’t know how right … yet.

“You ready, Princess?” she heard her Daddy ask, the timbre in his voice bringing her senses back to the moment and sharpening them.

Then he opened his door, getting out and shutting it.  The slam of the door got her heart racing.  A moment later, he opened her door.  She was tingling all over, a bit dizzy from the sudden rush of adrenaline in her body.  She put her feet down on the ground but couldn’t stand up for some strange reason.  Then her Daddy reached inside and unfastened her seatbelt.

Blushing from how foolish she felt, Lily took hold of both of his hands and stood up out of the car.  If she hadn’t been so overwhelmed at that moment, she might have seen the humor in having forgotten to unfasten her seatbelt.  But there was silver lining in it.  Having him unbuckle her fit right in with theme of being taken care of, being kept as a baby and feeling like one.

Now on her feet, that slight dizziness turned into a light-headed sensation.  Widening her feet just a bit, she took a few seconds to straighten her pleated skirt and pull down on its lower hem with the futile hope that the skirt would miraculously lengthen.

Of course, this wasn’t going to happen, but having tried was all that was important.  If nothing else, it gave her peace of mind that her outfit was covering as much of her as it could.  And while she fidgeted, pulling and tugging and trying to get comfortable, her Daddy stood there – patiently waiting for her to be ready.

Oh, he was good.  He was very good.  Without knowing it, he had just passed an imperative test … allowing the female all the time she needed to get comfortable before anything else happened.

Taking hold of her hand, he said something very softly and something very sweet that would bring all the tingling sensations to the surface of her body – almost buckling her knees.

“Be a good girl, Lily,” he said with his deep timbred voice.  “Keep hold of Daddy’s hand and don’t let go, no matter what.”

Then they headed for the entrance.  Lily took one step and instantly realized how much taller he was than her.  One of his strides was at least two of hers.  She would need to find a way to get him to slow down.  But until she was able to do that, she would be moving her legs quicker.  And with quicker leg movements came a whole lot of crinkling, along with a somewhat wider waddle.

The sound of her diaper making noise like that was deafening in her ears and it planted such seeds in her mind that regression was now very likely.  She was a BabyGirl, after all.  She could roar, if needed.  She could topple buildings, if necessary.  But emotions and the causes of anything that happened suddenly could trip her up.

Yes, she was detail oriented.  So, the little effects did matter to her.  However, Lily tended to ignore the things that she couldn’t control – with the hope that, if she ignored them, they would go away.  And that mentality was what led to her being caught off-guard.  This wasn’t always a bad thing.  Sometimes, it was great.  But whether good or bad, it was never within her charge or decision.

Ah, the realities of helplessness.

Crinkle-crinkle, crinkle-crinkle, crinkle-crinkle.  Lily’s double strides weren’t slowing down.  And her diaper wasn’t shushing itself at all.  Oh, how small she felt, already.

Breathing in deeply through her nose and exhaling from her mouth, she settled herself.  They were going to move at his pace the whole time.  This was obvious.  And it really didn’t matter to her if they moved this fast.  She would simply do what she has done countless times in her life.  She would adapt.

And the current revision was to find a way to put grace in her quickened movements.  If she displayed grace, then the noises inside the mall might overpower the crinkling noises under her skirt and take care of everything else.

Looking down at his feet, she timed her steps to begin just a split second before his did.  And in doing so, she was able to stride with a bit more control of her body movements as opposed to frantically throwing a foot forward in an effort to keep up with him.

Grace was achieved.  And Lily smiled at the accomplishment, little as it was.  But hey, little minds were affected by little things.

Then entrance to the mall wasn’t all too far away, thankfully.  And it seemed that tons of people were filing out.  But there were still people going in.  Lily just wanted to get inside and do this, to feel the thrill realized.  No more fantasies, no more hoping, no more waiting.  And as they neared the entrance, she felt so many things.  But she kept silently reminding herself of that which would always be the staples to carry her through any moment of trepidation:

“Be shy.  Feel like a baby but remain intact.  And relax,” she told herself, reassuring herself that her fantasies were practical too.

Of course, Lily couldn’t avoid any overloads.  They were going to happen.  She could fight them, but why fight them?  Besides, this was just the initial reactions she was having.  They would pass with time.  But hopefully, not too quickly.  Well, maybe the edge could be taken off.  That would help a little.  But not completely gone.  Not yet.  Lily was enjoying how she was being made to feel. 

And as the entrance door opened, the time she spent inside her head would be over, save for a small bout of fear.

Walking in, Lily lowered her chin – keeping her eyes down as she focused on maintaining the grace of movement she had created.  She held her Daddy’s hand tightly, very tightly.  And he reacted, holding her tight to his side.  Oh my.  He was a Daddy, indeed – the kind that she needed in her life.  And he had just passed another imperative test.  Being able to pick up on non-verbal signals was a major plus.  She had found a good one, a really good one.

Walking through the inner entrance doors, Lily was instantly chilled by the air conditioning.  She shuddered for a second as the sensation of being cold went down her spine, the evidence of this being apparent on the front of her baby-t.  Her nipples hardened and she knew it right away.  Lowering her shoulders and shifting them forward slightly, she tried to relieve the material on the front of her shirt from any stretch – hoping this would hide the two little pokes that now shown clearly.  But she was wearing a baby-t.  The whole point of a baby-t was for it to be tight and small.

Turning inward slightly towards her Daddy, Lily tried to hide the front of her shirt – long enough to warm up a bit and allow the pokes to go away, but hopefully quick enough to prevent people from seeing.  This was both a thrill of a beginning but also one that made her a bit fussy … and then fidgety as she sought comfort once more.

Thank goodness the food court area wasn’t too busy.  But Lily always got looks anyway.  It didn’t take more than a few seconds for people in that area to start eyeing her up – especially the guys.  Some grinned.  Some laughed.  Some ogled.  And her shy behavior, along with her cutesy outfit, were only adding to the amount of looks.

This, of course, led to a new strain of insecurity – planting thoughts in her mind that only encouraged her more to regress:

Did people know she was diapered?  They knew, didn’t they? 

They also knew she was feeling like a baby.  They figured that was why she was acting so shy.  That absolutely had to be it.

And if they knew she felt like a baby, then they also knew that she truly was a baby.  Why would she feel that way otherwise?

And if she was truly a baby, that meant the guy walking with her was therefore her Daddy and she was therefore wearing a diaper.  They most certainly could hear her diaper crinkling!  That’s what that noise was. That’s what those looks were about.  They knew it!

Oh, she felt small.  Now incapable of keeping her lowered chin up, incapable of putting one foot in front of another. 

Her Daddy noticed her labored movements and saw her beginning to struggle in functioning, tugging at the lower hem of her skirt and even losing the graces of her steps several times.

“Are you okay, baby?” he whispered to her with a calm voice.

Lily’s mind went mushy for a second, hearing him called her baby in public.  It was an easy enough pet name to use that wouldn’t produce attention from anyone who heard it.  But its effect on her was so much more than just a name.  And, given the discomfort of the moment, she invited the few seconds of feeling mushy.

“Are you getting tired of walking already?” he asked, knowing clearly there was suddenly something wrong with her.  “Do you want Daddy to pick you up and carry you?”

Lily’s eyes grew big-n-wide with fear as he tried to pick her, but she fussed and stopped him by embracing him tight – then smashing herself against the front of his body to keep him from picking her up.  He returned the embrace, reaching under the back of her skirt and gently patting her diapered bottom.  This was an action that derived such intense feelings that her eyesight went blurry for a moment.

Oh, how embarrassing, mortifying even, it would be for her Daddy to pick her up and carry her around like a BabyGirl.  But the thought of it and its likely consequences didn’t bring Lily back around to the reality of the moment.  She was in babyland, just then.

“What’s wrong, baby?  You can tell me,” he whispered to her, continuing to pat her diapered bottom but then stopping as he began to feel a bit lower on the back of diaper.  “Did you wet yourself?”

“No,” Lily said with a fussy tone, burying her face in his chest.

“Did you poop yourself?” he whispered very softly, Lily shaking her head no but keeping her face buried in his chest.  “It’s okay if you did.  Daddy won’t be upset.  But you need to admit to these things when they happen.  Daddy isn’t a mind reader.”

She remained silent clinging to his front and keeping her arms tightly wrapped around him.  For as much as she was enjoying the helplessness of this moment, she knew it needed to pass.  The only problem was: she didn’t want the moment to pass.

Her Daddy, on the other hand, was thinking differently about it.

“Okay, if you can’t tell me what’s wrong, then I need to go through the process of eliminations,” he said, Lily lifting her head up and looking at him with confusion as to what he meant by that.

Taking her by the hand, he walked her over to the side of the shopping corridor – getting her out of the way of traffic.  Her steps were random and further showed the confusion she felt.

Was her Daddy angry with her? Had she done something wrong?

Looking up at him, she tried hard to read what the look on his face meant.  He didn’t look angry or upset, but he also wasn’t displaying any emotion at all on his face.

What was going on?  What was about to happen to her?

She might have stood there all night, looking up at him and trying to figure out the moment.  But she never would have guessed it, until he lifted the front of her skirt – cupping the underside of her diaper. 

Oh, my.  Here?  Now?  A diaper check?

Her eyes softened to a plea and she opened her mouth to ask him not to check her diaper, right there, in the mall.  But before she could utter a sound, she felt the silicone nipple of her pacifier being placed between her parted lips.  Lily froze in fear, then doing the one and only thing that her brain was capable of processing to do, just then.  She took the pacifier in her mouth and began to nurse on it.

Her heart raced.  She breathed heavily through her nose while rapidly nursing on the pacifier to try to calm herself down.

“No, you didn’t wet yourself,” he said with a calm and confirming voice, though Lily might well have flooded her diaper just then, if her bladder had any pee to offer at all.

And she was pretty sure that her bladder muscles had released …  a couple of times in the past few seconds.  Luckily, her well was dry.  

Then he reached behind her and lifted the back of her skirt.  Instantly, Lily’s vision went completely blurry – dizziness taking her over.  In response, she embraced him again – burying her face in his chest once more as her arms wrapped around him tightly.

He pulled out the back waistband of her diaper, looking for a mess.  And that was the moment when she began to tingle.

Oh, my.  There was no question that every person walking past them was well aware, with no confusion, that she was in a diaper and she was getting her diaper checked.  Though no one could see her face as it was buried in his chest, she was blushing a deep pink shade of total sheer embarrassment.  And regression, in a much fuller state, was now all she was able to grasp.

He lowered the back of her skirt and gently patted the back of her diaper, Lily still too fearful to take her face out of its buried position against his chest.  She couldn’t bear to open her eyes to face the sight and sounds of laughing people.  That would be too much for her to handle and she might very well implode.

“Well, we just ate before we came here.  So you’re not hungry,” he said, rocking her back-n-forth in the embrace as he tried to figure out what else might be bothering her.

And for as much as she was mortified at that very moment, it felt wonderful that he was trying to discover what her current conundrum was, even though she gave him no clues to work from.

“It’s nowhere near your nap time.  So I don’t think you’re tired,” he said, then breaking the embrace and taking her by the hand again – leading her in the direction of the bathroom hallway.  “But maybe you’re tummy is a little upset.  Maybe you’ll need to go potty soon.”

Lily followed after him, being led by the hand.  And before she had time to process what he was suggesting, she had to deal with who was around.  Immediately opening her eyes, she was stunned that no one was nearby them, not even in earshot.  And no one was watching them.  How was that possible?  Where did they go?  She was absolutely certain people were there, just a second ago.

Had the diaper check and the pacifier placement and all of that just happened without spectators?

Lily vowed to start using her peripheral vision a lot more.  Even if she kept her chin lowered and her eyes to the ground, it would be helpful to know if she was a spectacle or not.  If she had known there was no audience, she wouldn’t have gone through any of the trepidation she had just experienced.  Ugh!

But she had no time to contemplate any of that as it seemed ridiculous for him to be walking her down the hallway to the bathrooms.  What was he going to do?  Stand outside the ladies’ room and wait for her to come back out?  That seemed dumb.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.  He wasn’t going to stand outside the bathroom and wait for her.  No, no, no.  He was going to take her into the bathroom and lay her down on one of those baby changing tables on the wall!  But she didn’t need changed, did she?

Feeling the underside of her diaper and then feeling the lower end of the back of her diaper, she confirmed that she was clean.

So why was he taking her to the bathrooms?

Then another load of bricks hit her.  He wasn’t going to wait for her to need a change because he believed she actually did need one!  So, she was definitely going to wind up on a changing table in the bathroom.  But the horrors just kept coming when she saw him leading her towards the ladies’ bathroom.  She didn’t hear any girls inside that bathroom, gabbing it up and laughing and talking.  But that didn’t mean there weren’t girls in the bathroom!

Grabbing his wrist with both of her hands, she pulled back – shaking her head no and pleading with him to not take her into that bathroom.  But with a pacifier in her mouth, all he heard was a collection of jumbled and mumbled words.

“Princess, it’s okay.  Everything will be alright,” he said with a calm tone, forcing her to stand straight up and stop trying to pull herself away.  “Daddy knows you didn’t wet your diaper.  And Daddy knows you didn’t poop in your diaper either.”

Okay.  So why was he taking her to the bathroom???!!!???

“But Daddy also knows that sometimes you just need a bit of tenderness to feel comfortable,” he continued.  “So Daddy is going to change you.  You’ll get a new coating of powder and a fresh new diaper.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful, baby?”

Lily was a pile of mush, at this point.  Yes, it sounded wonderful.  But they were in a mall, a location where such a wonderful experience could go horribly wrong in a mere instant.  But she didn’t have the will power to say no to him.  Instead, she just hugged him, burying her face in his chest for the umpteenth time.

“Daddy realizes that sometimes you can’t say was bothering you.  It just has to be understood without explanation or it can never be understood at all,” he said sweetly.

Now she really felt like a baby because she couldn’t explain why she had become so fussy and now he was using logical reasoning to fill in the gap of missing information.

“Do you want to leave, BabyGirl?” he asked softly.  “Is that it?”

Lily shook her head no.  Being fussy didn’t mean she wanted to leave.  It just meant there were so many emotions she was feeling that she didn’t know how to have poise and how to control herself.  She may have been regressing a bit too much and now couldn’t find her way back.  Feeling little sometimes made her feel lost.

Ugh!  Why could she just tell him that?  How hard was it to just say that to him?  She was able to say it in her head, but the words escaped her!  How frustrating.  Hence … the source of her fussiness.

“Maybe all this fussiness is about fear, hmm?” he asked with a whispered tone – holding her close in the embrace, Lily looking up at him, resting her chin on his chest, nursing on her pacifier and continuing to listen.  “I think some little girl is scared of people finding out she is a BabyGirl now … no longer a big girl.  Hmm?”

Lily batted her eyelashes at him and smiled brightly behind her pacifier.  Oh, this guy was a smart cookie.  Really smart.

“And there is only one way to fix the problem of fear,” he said, Lily wrinkling her forehead as she tried to figure out what that one way might be.  “It’s as simple as facing your fear and remaining there until you are no longer afraid of it anymore.”

Yeah, right.  LOL  And how exactly did he propose to help Lily overcome a fear that had kept her a closeted BabyGirl all her life?

But before she could scoff at him, he showed her how serious he was.  Placing his left hand flat on her lower lumbar, he reached with his right hand to the zipper at the back of her skirt.  Unzipping it all the way down, he stood back – allowing the skirt to fall to her feet.

“Step out of it, Lily,” he instructed, Lily stepping out of the skirt and freezing in absolute fear as she watched him pick up the skirt, fold it and put it into his pants pocket.  “Good girl.”

Presently, Lily was only wearing her sandals, her baby-t and her now completely visible diaper.  And it didn’t look like he had brought any other clothing to dress her in.

Immediately making good on her self-promise to start using her peripheral vision, she lowered her chin and began to scan left and right.  There didn’t appear to be anyone in the bathrooms but there were certainly people back in the main corridor.  She could see them this time and could confirm that they were indeed there.

And it appeared that she was going to get further confirmation of them, up close.  Her Daddy took her by the hand and began leading her back down that hallway, towards the corridor mall traffic.

Lily was terrified and did all she could do to get the muscles in her legs to work with her, not against her.  His strides were long and she had to learn again how to find grace in her movements, making two steps for every one step he made.  And oh, My Blue Heaven, her diaper crinkled so very loudly.  It echoed off the hallway walls and kept putting new thought after new thought after new thought into her mind that when they reached the end of that hallway, everyone was going to see her in her diaper, no skirt to conceal it or cover it or muffle its sounds.  She would most certainly be coming face-to-face with her fears.  There was no avoiding it.

Nursing rapidly on her pacifier, her shoulders shrunk up, her chin lowered dramatically and she clung tightly to the side of her Daddy’s body.  She was trembling, physically shaking as her mind traveled in and out of the moment.  She thought about grabbing the skirt out of his pants pocket and running back to the bathrooms.  She thought about running out of the mall, back to the car.

But this was the pinnacle moment, that moment when her fantasies would be realized and she would break through the walls of defense – finally allowing herself to enjoy something like never before … if she didn’t chicken out.

Crinkle, crinkle, crinkle.  That was all she could hear as they re-entered the mall corridor.  She could sense what felt like electricity dancing all over the surfaces of her body.  Incapable of looking up, she had no idea if anyone had taken notice to her yet.  But she believed they shortly would, if not already.  What she was certain of was that she had been stripped off all her excuses, all her ready-made outs, all her escapes and all her reasons why this would never happen and could never happen.  Yet, it was happening now.

And with a heavily pounding heart, near a point of dizziness and hyperventilation, it was then that her Daddy decided to start walking more slowly.  Suddenly, they were moving at the pace of a waddling, 5-foot 4-inch diaper girl.  Her brain was turning to mush with every crinkly step she took.  Likely, the name ‘baby’ was all she would respond to now.  That was exactly what she felt like.

All around her, she saw adults going about their way, women – dolled up to the nines and window shopping, happy couples holding hands and laughing at their conversations.  And in the middle of all of this was Lily, who was nothing more than a BabyGirl.

This took her into a state of mind that was hard to describe.  She didn’t feel out of place at all.  In fact, she felt like she belonged right there, with the identity that she had – an identity that was hidden from none.  Nursing on her pacifier, she stopped clinging to her Daddy’s side – holding his hand and mindlessly waddling along.

Her mind hadn’t detached itself from the reality of the moment.  Instead, to prevent its own implosion, her mind accepted absolutely everything, every bit of stimulus it was receiving, every bit of what it would now call normality.  And when no longer fettered by her mind’s denial, Lily flourished.

Suddenly, everything caught her interest but didn’t keep it for long, the greatest case of shiny object syndrome ever.  Lights dazzled her and sounds intrigued her and movement startled her.  Her Daddy caught notice of the change in her disposition and nurtured her continued growth into whatever happy place she had just found.

Oh, what a happy place it was indeed.  To have found peace within herself, under circumstances that should have produced the reverse reaction within her, was the key to letting it all go … at last.

And speaking of letting it go, Lily stopped dead in her tracks, her knees bowed as she realized her well had not run dry.  When her mind relaxed, her body relaxed.  And when her body relaxed, so did the internal muscles that were keeping the nervous pee inside her.

What another wonderful moment of absolutely freedom, to be wetting herself right there and to know everything would be alright.

She looked up at her Daddy and smiled brightly, then realizing what it was that made everything work in this experience.  It was him.  If he hadn’t pushed her at that one pivotal moment, she would have remained a captive to her own fears.

He was the right kind of Daddy and the right kind person to compliment who she was.  They were opposites but were the same in all the right ways.

Swelling with a sudden overload of affection, she reached her arms straight up to him, flexing her hands in true ‘Daddy, pick me up’ fashion.  He reached down to her, put his hands on the sides of her rib cage and lifted her up into his arms.  Wrapping her legs around his waist, she knew there would be a wet spot on the front of his shirt.  But she knew he wouldn’t care about that.  Wrapping her arms around his neck, she embraced him and clung to him while no longer clinging to fear.

Helpless was exactly how she felt.  But she also felt happy.

“Did you wet diaper, BabyGirl?” he whispered softly, Lily nodding – her eyes glazing over.  “Are you ready to go home?”

“Yeth, dadduh,” Lily mumbled behind her pacifier.

He carried her out of the mall, gently patting her diapered bottom.  Lily, having closed her eyes, was asleep in his arms, now broken free from what was holding her back.

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