The Waddling Dead: Episode 27

Episode Twenty-Seven: Do or Die

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Sunday evening, 9:00 pm

Britney dragged Hillary into the dining hall by the hair, Ursula following behind them.  Angelina ran up onto the side porch of the dining hall, Georgia following behind her.  The side porch of the dining hall wrapped around three sides of the building, the fourth side being the attached kitchen.  And with that bucket of diluted pee water in hand, Angelina took off in a sprint – pouring a line of pee water around the wrapping side porch and thusly forming a barrier between the dining hall and the waddling dead.

“It’s working!” Georgia shouted, seeing the zombies walk up to the porch edge in the direction of Georgia’s voice – then backing off when detecting the pee water.  “I don’t know for how long, but it’s working!”

“Hopefully long enough!” Angelina shouted from the other side of the dining hall, then seeing what was happening inside.  “Georgia, get inside the building!”

Both Georgia and Angelina climbed inside the dining hall through the broken windows, heading directly for the kitchen entrance – Angelina still holding the now partially-full bucket of pee water.

Britney dragged Hillary to the center of the dining hall, standing her to her feet and allowing Ursula to walk into the center of the dining hall as well.  Then Britney released her grip of Hillary’s hair and ran from the kitchen entrance, joining Georgia and Angelina in hiding.

“Okay.  Now what?” Angelina asked, setting the bucket down as the three of them ducked behind the counter at the kitchen window.

“Now, they kill each other,” Hillary said, looking at Georgia and Angelina as she crossed her fingers.

Hillary stood in the center of the dining hall in face-off with Ursula. Still in her left hand was Ursula’s baby bottle.  Holding it up and squeezing it, Hillary drank the remainder of the contents and then tossed the empty bottle back behind her.  The bottle slid on the floor all the way back to the kitchen entrance.  Britney, Georgia and Angelina watched intensely to see what happened as the water in that baby bottle had come from the well they were not supposed to drink from.  And it was the same water that turned Ursula into the creature she had become.

Closing her eyes, Hillary shuttered for a moment – lowering her chin and coughing.  Ursula didn’t move, knowing full-well what the three Eclectics in the kitchen were about to find out.  Hillary stopped moving altogether, Ursula taking a step back.  Then Hillary lifted her limp ankle, wiggling it a little and finally stepping back down on it properly.

The well water had healed her ankle injury as well as the dislocation of her jaw.  And in a sense, that water regenerated her a bit. 

Opening her eyes, Hillary glared at Ursula as she lifted her chin.  Both of them lunged forward and gripped each other by the shoulders.

The Eclectics watched in fear and disbelief as it seemed Hillary was suddenly a worthy adversary and match for Ursula’s immense strength.  As she watched the fight commence, Britney’s mind was fast at work – trying to process the new bits of information she had just been given.  Reaching around to the front of the kitchen window, she picked up the Ursula’s now-empty baby bottle and looked at it.  Then she looked at the partially-full bucket of pee water next to Angelina.

And a light bulb turned on in her thoughts.

“Girls, if you don’t think I’m crazy already, you’re about to think it,” Britney said, looking over to the sink in the kitchen.  “I’m gonna ask you to do something that will be very dangerous.  And you don’t have to do this, if you don’t want to.”

“It’s okay,” Angelina said.  “What do you want us to do?”

“Well,” Britney started, then looking back out at the fight to see the two demi-bitches throwing each other into walls.  “Would the two of you go take a bucket from over at the sink and go fill it up with the well water and bring it back here?”

“Why?” Georgia asked, looking down at the bucket of pee water and then back to Britney.

“Because whoever wins that fight out there is going to have to be defeated some other way,” Britney said, sighing.  “I just want all the advantages I can possibly have at my fingertips.  It’s okay.  You don’t have to go for the well water.”

“No, we’ll go get a bucket of the well water,” Angelina said, putting her hand on Britney’s shoulder, then hugging.  “You just be careful out there, okay?  You’re the only Britney we have.”

Georgia hugged Britney too, sharing the same sentiment.  Then Georgia and Angelina crept out the back of the kitchen, Angelina holding one of the plastic kitchen buckets in her hand.  Once again, crouching alongside the station wagon that had smashed into the back of the kitchen.  Then they moved quickly towards the pool house.

“I don’t get it,” Georgia said as they entered the nature trail, moving quickly towards the well.  “If Britney has the pee water, then what good is the well water gonna be?  Ursula and Hillary have now both drunk the well water and it made them very strong.  How is this gonna help Britney?”

“I have a really bad feeling about what Britney is gonna do with this water,” Angelina said sadly, lowering the well bucket into the well waters and filling it – then pulling it back up.

“What?” Georgia asked, holding the plastic kitchen bucket as Angelina filled it with well water from the other bucket.  “What is Britney gonna do with it?”

“Well, think about it,” Angelina said as they started heading back out of the nature trail.  “She has repeatedly put herself in harm’s way this whole weekend to protect us.”

Georgia’s eyes grew big and wide as she pieced it all together.

“Britney is gonna drink the well water to be able to fight,” Georgia said with horror in her tone.

“And in doing so, she will be killing herself,” Angelina said with a lump in her throat and tears beginning to well in her eyes.  “… all to save her baby sisters.”

Then they went silent, realizing that Britney wasn’t going to survive the weekend.  Tears streamed down both of their faces as that truth sunk in.  But crying over Britney’s forthcoming demise was cut short when they got back to the pool house at the front of the nature trail to see that Iris and Lorna had not only broken out of the pool house, but that they had also turned dead.  They moved about in the same manner as all the other zombies, minus the waddling for a lack of diapers.    

“Oh no,” Georgia said, weeping at the grotesque sights of Iris and Lorna.  “Angel, we can’t leave here.  We can’t let them wander about like this and eventually mix with the others.”

“We also can’t cure them,” Angelina added.

Another moment of silence filled the air, the sounds of battle in the dining hall in the near distance mixing with the noises the waddling dead were making as they now lined the outside the dining hall – still remaining on the outside of the pee water on the side porches.

And in silence, they passed by Iris and Lorna, Georgia doing all she could to hold her emotions in.  But the hurt was too much for her to allow, to not address, to not deal with.  Stopping dead in her tracks, Georgia turned around and looked back at Iris and Lorna – being invisible to them as she was to all the other zombies.

“Georgia, what are you doing?  Come on,” Angelina mouthed without speaking.

“You’re right.  We can’t cure them,” Georgia said confidently, Lorna and Iris hearing her voice and moving in her direction.  “But we don’t have to let them die.”

“What?” Angelina whispered, confused by what she was saying.

“Get the well water to Britney,” Georgia said, handing the plastic kitchen bucket to Angelina.  “Get it to her.”

Angelina took the bucket and watched in horror as Georgia turned around and grabbed both Lorna and Iris, dragging them back over to the pool house.  The two girls fought her and Iris sunk her teeth into Georgia’s right forearm.  But Georgia showed no reaction to what had to be an extremely painful injury.

And as Georgia got the two girls back into the pool house, she shut the door – locking herself in there with them.  It was at that moment Angelina realized Georgia had just sacrificed herself in order to save Iris and Lorna. 

Angelina wept, listening to the sounds of Georgia being killed.  She looked down at the bucket in her hand and then looked ahead to the dining hall, hearing the noises of the battle between Hillary and Ursula.

Was Britney still alive? 
Or was Angelina now the only Eclectic left? 

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