The Waddling Dead: Episode 28

Episode Twenty-Eight: Karma For A Backstabber

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Sunday night, 9:15 pm

From behind the kitchen service window, Britney watched the battle of Hillary and Ursula as she dipped Ursula’s baby bottle in the bucket of diluted pee water, filling it and screwing the nipple cap back on it.

Ursula and Hillary were still grappling with each other, each having taken a turn throwing the other one across the dining hall.  And it seemed neither of them had the advantage.  Their strengths were equal.  Britney couldn’t really decide which one of them she liked less.  But she clearly knew which one she wanted to see win this fight … Ursula, hands down.  Britney knew how to defeat Hillary.  And all it would take was a little pee water.  But then again, Hillary had consumed the well water too and maybe she was now indestructible.  Either way, killing Hillary wouldn’t fix the zombie problem.

Ursula had to win.  It was that simple.  And if Ursula didn’t win, Britney was as good as dead.  And though how to kill Ursula was still the ultimate mystery, it was the only chance anyone had of making it to Monday morning.

Ursula had been iinternally infected with the virus.  She had ingested the virus by drinking from that baby bottle.  But all the others had been infected on the outside from a bite.  Perhaps there was something to be said for this difference.  And maybe the surfaces of Ursula’s body were protected from death.  Maybe that’s why she wasn’t easy to kill.

Hillary, however, was doing all she could to wound if not kill Ursula.  Though heads were put through walls and faces were dragged across sharp, jagged edges of broken glass, it was clear that Ursula was the tooth-n-nail fighter of the two.  She had the natural instincts.

Tossing Hillary across the dining hall like a rag doll, Ursula watched as Hillary hit the far side wall and dropped to the floor.  The zombies outside snarled at the sight of the battle but remained behind the pee water line on the wrap-around porch.  Getting to her feet, Hillary picked up the nearest chair and charged back at Ursula.  But Ursula lunged towards her, meeting Hillary in the center of the dining hall and planting the sole of her left foot into Hillary’s throat.

Hillary flew straight back, the chair falling to the floor as Hillary hit the far wall again – then falling to the floor herself.  Ursula picked up the chair and broke one of its metal legs off.  She walked over to Hillary, picking her up by her hair and holding her high in the air as she walked back into the center.  Then Ursula stabbed the metal chair leg into the middle of Hillary’s back, driving it inward and smiling devilishly as Hillary shrieked in pain.

Being a zombie and having been infected externally – by a bite, Hillary still had nerve-endings in her body.  She felt most everything still.  Britney had believed differently before, but based on how Hillary reacted to having a piece of metal shoved into her spine – it was obvious that her nerve-endings were still sending and receiving full messages.

The zombies outside kept snarling, none of them having wandered off.  But the way it was looking inside the dining hall, there wouldn’t be a fight much longer.  However, Hillary had a little more resilience than it seemed.  And the tide was about to turn.

Kicking backwards, Hillary connected her heels with Ursula’s gut.  Ursula went flying backwards, Hillary dropping to the floor.  But Hillary got up immediately and yanked the metal chair leg out of her back when she saw Ursula getting up to her feet quickly and charging back in.  Lunging and punching at Hillary, Ursula did in fact connect with Hillary’s jaw … but not before Hillary slashed at Ursula’s right eye with that piece of metal – blinding her in that eye.  Ursula stumbled back, trying to get her right eye to work but swiftly realizing she was now half-blind.  And that was the momentary break Hillary needed to get the upper-hand.

Grabbing her by the hair, Hillary began banging Ursula’s face off the end of every table in the dining hall – going down the one side of the room and then back up the other side.  Hillary did this with such force that the tables went flying up into the air, turning over and landing on the floor with their legs sticking up.  Chairs flew all over the place.

Britney crept out of the kitchen and hid at the far end of the dining hall, still holding the baby bottle.  What she was seeing was unexpected.  Hillary was suddenly winning, quite honestly obliterating Ursula.  While Britney was rooting for the underdog, she also needed the underdog to lose.  But either way, Britney knew that whomever she fought would be an unstoppable force.

Getting to the end of the dining hall closest to the kitchen, Hillary paused from slamming Ursula’s head into tables.  Turning to face the kitchen service window, she released her grip of Ursula and walked over to the ice machine as Ursula collapsed to the floor.  Hillary tilted her head to the side, then shoving the ice machine out of the way to find Britney hiding behind it and holding that baby bottle.  Though Britney was covered from head to toe with mud, Hillary could suddenly see her … another unfortunate benefit of having drunken the well water.

Hillary lunged for Britney but was cut off from behind when Ursula grabbed her and dragged her back into the middle of the dining hall, hoisting Hillary up in the air and driving Hillary’s neck down onto one of the table legs that was sticking up.

Impaled through the throat, Hillary was now powerless to defend herself or to fight back.  Paralyzed, she gargled as a black sludge poured out of her mouth.  Grabbing hold of Hillary’s torso, Ursula used her left foot to turn Hillary’s face away from her.  Hillary and Britney made eye contact a split second before Ursula kicked the back of Hillary’s head so hard that her body snapped off at the base of her neck.

Ursula then took Hillary’s body and impaled it on another table leg, driving the leg right through Hillary’s heart and killing her.  Britney watched with a horror that she knew would take several years of counseling to get out of her mind.

Standing up in the middle of the dining room, Ursula faced Britney at the far end and lowered her chin – glaring the lone Eclectic down with an evilness in her irises that chilled poor Britney to the bone.

Standing up, Britney set the baby bottle on the kitchen service counter and stepped forward.  Keeping her right hand behind her back, she had no idea what she was going to do.  But she had to do something to keep Ursula from leaving the dining hall.  Since Angelina and Georgia hadn’t made it back from the well yet, this meant that Britney was going to have to find some way to stay alive just a little bit longer.

Britney didn’t move.  She didn’t lunge at the demi bitch.  She knew she was no match for Ursula.  And Ursula didn’t seem the slightest bit exhausted, not even breathing heavy.

There had been points in Britney’s life when she had been nervous, points in time when she was scared beyond comprehension and moments when she would have done anything, even committing a crime, to get out of the situation she was in.

But standing in that dining hall and preparing to face an opponent that could not be killed in the usual ways, Britney wasn’t nervous or scared or unhinged.  She was far beyond such reactions, petrified and with heartbeats that pounded so heavily that they hurt in her chest.  Each thump rang so deafeningly in her ears that she grew light-headed from the sudden rush of blood throughout her system.

Lowering her right forearm from behind her back to her side, her hand held a kitchen knife.  Oh, how she wished the girls would get back soon with that bucket of well water.  Until they did, this would all be about counter-maneuvers.  She would keep moving in a direction that would force Ursula to compensate her movements because of her blinded right eye.  And it seemed Britney’s muddy appearance was no longer something that kept her hidden.

This shouldn’t have been a surprise to Britney.  Everything she had figured out about the zombies didn’t apply to Ursula.  It’s why Ursula wasn’t a zombie, but rather, something far worse.  The site of Hillary’s decapitated remains made Britney sick to her stomach and the chaotic mess of the dining hall reminded her that she was next.  If nothing else, she was prepared to mount whatever challenge she could and to give this impossible task the greatest effort towards completion she had ever put into anything.

Ursula jumped in the air, lunging towards her.  This was it.

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