The Waddling Dead: Episode Eight

Episode Eight: The Eclectic Seven

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Saturday morning, 9:45 am

Ursula lunged and hit the center table in the dining hall, flipping it up and sending it flying towards the kitchen entrance.  Baby sisters who were nearby scattered in all directions – save for the one unlucky sweetheart who was too close to get away in time.  Ursula grabbed the girl’s ponytail, yanking her head back.  Scanning the room, Ursula saw dozens of further victims.  They backed up slowly, not believing what they were seeing and not knowing what to do.  Lowering her chin, Ursula glared them all down.  The baby sister in her grasp was sobbing, wanting to try to get away but also not wanting to be hurt by this creature that used to be Ursula.  Everyone watched as Ursula grabbed the girl’s right shoulder, yanking the girl’s head to the side and sinking her teeth into that area between the girl’s shoulder and neck.

Everyone froze in place, many covering their mouths as Ursula took a bite out of the girl’s trapezius muscle.  The girl screamed in agony, flailing both of her legs and the arm on the other side of her body.  Ursula lifted her head and cringed at the sound of the screams. Snapping the girl’s neck, she tossed the body across the room and back over to the entrance where she had come in.

Beginning to chew on the flesh and muscle meat in her mouth, Ursula looked around the room.  No one was moving and it was an assured thing that quite a few of the diapers being worn in that room were also being used just then.  Who would be next?  Who looked like they would taste the sweetest?  Who was an easy target?

Then Ursula locked eyes with Hillary who was standing ten feet away.  And upon sight of her, Ursula tilted her head to the side – the last fleeting bits of memory in her mind producing a flashback.  Then a full recollection happened.  Leaping towards Hillary, Ursula moved with super-human speed.  In response, Hillary grabbed the two closest girls to her and shoved them both in the direction of this hideous creature.

Ursula grabbed both girls by their ponytails, yanked their heads to the side, bit into their jugular veins and then tossed the girls across the room.  Blood squirted everywhere, the two bodies hitting the side walls and landing in front of those exits.  That was when every baby sister in the dining hall began to scream deafeningly – except for Hillary who kept hiding behind anyone she was near.

It was clear that Ursula remember who Hillary was and what Hillary had done to her.  And though there were many appetizing morsels in front of her, all of whom would have tasted powdery sweet, there was only one specific bite that would satisfy Ursula.

Grabbing the next two baby sisters who had been made involuntary lambs to the slaughter as they had unintentionally wound up in front of Hillary, Ursula put the one girl’s hand in her mouth and bit all four fingers off – the girl screaming as she was tossed to the side.  Then she bit the other girl in her chest, sinking her teeth into and taking a bite out of the girl’s sternum before tossing her across the room.

Though no death was unimportant, the most painful to watch was when Ursula bit the front of Loretta’s neck, then tossing the old lady across the room and into the table blocking the kitchen entrance.

Trails of blood began to line the floors, cover the tables and even cover some of the baby sisters as they had come too close to flying bodies.  And for as much as the girls obviously wanted to get out of the dining hall, all the exit and entrance points had bleeding and dead-or-dying baby sisters laying in front of them.  The center table blocked the exit to the kitchen and as Ursula kept biting more victims, she kept tossing them all over the place and further blocking the getaway routes.

The bleeding and injured baby sisters along the walls and laying in front of the entrances stopped crying, stopped gurgling and stopped moving altogether – their injuries presumably having either killed them or made them pass out from shock or loss of blood or whatever.  Regardless of the details, they were no longer moving.

The Eclectic Eight remained huddled together, Chloe directing them as such.  And when Hillary moved in their direction, trying her best to get into their circle, Chloe and the Eight pushed her away.  There was no way Hillary was going to use any of them as shields or blockades or anything like that.  Though the Eight didn’t quite understand why, Ursula the suddenly ugly was specifically trying to get to Hillary.  The other girls she bit and killed weren’t even in Ursula’s radar when she attacked them.  They just happened to be in the way or the cowardly Hillary put them in the way.

Though Hillary didn’t manage to get into the Eclectic Eight huddle, she did inadvertently draw Ursula over to them.  Running behind the huddle and squatting down, Hillary became one of the baby sisters who used her diaper for its purpose, too.  And unfortunately, the Eclectic Eight were about to become The Eclectic Seven.

Ursula first tried to plow through the huddle to get to Hillary on the other side, but Britney reared both of her feet up – kicking Ursula back.

“Get out of here, girls!” Chloe shouted to the room, then looking back at the cowardly squatting Hillary.  “Hillary, why is she going after you?  What did you do to her?”

“How should I know?” Hillary asked back.  “Why is she going after any of us?  And what the Hell is wrong with her?”

The baby sisters went for the entrances, some trying to move the table by the kitchen door and others cautiously walking up to the dead baby sisters that blocked their exoduses.  But none would move any of the bodies, not even to save their own lives.  It was too eerie and blood slickened the floors.  There had to be another way out of the dining hall.

“For God’s sake, break the windows!” Chloe screamed, leaving The Eclectic Eight huddle and grabbing a chair.

Picking the chair up, she tried to throw it at one of the windows but didn’t have the arm strength.  So she ran up to one of the windows and smashed it with the chair.  Others began to follow her example, picking up whatever was nearby and smashing the windows – sometimes having to smash the windows more than once to get enough glass broken out of them to safely climb out.

But the retreat was slow-going.  And time was running out for them.

The Eclectic Eight stayed huddled but mistakenly directed their own attention to what Chloe was doing.  And being distracted, they didn’t see Ursula getting back to her feet and lunging at them.  It was poor Yara, the Brazilian student who was the princess of positivity, who got bit.  Ursula gnashed her teeth into the right side of Yara’s face, crunching through her jaw and making Yara scream in agonizing pain.

“Nooooooo, Yolanda!” Britney screamed, grabbing Ursula by her hair and sinking the fingernails of her left hand into Ursula’s left eye socket.  “You diseased bitch!”

Ursula release her bite on Yara’s face, the girl dropping to the ground.  Then Ursula grabbed Britney by the throat and lifted her up.

“Run, girls!” Britney growled as Ursula started to choke her.

  As a gymnast on a full-ride scholarship, Britney wasn’t an easy win.  Wrapping her right leg around Ursula’s left arm, she kept planting her left heel in Ursula’s face – kicking her again and again and again.

“Ruuuuuuuun!” Britney screamed at her baby sisters, the remaining six of the Eight scattering everywhere.

Britney kept kicking at Ursula’s face as the ugly demoness kept trying to grab her foot with her right hand.  Britney was quick, but unfortunately not quick enough.  And when Ursula finally got ahold of her left foot, then pinning her to the ground and holding her left leg straight out, it seemed this was the end for Britney.

As Ursula leaned in to bite Britney’s knee out of her leg, Chloe suddenly appeared – taking a metal chair to the side of Ursula’s head like a professional wrestler would do and sending her flying back.  Hillary was nowhere to be found at this point, having already pushed her way through one of the lines of girls who were carefully trying to climb out through the shattered windows while not getting cut open by the jagged-edged shards of glass.

Britney and Chloe grabbed Yara’s arms and began to drag her into the middle of the dining hall.  The Eclectic Eight huddled again in the very center.  And while the dining hall was beginning to clear out, the survey of that room showed at least a dozen girls, as well as Loretta, who had been bitten and were dead.

That was when the dead part of it all took on new meaning.

As if being directed by Ursula to do so, everyone bitten suddenly came back to life and stood to their feet.  Their skin had turned gray.  Their wounds seemed infected and their eyes had turned pitch black.

Everyone still alive and unbitten in the dining hall formed a huge huddle in the middle as the dozen or so waddling dead surrounded them and began to close in.

And yes.  By then, everyone needed a diaper change.

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