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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 9th


It really went without saying that Noel enjoyed the days when Nick worked from home much more than when he had to drive to the office.  For as much as it upset her to see how stressed his work made him sometimes, such as what she saw yesterday, she still preferred to have him nearby. 

And that was the main reason why today wasn’t one of her favorite days.  Nick was at the office. 

It was sort of like: taking candy from a baby … giving something and then taking it back.

Sitting on the sofa, she re-adjusted the top tapes of her diaper – something she often did when she got bored.  Also, she enjoyed having a greater tightness at her waist while having the lower tapes just a little bit looser for leg movement.

She was beginning to run out of Christmas-y projects to occupy her time on days like this.  And that was particularly troublesome as it was only the ninth day of the December.  But it would be a package that arrived mid-morning that would refuel her desire for more holiday undertakings.

The package was from her older sister who had gone through their mother’s family heirlooms and found certain things Noel had asked her to locate and send.  Amongst a few other things, the package contained a set of small quilts Noel had always adored.  They had a red border edge and Christmas-y images were stitched on the center, including but not limited to: St. Nick.

It was these two quilts that sparked the idea of Noel decorating the one room in the house that had no Christmas décor in it at all … her nursery.  But that was going to change.  She was going to give it some Yuletide adornment … right now.

Unloading everything that was in the spare closet in the hallway, Noel crawled into the back and got out the now almost empty box of Christmas decorations – having placed it in the back of the closet when she thought she was done decorating the house for the season.  She took that box, along with the two small quilts into the nursery.  Picking the diaper wedgie out of bottom, she stood in the center of the spare bedroom turned baby room and took in the challenge before her.

Going right to work, she took out the lengths of garland that were either too short to be used or damaged in some other way.  Bending them and turning them into small wreath-like shapes, she hung on the walls – taking the remaining lengths and lining the edges of the changing table.  Taking all of her diapered stuffies, she set them in the corner of the room, fashioning and shaping the pile to look like a Christmas tree.  Then she folded and hung those two small quilts over the side railing of her crib.  Stepping back, she took in the new appearance of her nursery.

And now, she would be surrounded by the Christmas spirit, even when fully immersed in baby land.

When Nick got home, he had a white shopping bag in his hand.  Not even allowing him to tell her what was in the shopping bag, she took him straight back to her nursery – proudly showing him her creative decorations of the room and hoping he would approve with gush praise.

Indeed, he did.

Not only did he gush over her impressive efforts, he also told her how timely it was that she had done of all of this on this particular day.  On the way home, he stopped and bought Christmas-y crib sheets.  He reached into the white shopping bag and took the crib sheets out.  For a wonderful surprise, the crib sheets matched the quilts pretty decently … complete with St. Nick images on them!  What luck!

So they dressed the crib and she went bouncy-crinkly gaga, climbing into the crib and getting her picture taken while laying on the new Christmas crib sheets.

This led him to make a statement that would ensure more Christmas fun in the near future.

“You know …,” he said, looking at the pictures on his phone.  “… we should take a whole bunch of BabyGirl Christmas pictures!”

From in her crib, Noel gazed up at him and then raised an eyebrow as her mind had started to plot out how to pull off such an idea.

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