The Waddling Dead: Episode 25

Episode Twenty-Five: Mudslide

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Sunday afternoon, 5:30 pm

“Brit Brit!” Brook exclaimed as Britney walked into the pool house, everyone staring in shock at her muddy appearance as well as the wounds on her surfaces.

“Is Hillary finally dead?” Angelina asked, wetting a paper towel in the sink and trying to wipe Britney’s face with it.

“No, don’t!” Britney said, stepping back – everyone continuing to give her a united look of confusion.  “I have a lot to tell you, girls.”

Nothing was making accumulated sense to the Eclectics.  But there was an unspoken belief in that pool house that wasn’t unfamiliar to them.  They once again saw Britney as their leader.  Clearly, she had proven her role in the group, going so far as to put her own life in danger to protect the rest of her baby sisters.

Britney got a bottle of water from the one small backpack and began to drink from it.

“Okay, everybody get comfortable,” she said, beginning to pace back and forth in front of the Eclectics as they all took a seat. 

“No problem,” Rebecca said from her paralyzed lay.

“The zombies don’t like the rain.  They don’t like water at all.  I’m willing to bet they can’t swim, but I also bet they can’t drown,” Britney said, looking out one of the pool house windows.  “We’re gonna need another bucket of pee.  So, everybody drink all the water we have left.” 

“Britney, why are you covered in mud?” Brook asked, the Eclectics all beginning to drink from the remaining water bottles.

“I’m getting to that, Sweetie,” Britney said, chugging some more of her water before continuing.  “We can kill any of them with our pee, except for Ursula.  I believe this to be the case because I don’t think Ursula is a zombie at all.”

“Huh?” Georgia asked, quite confused.

“She was the originally infected person, but she was never bitten,” Britney explained.  “I think the virus mutates through fluid transfer, like what would happen during a bite … saliva to blood.  It may also be the reason why pee, another bodily fluid, is their undoing.  But I’m not sure about that yet.  I’ll let you all know when I figure that out.”

“It’s like we’re watching Sherlock Holmes right now,” Lorna said, adding a light-hearted moment to the situation.

“No, but I’m fairly certain the author was when he was typing out this episode,” Britney replied.

“What?” Angelina asked.

“Never mind,” Britney said, plowing forward with her speech.  “Hillary is not dead and we don’t want kill her, either.”

“Why not?” Iris asked.

“It’s confirmed at this point that Ursula only appears when she has a chance to kill Hillary.  The rest of the time she directs the zombies to kill,” Britney explained.  “So if Hillary is dead, Ursula won’t show.  And we need to get to Ursula.  She’s the key to this whole thing.”

“But Hillary is dead,” Rebecca said from the stretcher.

“No, Hillary is a zombie,” Britney said.  “That makes her undead.”

“What’s the difference?” Iris asked.

“When you’re dead, you’re dead,” Georgia explained.  “When you’re undead, you can still be killed.”

“We’re gonna need more diaper bombs.  So, use all the diapers we have left,” Britney explained, the second small backpack being passed around to hand out the diapers.  “And through sheer luck, I discovered that the zombies can’t see through mud.  That’s why I look like this.”

“Ugh,” Angelina groaned.  “I don’t like where this is going.”

“Alright, girls,” Britney said, taking a seat.  “Here’s the plan.”

Everyone leaned forward to listen, except for Brook who had already taken a seat on the bucket and was peeing.

“We’re gonna draw all the zombies out into the open, basically corralling them like a herd of cattle.  So, we won’t be hiding anymore,” Britney explained.  “But we’re gonna need to put Brook and Rebecca some place where the waddlers can’t get to them.”

“There’s a lake at the back of the camp, right?” Rebecca asked Georgia, Georgia and Britney making eye contact – then looking over at Angelina.

“That’ll work,” Angelina said.  “We can take them back to the lake, put then in one of the canoes and push them out into the middle.  And Brook can use a paddle to keep them in the middle.”

“We’re also gonna need to get muddy – head to toe, hair and all,” Britney continued.  “Hey, I just walked directly through a bunch of them underneath the observation deck.  They could sense I was there, but they couldn’t see me.  Trust me.  It works.”

“Diaper up, girls,” Angelina instructed.  “We’re gonna some defenses.”

Britney nodded.


They stayed in that pool house for a little while, happy for the peaceful time together and for being able to relax – even if just for a short while.  By 7pm, all the water bottles were empty.  Every remaining diaper had been used and taped inside out, then placed in one of the small backpacks for bomb usage.  The bucket had been filled part way with pee and was filled a bit more with water from one of the pool house shower stalls, making a smelly but potent solution.

Angelina opened the back door of the pool house, peeking outside.

“Everybody ready?” Britney asked, the Eclectics nodding.  “Okay, there’s a slick of mud right behind this building.  So, we need to play a quick game of slip-n-slide.  Cover every inch of yourself.  We also need to get Brook and Rebecca covered with mud, too.  And we need to do this as quickly as possible.”

They all walked out of the pool house, seeing the patch of mud.

“Are you sure it’s just mud?” Georgia asked, raising an eyebrow at what the mud slick looked like.

“To the best of my knowledge,” Britney answered.

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Lorna said, running forward a few steps and then sliding through the mud.

At the other end of the mud patch, Lorna turned over and made the back half of her body muddy – then getting up onto her knees and taking two big handfuls of the mud to work into her hair.  Everyone else watched in horror.  It certainly looked like fun, but the horrific part of it was the knowledge that there would be no shower afterwards … at least not until tomorrow morning.

“You know, for the first time this whole weekend, now I wish was wearing a diaper,” Iris said with a laugh, then running forward and diving into the sludge.

One at a time, the Eclectics dove into the mud – covering themselves with it and then helping Britney to cover the front of Rebecca with mud.  Brook was able to slide through the mud herself, just being cautious of her ankle.  Then she climbed up onto Angelina’s muddy back and away the group went, traveling down the nature trail and moving as quickly as they could.

For the first time that whole weekend, there were no accompanying sounds of crinkles as they walked.  They spoke of the well and of Ursula’s baby bottle.  And then they saw where Britney and Hillary had fought, that entire area of the trail being a slickened, muddy mess.

“So, no one else needs to die, unless it’s absolutely necessary to kill them,” Britney explained.  “We’re going to draw Ursula out and deal with her.”

“I think I’m starting to see what you’re saying,” Georgia stated as they got to the end of the nature trail and walked along the edge of the woods, heading for the lake at the back of the property.  “Maybe it isn’t a virus, so much as it is a curse.  And even if that isn’t the case, finding a way to kill Ursula is beneficial to us as she controls the zombies.”

“Exactly,” Britney said as they got to the lake’s edge, the group putting Brook and Rebecca into the canoe.  “The trick is to find a way to get her to go where we want her to go.”

They pushed the canoe out into the middle of the lake, telling the girls they would be back for them when all was safe.  But heading back towards the pool house turned out to be troublesome as a lone zombie waddler attacked them in the middle of the nature trail.  Both Iris and Lorna were bitten before Angelina, Georgia and Britney took the zombie down.  Breaking both of its legs, both of its arms and dislocating its jaw, they tossed the creature to the side of the trail.

Keeping completely quiet now as they believed the zombie heard them since it couldn’t see them, Britney, Georgia and Angelina carried Lorna and Iris back to the pool house.

“They’ll be alright … if we succeed at what we have to do,” Britney said, picking up the bucket of pee water.

“What if we don’t succeed?” Angelina asked, locking the two bitten sisters in the pool house.

“If we fail, it won’t matter to us then because we’ll be dead, too,” Britney replied grimly.  “Okay, listen closely, girls.  It’s just the three of us now, but that’s all we’ll need.”

They crouch down and huddled behind the pool house.  Britney laid out the plan, as it needed to be set in motion first.

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