The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 4-6

Episodes 4-6

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Chapter Four: Trapped

Friday, noon

Britney was taken into the room next to the office above.  It seemed pleasant enough with a couch and television and all, save for the dog cage in the corner.  And that is where she was place, the one soldier violently shoving her into that cage and locking the door as the other covered the cage with a thick black cloth.

Sitting in absolute darkness, Britney shook like a leaf.  She had been doing that very thing since she was taken from her hospital room a few hours ago.  But at long last, she had the ability to stop shaking and she did just that.  The black cloth restricted air flow through the cage and because of this, the air warmed up all around her.

No, it still wasn’t a pleasant experience or luxurious accommodations to be in that cage.  But at least it was warm.  And presently, Britney found gratitude for the smallest little gifts in life.

Back down at the glass cells, new diapers were given to all the girls, whether they needed them just yet or not.  Then the two soldiers who took Britney up to that dog cage, returned – one carrying a washcloth and basin of water, the other carrying a new diaper for Lorna.

Walking into Lorna’s glass cell and locking the door, they turned to her – each of the guys with devilish smiles.  Lorna’s face turned as white as a ghost.  This was more than just eerie.  It was more than just uncomforting.  It was completely unsettling for her.  She was defenseless against these two soldiers and she had nowhere to run.

They set the diaper behind them and the washcloth-n-basin in front of them.  Oh, this was not looking good.  All the girls, watched in horror – some were screaming for help and banging on the glass walls of their cells to get someone’s attention, anyone’s attention.

But from Lorna’s vantage point, she could see the girl’ slamming their fists into the cell walls and she could see their mouths moving as they screamed.  But she couldn’t hear them at all.  These glass cells were sound-proof,  And this meant, no matter what happened, no one was going to hear any of it.

“Get up,” the one soldier said, Lorna standing up and slinking back into the furthest corner away from them – a mere four feet away at best.

“Take it off,” the other soldier said, Lorna looking up through the glass ceiling and searching the ceiling of the hanger in the hopes that there were at least cameras watching her right now so there would be some sort of visual evidence. “TAKE IT OFF NOW!!!”

The second soldier’s shouting voice made her tremble with fear.  Looking over at the far wall of her cell, she saw the wet diaper she had flung at the general.  All she was wearing was that thin white t-shirt.

Clenching her thighs together and lowering her chin, Lorna reached down and took hold of the lower hem of the t-shirt, then slowly lifting it upward.  When her chest became exposed, she closed her eyes, hoping that all this would be was a bit of visual gratification for the guys. 

Shuddering at the thought of it being anything more, she held the shirt in her right hand as she put her arms back down at her sides – then lowering her chin and looking down at the floor.

“Good girl,” the second soldier said, kneeling down and dipping the washcloth in the basin of water.  “Now wipe yourself clean.”

The second soldier tossed the wet washcloth over to her.  Reaching to grab the washcloth, she missed its throw and it connected with her sternum.  Every muscle in her body tensed up and she froze in place.  That washcloth cloth had been dipped into ice cold water.

“Clean yourself!!!” the second soldier shouted, Lorna reaching up with her left hand and taking hold of the wet washcloth.

Closing her eyes, she lowered the cloth down to her center, preparing for the chilling feel of coldness between her legs.  And when the cloth touched her, she whimpered a little – then sinking her teeth into her lower lip to avoid allowing herself to cry.  It may have seemed like a bit of overkill for reaction.  But the water felt like it was only a few degrees away from turning into ice.

Finishing the humiliating task of wiping herself between her legs, she stood tall and brought her left hand back to her side.

“Drop it in the water,” the second soldier said sharply, Lorna dropping the washcloth into the basin of water.  “Now pick it up and clean yourself again.”

With tears welling in her eyes, she bent over and picked up the washcloth, now fresh with more ice-cold water, and touched it between her legs again.  She fidgeted in her stance at how cold it was.

“Turn around, spread your legs and bend over,” the first soldier growled, Lorna doing as instructed – turning around, spreading her legs and bending over.  “Now clean your ass.”

Lorna reached behind and gently rubbed the cloth across both her cheeks, praying this would soon end.

“I said clean your ass!” the first soldier shouted, picking up the basin and walking up behind her – then beginning to pour the basin water onto the small of her back.  “Now clean your ass!”

Lorna drew the cloth rapidly across her cheeks as the chilly water ran down her spine towards her neck, down her bottom and between her legs.  It stung for the chilliness but quickly began to numb her surfaces.

The first soldier grabbed the t-shirt out of her right hand and walked over to the area of the glass cell where her wet diaper had made contact when she threw it in the direction of the general.

“Get on your hands-n-knees and crawl over here NOW!!!” the first soldier shouted, his voice echoing off the walls-n-ceiling and ringing deafeningly in her ears.

Without hesitation, she did as she was told, getting down on the floor and crawling over to him.

“Now you use the rest of this water to wipe the glass clean,” the first soldier said, setting the basin of water in front of her – Lorna dipping the washcloth into the basin and beginning to wipe the glass.

While doing this, she looked across the way to Sherry who was sitting on the floor of her glass cell, bawling her eyes out over the situation.  And there Lorna would remain for a few minutes, wiping and re-wiping the glass until it looked clean again.

“Put everything in the basin and stand up,” the first soldier said, Lorna doing as instructed.  “Walk over and face the far wall.”

She got to her feet and walked over to the far wall of her glass cell, the guys now being behind her.  The second soldier picked up the basin, the washcloth and the wet diaper being inside it.

The first soldier picked up the new diaper, tossing it and the white t-shirt at her back, the items hitting her and then falling to the ground.

“Get your diaper on and cover yourself,” the first soldier said coldly.  “And if we have to return again because of your behavior, what happened to you up in the general’s office will feel like nothing compared to what I am going to do to you next.”

In the general’s office, Dr. Liotta was making good on his promise of showing him an example of the power of the zombie virus.  On the other side of the office, away from the glass cells, was a containment unit – currently housing a most intriguing guest.

“Dear God, what is that thing?” General Wynwood asked, looking down at a creature that looked like a decomposing blob with a mutilated face, no eyes and an enormous hole in its chest.

“General, may I present to you Doctor Glenview Fairmore, a physician with a NYU doctorate,” Dr. Liotta said.  “This was the guy who first examined those girls when they were brought to Harris Regional Hospital.  He was also patient zero himself of the second strain … when the zombie virus mutated in his lab at that hospital.”

“So far, I’m not impressed,” the general said, folding his arms.

“You will be.  Watch this,” Dr. Liotta said, signaling for a soldier to toss a plastic bag into the containment room – Doctor Glen sensing the plastic bag and quickly searching for it.  “In that little bag is a gauze pad with a single drop of virus-infected blood.  He can’t see it because he has no eyes, but he can sense its presence.  Now watch this.”

Dr. Liotta signaled for a soldier to let a rat lose in the containment unit.  Doctor Glen heard the scampering of the rat’s feet on the ground and turned everything inside the containment unit upside down until he caught the rat and killed it.

The general raised an eyebrow at the actions of the zombie doctor, recognizing how heavy some of the objects were in that containment unit – yet, Doctor Glen turned them over as if they weighed nothing.

“When he detects the virus nearby, he finds it and kills it,” Dr. Liotta said to the general.  “Now imagine if we sprayed that virus in an area where we knew our enemies were hiding.  The virus looks for the nearest host it can find.  And the decomposing Doctor Glenview here finds the virus and kills it … along with whomever is hosting it.”

“Which leads to the point you brought up a bit ago about finding a way to harness and control the virus’s power … in this instance, finding a way to control this zombie doctor,” the general said, Dr. Liotta nodding.  “So …… how do we get control of this zombie doctor?”

“He’s actually not the one we want to control,” Dr. Liotta said.

“Skip to the end of this, Rick,” General Wynwood said.

“The problem is: he doesn’t heal.  He was infected by the second virus strain, mutated from the first one,” Dr. Liotta remarked.

“Okay.  And what’s your point?” the general asked, continuing to observe the zombie doctor.

“Well … I’m wondering what the situation would be with someone who was infected by but survived the original strain,” Dr. Liotta said, the general lowering the blinds on that window facing the containment unit and then walking over to the other side of the office to look down at the girls in their glass cells. 

“None of those girls seem to have much power at all,” General Wynwood stated.

“True.  However, the one waiting outside this office not only had the first strain in her but she also fought and defeated this zombie doctor in battle,” Dr. Liotta said, the general raising an eyebrow.  “And it was she who gave that decrepit thing down there the injuries he has.”

The general turned and looked at Dr. Liotta with surprise.

“Britney is her name, Sir,” Dr. Liotta stated with a smile.

“Well get Britney in here now,” the general stated.

Chapter Five: Breaking the Dam

Friday, 12:15pm

Dr. Liotta and those two soldiers who had tormented Lorna retrieved Britney from the dog cage she had been put in, in that lounge-like room next to the general’s office.  When Dr. Liotta pulled the black cloth off the cage, Britney squinted her eyes from the return of light and shivered from her sudden return into cold air.

Opening the cage door, one soldier reached in and grabbed the hair on the top of her head, yanking her out of the cage and standing her to her feet.  The other soldier put her wrists into handcuffs, and she was dragged into the general’s office – her cuffed wrists being hung over a hook in the one corner of the room.  And there she stood, with arms stretched straight up as she face out towards the general.

This was the first good look she got at the general as well as at Dr. Liotta.  They didn’t look like bad people.  But then again, in the past week of her life, Britney had seen the ugly side of quite a few folks who seemed pleasant on the surfaces … until they became zombies at least.

“Britney,” the general started, looking at some paperwork as he sat at his desk.  “My name is General Wynwood.  I am the administrator of this facility and the top-ranking officer in a 100-mile radius from here.  I am the authority, but I am fair.  I fear that you’ve seen no evidence of my fairness since you were brought here an hour ago.  I want to assure you that I am indeed fair, until my authority is challenged.”

Getting up from his desk, he walked over to her, eyeing her up-n-down.  He then spun her around to look at the back of her, crossing her cuffed wrists momentarily and making her wince at the pinching of her skin until he spun her back around.

“I have a situation here with you and your friends down there,” General Wynwood said matter-of-factly.  “While I must maintain fairness, I must also protect everyone who serves under me.  And in order to be able to protect anyone, I need to know what threats are present.  I’m sure you can understand this.”

He walked back over to his desk and picked up the paper he was reading, then referencing it.

“This is the report you gave to the police at the campground you were at last weekend,” the general said, holding the paper up.  “In it, you use the word ‘zombie’ quite a few times and you reference having been bitten by one.  Who was it that bit you?”

“Ursula was her name,” Britney replied, giving a minimal answer.

“And you fought this person and you killed her, yes?” the general asked, Britney staying silent.  “Answer me, young lady.”

But Britney remained silent.  The general nodded to the two soldiers in the office – one walking over to Britney, spinning her around and holding her there as the other delivered several punches to Britney’s kidney area.  Then they released grip of her.  She spun back around and had an expression of anguishing pain on her face.

“Answer me,” the general said again – Britney lowering her chin and closing her eyes as she heaved for air in an effort to displace the pain in her back.  “Britney, did you kill her?  Britney?”

The general walked up to her, grabbed her hair and yanked her head back so she would look at him.

“I’m gonna kill you,” Britney growled with a low tone, the look in her eyes indicating that she just might have been pushed to the brink of what she was willing to put up with … as if he was currently breaking the dam for her. 

“You will start answering me and you’ll do it now,” the general said with aggression, not phased by her growling at all.

“Yes, I killed her … along with so many others whom she infected with her disease – starting this whole fucking thing that we are now a part of,” Britney growled with a low tone, glaring the general down.  “You wanna know about the hospital too?  Okay, I fought Ursula again in the hospital because the virus inside her had turned for the worse still and somehow she came back to life.  And then there was Doctor Glen, the doctor at the hospital who was supposed to be helping us.  He became infected and the virus spread like wildfire all over four floors.  And then the military showed up outside and wouldn’t allow us to leave the hospital.  They held us at gun point and forced us to stay inside to fight for our lives.  But we lived, General Dickwood.  As you can clearly see, there are eight of us who made it out alive.  And we are here now and we are now your problem … just as you are now ours.”

As she spoke, Dr. Liotta peered through the closed blinds in front of the office window that looked down on the containment unit that currently held the Doctor Glen she was speaking of.  Doctor Glen was standing very still, tilting his head from side to side as if he could sense something nearby.

Was it Britney?  Did Doctor Glen sense her presence?  

Dr. Liotta watched very carefully as she and General Wynwood continued their verbal battle.

“Did you kill this … Doctor Glen?” the general asked.

“Do I look like I would know?” she answered.  “I was rushed from the scene of that hospital in one of your military fuckmobiles and taken out of harm’s way.  Then this morning, I was dragged here.  I don’t know who is or isn’t alive.  But I do know that if you touch another one of my girls down there, I’m gonna break your spine and leave you as food for the undead.  They will eat you while you are still breathing.”

The general released grip of her hair and backhanded her across the face, Britney looking up at him and smiling.

“You have no authority over me,” Britney growled.  “Let’s get the beatings going.  I will answer no further questions.”

“Far be it from me to deny the request of such a charm, mild-mannered lady as yourself,” the general said, turning to the two soldiers.  “Gentlemen, oblige her.  And make sure she can’t walk without pain for some time to come.”

And with that, General Wynwood left the office.  But Dr. Liotta wasn’t going anywhere.  As Britney’s rage had built up, so did the franticness of Doctor Glen to find her.

Were these two somehow connected to each other?

One soldier got her down off the hook and pinned her belly down to the desk as the other soldier went into the adjoining room and returned with a sledgehammer.

That soldier lifted the sledgehammer and brought it down on the cast around Britney’s right foot.  Britney sucked in her lips and kept her mouth closed, refusing to give them the pleasure of hearing her cry in pain.  Several sledgehammer swings later and the cast now lay on the office floor – in pieces.  Dr. Liotta noticed the healed condition of her right lower leg almost immediately upon sight of it.

The one soldier pinned her torso down on the table as the other soldier picked up a piece of wood in the corner of the office.  Grabbing her right foot and holding it firmly, he brought that piece of wood down on the sole of her right foot at least a dozen times with full swings before he had to stop to catch his breath.  Then he grabbed her other foot and repeated the process.  Both of her feet were welted and the skin of her soles had broken open to bleeding.

The one soldier continued to hold her torso on the desk as the other yanked down the back of her diaper and then just ripped the thing right off her body.  Then he wound up and delivered several dozen blows to her backside, Dr. Liotta watching closely … in disbelief.

The spanking to her bottom wasn’t what interested Liotta.  It was the fact that the marks left on her back when she was struck in the kidneys were gone.  She healed with a quickness that was inhuman.

Could this really have been happening?

Both soldiers paused to catch their breath and Dr. Liotta looked at the bottom of her feet.  Just a few minutes ago, her soles were bloody and swollen.  But now the blood was dried and the swelling was gone.

Britney still laid on the desk, collecting herself, even though the beatings had stopped.  This gave Dr. Liotta time to take a blood sample from her derriere.  He filled an entire vial and hoped that would be enough to help him solve the mysteries of what he had just witnessed.

The reports indicated that the bones in her lower right leg had been snapped in half.  Yet, her right leg was completely healed now, in just three days!  It couldn’t have been possible.  Yet it was.

Quickly, Dr. Liotta raced out of the office with the sample of her blood.  He had so many tests to run, he probably wouldn’t have time to get them all done.

Britney was taken back to her cage and allowed to clean herself up, then put on a new diaper.  And by the time she fastened those tapes at her hips, her body no longer showed any signs of having been beaten.

A short while later, lunch was brought to the girls, water and military rations that looked like fig newton bar but tasted like sawdust.  Some of the girls sobbed as they ate.  But Britney stared at the floor, lost in another world – just as Georgia had been.  And now Britney understood why.  But, perhaps unlike Georgia or any of the rest of them, it wouldn’t take Britney very long to stand back up on her feet.

And that she did, just in time before a bunch of soldiers came running into the glass cells area – shouting and opening the cell doors.  They made the girls huddle together and move to a new location … a tiny dimly-lit room on the other end of the hangar.

Crying and whispering commenced, Brook being nearly inconsolable.  But Britney sat there and held Brook in her arms as she glared back at the door they were brought in through.  Patting Brook’s diapered bottom and gently rocking her, Britney managed to calm the girl down.  This would be one of the last moments of calmness any of them would enjoy there.

“Bring me the other two whom I haven’t spoken with yet,” General Wynwood’s angered voice could be heard saying as he went storming past the dark room where the girls were now being held.

Rikki and Sherry looked at each other and then to the door as it opened and soldiers walked in to collect them.


Chapter Six: Leader of the Pack

Friday, 2pm

“Don’t say anything in there, Sherry,” Rikki whispered to her as they were escorted up to the general’s office – now a considerably longer walk from the other side of the hangar than it was from the glass cells area.  “Let me do the talking.”

“Shut up, both of you,” the one soldier said.  “Just get in there.”

 “Geez, is this ever going to end?” the second soldier asked him.

“Ladies, come in,” General Wynwood said, sitting at his desk – obviously frustrated at this point.  “What are your names?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Rikki Straithmeyer, Sir,” Rikki said, the general sitting up in his chair.

“Is that so?” the general asked with a grin.  “Stationed where?”

“Afghanistan for four years and Iraq for two years, Sir,” Rikki answered, the general smiling and sitting back in his chair – still not certain if he believed her or not.

“You were a field nurse?” the general asked, Rikki nodding.  “Where in Afghanistan?”

“That’s still classified, Sir,” Rikki said with a grin.

“Say no more, then,” the general said, getting up and walking around to the front of his desk.  “Air Force?”

“Army, Sir,” Rikki replied.

“Ah, the army.  Yes,” the general said with a smirk.  “You know that Army is actually an acronym.  It stands for Ain’t Ready for the Marines Yet.”

“I heard that before, Sir,” Rikki said.  “I’ve also heard that Marines is also an acronym, standing for Men who Always Ride In Naval Equipment Somewhere.”

General Wynwood smiled and shook his head, then looking at Sherry.

“And you are?” the general asked.

“Sherry, just a college student,” Sherry answered, shaking like a leaf.

“Sir, if we can get to the root of all the problems right now, that would be appreciated,” Rikki interrupted, trying to speed things up.

“Yes, of course,” the general said, referencing a paper on his desk and then turning back to Rikki.  “What can you tell me about Glen Fairmore?”

“Dr. Glen?” Rikki asked.  “He was one of the finest doctors I have ever worked with.  He was bitten and became infected.  I am also aware that his body turned up missing back at the hospital.”

“Yes, I’m aware of that, too,” the general said, walking over to the far-side office window and pulling up the blind to reveal the containment unit that had Doctor Glen in it.

Sherry covered her face and couldn’t bear the sight of the monstrous creature who was down there.  Rikki inhaled deeply and then exhaled the same – tears welling in her eyes as she knew the guy well.

“Gentlemen, please escort this lady back with the others,” General Wynwood said to the two soldiers who were in the office.  “Rikki, I would like to talk with you alone for a minute.”

The two soldiers led Sherry into the outer room and the moment they got her out of sight, one soldier grabbed both of her wrists, the other soldier covering her mouth and injecting an entire syringe of fluid into her neck – the contents of which being a mixture of the blood sample taken from the hospital along with something extra that Dr. Liotta had spiked it with.

It made Sherry very groggy and the two soldiers moved quickly to get her back to the dimly-lit room where the girls were.  When they got her there, they threw her on the floor and then locked the door.  Unaware of what had just happened to Sherry, the girls consoled her.  But it didn’t take Georgia long to discover the needle mark in Sherry’s neck.

“Rikki, I’m going to tell you what it is I need from those girls and maybe you can help me to get it from them so that I can let you all go,” the general said, trying to be coy about the facts.  “I am in pursuit of creating an enhancement for soldiers, something that will make them stronger and be able to do more.  And if I can make this happen, lives will be saved in the process.  I believe that a combination of the blood from your dear Doctor Glen down there, along with a purer strain of the original virus infection from one of those girls will yield me the results I am looking for.”

“You want their blood,” Rikki stated bluntly.

“Yes, I do,” the general said, just as bluntly.

“But you as well as I … as well as your doctor friend likely, all know that such blood has to be taken from someone who is living,” Rikki stated even more bluntly.  “So, if you get what you want, those girls are never going to go home.”

The general sighed and then tried a different approach.

“My other option is to recreate a virus massacre right here, similar to the ones they have survived twice now – allowing Doctor Glen here to kill them and consume their blood, thusly allowing me to draw it from his veins instead of theirs,” the general said without filter.  “Then those girls definitely won’t be going home because they’ll be dead.”

The general walked over to his desk and called up a camera feed, showing the girls in that dimly-lit room.

“While you make up your mind as to whether you are going to help me or not, I thought I’d give you some entertainment to watch,” the general said. “Have a seat.”

Rikki sat in his desk chair and viewed the camera feed, observing the most horrifying thing she had ever seen.

Sherry lay face down on the floor, crying and then convulsing.  The girls didn’t know what to do and didn’t know what to expect, except that no one was going to let them out of that room.  It was very disturbing to watch, made worse by the fact that the light in the room was so dull they could only make out the silhouette of Sherry.

And their dear pledge mistress twitched and thrashed as stomach pains worsened inside her, feeling like her organs were being squeezed and torn apart.  As a female, Sherry was accustomed to certain internal discomforts.  But what she was feeling at that moment made other timely pains feel like pleasure in comparison.

Her skin lost its smoothness and turned hideous shades of greys and blues and deep purples, blotching her complexion and making her feel grotesque.  She could hear her flesh turning rotten as could everyone nearby her and the pain of all of this felt worse than a thousand simultaneous lacerations.

The internal aches shot out through her limbs and felt like they were wrapping themselves around her skull, making migraines pale in contrast.  Her entire head felt like it was inside a vice, being pressed in on both sides.  Her cheek bones felt like they were being smashed and squeezed, her jaw feeling like it was being twisted and pulled to the right.  She tried to continue crying but could no longer make recognizable sounds, instead being replaced by slobbery moans.

Then she started sweating profusely, her now leathery skin feeling a layer of slime forming on it as she secreted a foul stench.

Her stomach pains tightened into a knot that forced her to curl up into a ball.  And then she threw up everything that was in her stomach, including acid and a stream of blood as well.

Her eye sockets deepened and sunk in as her skin tightened, bones cutting through her flesh at various places in her body.

Decomposing right there, she tried to stand to her feet – only to find that her knees had turned inward and her hips had dislocated themselves with the crackling sounds of bones crunching and breaking.

Barely able to stand at all, she looked to the girls for help, reaching out for Brook but only able to slide with contorted movements. Angelina stepped in front of Brook to block Sherry from getting to her.  So Sherry reached out for Iris, only to see Iris and the others continuing to back away from her.

And this avoidance of her infuriated her to a troubling degree that disrupted her abilities to see logic and to reason with sanity.  She looked at the girls and became enraged that this was happening to her and not to them.  And they were rejecting her, after she had been so compassionate and caring of them after the incident at the campground followed by the incident at the hospital.

Then her twisted stomach growled and she grew hungry, looking at the girls differently now and seeing them as food, the fresh blood in their veins making her salivate.

Her pulse quickened and she lunged and Lorna, grabbing the girl’s face and tilting her head to the side to expose the jugular vein on the side of her neck.  But before she could take a bite, she felt the heel of Britney’s right foot – contacting her forearm and snapping her hand off at the wrist.

“Georgia, get behind her!” Britney shouted, Angelina pulling Lorna away from the fight to help pry the hand off her face.  “Iris, Brook, stay behind me!”

Sherry lunged at Britney who planted a foot in the girl’s chest, forcing all the air out of her but not before she backhanded Britney across the face and sent her flying.

“Georgia, sweep her feet!” Britney said, spitting blood out of her mouth as she had bitten her own tongue.

Georgia swept Sherry’s feet, knocking the girl down. Angelina stepped on Sherry’s right shoulder and Lorna put her foot on the side of Sherry’s face – forcing it to the left.  But Sherry brought her right foot up and kicked back into Angelina, sending Angelina and Lorna flying back into and knocking Georgia down.

Turning over onto her stomach, Sherry began to get up on her knees and one remaining hand – only to be knocked back down flat on her stomach as Britney landed on top of her, grabbed her forehead and yanked back on her head.

“Is anybody wet right now?” Britney asked, keeping pressure on Sherry’s spine and neck.

“Yep!  That would be me!” Brook said with her usual bit of sweet innocence.  “I started peein’ the second they put us in this room!”

While watching the fight from this office, General Wynwood got a call from Dr. Liotta.

“Rick, I do believe you’ve outdone yourself this time,” the general said, answering his cell phone and congratulating him.  “The strain mixture you created is working very well.”

“I don’t think it’s going to work, James,” Dr. Liotta admitted.  “That strain still has one protein sequence that is weak.  But listen to me.  Britney is the one we want.  I’m sure of it now.  She has completely recovered from her injuries from three days ago.  I got a sample of her blood and it has everything I’m looking for in it.  Her attitude at her interrogation was a classic survival trait.  And I have reason to believe that estrogen might be a factor in defense against the zombie virus.  But I can’t confirm that yet.  What we need to know is: Does Britney have leadership instincts?  Being aggressive is one thing, but for this formula to work, it can’t just be physical aggression.  It also has to have psychological basis.  Otherwise, there is no brain in any soldier that will accept the enzymes.  Do you think she is a natural born leader?”

“I would say there is strong evidence right now to suggest that, yes,” the general answered, continuing to watch the fight, Rikki having given up all hope at this point as tears streamed down her face as she watched.

“Hurry up!” Britney shouted, begin to lose her grip on Sherry’s slimy forehead.

“Lay down, Brook,” Iris said, Brook laying down and Iris yanking the tapes open at Brook’s hips with record speed.

She tossed the diaper over to Angelina who placed it on the floor beneath Sherry’s head.  Britney reached forward, plunged her fingers into Sherry’s eye sockets, raked the girl’s eyes out of her head and then buried her pledge mistress’s face in the urine-soaked innards of Brook’s diaper.

Britney held Sherry’s head right there as the girl’s face burned and sizzled until the urine climbed up inside Sherry’s eye sockets and went right to her brain.

Then together, Britney and Lorna snapped Sherry’s neck, killing her.

It was safe to say that Britney had once again established herself as the leader of the girls, the leader of the pack.

General Wynwood had Rikki escorted back to that dimly-lit room with all the other girls.  And, from Dr. Liotta’s request, he sent another soldier to retrieve all the wet diapers that could be found in the trash.

Estrogen appeared to be the most pressing roadblock.


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  Pet Play     Voice       Twist       3some      Stolen

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The Dark Age Play Series


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