25 Out-n-Abouts

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers” , 25 “Dream Makers”25 “Charm Sakers” and 25 “Nothing Buts”, 25 Out-n-Abouts is a collection of 25 ABDL pictures from my past searches which I feel all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

And these 25 speak of the thrills and emotions of being out in the Big World as a BabyGirl.  From those moments when the littleness within her demands its fun to those moments when she can’t help but share the love with her little heart, she is always bound for memories to be made when Out-n-About.

For the next 25 days, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


25 – “Follow Me, Daddy!”

He watched her climbing up the tree with a little concern for her safety.  She wasn’t just the love of his life, but also the BabyGirl of his dreams.  And because of him, she so bravely pursued each challenge in life as it presented itself to her.

Because of this, she often took risks, knowing that sometimes she would succeed and sometimes she would not.  But regardless, she knew he would always be there to catch her fall.  He was her Daddy.  She trusted him with her heart and her life.

She brought him home this weekend to meet her parents and shortly after they got back from Sunday church and had lunch, she told her parents she was going for a walk in the woods with him.

What she wanted to show him was the secret tree she often climbed up into when she was young.  It was in this tree that her world of make-believe came alive.

“Follow me, Daddy!” she called down to him.

He smiled at the littleness her heart truly felt.

“I’m right behind ya, BabyGirl,” he said as he joined her climb.


24 – “Toe-Stretching”

The most wonderful thing she had ever known was how good love felt when it was given and received.

It was from that exchange that she learned it wasn’t two separate emotions. Instead, it was a continuous one which was shared between two people who felt it on either end.

And with the give-n-receive of love in her heart, she was determined to stretch her toes, reach up and share how she felt with everyone and everything she could.

Her Daddy watched her stretch her toes, spread the love she felt to the world. And couldn’t have been more proud of his lil girl.


23 – When Denial Flows … 

She pressed her thighs together at the last second. Desperation was now the only emotion she had left.  And it wasn’t desperation just for wetting herself, but for finding a way to prove to her Daddy that she could be a Big Girl if she wanted.

She placed her hand on the front of her jeans, trying hard to keep her muscles clenched, but the inevitable was a few seconds away.

Her daddy told her that she couldn’t last a single hour as a Big Girl.  She only made it 43 minutes. 

He took out his phone and snapped as many pictures as he could to be able to show her what she looks like … When Denial Flows.


22 – The Moment She Decided to Be

Headed to the tennis courts on a beautiful afternoon in mid-Spring, the BabyGirl was mixed with emotions about herself.

She knew she would always have to lead an Adult life. This wasn’t upsetting to her. To find the balance in her world, she wanted to be an Adult. She wanted to embrace all sides of who she was. But the conflict came from a littleness within her that tried to take over everything.

Having discovered her littleness and now, finally being able to share it with someone she loved dearly, she struggled to maintain that balance.

Walking up to that tennis court, she placed her hands on her hips and smiled. She finally realized that the conflict itself was the only problem. Finding a balance was a simple matter of acceptance of who she was.

There was no change needed in herself. The balance which all ready existed was merely waiting for her to recognize it was all ready there.

And that was the moment she decided to be.


21 – Everything to Herself

She was born into this world and trained to be a Geisha Girl – a toy of entertainment through song and dance.

As she got older she became a Princess Girl, emulating the royal treatment she dreamed in her heart.

She fell in love and followed him all over the world, seeing their lifetime to come.

But it wasn’t until she opened her heart and embraced the littleness inside it that she truly felt she had found her place in a world which seemed to be ever- changing.

The best moments in her life were the moments which were the simplest. Because in those moments, she realized that she was many things to many people – a Geisha, a Princess, a BabyGirl. No matter what the pathway placed in front of her, she blazed her way and redefined what it meant to be Everything to Herself.


20 – If She Only Knew …

She could smile & the sun would brighten on a cloudy day.

She could giggle & everyone around her would find laughter.

She could jump up and down & everyone would suddenly feel a need to have the same fun that she was, to feel the same way she did inside.

At the park, when she bent over to pluck a dandelion at her feet, everyone suddenly knew that the joy she possessed came from the littleness in her heart.

She could change the world, just by being herself.  If She Only Knew …


19 Under Her Skirt


College had been everything she could’ve imagined all ready:

– That first breath of freedom and a sense of life as she hadn’t known it yet.
– The ability to express herself and find her pathway to the future.
– Exploration into every curiosity she had ever had dreamed of.

But the best part of college hadn’t been the parties or the beer or the encounters she could never tell her family about.  Instead, the best part was that she had fallen in love.

Her new relationship was with a guy who drew the submission out of her with such ease that “dynamic” was truly an understatement for the bond they shared.

He was her steady rock.  She was his passion.  He was the strong arm.  She was the trophy.

On a Saturday afternoon in October, she lifted the bottom hem of her cheerleading skirt, as instructed by him to do so.  Embarrassment mixed with humiliation inside her as her pink ruffled panties caught the attention of those within view.

He definitely knew how to get under her skirt.  And she couldn’t have been happier.


18 – The 7th Inning Crinkle

The speakers began blaring “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” as the top of the 7th inning came to a close.  Everyone stood up to stretch.

What a game it had been so far.  And what a day it had been so far.

She and her Daddy traveled to the big city, took the bus to all the usual attractions.  She had been such a good girl all day long – not fussing during her diaper checks and changes, holding his hand and even taking a short nap in the park in place of the one he laid her down for in the afternoons.

Tinkling changes were easy to take care of throughout the day.  But now after lunch, dinner and way too much popcorn during the ballgame, she needed the kind of change which couldn’t be taken care of around the corner of a building.

Standing up, she placed the back of her hand on the small of her back – the silent signal that told him the 7th inning crinkle needed to be the last one for the diaper around her waist.


17 – Janie of the “Jungle”

It wasn’t too long ago that she doubted herself.  Living life with a well-guarded secret in her heart was anything but easy. Doubt of happiness and of self can take their tolls when the pleas of one’s soul are left unanswered.

Six months ago, she hardly knew of the happiness the little girl inside her could bring to her life.

But then she met her Daddy and her life changed forever.

Janie never would’ve imagined that one day she would be so comfortable with herself that she might be standing on the top of a jungle gym in the middle of a park on the sunniest day of the summer so far – wearing a t-shirt, a diaper and smile which only a BabyGirl knew how to make.

Yet today, she was wearing all three and looking down at the camera-clicking reason why self-doubt had no place inside her anymore …

Her Daddy.


16 – One Heartbeat at a Time

A tan was one of many things to look forward to about the summer and for a BabyGirl, each season had its waiting memories. 

Her Daddy always took her on vacation of her choosing in early July.

This year, she chose the cruise to the Islands.  And for weeks, she sunbathed, getting her tan ready for the trip. 

Her skin was smooth, her mind was little and her body was affected.  Her Daddy’s words alone could produce the melting of her soul.  His actions melted the rest of her.  But the greatest bit of Daddying he ever did to her came from a simple sentence she once heard him say to her, just before he turned out the lights one night:

“BabyGirl, whatever you feel, make sure to feel it … One HeartBeat at a Time.”


15 – Always His BabyGirl

When her Daddy first mentioned they would be taking a wonderful vacation together, she had no idea that he had planned out a week where they would see blue water for miles and be served drinks with umbrellas in them.

Yet, here they were – enjoying the beautiful weather of this sunny Tuesday on a boat ride.

He became a camera happy vacationer, snapping a few pictures of the surroundings, but focusing the lens on her most of the time.

In one particular picture, she lifted the side of her dress, showing him a developing need she couldn’t say out in the open. 

Whether on vacation or at home, she was always his BabyGirl.


14 – Just Keep Kicking

She kicked her feet, splashing water but not treading any.  Through each frustrated attempt, her Nanny held her hands and kept encouraging her to try.

Perseverence was the virtue.

Her first view of the summer was a saddening one, knowing that her Daddy would have to be away a lot more to keep up with the summertime demand of his line of work.

And her first thought of having a Nanny was one of fussiness, only wanting to be a BabyGirl for her Daddy.  But the Nanny he hired had proven to not only be loving, but also to be the force behind helping the BabyGirl overcome two issues that had plagued her for her entire life … insecurity and low self-esteem.

With her Daddy’s Love and her Nanny’s Encouragement, she began to believe in herself. 

And she just kept kicking until she began to swim.


13 – The Tell-Tale Droop

Poor Baby.  She tried her hardest to be a Big Girl for the day.  She fussed so much when her Daddy insisted she still wear a diaper.

And with six blocks to go, the tell tale droop showed that Daddy was right.


12 – The Summer of Peaches ‘n Cream

Spring broke the cabin fever of Winter and now Summer offered such beautiful weather she couldn’t help but be excited when her Daddy said they would be taking a road trip.

All winter long, her Daddy said that this summer would be the Summer of Peaches ‘n Cream.  And that the whole world would adore her when they saw her.  She didn’t believe she would be adored by all, but trusted her Daddy to be telling the truth.

Oh my.  How little she felt.  No matter where they went, she was the adoration of all.  She felt happy and everyone was so sweet to her … sweet, just like Peaches ‘n Cream.


11 – BGFFs

It’s often believed that if you have 4 or 5 people in your life which you consider to be close friends, that you are a blessed individual.

Most friends which you keep for life, you meet before you are 25.

But for these two little angels, their friendship started much sooner – at the age of one … only it was the second time around for them.

They met online on a site which was a bit off-the-beaten-path, but for them, it was the pathway they always knew they were destined travel down.

Each of them had a Daddy and now, they each had a BGFF – quite a bit of company for the lifetime of friendship ahead.


10 – Princess at the Park


“Princess, we’re not leaving this park until you show Daddy what a little Baby you are.”

His words echoed in her mind and her heart.  She did all that she could to keep clean, not wanting to give in so easily.  Her greatest fear was that if she gave into the little wishes of her heart, she may never be able to control herself again.

But her Daddy insisted that the day she gave in would be the one day she’d never forget in all of her life.  And it was such a beautiful day today, too.  It was warm, but not hot and sunny but not scorching.

From one place in the park to the next, she kept drawing nearer and nearer to the inevitable.  The enema couldn’t be kept in forever.  And as she found several moments to give up, her dwindling independence kept stopping her.

But his words told the tale still:

“Princess, we’re not leaving this park until you show Daddy what a little Baby you are.”


9 As He Led Her Home

“Princess, Daddy told you that couldn’t be a Big Girl any longer than a few minutes,” her Daddy said in a gentle tone.

He understood her need, from time to time,  to feel like a Big Girl.  And he also understood why she wanted to keep trying to be a Big Girl.  But every time she tried to wear panties, she kept wetting them.

Holding her drenched skirt and panties, he did his best to soothe her fussiness, clear in her pouty frown.

“You’ll always be a Baby, little girl,” he said softly as he extended his hand to her.  “Let’s go home now.  It’s nap time.”

With reluctance, she accepted her littleness once again, taking his hand as he led her home.


8 Saturday Morning Shopping

Going shopping was a weekend trip she looked forward to.  It was the one and only time she was in charge.

She made the shopping list and walked the aisles with purpose as her Daddy pushed the cart behind her.

Her crinkle and waddle aside, she was adorable – nourished from breakfast and freshened from her morning bath.

But even as she commanded the charge for groceries, she was still a BabyGirl inside and for as much as she fussed about it, she was grateful he had prepared her when she squatted down by the pet food.

She closed her eyes and whimpered, helpless but to be a BabyGirl.


7 – Overflowed

It had been a summer like no other for her.  Moving in with the Daddy of her sweetest little dreams, spending each day with a BabySitter while her Daddy was at work, spending each night in her Daddy’s arms and feeling the depth of a love unlike any other.

With two weeks to go until her junior year of college began, she absorbed all the littleness she could – so as to keep the memories of the summer forever … including that private pool party her BabySitter took her to.

Swimming was fun, but when she was told it was nap time, the tummy flies fluttered and her littleness overflowed.


6 -The Prettiest of Pink

The sun shone down on her as if it were illuminating an angel it had sent to earth.

And she truly was an angel.  Her Daddy often wondered where she hid her wings.

Climbing on the equipment at the park, she seemed like she had found her place in the great big world around her – not that she felt free to be little no matter where she was, but that she placed her heart in his hands.  And he made clear to her in a simple phrase all she ever needed to know:

“BabyGirl, no one is ever gonna keep you down.  Ain’t nobody gonna stop you from being who you are. Spread your wings and fly.”

Her glow shown from within and her love for her Daddy was evident in the twinkle of her eyes, the sweet smile she greeted him with and her comfort of an afternoon at the park in the prettiest of pink.


5 – I think the Bunny Rabbit Stole my Pants, Daddy!

This is gonna sound silly, but I’m telling you the truth, Daddy.

I was sitting right here like a good girl and I wasn’t wandering off, because you told me to be a good girl and not wander off while you went inside to get me a drink.

But then this bunny rabbit hopped by and challenged me to a hopping contest.

But I told that bunny rabbit that I was being a good girl.  And it asked me if I was a scaredy cat and I said no and it said I was and I was like No Way and it was like Yes Way – and then I said Fine, I’ll win the hopping contest and be sitting back down before my Daddy comes back.

So I got up and we hopped to the edge of the yard but the bunny rabbit won.  But he was a fair bunny and he said I lost because my pants got in the way.  So I took them off and we hop-raced right back here.

I won that second race, but when I turned around, the bunny was gone and so were my pants!

So what I’m trying to say is:  I think the bunny rabbit stole my pants, Daddy.  If the bunny rabbit didn’t steal my pants, then I have no idea where they went.


4 – What Sweetness Doesn’t Know

“Daddy, do you remember that day when we went to the flower garden place?” she asked.

“Yes,” her Daddy replied.

“And do you remember when we walked down that trail and you were nervous that the bugs might bite my legs?” she asked, reflecting on the memory with innocence.

“Yes,” her Daddy replied with a knowing grin.

“And, and do you remember what you said the reason was that kept the bugs from biting me?” she asked with a small voice.

“I said it was because you were too sweet for them to bite,” her Daddy remarked.  “Do you know why I know that to be the truth?”

“Why?” the BabyGirl asked with confusion.

“Because those who are truly sweet, don’t know it,” her Daddy replied.  “They don’t talk about how sweet they are.  They simply show it – even when kneeling down to say hello to smallest of frogs.”


3 -To the Top of the World

She had always been fascinated with the phrase:

The sky’s the limit.

The fantasy of being able to reach up and touch the Heavens was one which captivate her, not for wanting to feel small, but for knowing how big the world around her truly was.

Her Daddy had surrounded her with opportunities to feel she was closer to the sky – from putting glow-in-the-dark stars on her nursery ceiling to purchasing a star in her name from the International Star Registry to pushing her as high as he possibly could on the swings while keeping her safe.

But the BabyGirl’s ambitions knew no limitations and on the day she told her Daddy that she wanted to climb to the top of the world, he told he’d take her there.

They hopped in the car and drove to the local park before dusk had stolen all the fleeting rays of the day.  Bravely and boldly, the BabyGirl made her way in for the climb.  She stretched her arms and legs and with a little heart full of her Daddy’s pride, she did what she said she would do … and she climbed to the top of the world.


2 – One Picture at a Time

All day long, she had concentrated, but not on her schoolwork.  That was going to be impossible to do today.  Instead, she focused on getting through her classes without losing her composure and modesty.

That morning, as she stood in front of the bathroom mirror getting ready for school, her Daddy walked in and whispered in her ear that she wasn’t appropriately dressed and that there would be a bunch of college frat boys who would be eyeing her up in her cutesy little pink top and skirt.

As he led her back to their bedroom, she thought he was going to make her change into something else, but instead he laid her down on the bed and added a diaper to her chosen ensemble.  And before he let her go for the day, he lifted up the back of her skirt and took a picture of her diapered bottom.

She had never worn a diaper to her classes before and she waddled as quickly as she could to get to her 8:30 am math class.  Making it there just in time, she sat in the front row, getting out her math book and notepad to notice that he had sent her a text.

She opened the text to find the picture he had taken of her diapered bottom before she left their apartment.  Across the back of her diaper was written: “Property of Daddy”.  And with this picture were the words: “In case the frat boys start flirting with you.  Lunch in the park at 12:30, BabyGirl.  See ya then.”

All morning long, she struggled to get through her classes without allowing the tummyflies inside her to make her start babbling.  But she made it through and now sitting in the park with her Daddy, she was so overcome with littleness that she decided being a schoolgirl today was not a possibility for her anymore – at least not on this day, and not when their were dreams to be realized and fantasies to be made into memories … one picture at a time.


1 -Proof in the Baby Steps

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t try to do.  And even if she didn’t get it done, she would be proud in being able to say that she tried.

Her Daddy told her many times that the biggest challenge a BabyGirl often faced was fear, but she no longer had any fear.

Her Daddy told her the trickiest roadblock a BabyGirl often had to find a way around was insecurity, but she was no longer insecure.

Her Daddy told her that the one thing a BabyGirl sometimes couldn’t overcome was how to get there, but she and her Daddy were there at the play area.

“But Daddy, I have no fear.  I feel safe.  And I made it here to the park,” the BabyGirl said with frustration.  “And I’m ready to try, but why do I still hesitate?”

“Because you have yet to put that first foot forward,” he replied.  “But the view when you get up there will be worth everything you had to do to be able to get there to see it ……. Baby Steps, Princess.  In the end, that’s all it truly takes.”

She let go of her Daddy’s hand and climbed that play equipment, seeing the fields behind it.  Her Daddy was right.  There was nothing quite like knowing that all she ever had to do was stop thinking about the reasons why she believed she couldn’t do it.  And start proving herself to be capable.

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