The Waddling Dead: Episode 23

Episode Twenty-Three: Fortitude

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Sunday afternoon, 4:00 pm

Angelina eased Brook down onto a soft patch of grass, shaded by the leaves above.  And as the tapes at her hips were unfastened, Brook looked up at the treetops.  They hardly moved for the lack of any breeze that day so far, but they still allowed trickles of sunlight to leak down through.  Though there was nothing serene about their situation, there was a harmony Brook felt with the moment – everything seeming to move in slow-motion and allowing her frazzled mind to keep up with the gentle pace.  It was like a lullaby without words or music, but with all those things that made it so alluring.

“That’s a good girl,” Brook heard Angelina’s voice whisper as she lifted Brook’s legs up into the air – sliding the wet diaper away.

Britney kept a lookout, facing towards main camp and studying the movements of the waddlers in the distance.  There was a pattern to their movements, to their motivations.  And she could almost figure it out, if she could only get one step ahead of their thoughts.

“Okay, diaper girl,” Angelina said sweetly, fastening the tapes of the new diaper at Brook’s hips.  “We’ve got eight bottles of water left and seven diapers.”

“Seven waters and seven diapers,” Brook corrected with a grin, sitting up and reaching into the one backpack to retrieve her next drink.

Then the noise of a snarling zombie drew close as the waddling dead girl appeared from around the side of the nearest cabin.  Brook picked up a stick and stepped forward without hesitation, numb to fear at this point and just simply tired of everything.

It didn’t take her more than two swings to drop that zombie to the ground, smashing both knees of the creature and then reaching back for Angelina to toss her Brook’s wet diaper.  Placing one foot on the chest of the zombie, Britney raised her right hand up, preparing to toss the pee-soaked garment in the face of the waddler.  But then she stopped.

“Britney, what’s wrong?” Angelina said, getting to her feet and hoisting Brook up onto her back in anticipation of leaving once Britney disposed of her current adversary.

Britney stared down at the zombie as if she was seeing a ghost.  But it wasn’t so much the infected sorority sister beneath her foot that she saw as it was the virus itself that she could suddenly see very clearly.

“Brit Brit?” Brook said from her piggyback wrap around Angelina.

Britney looked back at them, her eyes seemingly lost in a thought she couldn’t put to words.

“What’s wrong?” Angelina asked, quite concerned as to why Britney didn’t throw the diaper bomb down at the zombie’s face.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Britney said, tossing the diaper bomb to the ground and winding up the stick before delivering a crushing blow to the zombie’s jaw – dislocating it and ensuring the creature wouldn’t have the ability to bite anyone.

Then Britney delivered several more blows to the zombie’s knees and ankles, breaking all the bones she could so the creature wouldn’t stand up to waddle after them.  Turning around, Britney dropped the stick and walked straight forward, headed for the entrance to the nature trail.  It seemed she had recovered from the blow to her esteem and that she was more determined than ever, but not just to survive …

“This is where everything started, right here on the nature trail yesterday morning,” Britney said, Angelina following after her with Brook on her back.

“No.  The whole thing started yesterday morning in the dining hall when Ursula came in and started attacking people,” Brook said.

“That was when it started for us, Brook,” Angelina replied, seeing Britney’s point.  “But Ursula got sick on this trail and went back to her cabin to lay down.”

“And the next time we saw her, she had turned … dead,” Britney said, stopping and looking to the left – seeing the tiny pathway that led to the open area with the well.

Angelina followed after Britney, setting Brook down on the ground when they got to the well.  She looked down at the sign, ‘Don’t Drink The Water’ it said.  Then she raised an eyebrow, seeing Britney in the same state of thought.

“Did Ursula drink from the well?” Angelina asked, looking down at the sign again.

“No, but she might have poisoned by these waters,” Britney said, looking at the bucket sitting on the edge of the well.

Brook stood up on her one good ankle and looked at the bucket.

“The source of everything came from here,” Britney said, looking inside the well.  “Maybe the resolution will come from here as well.”

Then they heard screaming, too close for their comfort.  And an instant later, someone hobbled by.  The three of them ducked down behind the well.  The screaming girl fell to the ground and then got back up just as quickly, continuing to hobble further into the nature trail.  On her heels were five of the waddling dead.  And their movements, while not very fast, were in fact quicker than hers as she was limp.  A short distance away, the screaming grew louder.  Brook climbed back up onto Angelina’s back, Britney and Angelina cautiously creeping back out onto the trail.

They could see the five zombies attacking the screaming girl and then they watched the girl’s forehead get bitten into before the zombies waddled away.

With extreme caution, Britney and Angelina moved closer and closer to the fallen girl, wondering what had just happened.

“Britney?” Georgia said from behind a bush, then standing up.

“Georgia!” Brook exclaimed, being carried over to the bush where they saw Iris, Lorna and poor Rebecca on that makeshift stretcher.

“What happened?” Britney said with welling tears as she knelt down alongside Rebecca.

“We were attacked and she fell,” Iris summarized, saving the details of their vine-climbing tale for another time.  “She can’t move.”

Britney covered her face with her hands as she burst into tears, then leaning over and carefully hugging Rebecca.

“Britney, I am so sorry for what I said to you earlier,” Rebecca apologized.  “You are not the cause of any of this.  I was wrong.”

“I’m sorry for being bossy,” Britney apologized.  “If I hadn’t been that way, you wouldn’t have left and this wouldn’t have happened.”

“You are the only chance we have of making it out of here alive,” Rebecca said, renewing her faith in Britney.  “Don’t apologize.”

“Who is that?” Angelina asked, looking over at the fallen girl.

“It’s Hillary,” Lorna answered.  “Or what’s left of her.”

“What I wanna know is where the zombies came from,” Iris stated.  “We saw one way down the trail, but the rest came out of nowhere.”

“They were the Horde, Hillary’s five followers,” Britney said, standing up and walking out onto the trail.  “She abandoned them when they were attacked a few hours ago.  It looks like karma came quickly.”

“So does this confirm it?” Georgia asked.

“Yeah,” Britney answered.  “This is proof that Ursula is somehow communicating with the zombies, controlling them and giving them directions.  The Horde, those five girls who blindly followed her into the grave, were a part of the same pledge class as Ursula was.  So when they turned dead, Ursula must have sent them out to look for Hillary.”

The skies began to rumble, darkness having rolled in over the past few minutes and a storm about to drench the valley.

“We’ll find another cabin, I guess,” Georgia said.  “We’ve gotta get Rebecca and Brook somewhere safe to rest.  What else can we do?”

“Right.  We’ll find the cabin or wherever to hide, yes.  But we won’t be going anywhere until tomorrow morning,” Britney said, the first trickles of rain beginning to fall but not landing on any of them as they first needed to make their way through the canopy of leaves above.  “So the question is no longer:  how do we survive?  We’ve done that already.  Now, we will take control of this situation.  That was the whole point of this weekend retreat, right?  We are Beta-Alpha-Beta sisters.  We do not suffer our losses or our weaknesses.  Instead, we celebrate getting beyond them.”

The first drops of rain trickled down through the canopy of leaves above and began to drench the woods of the nature trail.  Britney looked over at Hillary’s fallen body and then she looked back to the Eclectics.

“Go.  Find some place to hide.  But make sure it’s near water.  Try the pool house or the lake or somewhere like that.  And I’ll find you when I’m done,” Britney said, looking back to Hillary at the moment that Hillary sat up – now one of the waddling dead.  “Go now!”

Picking up a tree branch and snapping it down to club size, she broke the twigs off it and walked over in the direction of Hillary.  The Eclectics made their way back to the entrance of the nature trail.

“We will take control of this situation,” Britney said, glaring down Hillary.  “And it begins now.”

Britney raised the wooden club to swing and that was when Hillary got up onto her one good foot and lunged at her.

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