Good Girl … Very Good Girl – Both Parts

Taken from the ebook:  The Pathway of Legacy 2

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here’s a little story about how good it feels to receive praise … and maybe just a little bit more.

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!


Part One –

Katherine walked into her dorm room, setting her books down on her desk and plopping down on her bed.  Oh, what a grueling day of classes it had been, grad school certainly kicking her ass inside of the first month.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she began to undress – the schoolgirl outfit making her look cute and turning many heads as she strolled through campus each day.  But it certainly wasn’t the most comfortable of outfits – headlined by the stockings.  Oh, did Katherine hate hosiery!  If the technology existed, she would go back in time and kill the person who created hosiery.   No matter how smooth she made her legs, stockings always made her itch – an itch that always got the best of her … making her a bit irritable by the time she took the stockings off.

Sliding her legs out of the thigh highs, she unfastened her bra and lowered the zipper at the back of her pleated skirt – standing up and stripping out of all of it, down to the one and only garment that was comfortable … her diaper.  And this was the only thing she would be wearing, until Remmie told her what to put on.

Katherine was a BabyGirl, having forcefully been introduced to diapers over the summer and the submissiveness to follow.  Remmie was her roommate, another grad student girl of the same height and build – dominant in nature.  And that was how they lived together in that room, as submissive and dominant.  How Katherine got there, in that current situation, seemed a blur anymore.  All she knew clearly was that her current reality was her new reality.  And that was what mattered.

The daily routine for Katherine was to return to the dorm room right after her final class of the day ended, usually around 4pm.  She was to strip down to her diaper and wait for Remmie to get there.

Their room in that sorority house was small, a bed on either side, two dressers on the near side wall and two vanities on the far side wall.  Greek houses at Bridgewater State University were antiquated, to put it politely.

A month into her time at grad school, Katherine had assumed the submissive role with Remmie very well.  Remmie was bi but preferred girls, if given the choice.  For Katherine, she had always been a lesbian – even all the way back when she didn’t announce it to the world.  She had also always been attracted to females who took charge.  So, being submissive came naturally to her.

Remmie most definitely took charge, giving no leeway to Katherine for mistakes.  It was because of this ironclad control that Katherine had begun to fall in love with her.  The dynamic between them started right away on the first day of the semester.  And it had grown more and more serious, more and more detailed, more and more like a lifestyle.

Katherine’s routine of each day was an exact replica of the day prior.  She would wake-up and clean their room before classes.  Remmie’s definition of clean was not adequately represented by a place for everything and everything in its place.  Remmie demanded absolute perfection … everywhere.  And when Katherine fell short of perfection, she was punished for the infraction. 

Once the room was clean to Remmie’s satisfaction, Katherine dressed in a schoolgirl outfit with pleated skirt and all, being diapered by her dominant roommate and then receiving an inspection of her outfit before she went to classes.  And if there one little wrinkle on anything that Katherine wore, she would be made to take it and iron it out – but only after her diaper got yanked down and a hairbrush tanned her backside. 

She was to think ahead at all points in time, without being allowed to think for herself – a most confusing directive, yet one that Katherine was made to live by. 

While at her classes, Katherine texted Remmie to ask permission for any and all decisions that weren’t a part of the daily routine – such as: ‘May I stop at a street vendor for a smoothie between classes’?  Katherine’s cell phone was connected to a location finder app so Remmie could always see where she was.  When she got home from classes, she immediately stripped down to her diaper and waited for her roommate to get back from classes too.

And this dynamic, demanding and cold and unyielding, only fueled Katherine’s growing affection for Remmie.  Impulses and thoughts of deviation always filled Katherine’s thoughts.  But she was learning, through her submissive training, to ignore such impulses.  Unfortunately, she didn’t always listen to her better judgment.  And thusly, she found herself getting more and more aroused by Remmie’s uber-aggressive and domineering personality.

Hearing someone walking up the stairs, Katherine stood up and walked to the foot of her bed – checking the displayed schoolgirl garments she had laid out on her bed – as per Remmie’s directions.  She then folded her hands and placed them in front of her waist, lowered her chin and looked to her feet – waiting for Remmie’s entrance.

The door opened and Remmie walked in, leaving the door open behind her as she always did – giving anyone who just might be walking through the upstairs hallway then a spectacle to watch … if they chose to.

Often, some of the other sorority girls did indeed stop and watch.  The entire house, as well as every member of that sorority chapter at Bridgewater State, was well aware of the Remmie-n-Katherine show.

Inspecting the schoolgirl clothing, Remmie then walked up behind Katherine and patted the BabyGirl’s diapered bottom.

“Hang it all up,” Remmie said, then going over to her side of the room and setting her books down.

Without hesitation, Katherine picked up the clothing and began to hang it up in her closet, checking the stockings for runners before draping them over a hanger.  Remmie’s inspection of the clothing was to see if it needed washed before she wore it again.  Katherine only washed the clothing Remmie instructed her to.

As Remmie undressed, Katherine’s used her peripheral to enjoy the sight of her roommate’s frame.  This was another added benefit of wearing a diaper.  She never feared soaking the front of her panties from arousal because she wasn’t wearing panties.  A girl had to be very horny for that to happen and perhaps also need some sort of medical condition for it to happen like that.  Katherine had no medical condition, but she did have a mental one – being produced by weeks of depriving herself of gratification.

It built up inside her and often saturated her.  The slightest thing would set Katherine off too, like being patted on her diapered bottom by a dominant female she wanted to sleep with.  There were points in time, when Remmie got briefly affectionate with her, that Katherine’s body temperature would rise in response.  Those short-lived experiences would live vividly inside her little mind and senses for days to follow.  And every time, it got just a bit more difficult to not respond back with a better representation of how she felt towards Remmie.

But Katherine hadn’t been given permission to respond in kind.  And her need to do so was now at a fevered pitch.  She craved Remmie in a manner that tempted her to drop all modesty and just go for it.

Closing her closet door, Katherine looked across the room – seeing Remmie in nothing but her matching red bra and panties … brushing her hair out.  In nothing but her diaper and with a heavily pounding heart, Katherine made the decision to tempt the fates.  Crinkling over to Remmie, she spun her roommate around – gently taking hold of both sides of the girl’s face and kissing her … softly but passionately.

When Remmie didn’t engage back, Katherine’s shoulders shrunk up – her body instinctively assuming submissive posture as she tried desperately to make the kiss even more passionate.  But Remmie wasn’t responding back.

Breaking the kiss off, Katherine took a step backwards and lowered her eyes – fearing the worst was about to happen.  This was a direct violation of every rule Remmie had put in place.

“Look at me, baby,” Remmie said with a monotone quality in her voice, Katherine looking up at her and seeing the disgusted expression on her roommate’s face.

Then Remmie slapped Katherine on the right side of her face with a left hand that moved so quickly it was hardly visible for the swing.  Katherine whimpered but made no physical movements of retreat or self-defense, instead looking back down at her feet.

“Hold your hands up,” Remmie said coldly, Katherine holding her hands up as Remmie accessed the same drawer in her dresser she always opened when getting something with which to punish Katherine.

This time, it was handcuffs … and a hairbrush.  Katherine swallowed a lump in her throat as Remmie cuffed her wrists in front of her, then getting a pacifier from that drawer and forcefully pushing it between the girl’s lips.

“I hope it was worth it, baby,” Remmie said coldly – walking around to the other side of her bed, taking a seat on the side of it and putting her thighs together.  “Get over her and get over my knees … NOW!”

Weeping tears already, Katherine crinkled tiny, waddling steps around the bed and over to Katherine, laying across her dominant roommate’s knees and bracing herself for what was to come.

Remmie grabbed the back of Katherine’s diaper and yanked it down, tucking it just underneath the girl’s bottom as to push her cheeks upward a bit – plumping them for the forthcoming strikes.  Before the first strike ever landed, Katherine could already feel the blow – her mind misfiring its nerve signals as a means of surviving what was about to happen.

Part Two –

Remmie grabbed the back of Katherine’s diaper and yanked it down, tucking it just underneath the girl’s bottom as to push her cheeks upward a bit – plumping them for the forthcoming strikes.  Before the first strike ever landed, Katherine could already feel the blow – her mind misfiring its nerve signals as a means of surviving what was about to happen.

CRACK!  The first blow of the hairbrush landed squarely across Katherine’s plumped bottom cheeks.  Katherine winced from the blow but then relaxed her body as she knew that tensing her muscles would make it all hurt so much worse.

CRACK!!  A second strike landed squarely across the exact same skin zone, a red stripe likely to form there before long.  Katherine only winced her shoulders this time, then sinking her teeth into the silicone nipple of her pacifier and adopting a fussy look on her face.  It was right about that moment that several girls appeared at the open door, wondering what all the noise was about.  Seeing Katherine was being spanked, they stuck around to watch.

CRACK!!!  The third strike landed, this one contacting the very bottom of Katherine’s cheeks in a motion that moved upward.  Katherine squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to squeal from the pain she now felt in an area of her bottom no longer unaffected.  Tears dripped from her closed eyes and rolled down her cheeks.  And when she opened them, she saw the girls standing at the door – some giggling, some laughing aloud and some just smiling at the sight of all of this.

Then Remmie delivered ten blows to the girl’s bottom in rapid-fire succession, each strike happening so fast that the individual pains from each blow all melded into one big increasing bit of throbbing sting.  And as it continued, Katherine began to cry, doing all she could to hold the pacifier between her sobbing lips.  Having an audience only made it worse for her.  Normally, Katherine endured humiliation well as she was put through it.  But this time, she wasn’t fairing very well at all in getting through it.

And by the time Remmie paused from spanking her to allow her arm a break, Katherine was an inconsolable mess.  Putting the girl down on her feet, Remmie stood up and yanked the diaper down to her knees – allowing the spectators to see her reddened bottom of the girl.  Remmie walked over to that punishment drawer again, getting something else out and then walking over to the door.  Closing the door in the faces of the giggling girls, she walked up behind Katherine – making her bend over … Katherine placing her cuffed hands on the bed to hold herself up.

“You are to never get aggressive with me … NEVER,” Remmie said sharply, reaching both arms around to the front of the still sobbing girl – her hands going down between the girl’s legs.  “If you ever get aggressive with me again, I won’t use gentle taps when next I spank you.”

That statement caused Katherine to shudder.  Given how much pain her bottom was in, just then, if what Remmie had done was the gentle version, the full force version was a very scary contemplation.  This was certainly enough to snap Katherine’s mind into line, presently.  But she knew herself, and this whole experience would become something arousing for her when she thought back on it.  It was very strange what turned into love in Katherine’s mind.  She couldn’t explain it, rationally.  But she couldn’t deny, either.

In Remmie’s hand was a pink device that roughly looked like a butterfly.  Placing this device between Katherine’s legs, Remmie held it there while pulling the diaper back up into place, re-fastening the tapes more tightly.  Making Katherine kneel while facing the bed, Remmie sat down in front of her – lowering her panties to her ankles and taking them off.   Removing the hand cuffs from the girl’s wrists, Remmie parted her thighs – keeping the lower half of her legs dangling down over the side of the bed.  Katherine stopped sniffling, wondering what was going to happen next.

And despite everything she had just gone through, Katherine had sudden hope in her heart again.

“Now, let’s try that again,” roommate said as she reached into the front of Katherine’s diaper and touched the device.

Instantly, the device started to vibrate – sending pings of enjoyable sensations into the girl.  Remmie took the pacifier out of Katherine’s mouth and then eased down onto her back, snapping her fingers.

“Pleasure me, baby,” Remmie said, closing her eyes – Katherine leaning forward and obeying.  “Don’t disappoint me again.”

Katherine eyed up the sweetness between Remmie’s legs for a brief moment before beginning to place small pecking kisses to Remmie’s right inner thigh.  Moving inward, she felt the softness of Remmie’s skin on her lips.  Remmie closed her eyes, placing both hands behind her head as pillows.  Her mouth was also closed, the breathing through her nose being steady and deep – this giving Katherine a clear indication of how unaffected her roommate was by the service of pleasure she was receiving … a litmus test, if you will.

Moving straight to her task, Katherine wrapped her lips around Remmie’s hood, drawing as much of it into her mouth as she could and using her tongue to affect the soft tissues.  A twinkle of satisfaction came across Katherine’s eyes – tasting the wetness Remmie was producing … a sign that her efforts were being felt.  But there was still so far to go before Katherine would develop any sense of esteem.  Remmie was hard to please.  And this kept Katherine in a docile state of mind she had to consciously push herself through to feel something other than insecurity.  Wrapping her lips around Remmie’s labia, she made slow circular drags with the tip of her tongue to trace the contour of the sweetness before her.

But it seemed Remmie wasn’t enjoying it.  She hardly showed any visual suggestions at all that she was feeling any sort of enjoyment at all.  And this was killing poor Katherine.  Here she was, in a situation she had dreamed and daydreamed about for weeks, now incapable of giving Remmie any reason to allow her to do this again.

Verbal degradation would have been better than this, the sexual equivalent of the silent treatment.

But as if the fates heard the pleas of her heart, Katherine heard the sounds of open-mouth breathing – Remmie having parted her lips and begun to inhale in a manner that was no longer steady, even and constant.  It was erratic breathing, brought about by a stimulus … specifically, Katherine’s tongue.  Then Remmie’s hands wandered down onto and into Katherine’s hair, beginning the stroke the girl’s locks – a most wonderful sensation to the scalp and one that showed Remmie moving into the nurturing touch that females stereotypically had.  And as if everything had suddenly kicked into high gear, Remmie started rolling her hips ever-so-slightly – moving them in sync with the movement of her BabyGirl’s tongue.

Absolute validation complete!  Katherine’s shoulders grew broader as she put more and more passion into her task.

Picking up her cell phone, Remmie began controlling the settings of the vibrating butterfly toy between Katherine’s legs.  This came as a surprise to Katherine that the device was remote controlled.  In response to the higher, more intense vibrations, Katherine pressed her diapered mound against the side of the bed – feeling more powerful pings and basking in the satisfaction of having her own pleasure being toyed with.  But it wasn’t just the physical that affected Katherine.  She was female, after all.  And thusly, every physical affectation had an accompanying and equaling emotional response.

And because Remmie had been so thoughtful as to give Katherine greater enjoyment, tears formed in the BabyGirl’s eyes.

This was one of only a few gifts of thoughtfulness Remmie had ever given her.  They were so few in number and in occurrence that Katherine never took any of them for granted when received.

Katherine was most certainly a beggar.  She had no choices.

Putting the toy at a medium but still intense setting, Remmie set her phone down – beginning to roll her hips more fully.  Her breathing had now picked up considerably.  Fussy were the sounds she now made.  While keeping her tongue and mouth at work, Katherine looked up and saw Remmie arching her back and heaving up her chest – her breasts cupped beautiful inside her red bra.  The lumbar arches grew deeper and more angled.  The hair fondling grew quicker.  The fussy breathing turned into fussy whimpers.  The chest heaving grew bigger and the rocking motion of Remmie’s body simulated the motions of sex.

Katherine’s lips and tongue lost their individuality in Remmie’s contemplation, everything turning into a wonderful sloppy mess of glorious sensations.  Remmie’s inner muscles tensed in anticipation.  She grew light-headed as pings of electricity danced all over her body.

And then everything came to a head.  Remmie grew very dizzy, every muscle in her body tensing up all at once, her breathing growing difficult to continue and her whimper drowning out all other sounds in the room as her entire body arched to a degree that would make gateway structures jealous.  Sinking her nails into the back of Katherine’s scalp, she kept the girl’s face and mouth right where it was – no matter where she moved.

Hitting the summit, she squeaked once and then ballooned downwards, her body slowly relaxing during the descent and her spine quivering a split second before she saturated her sweetness, giving Katherine a new layer of wetness to lap up as the climax ended – blossoming right into an afterglow that initially made Remmie believe she would be late for her classes to following morning.

Remmie held Katherine in that position for a few minutes as she waited until her breathing had returned to normal before grabbing the girl by the hair and pulling her up onto the top of her body.  Soft kisses commenced immediately, both looking for the gentle sensations – just then.

They were females, after all.  The gentle was a necessary part of the process.

“Good girl,” Remmie said, placing her left hand on her sternum as she tried to steady every sense in her body.  “Very good girl.”

Katherine warmed within at Remmie’s response.  Apparently, she had done a very good job and Remmie was quite pleased.  Picking up her cell phone, Remmie struggled to use it.

“It’s way past your afternoon nap, baby,” Remmie said, now beginning to play with her phone more successfully.  “But I can’t put you to bed in such a worked-up condition, can I?”

Then Remmie turned the setting of the vibrating butterfly toy way up.  Katherine’s eyes grew great big-n-wide.

The Pathway of Legacy 2

A college schoolgirl faces two choices.
One will make her falter.
The other will make her a legacy. 
But both have pros and cons.

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