The Waddling Dead: Episode 26

Episode 26Episode Twenty-Six: Do or Die

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Sunday evening, 8:30 pm

All that was left of the living was Georgia, Angelina and Britney, save for Rebecca and Brook in the canoe on the back lake.  But they were out of commission and couldn’t help.  So, the fate of everyone at that campground rested on the shoulders of three.

Britney walked out from around the back of the pool house, making such noise that anything, dead or alive, would hear her.  She moved in the direction of the dining hall, taking very slow steps.  She wasn’t waddling, since they were out of diapers.  But she kept her pace very slow, so as to draw the waddling dead out.  In order for this plan to work, she needed to draw as many of zombies out as possible.  And it was essential that Hillary was among them.  Without Hillary, all hope was lost.  And Britney would be as good as dead herself.

As Britney made noise and moved slowly towards the side of the dining hall, Angelina and Georgia ran out from the back of the pool house and crept up along the other side of it.  Then they sprinted to the back of the kitchen, crouching down alongside the station wagon that had smashed into the back wall of the kitchen.  Angelina set the bucket of pee water down and the two of them ran up to water hoses that were attached to that back wall.  Uncoiling the hoses and turning the water on, Georgia crept up along the side of the dining hall – holding the two water nozzles in her hands as she watched Britney’s slow progression.

And just as slowly as Britney was moving, the waddling dead began to appear.  Some of them came from the woods.  Some of them walked out of the cabins.  A few were in the dining hall.  But they all started moving towards the sound of Britney’s voice.

Angelina went for the bucket of pee water alongside the station wagon, intending to then creep over to Georgia along the side of the dining hall.  But as she grabbed the handle of the bucket, several waddlers appeared from around the back of the station wagon.  Angelina froze in place, hoping and praying that she had covered herself with mud thoroughly enough to be invisible to them.

Most of them passed by Angelina, but one stopped right next her.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t look up at the zombie – for fear that it would see the whites of her eyes.  All she could do was hope that it didn’t know where she was.  Yes, it could sense her living soul.  But hopefully, it couldn’t see her.

As she knelt there with a lowered chin, Angelina contemplated the possibilities of what she could do.  In her left hand was the handle of a bucket of pee water, diluted by still filled with enough urine to kill the zombie who was mere inches away from her.

She contemplated calling for help from Georgia, but probably wouldn’t get a single step away before being grabbed and bitten.

This would likely be the same scenario if she simply tried to run.

And as her mind searched frantically for a solution, the fates must have heard her silent plea as that zombie waddled away from her, moving in the direction of Britney’s voice.  Georgia remained plastered flat to the side of the dining hall as that zombie waddled past her.

Cautiously, Angelina picked up the bucket of pee water and crept over alongside Georgia – the two of them watching as the zombie masses began to close in on Britney’s location.  Angelina grabbed a water hose from Georgia.

“Britney said that this would work best if it happened inside the dining hall, right?” Angelina whispered to Georgia.

“Yeah,” Georgia whispered back.  “But this is all gonna rely on timing.  If she gets trapped too tightly inside all of them, she’s dead.”

On the grass patch to the side of the dining hall, Britney came to a halt, scanning the incoming waddlers and searching desperately for Hillary, but the limping zombie bitch was nowhere to be seen.  Truthfully, Britney may not have seen her yet.  There were several dozen zombies walking towards her from all sides.  Hillary might have been among them.

And as the zombies drew closer, Britney stopped making noise – slowly weaving her way through them to try to find Hillary.  But what she found was Chloe, her pledge mistress.  Unfortunately, Chloe’s eyes were gone – a condition suffered by her initial attack from the zombies, but also from her battle in the kitchen with Britney.  Chloe was blind but followed the noises of the other zombies.

As Britney weaved through them, she made certain to not touch any of them and to not make a sound.  One mere brushing of shoulders would give her location away.  And she certainly kept moving, the zombies beginning to mill about on that grass patch as they knew a living soul was very nearby but they couldn’t see her.

Frantically, she continued looking for Hillary – getting a little upset for not finding her and welling with tears from frustration.  But she kept her teeth sunken into her sucked-in lower lip to prevent herself from making any noise.  Death was all around her, but somewhere in all of it was the key to life – in perhaps its most unlikely form … Hillary.

Several of them were limping actually.  And this only made it more difficult to find her.  Also, Britney knew that not all the zombies were there.  Some had been killed with diaper bombs or from a direct line of pee.  One zombie was laying back on the nature trail with broken arms, broken legs and a dislocated jaw.  And the deepest hope was that Hillary’s broken ankle hadn’t led to further broken limbs for her.

Britney continued weaving through the waddling dead, troubled by her search but also by the knowledge that Ursula was still out there somewhere.  Just corralling the zombies and drawing Hillary out to then draw Ursula out … all of that was just the beginning.  There were still greater challenges ahead, pitting Hillary and Ursula against each other and hoping for the best in the worst of them.

Angelina and Georgia remained crouched alongside the dining hall as they watched the zombies bump into each other and mill about with confusion as to why they sensed a living soul, though they couldn’t see one anywhere.  The girls held the water nozzles, the bucket of pee water sitting next to Angelina.  Everything was in place.  Everything was ready to go.  But there was no Hillary anywhere.

And then suddenly … there was.

From the entrance to the nature trail, located right next to the pool house, Hillary appeared.  She was limping something horrible and in her left hand was a baby bottle.  Not just any baby bottle, but the one that Ursula drank from.

Britney went to the side of the grass patch closest to Hillary, giving the limping bitch a shorter path to travel to get to the zombie mass.  But Hillary wasn’t taking the bait easily.  Stopping dead in her tracks (no pun intended), Hillary surveyed the situation.  There was a cluster of zombies on the grass patch and three living souls nearby.  There were two newly-turned zombies in the pool house.

Britney watched with motionless anticipation.  So did Angelina and Georgia.  But Hillary remained still, not walking forward towards them but also not retreating into the woods behind her.

Britney contemplated running up to Hillary and dragging her over.  This was the only chance they were going to have to bring this zombie epidemic to a halt and if Hillary withdrew from the scene, Ursula would never come out of watchful hiding.

As time ticked away and as daylight began to turn to dusk, the situation grew even more dire for the remaining Eclectics.  Once it got too dark to see, they would become vulnerable again – not for a lack of invisibility provided by their muddy appearances, but from the Eclectics’ inability to see in the dark.

Once more, as if the fates had somehow smiled upon them, Hillary finally took a limping step forward and then another and then another.  Britney slowly back up, trying to get Hillary as close to the side entrances of the dining hall as possible.

And when Hillary was close enough for Britney to feel confidence in the situation, Britney lunged at the limping zombie bitch.

“Now!” Britney hollered back to Angelina and Georgia, the girls turning the water hoses on and drenching the zombies.

If the present hadn’t been a matter of life or death, Angelina and Georgia might well have laughed their heads off at the reactions the zombies were giving to being soaked by the water.  It was as if they believed that the water would mess up their hair.  They were zombies, but they were still girls.

Britney took both feet out from underneath Hillary, dragging the zombie bitch up behind Angelina and Georgia.  Pulling her up onto the side porch of the dining hall, Britney stood behind her – clenching the zombie’s hair from behind and making her shriek.

And that was all it took for Ursula to appear on that side porch.  Britney smiled a devilish grin, then dragging Hillary inside the dining hall – Ursula following them inside.

“Grab the bucket!” Britney shouted, Angelina picking up the bucket of pee water as she and Georgia ran up onto the side porch.

It was Do or Die.

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