The Four Gifts – Part 1 of 2

Warning:  This ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!  In fact, it’s the polar opposite of that.


The Four GiftsPart 1

David lay on his back, staring up at the ceiling of the bedroom but not seeing anything at all.  The bedroom was pitch-black, and it was so very cold.  He could hear Vicky saying goodbye to her girlfriends out in the living room.  Vicky was his girlfriend of one year.  And tonight was New Year’s Eve.  It had been exactly one year since they got together.

But my oh my, what an unbelievable first year it had been, leading to this very unbelievable moment.

Vicky had a tradition of getting together with all her besties on New Year’s Eve, about a dozen women altogether.  Some she met in childhood.  Some she met in college.  Some she met in her adult life.  They would meet somewhere and sit and talk about the year that had been for each of them.  They spoke of their successes and their failures, of the people who raised them up and the people who had let them down – each offering condolences and congratulations … along with their continued pledges of support, no matter what happened. 

They had done this for years.  And this year was Vicky’s turn to host the gathering.  Usually, it was only a one-hour gabbing session, but this year it went until 11:45 pm.  It certainly had been an eventful year for Vicky.  So she had a lot to talk about, her relationship with David being the main topic.

After this gathering, the besties always headed back to their homes for the midnight celebration to come.  And usually, the besties had plenty of time to get where they were going.  But this year, they would need to book it to get there.

David heard the living room TV turn off, followed by Vicky walking down the hallway and knocking on the closed bedroom door.

“Ten minutes, baby!” Vicky said after knocking, then heading straight to the first-floor bathroom at the end of the hallway.

David startled to alertness.  He hadn’t been sleeping, just peacefully having remained in a lull since she put him in that room at 9:30 pm.  Now, it was just ten minutes until the New Year.  Breathing in deeply through his nose, he exhaled exactly the same.  It had been a long first year, but it would be an even longer ten minutes.  And the sound of Vicky’s voice, saying three simple words: Ten minutes, baby … would echo in his mind every second of the way.

Her voice had that effect on him, paralyzing his mind and forcing him to redirect every thought to her.  And her voice had pretty much done that to him ever since he met her.

Presently, David was laying on his back … in a crib which sat in the corner of the main bedroom.  He was wearing nothing but a diaper that had been loosely taped around his center.  Vicky tied him down in that crib and diapered him at 9:30 pm, shortly before her besties arrived.  And … she removed his chastity cage for the first time in six months.  Little good the freedom did him as his wrists were tied to the headboard of the crib.

“Eight minutes, baby!” Vicky called from the bathroom, David shifting his hips and crinkling a little as her voice rippled throughout his mind again.

Exactly one year ago, David and Vicky met at a New Year’s Eve party at a local bar.  She had just gotten there from her yearly gathering with her besties.  They locked eyes across the bar and it was she who made the aggressive move to walk over to him and start talking. 

And they certainly struck up a lengthy conversation, watching the ball drop at midnight and then traveling back to her place and spending all night talking until dawn.  They really liked each other as there was an instant attraction.  They had a lot in common and a lot in difference, both of which only encouraging them to get to know each other further.  They spent the entire New Year’s Day talking as well.  By dinnertime of that day, they had engaged discussions that were very personal, moving from practicalities to fantasies.

“Six minutes, baby!” Vicky said, opening the bedroom door and walking past it – giving him a quick glimpse of her naked body as she headed towards the spare bedroom … or as she called it … her other closet – Vicky keeping tons of clothing in that room.

Of all the fantasies she revealed, her main one was Female Domination, having been in past relationships that taught her how to be even better at calling all the shots.  It wasn’t about getting her way, no matter what the cost.  She had learned that it was about getting his way ‘out of the way’, a small sacrifice that yielded the result of his complete attention and devotion.  She gave him a little bit of what he wanted, and he learned obedience very quickly because of it. 

His main fantasy was age play.  In many ways, those two fantasies went together well.  But in other ways, they didn’t match at all.  And these were differences they talked about as they dated repeatedly and at her beckoned whim, for the entire month of January.

“Four minutes, baby!” Vicky said as she walked past the now opened bedroom door once again, wearing a black silk nightie – knowing that he was suffering from her tease.

Then, David moved in with her on February 1st and their fantasies became their lifestyle … no longer being fantasies for them, but rather, their new joined reality.  Every second of every day became transformed for them.  And because they hammered out the differences, suddenly a FemDom and an age player were matched very well.  Vicky called all the shots and their relationship was female-led, David never once resisting her or hesitating to comply with any instruction she gave him. 

When he wasn’t naked and collared, he was diapered and pacified.  She controlled his actions and told him what he would do.  He always asked for permission, but when he forgot to ask for permission, she punished him – having amassed a big collection of whips and paddles.  And they certainly were put to heavy use early on, until he stopped making mistakes.

“Two minutes, baby!” Vicky called from the bathroom, David’s heart beginning to beat with the pace of a galloping horse.

It was almost time.  At long last, it was almost time.  Just two more minutes.

Last spring, Vicky made him order an adult crib and she had him set it up in the one corner of the main bedroom.  He had slept in that crib every night since.  Then on July 1st, she put him in chastity.  And when she did this, his attention to her every whim, desire and craving increased ten-fold.  It was as if he was incapable of having any other thoughts than her.  If he saw a piece of her clothing or saw something else that reminded him of her, his mind would be consumed with images and thoughts of her.  And all of this increased tremendously when she put him in chastity.  David had no idea that locking up his cock would have such a profound effect on him.  But it did. 

Their relationship went from playful and contenting to bonding and extremely gratifying.  Well … it was extremely gratifying for her in the past six months.  He hadn’t orgasmed once since June 30th.  And she mercilessly teased his swelling balls and twitching cock every single day.

“One minute, baby!” Vicky said with animated excitement as she walked into the bedroom with an armful of items, turning the overhead light up to a dim setting – mood lighting that complimented the tousled J.B.F. style she had given her hair … something she knew he loved to see.

She was wearing nothing but that black silk nightie he bought her for Christmas, just a week ago.  No panties.  She never wore panties to bed.

Lowering the side railing of the crib, she sat on the edge – placing the items she brought with her between his parted legs on the crib mattress.  Getting out her phone and opening a live feed of Times Square, she laid alongside him and held it up so they both could watch the countdown happen.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one … Happy New Year!” the audio of the live feed sounded.

Setting her phone down, she sat up and then straddled his waist with bent knees, plopping her bottom right down on his diapered cock.  He jolted at her tush plant.  Leaning forward, she took the sides of his face in her hands as she kissed his forehead.  Sitting back up to her kneel, she smiled sweetly at him.  And if he hadn’t had that pacifier in his mouth, he would’ve smiled back at her the same.  However, his eyes shared the sentiment for him.

Oh, how he loved her.  There were many ways to express it but there were no words that could adequately describe how much he loved her.  He needed her in a manner different from anyone he had met prior in his life.  And for this factual reason, she was the most important person in the world … quite often being the only person in the world to him.

“One year complete, baby,” Vicky said, placing her hands on his naked chest and rocking her hips to grind herself down on his diapered front.  “I am a woman of my word.  I am a mistress of my word and I have learned to become a Mommy of my word in the past year.”

Her smiling face adopted a bit of devilish spice as she continued, her left eyebrow raising slightly.  This was one of many silent methods she used to completely obliterate any poise or self-control he may have been showing that he had.  She could see the change in his eyes, how the helplessness glazed over his irises as he regressed into a submissive state.

He was her toy, after all.

“And I told you that I would give you all your presents on this night.  Didn’t I?” she asked, David nodding.  “I didn’t once give you a present in the past year, but I told you that on our anniversary, you would get them all.”

Sliding her straddle down his legs a bit, she sat on his kneecaps, reaching forward and pulling down the front of his loosely taped diaper.  When she did this, she exposed his half-erect but steadily stiffening cock.  The exposure alone increased that submissive feeling inside him.  Oh, how he ached for an orgasm.  But he knew she would keep up the slow burn as long as possible.

“I haven’t seen your cock free like this in so long,” she said with playfulness, tapping the base of his underside vein and making him softly moan behind his pacifier. 

He likely had no stamina, whatsoever.  And it wouldn’t take much to make him cum, if she got right to it.  But Vicky knew how to draw something out and slow it down.  And that was exactly what she was going to do right now. 

“You’ve been in that little cock cage for months.  Do you like being out of it?” she asked with a bright smile, David nodding very slowly with eyes great big-n-wide – causing her to break out into laughter at how hopeless his reaction was.  “Good.  You’ve learned obedience and devotion so well since I put you in the cage last summer.  And so long as you continue to obey and lavish me with attention, I see no reason to put you back in the cage.” 

David fidgeted all over.  Was she serious?  Was she really going to not put that cock cage back on him?!?!?  Oh, my!  His love for her quadrupled in that instant!  And his cock stiffened fully, to a rock-hard condition … exactly what she was waiting to see.

“Good boy,” she said with a seductive tone.  “That’s my little lover.  And since you are my lover, we should start with your Valentine’s Day present.”

Wrapping her right thumb and pointer finger around the tip of his cock, she slowly laced the other fingers of her right hand around his shaft.  David’s eyes rolled up into his head for a moment.  Nothing had touched his cock in six months, aside from a washcloth when she unlocked him every Saturday night for five minutes to clean him.  And it was she who touched him – cleaning him and the cage, drying him and putting him right back into it.

Quite honestly, he looked forward to those five minutes every week.  Though his release was physical when she cleaned him, it wasn’t a sexual release.  But it was amazing how the little things mattered to David, once the big thing had been taken away.

Keeping her eyes on his tip, she drew her fingers up and down his shaft, but she did this with a very loose grip.  The palm of her hand barely grazed the skin of his shaft.  However, it was still sensation-worthy for him because of the powder she had put on him.  Instinct made him try to shift his hips, to rock with the motion of her right hand.  But try was all he was able to do.  Vicky was sitting on his kneecap, her parted and bent knees pressing in on the sides of his thighs.  And with his hands tied to the headboard, he was pinned down.  All he could do was oppose his instincts and find a way to revel in the slow burn she was administering.

Her hand went up and down more quickly now, still with an excruciatingly loose grip.  But David was feeling it, anyway – beginning to breathe deeply and erratically through his nose.  There was no way she was going to allow him to spit that pacifier out of his mouth.  And from the devilish gaze of delight on her face, he could already tell that his presents were going to be as torturous as they were pleasurable.

“Mommy forgot how big your cock gets when you’re horny,” Vicky said with tease in her voice, studying the shaft in her right hand as she kept loosely stroking him.  “I just love when this vein down here pops up to the surface.  Oh, my.  You must be in agony.  Is that right, baby?  Are you in agony?”

David paused before he answered.

He had been caught in this trap before, giving her the answer she did not want to hear.  And because he gave the wrong answer, she denied him what he wanted.  Often, he would then receive some sort of punishment for answering incorrectly.  Oh, the mind games were tumultuous for him and Vicky did so enjoy playing them. 

David shook his head no, Vicky laughing softly.  She was enjoying herself.

“You just keep getting stiffer and stiffer, baby,” Vicky said with fake fussiness in her tone.  “Mommy likes to see that.  It just gets me all hot and bothered to see you so horny.  That’s why I put you in chastity for all those months.  It made you eager.  It made you want me, more.  And now, you’ve got me all wet, baby.  Look what you did to your Mommy.”

David was losing his mind.  If she just squeezed her right hand a little bit, he would have already spackled the bedroom ceiling.  Reaching behind her to that stack of items she carried in the bedroom, Vicky picked up the washcloth, already dampened with warm water.  Still gripping his tip with her right thumb and pointer finger, she took the washcloth with her left hand and wiped his cock down – cleaning the powder off his shaft.  And this time, she used a tighter grip.  In the event that he erupted, she would be prepared with the washcloth.  But that wasn’t what she was driving towards.

The only fitting approach was manual.

“Mommy just can’t leave you like this,” Vicky said with aggression as she leaned over and wrapped her lips around the head of his cock – keeping eye contact with him.

David whimpered into the pacifier, knowing full well that he wouldn’t be allowed to cum until she gave him permission.  And with her mouth being busy just then, she wouldn’t be able to verbalize such permission.  He was completely obedient, but that didn’t mean the laws of science and nature weren’t going to tempt him otherwise.

Still keeping that eye contact, she slid his entire stiffened cock into her mouth – taking his tip all the way into the back of her throat and holding it there as she made growling noises.  The vibrations went straight up and down his shaft, keeping his rock-hard condition intact as she began to swirl her tongue around his cock, the texture of her tongue brushing up against the taut skin of his shaft.  The contact alone was enough to skyrocket him, but Vicky still wasn’t satisfied that he had experienced enough build-up yet.

And she certainly didn’t want to cheat him out of a proper presentation of a gift.

Beginning to bob her head up-n-down on his cock while holding the base of his shaft with her right hand, she used her left hand to grip his sack – rolling his balls between her fingers and pinching them every so often.  He tried again to hoist his hips up to increase the speed of what she was doing as well as to heighten the sensations.  But Vicky held him down.

Yes, this was the first of his presents.  But they were going to happen exactly how she wanted them to, at the pace she set.  He had waited six months.  He could wait a few more minutes.

Placing her tongue on the underside of his shaft, she flattened her tongue on his bulging underside vein – then continuing to bob her head up-n-down.  Drawing in as much saliva as she could, she swirled it around his shaft with suction, made even more so by the tightness of her lips.

She bobbed her head faster and faster and faster.  And then suddenly, she sat back up – pulling her head back and releasing his cock.  David whimpered loudly.  It was a blue balls technique that went straight to his center.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, Vicky watched as he struggled to find composure again – fighting off tears of frustration.  And as she watched his struggle, she reached down between her legs – beginning to finger the wetness of her peach.  Seeing him in agony was a tremendous turn-on that she never tired of creating.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,” Vicky said, rubbing her hands on the insides of his thighs as his cock stuck straight up – still pulsing from the first gift.  “And my baby boy is a birthday boy in May, isn’t he?”

David nodded, not sure of what to expect next.

“Some baby boys you can give a new toy to for their birthday, and they’ll bounce up and down and be so happy,” Vicky said, placing her hands on either side of his rib cage and pulling herself up the front of his body – the wetness of her peach now contacting his stiffened cock.  “But other baby boys need to be close to their Mommies … as close as possible.”

Placing her palms on the front of his hip bones, she lifted herself up – shifting her bent knees forward just a bit more and positioning her body directly above his center.  Lowering herself just slightly, she touched the tip of his cock to her slickened opening and then slid his tip inside her.  Clenching her pelvic muscles, she held him right there – David keeping eye contact with her, this time as the warmth and wetness enveloped his mushroomed head.

“And here’s Mommy’s birthday present for you,” she said with breathiness before sitting straight down and mounting him – an insertion that made her gasp as she penetrated herself with his length.

His shaft pulsed at the wetness and warmth that now surrounded it completely.  Resting her hands on his stomach to hold herself up, she clenched her pelvic muscles and released them, repeatedly – enjoying his reactions.  He kept trying to arch his back, being denied each time.  Instinct had taken him over and for once, she didn’t blame him for not being strong enough to maintain self-control.

He was a man, after all … in a diaper.  She could only ever expect so much from him.

“Be a good boy for me, now,” she said with sweetness.  “Don’t make Mommy wait to give you your birthday present.”

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