25 Charm-Sakers

Along the same lines of 25 “Breath Takers” and 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 Charm-Sakers is a collection of 25 ABDL pictures from my past searches which I feel all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

And these 25 also speak clearly of the innocence that littles often feel at the core of something within them which is less- than-vanilla, yet at the same time as natural to them as the day they were born and what they felt or always wanted to feel when they were little before.

For the next 25 days, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


#25 – “View at the Top”

She was so proud of herself, having worked her way up the ranks of the cheerleading squad.  She had put in her time at the bottom of too many pyramids to not reach the top.

Tonight was her night.  She’d climb up that pyramid, throw her arms out to the largest crowd the university had ever had and do a split in the air on her way down.

But it was two minutes before they built the pyramid that she realized she forgot her bloomers.  This wouldn’t normally have been the end of the world, just a little embarrassing for her. 

But she was a BabyGirl who had recently started to embrace her littleness more and more.  And tonight, she decided she would be a diapered cheerleader for the first time. 

Perhaps, it was best that she did this as she stood there, trying to figure out a solution, when she began to wet herself.  But her worries soon left her when she realized that who she was inside was something she should never have to hide from anyone.  And she was certain it would be a marvelous view at the top.


#24 – “But in order for that to happen …”

She bared her heart to him, knowing that her littleness, a secret she harbored in her soul and protected all her life, could be crushed with his slightest rejection.  

Her insides trembled.  Her mind raced with pre-conclusions, battling forthcoming insecurities.  Those little tummy-flies which appeared inside her at the thought of being a BabyGirl suddenly fluttered a waltz of uncertainty.

But knowing what she had never known before enabled her to kneel on the blanket patiently and, having made the decision of her heart, she awaited him to make the decision of his.

“Lie Down, BabyGirl,” was all she heard before her thoughts melted her senses and she regressed before him.  Her life would never be the same and she welcomed the change, in many ways.

But in order for that to happen … 😉


#23 – “Don’t Change a Bit”

She knelt by the cardboard box she had brought down from the attic at her parents’ house, looking for a copy of her birth certificate which she needed to file for marriage to the man of her dreams – the Daddy she had waited for her entire life and the Daddy she knew would one day sweep her off her feet and place her directly in her crib – where any BabyGirl in need of a nap belonged.

She picked up the certificate and found a picture of herself from when she was only one year old.  In her diaper and her Daddy’s button down shirt, she stood by the front window of the house, awaiting his arrival home and ready to jump into his arms when he got there.

She smiled, with a fond remembrance of the day that picture of her was taken and she grinned at how she hadn’t changed a bit since then.


#22 – “Wanting to be Perfect”

As a Daddy, you don’t just want the BabyGirl you love. You need her. You’re strong where she is weak and weak where she is strong. You crave the responsibility of protecting her and may often find yourself wanting to know exactly where she is, not because you’re obsessed, but because, as a Daddy, you need to know she is all right. Your instinct makes you need to protect.

Without words, he conveys to her what she means to him. His eyes, his actions, his sentiments and his touch will speak volumes to her. He finds the center of her heart by continuing to “get to know her” beyond the vanilla point of comfort. And soon, he is able to tell what she is thinking, what she needs, simply by watching the way she moves, the way she speaks and when-and-if she chooses to make it known.

A Daddy isn’t perfect and he doesn’t try to be, but he wants to be. He wants to be perfect for her.


#21 – “What She Found”

She had been so many things to so many people. From an employee to a co-worker to a friend to an acquaintance to the girl next door to that cute waitress to the one who got away to the eye candy across the street.

And all of those roles had their value and their merit in their time.  They all helped her along the way on her journey to find herself.

But it was the role of His BabyGirl that finally showed her the one place she wanted to be – by his side as his responsibility and in his life as his passion.

Every night when she climbed into bed with him, she reflected on all the other roles she had taken on in her life.  And if she could go back and change anything, she wouldn’t.  Because in the end, she found where she belonged. 


#20 – “In Their World Alone”

It seemed like every day of her life had suddenly become a mixture of emotions and sentiments.  The reason?  She met a Daddy and they had made their two worlds into one.

But there were moments when she was so affected by his care of her that her insecurities became her greatest ally.

After having been bathed and simply dressed in a diaper, she felt completely vulnerable to whatever reached her.

But she existed in his care and his protection, and knew the outside world couldn’t reach her to harm her … not with her Daddy there to make “security, safety and love” more than just endearing thoughts.

And in their world, the one they created together, she was vulnerable to him only and to the kind of attention that owned her emotions as well as the rest of her.

In short … It was the kind of “vulnerable” that made strength out of weakness …  in their world alone


#19 – “The Most Beautiful Thing”

Being a Princess wasn’t just a state of mind for her, it was the dream of a way of life.

She had been disappointed before and had been hurt before with other relationships which simply weren’t right for her or the guy she was seeing.

But it was when she embraced the sweetness within herself and allowed her heart to soften that she finally got the relationship thing right.  And it would be in the comfort of the husband she only called “Daddy” that she would spend the rest of her life.

She often thought back to those relationships in her past that didn’t work out and realized that because she never stopped believing in the fairy tale and never stopped searching for the love her heart was meant to feel that she now rejoiced in spending her days and nights in a t-shirt and a diaper … and oh yes, a wedding ring.

She knew that what she felt for him must’ve been true “Daddy” love.  Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible to lie before him in the messiest diaper of her life and still feel like she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


#18 – “The Reality of Fantasy”

Petrified she would lose her Daddy if she didn’t meet his every fantasy, she laid in bed, prepared to offer him whatever he wanted.

“I love you, Daddy,” she whispered, trying hard to keep the tears back as her emotions built up inside of her.  “I’ll drop to the floor in front of you.  I’ll lie over your knee.  I’ll take my bottle.  I’ll take my pacifier.  I’ll tell everybody how much of a little girl I am.  I’ll be your BabyGirl.  I’ll be your lover.  I’ll be your toy.  Just tell me what you want me to be and I’ll be your greatest fantasy.”

Her Daddy looked into her irises, searching deep for the moment to respond.  When her thoughts stopped racing and her mind quieted, he responded.

“I want you to be you,” he said, pausing to allow her to process that thought.  “No matter where we go or what we do or how you feel.  Just be you.  And you’ll be more than my greatest fantasy … You’ll be my the greatest reality.”


#17 – “The Little Girl Inside”

Her Daddy always told her to look inside herself when she felt insecure about who she was.  And by looking inside herself, the BabyGirl would see the value which she possessed and what she meant to others.

So before her Daddy tucked her in for the night, she stood in front of the mirror on the dresser next to her bed.  Staring into a reflection of her irises, she saw a little girl in pigtails, holding a teddy bear and wearing the same pajamas she was.

This little girl saw the future ahead of her and how that future was limitless and filled with a kind of love uncommon.  She had dreams and aspirations of never leaving a world of safety and security, innocence and purity, passion and unconditional love.  – All made possible by her open heart and the Daddy who protected her.

The BabyGirl wanted so much to be the little girl she saw in that mirror … and then she realized that the mirror was showing the little girl inside which she had always been … made to feel that unconditional love uncommon by her Daddy who now summoned her to her bed.


#16 – “Dreaming of the Day”

She woke up.  What a wonderful night of sleep it had been.  And what a crazy, silly dream she had dreamed.  Turning over onto her back, she heard a crinkle.

Opening her eyes, she sat up.  She was lying in a crib,  That crinkle was the diaper she was wearing under a pair of footed pajamas.

She looked around and saw the nursery she was in the middle of.  Thinking back to her dream, she remembered the crib and the nursery and the diaper and the pajamas, but something was missing.  It was something really important that she loved deeply and something that made her feel really good.

Then the nursery door opened and in walked the Daddy in her dreams.  He was as handsome as she dreamed and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.  He held a baby bottle in his hand and she was going to enjoy being bottle-fed by him.  She could just tell all ready.

She felt a sudden chill and then a sudden warmth.

And it seemed, she would enjoy a diaper change by his hands as well.

A wonderful dream had filled her night.  And now, it was filling her day as well.


#15 – “Taken Away”

She loved the teddy bears, the nighties, the onesies, the footie pajamas, the coloring books, the bottles, the pacifiers, the diapers, the ribbons, the pigtails, the cartoons, the nap times, the lap times, the snuggles, the cuddles, the cartoons, the car trips, the tummyflies, the butterfly eyes, the accountability …

But even when all of that was taken away, she was still his BabyGirl and he was still her Daddy and he still loved her, without all the bells and whistles that added to the feelings inside her little heart. 

That meant more to her than anything else.


#14 – “The Dynamic of Irises”

There wasn’t anything more desired at that moment than to tell her Daddy how much she loved him, how much she loved wearing his button down shirts and how much she loved being his BabyGirl.

But it was the “need” she had which made her the most insecure of all.

Luckily, he wasn’t just an acquaintance or a friend, but rather her “Daddy” and someone who didn’t need to hear what she needed in order to know what she needed.

He stood up and approached her, extending his hand to her to lead her to the bedroom.  She took his hand and followed him happily, never having had to say the words.  Their ability to communicate without speaking was one of many reasons why they had a dynamic like no other.

And when she couldn’t bring herself to say it, she simply picked up a new diaper, walked up to his side and allowed her irises to convey the rest.

And that was dynamic.


#13 – “Thank You for the Butterflies”

 Oh how wonderful she felt.  She had been bathed, diapered, played with, held, fed, tickled and babied all day long.

From peek-a-boo games to raspberries on the belly to zerbitts on the forehead to silly crayon drawings to nap times to an intense ride in a car seat to a pigtailed – pacified – cradled  bit of story time on her Daddy’s lap as he bottle fed, beginning her journey towards the dreams her night held in store.

She was a pile of mush inside and couldn’t have been happier.  The butterflies tickled inside her tummy and the feeling of littleness curled her up into a tight little ball as she lay on the living room rug.  She was adorable, having fallen asleep in that position.

Soon her Daddy would carry her to bed. And tomorrow would arrive sooner than she could hope for.  Because within each day, she had the opportunity to feel love she had always wanted and to say “Thank You for the Butterflies”.


#12 – “See the Joy”

Dear Daddy,

I know sometimes I can be a fuss.  And I know sometimes small  problems seem big to me in my little world.

But I don’t ever want you to think that I don’t love you with all the affection a BabyGirl’s heart can hold.

It is because of you that my world is changing, that my smiles and my happiness come from my soul, that my tummy welcomes the butterfly waltz when you make me feel little.

And when you look in my eyes I hope you see the joy I feel.

Love forever,

Your BabyGirl


#11 – “Silly BabyGirl, Fairy Tales are for Movies.”

She never thought the day would come that she would be able to enjoy her little side fully.

She figured there would always be something that would get in the way of her happiness and ruin the dream she dreamed.

But it was the dream itself which made clear that she was never really looking for Prince Charming.  In order to do that, she would have to be Cinderella.  And she wasn’t Cinderella anymore than he was the Royalty.

What they were was a Daddy and a BabyGirl who fell in love and made their lives what they wanted them to be … Happy and Happy Together.

And on this Saturday morning, as she hung the laundry out to dry, she looked down at the wedding ring on her finger and thought:

“Silly BabyGirl, Fairy Tales are for Movies.  I like this Real Life thing so much better.”  


#10 – “The Stuff that Littleness is Made From”

Her Daddy told her this would be a day she would never forget.  Looking at her reflection in the storefront window, she remembered back to the earlier events of the day:

He told her they were going on a trip and that she was to be a good girl the whole time.  She didn’t believe him at first, but after being dressed in a Bambino Teddy Bear diaper and  one of her BabyGirl shirts, she began to wonder if he actually was serious.  It wasn’t until he put her feet into ankle-high socks and tennis shoes that she realized her Daddy was speaking the truth.

After a stroll through the park, a picnic on a blanket and now a visit to the mall, she was totally regressed and no longer felt any fear of being seen as a BabyGirl.

Her diaper never felt so thick.  Her tummy never fluttered so much.  Her skin never tingled with more sensations and as she wet herself for the third time, she never felt so little.

She had grown accustomed to a simpler, sweeter existence being his BabyGirl and looking at herself in that window, she knew that all those nevers, still unknown and yet-to-come, were the stuff her littleness was made from.


#9 – “So Daddy Could Watch Her All Night Long”

Time apart from Daddy was never a welcomed event, but his work sometimes took him on overnight trips and they would be separated.

This made her bed time check a bit more tricky to accomplish, but her Daddy, as usual, was always one step ahead of her concerns.

Getting ready for bed when he was away was one of few circumstances when she had to be a big girl and do things for herself.  She would hop in the tub and bathe herself and follow all the steps her Daddy had instructed her to.

When she was ready, she would hop onto the bed and turn on her webcam where her Daddy would be waiting for her.

She would open her mouth and give him a great big BabyGirl grin to show she had brushed her teeth.  Then, she would pull down her pajama pants and lift up her pajama top to show she had shaved her legs smooth and to show that she had diapered herself properly.  Sometimes, her Daddy would make her sit up on her knees to show him she had fastened the diaper tapes straight.

Then she would kneel along side the bed, fold her hands and close her eyes as she said her prayers with her Daddy.

Climbing into bed, she would set the laptop on the night stand, place her pacifier in her mouth and nestle down in view of the webcam’s eye … so Daddy could watch her all night long.


#8 – “The Littlest of All”


(For a very sweet BabyGirl:)

She waddled up to Daddy 
while lowering her chin 
He gazed his Daddy-gaze at her 
with the warmth of a knowing grin
He knew she was feeling little 
And her shifting, not to mention 
made the tummyflies in her middle 
a sign she needed special attention
So he eased her down on the carpet 
Untaping her diaper gently 
And her tummyflies danced a waltz inside 
From her littleness, consequently
But her Daddy made her feel safe 
And with a gentleness to his care 
He bent her knees and curled up her legs 
Lifting her bottom in the air
He folded the front of her diaper down 
And in his world, she felt small. 
But when Daddy changed her diaper 
she felt the littlest of all.

#7 – “The Afterwards of Littleness”

She had long since given up on trying to discover why she had been blessed with the gift of littleness.

All she knew and cared to know was that when she came home her Daddy took her from the Big Girl state of mind she had to exist in when at work and transformed her into a BabyGirl, outside and inside her existence.

And the journey to infantilism simply required her diapering, his cuddling, a teddy bear and some sweet, sweet words from her Daddy.

And with that, she would find herself balled up on the floor, hugging her teddy bear and crinkling her center as tummyflies danced her mind into the afterwards of littleness.


#6 – “To Be Gentle Like a Rose”

She felt like a little girl in his arms.  He was such a caring and wonderful Daddy.  And it felt natural to be sweet for him, to open the layers of her soul and reveal the sweetness within her heart, to renew her love with the kindness that shone from his eyes, to bloom because he filled her with a reason to be all she could be.

She felt like a little girl in his arms because he taught her how to be Gentle Like a Rose.


#5 – “Cloud Walking”

She was his school girl.  She was his BabyGirl.  She was his lover, his partner, his passion and obsession. 

He owned her innocence.  He owned her dreams.  He owned her lust, her urges, her cravings and desires.

After a walk in the park on a sunny beautiful day, they returned home.  She flopped down on the couch, but then arched her back at his simple, whispered request:

“Okay, Princess.  Now it’s time for a walk in the clouds.”

She smiled, glowingly and knowingly, and “Yes, Daddy” was all she could say.


#4“From Daddy’s Heart”

 A Full Case of Bambino Diapers: $67.00
A Pink Pacifier from Pacifiers-R-Us: $35.00
A White BabyDoll Nightie (she still doesn’t know about) from Victoria’s Secret: $29.50
A Brown Teddy Bear that smells like chocolate awaiting her in her crib: $24.95
Seeing your BabyGirl so happy she is Head Over Diapered Bottom ‘n Heels:


Some things in life money can’t buy, But it all comes from Daddy’s Heart.


 #3 – “Renewed & Reborn” 

The BabyGirl got home, took her shoes off and curled up in the fetal position on the couch.  She was so tired she didn’t even look for a blanket.  And though she was tired, she had never been happier. 

Six months ago, she was a broken soul, having come from a relationship which made her feel unappreciated, a family situation which made her feel unimportant and a job which made her feel expendable.

Then three months ago, she met him.  “Daddy” as he would quickly become known to her heart.  He took her away from her past and showed her the future she was meant to have.

She spent those first three months regaining her self worth, re-learning what it meant to be loved and experiencing life as the little girl she never got be.

Then a month ago, her Daddy decided she was going to go to college and get the education she knew she had always wanted.

So, this morning, her Daddy woke her up and made her Green Eggs and Bacon … bacon because they didn’t have any ham in the fridge.  In the tub she went and then into the schoolgirl outfit her Daddy had picked out for her.  She gave him a hug and he kissed her on her forehead before she got in her car and drove to the college for her first day of school.

It was now 4 pm and she was fast asleep on the couch when her Daddy got home from work and found her there.

Her Life was Renewed.  Her Love was Reborn.  And her Diaper had never once leaked.


#2 – “Not Just To Feel, But To Know”


Some of the best moments of each day were when she found herself speechless, entranced with her own thoughts and helplessly lost in his world, his arms, his presence.



  • When she woke up first thing in the morning, but before he had awakened.
  • Right after his kiss, but before the first exhale.
  • After her evening bath, but before her night time clothing.


It was in those little moments in between that their love had become more than just a dynamic born from the wishes of their hearts. And it was when she paused to reflect that the greatest thing about a Daddy and BabyGirl relationship is that when she felt it in her heart, she also knew it to be the truth.


And for a BabyGirl it was important – not just to feel, but to know.


#1 – “The Only Rule to Being Truly Happy”

Her life changed when she embraced the BabyGirl in her heart. Her first night back in a crib, back in a diaper, back in a nightie – all made clear she belonged there.

For it was that first night when she realized that being a BabyGirl gave her a lifetime of  opportunities to share with the world her Daddy created around her all the love her little heart had within it.


The Rules of Being a BabyGirl were simple:

  • Be a Good Girl
  • Listen to Her Daddy
  • Love Her Daddy
  • Love Herself
  • Love the World

But what she figured was that there was only one rule to being truly happy.  And that one rule would differ for each BabyGirl. 

For her, all she needed to remember to do was

Let the Littleness Out



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