Into Each Day … Like a Daddy Only Could


It was after the bath he gave her that morning which softened her skin to match the softness of her heart.

It was after she felt the smoothness of her legs, an action which showed a lot of care on his part which was uncommon.

It was after the gentlest of the diaperings she had ever received from him, wrapping her senses with sweetness as he had done to her to waist.

It was after he brushed her hair until it lay perfectly flat and made for the cutest of pigtails, held up by a pair of light blue ties which matched the tiny top and slipper boots he dressed her in.

It was then that she realized he loved her like a Daddy only could.  It wasn’t the outfit that told her this.  It was the manner in which he ushered her into each day.

25 “Dream Makers”
The Pictures Stories

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