Gabriel and Gina

Her name is Gina and she is a college girl with a lot of fantasies that, until now, she has been unable to tell anyone about.  She wasn’t actually brave enough on her own this time either.  At least not without a little alcohol in her system at a frat party.  That’s when she told him of her fantasies about the “Daddy’s Girl” fetish.  She didn’t know that one week after confessing her heart’s secrets to him that they both would be exploring their dynamics.

 His name is Gabriel, but he goes by Gabe and he is as excitable of a Daddy as Gina is of a BabyGirl. When they met, they were college students who had never explored the dynamics of the Daddy/BabyGirl relationship.

So they learned together, beginning with the same open-minded starting points and what they discovered were that their personalities were all ready suited to be a dynamic couple. In their early 20′s, they are both sexually charged and they learn how the innocence of age play can be coupled with the adult side of life to make a connection between them which is electric and as intoxicating as some of the frat parties they have attended.

Gabe is a Daddy who has natural dominance, fitted perfectly to go with the natural submissive personality of Gina. He likes to push the edge of discovery by taking Gina into public and tempting fate.


Learning to Give In
Getting The Hang Of It
The Best Years of Life
Leaving the Atlantic
Wallflowers and Table Tops


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