Learning To Give In

When Gina revealed a love for a fetish to a friend during a drunken Saturday night college party, she had no idea that she would be living out that fetish with him in a few short days.

On this autumn weekend at a college campus, Gina sees her most erotic wishes come true as she learns how much she enjoys being submissive. Her fantasies become a reality, heating up at the end in a sexual climax that leaves her body and her mind in a state of absolute ecstasy.

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

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Chapter One
“Learning to Give In”

Gina had anticipated this day for a long time. She was about to experience a fetish that she never told anyone about. For her entire life, she had an interested in infantilism. More simply stated, Gina loved to dress herself in disposable diapers, suck on a pacifier, and sleep in a crib, just like a baby. For her, this fetish was sexually driven. She became aroused by engaging in this activity, but she never told a soul for fear of ridicule, and the embarrassment of having someone else know that she liked to wear a diaper.

That’s what made this night so special. She was about to have a man dress her and treat her as a baby. She wouldn’t have to put herself in diapers now. This was a fetish come true.

The gentleman she had chosen was a friend from college. Apparently, during a Saturday night of drunken college partying, she revealed her secret to him. The next day he asked her about it and she admitted to it, trusting him to keep it a secret. He said he would tell no one and that he actually was interested in ‘taking care’ of her for a weekend if she wanted to be a baby for two whole days. She agreed with heightened anticipation.

So they talked about it. He did not want her to think he was making a pass at her, so they agreed not to have sex during the weekend unless there was mutual consent. She did not want anyone to see her dressed or acting as a baby, so they would have to stay in her house. Since she lived with three other females, it would have to be a weekend when they all were planning to go elsewhere. He had no interest in wearing a diaper himself, but rather to role play as her ‘daddy’. They discussed a few more details and waited to find a weekend that would work.

It was September, and the weather was still warm and beautiful. Friday evening, the 28th, and out of sheer luck, her roommates had plans to go elsewhere. Gina hung up the phone and looked at the clock in her living room which read: 7:20 p.m. She had just given Gabriel a call. He said he would be over in ten minutes. She could hardly wait that long, but at the same time, had apprehensions about it. It was actually going to happen.

She hopped off the couch, went into her bedroom, and changed into a pair of white cotton panties and the matching white bra. She put on a white t-shirt and a pair of really short, blue jean shorts. She stared at her figure in the mirror. She was a petite female, and at the age of 22, only sported a C-cup. Her finely shaven, smooth legs reached from her waist to the floor. Her tanned skin made her even more beautiful. She put her long, dark brown hair up in two pig tails with some white ribbon, and she went back out to the TV room.

No sooner did she sit down, than the doorbell rang. She leaped off the couch and raced to the door. She paused for a moment to catch her breath and try to calm her heavily beating heart.

“Hello, Gabriel,” she said as she opened the door with an innocent smile, trying to hide her excitement.

“Heya Gina,” he replied with the same excitement. “Uh … How are you?”

“Good,” she said quickly while bouncing a little. “Do you wanna come in?”

“Yeah,” he said, uncertain of what to say next.

He entered and sat on the couch.

“Do you want something to drink?” she asked.

“No I’m fine thanks,” he said.

She sat next him and they stared at each other for a few seconds.

“Do you just want to get started?” he finally asked her, breaking the silence.

“Yeah, I’m ready when you are,” she said.

“Do you have everything we need? Well, I mean … everything you will need?” he asked.

“Yeah. My nursery is straight down that hall and the changing table is in there,” she said with a playful tone to her voice. “And none of my roommates will be back until 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.”

“All right. Let’s get started then.” He grabbed her hand and led her into the nursery.

“My heart is beating so fast right now,” she said as he shut the door behind them and turned on the fan.

Facing her towards the mirror, he told her to lift up her arms. When she did, he pulled the t-shirt off her. Next, he removed her bra and gently laid her down on the floor. He knelt beside her and unzipped her shorts, sliding them down and off her legs.

And there she was, lying on the floor of her bed-turned-nursery in nothing but her panties. She stretched her body to avoid the awkward moment.

“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, if you open the closet doors you’ll find the changing table,” she said.

He reached into his shirt pocket and produced a pacifier which he placed in her mouth. Picking her up, he placed her on the changing table. He removed her panties and at long lasted, she was about to be diapered by someone else. Her excitement began to rise as her body tingled. As he removed a diaper from one of the bins above her, she began to moisten and drip.

Realizing this, but paying no attention, Gabriel positioned the diaper on the mat and gently patted her bottom. Almost as if she knew what he wanted automatically she raised her hips and bottom in the air. He slid the diaper underneath her and eased her body back down to the mat with a gentle hand. She could hear the plastic on the outside of the diaper crinkling as he pulled the diaper up between her legs and began to fasten it at her waist.

Gina lay on the changing table in nothing but a diaper. It felt no different than any other time she had done it to herself. Yet for some reason, it made her ‘feel’ different.

“One second. I’ll be right back,” he said as she watched him walk out of the room.

Moments later, he returned with a t-shirt he had made for this weekend. It was a white baby-t shirt with short sleeves. On the front, in big, pink letters was the word BABYGIRL.

He slipped the shirt over her arms and shoulders and picked her up. He paused a moment before exiting the room as they looked at their reflection in the mirror. Cradled in his arms, was a girl wearing a white t-shirt that said ‘BABYGIRL’ with a white disposable diaper around her waist and two pigtails in her hair.

Gina looked absolutely adorable.

She felt so very little at that moment as Gabriel carried her into the living room and laid her down on the couch. He went into the kitchen for a few minutes and came back with a bottle of warm milk. He placed her on his lap and touched the warmed nipple of the bottle to her lips. He tilted the bottle up and she began to drink the warm milk. She closed her eyes and took her time with her very first bottle. After what seemed like twenty minutes, she finished the bottle with a tiny burp. He removed the bottle from her lips and picked her up.

Gabriel was no small guy. At age 22, he was 6 feet tall. Having lifted weights all throughout college, he had no trouble holding her body up with just his right arm. Gina only weighed 103 pounds anyway. With his other hand, he patted her gently on the middle of her back and lightly bounced her up and down.

She placed her head on his right shoulder and closed her eyes as the milk had made her a little sleepy. After finally burping a few more times, Gabriel placed a pacifier in her mouth.

“Are you cold, BabyGirl? You’re not wearing anything but a t-shirt and your diaper?” he asked, recognizing the slight shiver to her body.

She smiled at his silly question and nodded. He wrapped her in a blanket, and held her in his arms while he sat down and turned on ESPN. Shortly thereafter, wearing a t-shirt and a diaper, wrapped in a blanket, lying in Gabriel’s arms, Gina fell asleep.

She hadn’t been sleeping for more than a half hour when she her bladder gave way to the pressure of having to pee, slowly at first, but eventually it all came out. She startled awake and for a moment had forgotten whom she was with and what they were doing. She sat up in fear and tried to stop herself from peeing, but gave up, letting out a slight whimper at her own defeat. He eased her back against his body, and began to pat her diapered bottom through the blanket.

It was this patting that made him realize she had wet her diaper. He put his hand between her and the blanket and felt her diapered bottom again, slowly running his hand up between her legs and onto the front of her diaper. This sent a spasm up her spine and as she leaned her head back, the muscles in her body relaxed. She began to wet her diaper again. This wetting didn’t start out slowly. It came out with great force and she lay there almost paralyzed until she was done. As she finished wetting herself for the second time, exhaustion came over her. She wanted to get up, but she couldn’t. So she lay there and let the tears rolling out of her eyes do the talking.

“Are you okay?” Gabriel asked.

She nodded as he stood up with her in his arms, threw the blanket (that had become soaked in the middle) over his right shoulder, and carried her back to the nursery. Her tears had lead to quiet whimpers. His steps were slow and deliberate as he rocked her back and forth, trying to calm her down. She hugged him around the neck and buried her face on his shoulder.

“Shhhh. It’s okay,” he kept softly whispering into her ear. “I’m going to take care of everything.”

They reached the nursery and he laid her on the changing table. Her eyes were beginning to puff up a little as he wiped the tears from her face. Slowly, he pulled up the tabs on her diaper. He lowered the soaked diaper off her crotch, and then tapped her bottom like before. Obediently, Gina lifted her hips and bottom up as he pulled the wet diaper off the mat, rolled it up and threw it in the waist can.

Seeing she was still crying, he returned to her and began stroking her hair. As he removed the ribbons and let all her hair fall down. She was adjusting to the idea of giving up control. It was a fantasy she had, for certain, but now she was experiencing the emotions that went along with submission. She was a bit overwhelmed.

She stared at the ceiling as Gabriel began to clean her. He added the cool touch of powder to her diaper change. The scent lightly filled the air and she breathed it in deeply. It was an odd scent to her. She was female and had used it on herself before, but not quite like this.

Gina looked up at him as he fastened her new diaper into place. She had calmed down enough to breathe a little easier.
“Doesn’t that feel better?” he asked as he patted her diapered bottom.

She nodded and thought about how she actually did feel better. He picked her up once more and held her close to his body as he carried her back out to the living room couch. His slow pace was the same and he rocked her body gently, just like before.

She had accomplished a very big step. She found a way to give up control of herself and trust him. It was the first of many journeys of the mind that she would take that weekend.

He held her very close to his body as he made his way into the kitchen to make up another bottle. He continued to rock her gently and she clung to his body. The feeling of being little was beginning to grow within her soul and senses. She could only imagine how much better this weekend was going to get.
Chapter Two
“Settling In and Drifting Away”

He carried her back into the living room, sat down on the couch and cradled her on his lap.

“It’s almost bedtime for you, BabyGirl,” he said while giving her bottle a final shake. “That means it’s also time for another bottle.”

She took the nipple in her mouth and began to drink from it. She thought about how much she was enjoying herself and this role playing thing. Even though she may have looked like a baby at the moment, she was no infant. She was a 22-year-old college female who had adult feelings inside her. Babies don’t usually want to be sexually satisfied. Gina had a lot of trouble playing the role of an infant girl knowing full well that she wanted Gabriel to make her come.

All of this thinking brought Gina to tears. She was in a very happy situation, but she wanted him to break the promise they made of “no sex” just long enough for her to vent the sexual frustration she was feeling. So she cried because she didn’t know how to fix the problem she was having without breaking out of her “BabyGirl” character.

“I think somebody’s getting tired. It’s 10:00. It’s definitely time for BabyGirls to go to bed,” Gabriel said.

This made her cry even harder, as he stood up and carried her back to the nursery. She was sobbing immensely at this point, and was finding it hard to continue to swallow the milk while crying.

“Shhhh,” he whispered soothingly. “You just need a good night’s sleep. After all, you’re just a baby. You really should have gone to bed as soon as I got here.”

They reached the nursery and He carried her over to her crib and gently laid her down in it. As he began to stand up she wouldn’t let go of him. He reached up and unhooked her hands from behind his head and lowered her on to the crib mattress. He reached over and turned on the fan, and covered her with a thin comforter.

He removed the half-finished bottle of milk from her lips and placed it on the crib mattress next to her.

“It’s time for sleep,” he said softly. “You can finish that later.”

He then proceeded to turn off the lights and lower the side of the crib so he could kneel and talk to her for a minute. The moonlight beamed through the window and over her body, rolling down her face and glistening when it came across one of her tears. He placed a pillow behind her head and began to stroke her hair. He returned her pacifier to her pink, pouty lips.

Gina stared up at Gabriel as he ran his hand up and down her chest, her stomach, her diaper and down her thigh. His hands wandered back on to her breasts. She arched her back up at the feeling of his tender touch, almost begging him to continue caressing her. He slid his left hand down the center of her stomach and over her belly, continuing to head south with a deliberate slowness. His wandering fingers reached the elastic edging of her diaper. His left hand crept under her diaper and slid down to her swollen peach. His fingers parted her wetness and she raised her hips upward while grabbing at the mattress sheet beneath her with clenched fists as he inserted a finger inside her. Her body went from totally tense to totally relaxed in a matter of a second. Seductively, he teased her, pulling his fingers out and reinserting them back in over and over again.

Her eyes closed tightly and her head leaned back. She could feel the arousal within her starting to peak. His ever-so-gently thrusting fingers were constantly driving her towards her orgasm. Her mind was racing with a constant influx of emotions and signals coming from all over her body. She was incapable of voicing how she felt. All she could do was whimper out her pleasure. As her explosion drew near, the only clear thought she could focus on was how good this was going to feel. Then it happened.

At first, her orgasm hit hard, taking over her whole body, paralyzing her briefly. Her body began trembling as she feel a rush of built up energy being released from within all at once. As it continued, she began to feel strong waves that came and went, but never stopped. The feeling pulsated throughout her whole body, but focused in so deeply on her core that she began crying with enjoyment.

At last, her voice returned, but her exhaustion only allowed her to lightly moan. She began to balloon down off her climax and her body eased itself down onto the crib mattress. She opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling as her breathing calmed. She felt an absence of stress and pressure, in her mind and body. It was a blissful destination for what had been an incredible voyage. A yearning had been satisfied. She had seen what floated above cloud nine, and could’ve continued on, but decided to savor the moment for everything it had done for her.

Removing his hand from the inside of her diaper, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “Sleep, BabyGirl,” he instructed while placing a pacifier in her mouth and covering her with her baby blanket. “Daddy will be here when you wake up. Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes.

“That’s a good girl. Think of how wonderful it is to be a BabyGirl,” he whispered while stroking her hair. “And think of all the wonderful things yet to come this weekend.”

A grin fell over her face. He picked up her baby bottle, raised the side of her crib up into place and quietly exited to the room. She lay on her side for a little while, curled up into the fetal position. She had reached a fulfillment beyond words but not beyond thoughts. With a head full overflowing dreams, she began to drift off into sleep…….


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Gabriel and GinaGabriel and Gina

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Kindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords – Kobo 


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