The Crinkle Cast

Let me tell you a short story:

I was born on a blistery cold Monday morning in March of many years ago …… And then a few weeks back,  Little Philly and Mommy Kuri contacted me with an idea for a new AB/DL, Littles and Age Play podcast.

Okay, I may have skipped a few details about my life in between there, but the Crinkle Cast has become an exciting new venture.  There already are and will be more full episodes of personal interviews, discussions of topics and products and more.  Also, stay tuned for the Ask The Mommy and StoryTime mini podcasts.

These episodes are available now on the Crinkle Cast website, on Stitcher and on itunes.

Episode One: Introductions
Episode Two: The Mako and Squee Interview
Episode Three: The Rhoda Lipscomb Interview 
Episode Four:The Little Smurf Personal Interview
Episode Five:Brad from BareBum Diapers
Episode Six: The Lil_Ella Interview
Episode Seven: Interview with Penji
Episode Eight: Interview with Glitter Princess
Episode Nine: Turkey and TeddyCon
Episode Ten: Jarett and Crinkle Crate
Episode Eleven: The West Coast Jungle Gym
Episode Twelve: ArcadianX
Episode Thirteen: Mommy Red
Episode Fourteen: SeattleDiaperBoi
Episode Fifteen: ABDLIslander


If you have an idea for an episode topic or would like to be on an upcoming episode, please contact us on the Crinkle Cast Website.

Stay Crinkly!  And keep checking back here as more updates and episodes appear.

For now, come join us all over the web:

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