Little Christmas Eve

Xmas Eve 1T’was the Night Before Christmas

And from all the ado

Little Eve was gettin’ seepy

But there was one thing left to do

Xmas Eve 2To the tub Daddy took her quickly

Before her blinkers drooped

He made her squeaky clean

Just like after she pooped

Xmas Eve 3He knew the nightie she needed
And hardly had to think
‘Cause a BabyGirl on Christmas Morning
Must be dressed in pink………..
Xmas Eve 4.
And then off to her dreamland
she drifted without clatter
Santa would soon be stopping by
And his heart would pitter-patter
When he saw Little Eve
all snuggled in her crib
Realizing who had asked

for that My Little Pony Bib tomorrow she’d be darling

Redecorating the tree
After watching it knocked over
By the kitty and puppy
And if Christmas Morning held
Any magic for the world
It would surely always exist
In the gaze of his BabyGirl
Merry Christmas, Everyone!

One response to “Little Christmas Eve

  1. So adorable! Love it <3!
    Merry Christmas!!!!

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