25 Unforgettable Sets

Just as with 25 “Breath Takers”, 25 “Dream Makers”, 25 “Charm Sakers”, 25 “Nothing Buts”, 25 “Out-n-Abouts”, 25 “LLWs”,  25 “Precious Pacifiers”, 25 “Priceless Moments”, 25 “Little Thoughts” and 25 “Humiliations”, 25 Unforgettable Sets is a collection of ABDL pictures that I feel tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

When I discovered ABDL online, my first searches weren’t actually for stories.  They were for pictures.  And there really wasn’t much of anything out there, at the time.  That may seem hard to believe because nowadays there are pictures absolutely everywhere.

But little by little, the pictures appeared – BabyGirls in diapers and the attire, some being posed by models who weren’t actually ABDLs themselves.  But there would be the standbys who truly were crinkly (if not little as well), like Melysa and Megan.  And I collected every picture I could find, putting them into sets when I found more than one picture of the same BabyGirl.

Listed here are some of those sets.

By no means are these complete sets, but rather, a taste of each of them.  Some of them came from specific picture sites like adultbabysource.  Others were random internet finds.  Still others were some that were sent to me.

What makes these specific sets so unforgettable to me is that they all tell a story or display something that strikes at the very heart of the dynamic for me.

One set at a time, I will explain what the pictures say to me … when I look at them.

25 – Couche

24 – Sweetie Pie

23 – Imagination

22 – Apple of the Eye

21 – Library Card

20 – Element

19 – Down Home

18 – Mix in the Middle

17 – DL of the DL on the DL

16 – The Sophistication of Innocence

15 – Play Date Pictorial

14 – The Gamble for Indulgence

13 – Into Nap Time and Beyond

12 – Precious

11 – Combo AB

10 – The Case for Cloth

9 – An Orphan, A Stork’s Delivery or A Sorority Pledge?

8 – The Upside to Not Wearing Pants

7 – Order Up … with a Crinkle

6 – The Run-On Sentence that Just Kept Running

5 – The Best Things In Life

4 – Anyone’s BabyGirl

3 – How Powerful the Feeling

2 – Here’s to Them

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