25 Dream Makers

Along the same lines as the 25 “Breath-Takers”

The introduction is the same for both, as it should be.

We’ve all heard the saying: “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”. The power of imagery is only exceeded by the power of imagination, creativity. Images often help us imagine.

If you get online to find pictures of ABDLs (whether male or female), you’ll be truly inundated by the amount of websites, networks, paysites and various other sites where you can find.

I remember going through that stage. I would peruse every ABDL site I could find, and this was before FetLife and a lot of the ABDL paysites existed. So I had to search hard.

But I loved finding those pictures of BabyGirls which told a story. Those were the ones which I found to be truly “dream worthy”. And it wasn’t until I entered into my first Daddy/BabyGirl relationship that I would replace the faces in those pictures with hers.

This is a collection of the 25 ABDL drawings from my past searches which I feel are the kinds of images which speak dreams from the stories they tell of a dynamic unlike any other.

For the next 25 days, I’ll add one caption (one story) at a time:


#25 – “Drawn in”

In her own little world, she knelt on the living room rug, oblivious to the happenings around her.  All that mattered to her was drawing a picture that would make her Daddy proud of her – A picture he would praise her for having colored so neatly and drawn so carefully that he would hang on the refrigerator for all to see.  That meant as much to her as a forehead kiss and a pat on her diapered bottom – Receiving his praise and knowing he was proud of her.


#24 – “Curiosities”

She was a sweetheart of a BabyGirl with a natural innocence, making her Daddy want to pick her up and hug her for her purity within which shown through brightly in her personality.

Her Daddy, a loving and caring individual, not only nurtured her infantile nature, but protected her from everything which might come between she and her little space in his world.

This include protecting her from her curiosities.  When she would get into a cabinet she wasn’t supposed to, he would be right there to take a picture of her in the act. 


#23 – “What Her Heart Embraces and Why”

It was when she had finally been stripped of everything that she first experienced what “vulnerable” felt like, both physically and emotionally.

But in that initial moment of vulnerability something wonderful happened.  He placed a diaper around her waist and fastened it into place.  But she didn’t feel silly.  She felt “little” for the first time.

Her heart began to beat as fast as the butterflies that fluttered their waltz in her tummy.  Her shoulders shrunk up and she wrapped her arms around herself in an effort to find the modesty she knew so well.

But everything was different now and she no longer felt vulnerable as she felt lost, helpless and in need of a protection she couldn’t describe, yet faintly remembered having felt long ago.

He wrapped his arms around her and said: “It’s okay.  Daddy is here and Daddy will keep you safe.  You will always be safe and you will always be loved because you are my BabyGirl.”

And then she understood what “little” meant and what it felt like.  She opened her heart and embraced it.


#22 – “A Picture for a Thousand Words”

The camera clicked at the split second she looked up at him.  She wasn’t fully awake, but the picture told the story.  Straddling a huge teddy bear her Daddy had won for her at a carnival, she had fallen asleep on the pink blanket he had spread out on the carpet in front of the fireplace.

She rested so peacefully for about a half hour after getting home from work and being dressed in her diaper and one of her Daddy’s big blue t-shirts she often wore to bed. Perhaps it was his decision to put that shirt on her because he knew she was going to fall asleep. 

She was precious and priceless in her innocence. And the nature of the little girl she was inside shown through clearly in a simple picture which made the memory permanent and unforgettable.


#21 – “Getting what she wants.”

She sat patiently,  remembering what she had told her Daddy she wanted for the weekend: “I just wanna be your BabyGirl and I don’t wanna stop.”

And he promised her she would be.

Now as she sat in the carseat, wearing a very baby-ish get up.  What could possibly have been any more intense than what she was about to experience? 

He had often spoken of the day they would go Out-n-About as a Daddy and BabyGirl and now she tingled and what that meant and what it was going to feel like.


#20 – “Causing the waltz”

There are moments when she feels little.  There are moments when she feels small.  And then there are moments when she feels like a baby.

As a girl, the times in her life when insecurity was easily masked with modesty seem like a distant memory now.

She lies on the changing mat, looking up at her Daddy.  Her new diaper lies next to her.  This is a familiar position and one that she finds herself in several times each day.  But that isn’t what has caused the butterflies in her tummy to start their fluttering waltz.

It’s the fact that her Daddy has decided to change her right next to the bench on the boardwalk.


#19 – “Catching Her Eye”

Her attention was always short.  She didn’t stay focused on any one thing for long.  She was just a BabyGirl, after all.

But there was one thing which, when caught by her eye, captivated her mind, drew her in and kept her there for the full duration.

Not even a change of clothing, change of her diaper or a bottle feeding could take her eyes off of this one thing.

So what was this one thing which trumped the rest of her little world?

The Disney Channel Saturday Marathon of all the Princess Movies.


#18 – “And there are moments …”

Sundays were always special.  She and her Daddy would relax the day away at home.  The mornings were filled with “Daddy and Baby” time and the afternoons were filled with watching football and picture coloring on the living room rug.

Her Daddy was certainly passionate about his favorite team and it made her happy to see him cheering them on.  Only on occasions would he growl when he team made a bad play and rarely would her attention be drawn away from her coloring.

But there was the one time, the pizza delivery guy walked in, unannounced.


#17 – “… Into Her World.”

She leapt into his arms …

– so full of littleness that it came bursting out of her.

– so full of love that little red hearts formed in the air around them.

– so full of happiness to see him that her eyes danced with a twinkle only a BabyGirl could possess.

– so overjoyed that when she revealed the secrets of her heart to him, he accepted them and embraced them. 

It was still amusing to her that each time she went “little” he still showed the initial reaction when she opened up her heart and welcomed him into her world.


#16 – “Her First Time.”

She sat in a high chair, in the middle of the kitchen.  She was naked but her diaper and her bib.

Her feet were off the ground and her head was in the clouds above the “babyland” in her mind and her soul.

She was feeling as little as could be as she finished her sippy cup and asked her Daddy for more.

Lunch was almost ready and she would never forget this moment, her first time in a high chair.


#15 – “Knowing Exactly What To Do”

She was a little charmer and quite a good one.

The kind of BabyGirl who had confidence as opposed to insecurity, who was out-going as opposed to being shy, who understood her role and embraced its limitations as opposed to constantly seeking the answers.

She never questioned, but accepted things as they were.  And she couldn’t have been happier.

She gave her Daddy a thumbs up and a wink when she was done wetting herself, exactly as he had instructed her to do.


#14 – “What Every BabyGirl Craves and Adores”

Attention, particularly the “white hot” kind received as a little girl, is what every BabyGirl craves and adores.

There were many things she adored: pigtails tied up with pink ribbons, a cute little baby-t of the same color, the feeling from being bare-foot, the feeling of “fresh” – right after a diaper change …

… and of course, when Daddy took pictures of her on a sunny day in the park. 


#13 – “… and she owns your heart.”

Perhaps it’s the butterflies in her tummy that fluttered their waltz                             Turning her senses to mush as her littleness exalts

 Perhaps it’s the sight of her escaping the afterbath towel that endears                          And running ‘round the house, absolutely naked, no lack of modesty she fears.

Perhaps it’s her tushy, covered sweetly with a diaper and the crinkling waddle which ensues.

Perhaps it’s her tender embrace and the way she said thank you to you.

 Perhaps it’s her pigtails that toss about as she bounces and bounces, to and fro  or that sweet twinkle in her little girl eyes, which says I love you, you know.

Perhaps she dreams oh so Big, of being little, in each thought                                      Or the pacifier, held with dainty lips which she nurses for comfort sought

But however she acts, she’ll embrace her part                                                                  She’s your BabyGirl forever and she owns your heart


#12 – “Again, please.”

Everything had been absolutely perfect.  It was one of those rare experiences in life which a BabyGirl dreams about.

From the moment, her Daddy had awakened her that morning to this very moment as she was drifting off to sleep, she had lived one day as a BabyGirl and nothing else.

Every emotion, thought, word spoken, activity, bit of treatment and regard addressed her as a little girl, so little that she still had to wear a diaper like a little baby.

He had been the perfect gentle Daddy all day long.  And what made that day an instant memory was knowing that he hadn’t playing a role.  It was how he truly felt and it was how much she truly meant to him.

She could think of no finer way for him to show her this than to experience it exactly as this day had gone.

She worked hard to calm her beating heart so she could sleep because her Daddy told her that tomorrow would be exactly the same.


#11 – “The Dynamic Proof”

Nap time was over and she was waiting for her daddy to come in and get her.  He had diapered her thickly, using inserts to prevent her from leaking since she wet so heavily in her sleep.

But this nap time she woke up from completely dry.  And she wanted to tell him and show him.  He was going to be so proud of her and she couldn’t wait to be kissed on the forehead, patted on the bottom and told how much of a good girl she was.

It was those little moments they shared which remained special to her always.  They were proof of how dynamic their relationship was.


#10 – “This much …”

She sat on her blanket with the joy of littleness welling up from within her.

The size of the butterfly on her shirt equaled the amount of butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

She was so happy to be with him, to have him in her life and to call him Daddy that she wanted to stand up, throw her arms out and announce to the world:

“I am my Daddy’s BabyGirl and I may be little but I love him this much!”


#9 – “Being an Angel.”

There were so many moments he could recall when the twitch of her head or the shifting of her mood or changing of tone in her voice made clear what she was thinking or what she needed.

But it was this pose and the expression on her face which he found to be the most precious of all.

Her need was clear as was how little she felt.  And how she made him feel was clear as well.  She wasn’t just his BabyGirl.  She was his angel.


#8 – “Truly.”

She had lots of little mannerisms about her, from the way she shrugged her shoulders in supposed innocence ( -wink- ) to the way she lowered her chin in shyness to the way she seemed to smile a tiny bit brighter when in pigtails.

She wore all the endless happiness she felt on the rosy cheeks of her face, harbored it in the twinkling shine in her gaze, felt it in the butterfly waltz in her tummy and when faced with a truth she couldn’t shy away from, accepted and admitted how little she truly was.


#7 – “They gazed.”

She gazed up at her Daddy. Mesmerized by how quickly she had fallen in love with him, she daydreamed about the life she would spend with him in the littleness of this very moment. From the love he placed in her heart to the trust he placed in her soul, she was his BabyGirl forevermore.


He gazed down at his BabyGirl.  Captivated by the beauty in her eyes – made brighter by the twinkle she kept to them and the innocence in her heart – made clear by the sweetness in her behavior and movements.  She was an angel, his angel.  And he would be her Daddy, her protector and her essence of life … for that, or longer.


#6 – “Thank Goodness …”

In her Daddy’s blue button down shirt (taken from him the day she met him with no intention of ever returning it), her pink baseball cap (a color she felt should always be a part of her look), her bra and her diaper, she watched as her Daddy stood there with his arms folded while staring down at the selection of shorts and skirts in her dresser.

She couldn’t remember the last time she dressed herself or the last time she chose her only clothing. But she didn’t mind at all. She was his BabyGirl and no BabyGirl should ever need to concern herself with decisions best left for her Daddy to make.

But her littlest moment came when he turned to her and said something which she knew would make and instant memory out of what would’ve been an ordinary trip to the park that day:

“Okay, Princess. Let’s get you buttoned up and we’ll be ready to go.”

Thank goodness she was wearing a diaper.


#5  –  “One Simple Truth”

Getting to know her was rewarding.     

Falling in love with her was a blessing.

Living life together was a Dream-Come-True.                                                                       

Learning to embrace her faults as he did her qualities was what made fantasy real. 

Realizing he would always be discovering something new about her was what showed the depth of their connection.

But what always remained the same was one simple truth she happily submitted to:

Sometimes she would be little and sometimes she would be Big. 

But she would always be his BabyGirl. 


#4 – “The Seeds that Grow”

He had spent such time courting her that when they fell in love, they fell in love, fully and hopelessly.

And he had such an admiration for the cheery disposition which made her so bubbly that it made the admittance of truth easier for him.

Though he had bared his soul to her about practically everything, he hadn’t mentioned yet that he was a Daddy-at-Heart and that the dynamic of ageplay was a passion within his heart.

So before leaving for work that morning, he sat her down on the edge of his bed, knelt in front of her and calmly explained what the Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic of Love was about. 

Sadly, he had to leave, but all day he wondered what she was thinking and how she would respond when he got home.

That evening, he walked in the front door to find a trail of her clothing on the floor which he followed back to the bedroom to find her lying on the bed naked next to everything needed for her first diapering.

His heart leapt out of his chest as she smiled at him and with a twinkle in her eyes, said:

“I’m Waiting.”


#3 – “The Warmth Within”

The weather outside was chilly, but it wasn’t frightful, not yet at least. However, the frigid air of late Autumn did make for a draft in the house. Yet, she didn’t feel cold.

Wearing nothing but her socks, her diaper and her earrings, she had a warmth from within which made her more than comfortable.

And this warmth came from the love she received from her Daddy.  She could see it in his eyes, feel it in his care of her and hear it in his voice. 

He had spent the day at work, the late afternoon repairing her car’s engine trouble and the early evening winterizing the windows of the house.  She didn’t have a whole lot of Daddy/BabyGirl time with him today.

Lying on the rug by the fireplace, she looked up at him sitting in his Daddy chair – fast asleep.  At last, he was relaxing. But she never pouted that this day didn’t bring her a lot of direct attention because she knew that they would spend a lifetime together as Daddy and BabyGirl.  And it was days like this that she saw his love for her in his actions more clearly.

She meant the world to him and he would keep that world around her safe, even if it exhausted him completely … all for her and for the warmth within.


#2 – “Into Each Day … Like a Daddy Only Could”

It was after the bath he gave her that morning which softened her skin to match the softness of her heart.

It was after she felt the smoothness of her legs, an action which showed a lot of care on his part which was uncommon.

It was after the gentlest of the diaperings she had ever received from him, wrapping her senses with sweetness as he had done to her to waist.

It was after he brushed her hair until it lay perfectly flat and made for the cutest of pigtails, held up by a pair of light blue ties which matched the tiny top and slipper boots he dressed her in.

It was then that she realized he loved her like a Daddy only could.  It wasn’t the outfit that told her this.  It was the manner in which he ushered her into each day.


#1 – “Dreaming of Dreams to Come”

It took a lot of courage for her to dream and to pursue those dreams in her life.

If she had just kept her dreams in her mind, she never would’ve had an open heart and never would’ve met the Daddy who showed her that fairy tales only die when we give up what our hearts seek.  And it is that “giving up” which hurts the most.

She chose not to give up and she found the Daddy who she dreamt about – right at that moment in time when she needed to know she was more than just a BabyGirl.  She was a Princess, a Partner and the Love of Someone Else’s Lifetime.

And on this night, she would go to sleep, not Dreaming of Dreams, but Dreaming of Dreams to Come.

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  1. How precious, thank you for these

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