The Zorro Daddy Sampler

The Zorro Daddy SamplerThe Zorro Daddy SamplerVolume One is a collection of individual stories that span several erotic themes, from the darker to the romantic to the sexual to the pure-n-innocent and more.  But regardless of which theme they show, all these stories still include ABDL.

These are also new stories. So, you won’t find the characters of Mia-n-Eric, Daisy-n-Links, Sharon-n-Deklin, Zeke-n-Lily, Penny-n-Elliot or Gabriel-n-Gina. Instead, you will find characters that are similar to them.

So come try a sample – whether your choice is BDSM, humiliation, saga romance, littleness, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, wearing nothing but a diaper or wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Available exclusively on Kindle

The Style of Life
The Psychology of a Schoolgirl’s Mind


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