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“In Front of Dark Skies”

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Noel’s Christmas – Tuesday, December 7th

“In Front of Dark Skies”

Noel and Nick stood in line to enter the Christmas lights walk-through in the woods next to Himm’s Chip Factory, just two towns away from home.

Himm’s was a family-owned snack foods business that owned a considerable chunk of land.  On a portion of their property that had built an impressive snack food factory, continuing to build onto it as their business grew.  The plot next to the factory was a wooded area that they owned and maintained for the sole purpose of transforming it into a Christmas lights wonderland during the holidays. 

They had done this for 35 years and every year, the displays got just a bit more elaborate.

Paying the minimal ticket fee, Nick took Noel’s hand as they entered the first lighted area.  And right away, she was awe-struck.  The entrance was a corridor of bars that were bent into a U-shape and placed into the ground.  From one bar to the next, strands of colorful lights were strung – creating a passageway for people to walk through.

Nick kept hold of her hand as he knew she would be looking up the whole time they were there and not paying attention to where other people were at.  Before they got to the end of that corridor, he had stopped her from walking into the person in front of her several times.

This was a textbook example of: shiny object syndrome.

But Nick had to admit that he found himself sometimes staring in awe at how complex and creative some of the lights displays were.  He also had appreciation for the amount of work that went into setting all of this up.

The woods had trees and bushes … nothing else.  But instead of just winding strands around the trunks and limbs, they chose to dress the lights in such a manner as to suggest other shapes.  For instance: one tree had lights all over it but also had additional lights dangling down from it that made the tree look like it was in the middle of a falling meteor shower.

One bush was decorated with lights to look like there were a dozen tall lily pads inside it.  Other bushes depicted deer that were chasing each other.  Some of the taller trees had lights strung into their branches that made it look like the tree had lightbulbs hanging from it.

And the wonders continued:

  • a bush displaying a carousel with horses that moved up and down.
  • a patch of trees that looked like exploding fireworks
  • a patch of bushes that were decorated with lights to look like they were Christmas presents

Surrounding the perimeter of the woods and moving throughout was an animated rollercoaster car, complete with loop-de-loop animation … all of this down with strands of Christmas lights!

By the time they reached the center hub of the woods, Noel was a deer lost in the headlights … or, in this case, lost in the Christmas lights.

At that center hub was a huge stand of hot cocoa.  But of course, it wasn’t just ordinary hot cocoa.  There were several flavors of it, including: toasted marshmallow, gingerbread, peppermint and cinnamon amaretto flavors.

This got Noel thinking about unique hot cocoa she could make at home.

Heading back into the lights trail, they saw Tarzan swinging from one tree to another and then swinging back, a most impressive bit of animation that must have take dozens upon dozens of strands.

They saw numbered sheep jumping over a fence, a cow jumping over the moon, a swinging metronome, an airplane landing on a lit runway, a calliope and an American flag – seemingly fluttering in the wind.

Noel sipped her hot cocoa and then took Nick’s cup when hers was empty.  She was captivated, her face beaming with an enormous smile from ear to ear.  Oh, how happy she was.

But the one lights display that caught her attention and kept it, more so than anything else she had seen that night, was right at the end of the trail.  On that side of the woods was a stream.  And on the far side of the stream were trees that were strung to look like they were actually trees … no animation, no fanciness, no other shapes.

The reason why this caught her attention was because the Christmas lights were reflected in the waters of the stream.

And this brought tears to her eyes.  Heading back to the car, she felt very affectionate and clung to her Daddy’s side – partially from the baby feeling she was likely experiencing and partially from the fact that she needed her diaper changed … hot chocolate burps being proof.

What Noel adored so very much about Christmas lights was how they depicted the shape of what they were wrapped around and how they were strung.  And all of this taking place … in front of dark skies.

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Leaving an Impression

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Noel’s Christmas – Monday, December 6th

“Leaving an Impression”

“Okay,” Nick started, taking hold of both of Noel’s shoulders and making her face him.  “I need you to be completely honest with me right now, Noel.”

“I will be very honest with you, Daddy,” she answered with a softened tone.  “I promise.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked with a very serious look on his face.

“Yes, Daddy,” Noel replied, fidgeting a little but still answering him straightaway.  “I’ve given it some serious thought and I’m sure I want to do this.”

“And you understand the risks?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered with fussy breath.  “I know it’s risky, but I feel it’s time that we do this.”

“And you’re not scared?” he asked, confused as to how easily she was answering him.

“No, Daddy,” she answered with a small voice.  “I’m not scared.  I know you will be right there with me and I know you will hold my hand.”

“Do you need your diaper changed?” he asked, trying to distract her.

“Not yet,” she answered softly.  “And you put lots of baby powder on me.  So, I know I won’t get a rash if I start to sweat.”

“Are you gonna be a good girl?” he asked with lustfulness.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with breathy whisper, growing fussy in her tone.  “I need to do this …. really bad.”

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“Those Good Feelings”

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Noel’s Christmas – Sunday, December 5th

“Those Good Feelings”

The snowfall finally stopped in the middle of last night, but not before it dropped several more inches.  Noel breathed a sigh of relief the moment she woke up, knowing that cabin fever would be avoided.

She wasn’t someone who really wanted to take every available moment and go and do something.  It wasn’t even something she needed to do … until the option was no longer there.  And for this reason, she couldn’t wait to get out of the house that morning.  However, it was important to her that her Daddy had a big breakfast.

So she got to work on it, even making up a pot of coffee to add to the smells of cooking sausage and bacon that would drift back the hallway and wake him up before long.  Moving the mound of snow gear that was occupying the kitchen table over on top of the mound of diapered stuffies on the living room rug, she set the table – finishing the last detail right at the moment when he wondered out from the bedroom … still a bit groggy, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Grabbing another one of her Christmas bibs, she walked over to him and wrapped herself around his body – burying her face in his chest so she could deeply breathe in his Daddy scent.  Her reactions to the sight of him were unique, to say the least – if not just flat out strange at times.  When she woke up, she knew she would need her diaper changed before too long, but now she would definitely need changed … right after breakfast.

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The Best of It

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Noel’s Christmas – Saturday, December 4th

“The Best of It”

Noel stood behind the kitchen door, making certain to stay well behind it to shield herself from the cold air rushing in from the outside.  Burping, she covered her mouth – an unintentional gesture reminding her of what she had just had for lunch.  It was early afternoon and the kitchen door was partially open because Nick had just stepped outside to measure the snow that had already fallen since last night.

The weather forecast had called for six to eight inches of snows.  Yet now, more than 18 hours after the first arrival of snow last evening, the flakes were still coming down – slowly and lightly but still constantly.  They had to have exceeded eight inches by that point.

Shivering a little, she bounced up-n-down – her naked feet feeling the chill of the air as it rushed in under the door and made her nearly naked body break out into goosebumps all over.  Her bottom was nice and warm, tucked inside her diaper.  But that was it.  Being naked and wintertime were not good bed fellows sometimes.  Finally, Nick came back inside, declaring that they were at 9 inches of snow and still piling up.

They were snowed in, until this all ended.  No plows had come by to dig out the roads yet.  Not even a truck had driven by.  Nothing looked like it would happen until the snowfall stopped.  But when was that going to be?

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First Arrival

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 3rd

“First Arrival”

Nick and Noel set the table for dinner, vegetable beef soup being the perfect comfort food for the cold weather.  Yes, Nick kept the house warm as he didn’t like the chill either, but the warm soup was gonna hit the spot.  And along with the cheddar cheese biscuits, Noel’s tummy was about to be put in Heaven.

Nick had spent the day working from home, the lone positive that had come from this never-ending global virus problem.  Their Christmas tree arrived at 9am and Noel spent the whole morning decorating it.  It was indeed the right size for the living room and it fit with exactness in the corner.  She was so happy about it and she used every single ornament to give it the “bling” it was due.  Nick took a few breaks throughout the day and this gave them several opportunities to decorate the outside of the house with Christmas lights.  He put them all over the house as she strung the bushes and trees.  Needless to say, it had been a busy and productive day.

Putting the biscuits on the table, Noel took a seat – straightening out the Christmas bib he had put on her.  It was one of 12 he bought her and she intended to use all 12 before Christmas Day.  Plus, aside from the clothing she wore outside temporarily to string up the lights, that bib was the only other thing she had worn that day – aside from her diaper …… and this was another important reason for him to keep the heat cranked up indoors.

Nick screwed the cap on her sippy cup and put it next to her bowl, then taking a seat.

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Just the Right One

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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 2nd

“Just the Right One”

Noel set the pen down on the coffee table, leaning back and stuffing the final card in its envelope.  She was done.  After hours of working at it, she was finally done.  Every one of her relatives and every one of Nick’s relatives and every one of their friends now had a hand-written Christmas card.  For as much as she loved doing every Christmas task that could be, it was also tiring – her right hand having cramped up from all the writing.  But it was done.  And now they just had to mail them all.

Getting up off her knees, she sat on the living room couch and eased back – then sitting up quickly and grabbing her phone.  Seeing what time it was, she got up and sprinted her crinkly waddle back to the bedroom – remembering that her Daddy asked her to be ready to go out when he got home from work.  And he was due home any minute now. 

Tomorrow, he would be working from home, but today he was at the office.  And when he got home, they were going to go get a Christmas tree.   This was something they were going to do last week but Thanksgiving and family stuff and everything else just took up all their time.

Getting to the master bedroom, she flung the closet doors open and began to make her decision of what to wear.  There were so many options, this wasn’t going to be easy for her to decide so quickly.  And she would need to dress completely, from head to toe – as she was wearing nothing but her diaper. 

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Something to Wear

Noel’s Christmas – Wednesday, December 1st

“Something to Wear”

Lacy’s was packed, the department store at occupant capacity – indicative of the time of year.  T’is the season, as was often said.  And for Noel, it was indeed the most wonderful time of the year.  There was no better time when she was more in the spirit of things.  In her opinion, Christmas was the only holiday that mattered.

Stepping to the side of the aisle as to not block shopping traffic that went by, Noel checked her phone – an alert having chimed it notice.

Noel was an early 30-something who lost her husband to a car accident three years ago.  When he passed away, she went into a shell of depression for a long time but eventually decided to live again.  Her life was going to go on, whether she wanted it to or not.  And as she found out, she did want to live and to live fully.  Opening her heart to every bit of what she had inside as if she had nothing to lose by doing so, she pursued something that had only ever been a fantasy in her mind.  She hadn’t even revealed this to her late husband, for fear of rejection.  And what she learned was that she was a BabyGirl-at-heart, a little ageplay sweetheart who felt it but didn’t know what to do with it.  And it had been a journey, thus far.

Looking up from her phone, she scanned the nearby area to find Nick, her beloved.  Spying him looking at some scarves, she walked over to him – keeping her steps small and her stance narrow to reduce her crinkling … a little trick she had learned in the past few months.

“Look,” she said with a small, sweet voice – showing Nick the alert that had shown up on her phone.  “Six to eight inches of snow are heading our way … arriving in two days.”

“Friday evening,” Nick said, seeing that the snowstorm was traveling down to them from Canada.  “Yeah, we’re in for at least six to eight inches.”

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Macy’s Confession – Part Three of Three

(Begin with Part One)

Part Three –

“My Baby You” began to play, a softer and more romantic tune that grew with intensity along the way. 

This was very similar to the situation in the back seat of Miles’ convertible mustang, Macy having climbed on top of him – straddling his lap with bent knees and facing him as she grabbed the sides of his face with her hands.  In response, he grabbed her diapered bottom and squeezed – the first hint of the aggression he was keeping bridled … for the time being, at least.  Macy kissed him deeply, with an open mouth.  Aiming to continue to fuel his aggressions, she displayed a bit of her own – getting aggressive with her tongue.  It was offered as a challenge to him. 

Was he going to allow her to dominate the kiss or was he going to take charge of her?

Not making it easy on him, she kept her forcefulness constant – making him work to battle back.  And all it took was a few seconds before he responded.  Gripping her diapered bottom more tightly with his right hand, he slid his left hand up the back of her neck, his fingers going into a fist and grabbing the hair at the back of her head before he sat up and pushed back on her tongue.  Forcing it back into her mouth and following it in with his tongue, he leveled the playing field of dominance.  Macy instinctively backed down with no further resistance.

These were the challenges of life she was very happy to lose.  And if she lost, having to concede, it actually meant she won – bringing his aggressiveness up to his surface … an aggressiveness he would now use on her.

And she was right, he would indeed use his aggression on her … just not how she thought he would.

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Macy’s Confession – Part Two of Three

(Begin with Part One)

Part Two –

Miles held her right hand as he opened the front door, walking out onto the front porch and leading her out as well.  And as she passed through the front door onto that porch, her shoulders shrunk up as her chin lowered and her posture slumped a little.  Her heart was beating very fast and as she took small steps down off the porch, her entire body was trembling.  She was terrified, but at the same time, she was excited.  And every one of her senses were alert, sending a flood of messages to her little mind – overwhelming her.

The smell of the nighttime air was cool and crisp.  But it wasn’t cold outside.  And she could certainly smell the baby powder he had coated her center with.  Somewhere nearby, someone was burning wood, the faint trace of its smell in the air as he led her over to his car.

Her eyes tossed left and right, her chin remaining lowered as she tried not to move her head.  Who was nearby?  Who could see her?  And as she kept a lookout for others, she noticed the waddle of her steps and how her feet remained a bit further apart than they usually did.  Oh yes, he had put her in a thick diaper.

Her ears could hear the distinct noises of a crinkling thunderstorm, growing louder and louder with each waddled stride she took.  It was a deafening sound, louder than the crickets all around.  She could hear sounds off in the distance, traffic on the highway – a few streets away.  She heard the dogs in the backyard of the house across the street.  But no matter what the actual distance was for each noise, it all sounded like it was right next to her.

And speaking of traffic … particularly flash traffic … being a creature of touch, her sense of that same thing was certainly at high alarm – sending a stream of messages to her brain from every nerve ending in her body.  The cool night air was a welcomed sensation on her forehead as she felt like she was burning up from the inside.  The satin on her skin left the trace feel of a smoothened touch.  And the confusing remains of arousal … well, that was all it took to jumble any lingering feelings of being settled.

All of this was new.  She had no idea what to expect.  And not knowing excited her a little.  Perhaps even a little more than just a little.

Miles took his time getting the front passenger’s seat ready, only adding a bit more anxiety to Macy’s fragile state of mind.  She stood there by the side of his car – chin lowered, eyes glancing all around, nursing on her pacifier and tingling all over.  It felt like he was deliberately taking his time in getting things ready for her to sit.  And there was a level of truth to that.  His car was a convertible Mustang, his other baby – as she called it.  It was cherry red, the color of car that got pulled over more than any other – adding just a little bit more worry about what this mysterious trip would entail.  She could feel her heart pounding so heavily that blood started racing all throughout her body, making her a bit dizzy.

Ooooo!  What was taking him so long?

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Macy’s Confession – Part One of Three

Part One –

Macy lathered her hair, stepping under the hot stream of water in the shower and exhaling.  No, she wasn’t exhausted from the day at all.  Quite to the contrary, she was feeling an energy she normally didn’t at 9:30 on a Wednesday night.  The middle of the week wasn’t supposed to be this invigorating.  But there was a reason for that.

This wasn’t just any old Wednesday night.  It was the 3-month anniversary of a relationship with someone she was falling in love with at an alarmingly quick rate.  His name was Miles.  And they both had taken tomorrow off from work to celebrate their 3-month anniversary since she wasn’t able to get today off.  So, tomorrow would be a celebration of 3 months and one day.  And, in a sense, it was even more meaningful to them that way.  Macy and Miles were always looking down the road, to the future.  They were too new to each other to realize that nothing should ever come at the expense of the moment. 

But they were learning.  Every day, they were learning.

Rinsing her hair out, she remained under the stream of hot water for a moment, smiling and shrinking up her shoulders with shyness as she thought about their once-a-month confessions.

At the mark of every month, both of them made a personal confession about themselves.  But it couldn’t be a trivial confession.  It had to be something they wouldn’t just tell anyone.  So these confessions weren’t anything like: “I like socks” or “I must have a half, double, decaffeinated, half-caf, mocha, locha latte coffee by 9am every morning or I just simply can’t function.”

And these confessions enabled them to have time to get to know each other, while also moving them forward – as the personal nature of these confessions not only opened them up to each other that much more but were also signs of trust. 

When bearing one’s best kept secrets, nothing matter more than trust. 

Macy turned the water off and reached outside the curtain to the toilet seat, picking up the towel she always pre-set there so she could dry off in the warmth of the shower.  Wrapping the towel around her hair like a turban, she opened the shower curtain – her eyes growing big-n-wide as she saw her make-up bag sitting on the bathroom sink.

Stepping out of the tub, she ran to the sink, seeing the little note on her make-up bag that read: Time for “Dress-Up”

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Saying Good Night

(Start with Part One – “Getting Her Ready for Bed”)

Luke patted her diapered bottom, encouraging her to waddle into the living room.  Taking baby steps forward, she had never before felt such a wonderful mixture of overwhelm, embarrassment and tingles.

Part Two

Laney looked over to the couch, seeing the smiling faces of Jenny and Erica, her two besties.  The girls were very inviting of her to come over to them, separating where they sat and giving her a space between them.  This was a bit of acceptance that made Laney’s heart jump for joy.

Yes, she had told her girlfriends about the BabyGirl thing, but they had never seen it for themselves, until now.

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Getting Her Ready for Bed

Laney smiled brightly, her head leaned back and her eyes closed as she kept the bathwater at her neckline – basking in the warmth.  The bathing was over, but the bath wasn’t … not until she neared danger of turning into a prune.

Her life was hectic and fast-paced.  Her baths did not need to be the same.

Luke was her boyfriend of several years, both of them a bit reluctant to tie the knot without knowing for sure, this time.  You see, they both had been in marriages that failed.  And neither had the desire to become a part of that statistic that said the majority of second marriages also failed.  So they were pacing themselves, just as slowly and deliberately as her nighttime baths were paced … thorough and with no intent of rushing it … or of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Luke bathed her by hand every night.  And his hands worked wonders on stiff muscles, especially those in her neck.  But beyond that, he knew how to touch her.  He knew what she liked, and he knew what she hated.  And he knew everything in between.  This knowledge came from a lot of trial and error.  So, her nightly bathings got better and better and better.  Sure, he was a guy and this meant that, if he was going to bathe her by hand, then her breasts would be extremely clean.  But what he could do to her legs and her arms and her back was a mighty Heavenly feeling.

He was responsive to her need to be touched and more, even thinking ahead on certain things … like tying her hair up and out of the way as she never washed her hair at night.  He gave her as much attention as would be given to a baby.

And there was reason for this.

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Patting a Diapered Bottom

It almost seems like it should happen automatically.  Right after the diaper goes on, a pat from the hand to her freshly diapered bottom.  It’s a simple motion, easily repeatable in practically any location.  But for as simple as it is, the meaning behind patting a diapered bottom has multiple definitions and multiple reasons.

Primarily, it could be stated that patting a diapered bottom is a non-verbal way to show approval as praise for having done something she was supposed to do.

But that’s a very textbook explanation and there are ways to convey what it means with a bit more humanity.

Let’s see …

When she has been a good girl and has behaved herself, she will be patted on the bottom.
It can be a part of every hug she receives or just a quick gesture to let her know she is loved and someone is proud of her.

When she needs a bit of encouragement to get something done, she will be patted on the bottom.
It’s a gentle way to push her forward and get her to overcome her hesitancies.

But there’s also the reason to simply reminder her that she is a BabyGirl … your BabyGirl. 
And the diaper will always be there to remind her of this.

Patting a diapered bottom is also a way to calm a BabyGirl who is upset or feeling insecure or who just needs a little extra attention at that moment.
For this reason, it becomes something she needs, as opposed to just something she receives occasionally.

It serves as the perfect coupler to the forehead kiss when putting her to bed for the night. 
Laying her on her tummy, pecking her temple and then patting the seat of her diaper become the last interactions she has with her Daddy before she enters into dreamland.

There are even not-so-innocent reasons:

The diaper pat is also playful, the perfect action of foreplay before the foreplay begins.
Especially while you whisper things in her ear that only she is to hear.

The swift strike to a diapered bottom (aka The Hard Pat)
The bottom is a striking zone that has erotic appeal.  The rush of endorphins as well as the rush of blood to the pelvic region and all those physical scientific explanations lead the way in laying proof to the sexual merits of a spanking.  For someone like myself, who just simply can’t fathom striking a female (for sexual reasons or otherwise), I could never spank her.  But if she is in a diaper, then a spanking is possible as it removes the element of pain but maintains the sentiment.  It becomes a warning to her that there is disapproval for what she is doing or not doing, saying or not saying.

But the mechanics of a good diaper pat can vary as well.

There is the placement of the pat squarely across the center of both cheeks.  This one has a lot to do with the position she is in.

There is the underside cupping of the diaper during a pat.  This one is more readily used as the average male is taller than the average female. And cupping upward is natural from a higher position.  It also is perfect if she is kneeling in some way.

It becomes an obsession for her.  And for a daddy, it can become an obsession to0.

Then there’s the sound, which can have just as much of an effect of her as the action itself.

And I would mostly certainly be remiss if I ended this posting without mentioning how the diaper pat is a way to check her diaper for wetness or more.  So, it has practical use while combining it with any chosen scenario listed above or perhaps from a scenario I didn’t list above.

And that is when the sound of the diaper pat takes on multiple meanings.

– When a diaper is fresh and new, it will have a flat sound, the inner materials not having been shifted or affected by movement or length of wear.
– When it has been worn for a bit, the sound becomes flatter still.
– When it has been used, particularly when it’s wet, the sound will have a greater thud to it.

Though these sounds may not be all that different, to a trained ear, the subtle differences are noticed.

Then there are varying degrees of these sounds based on the thickness of the diaper.

You see how nothing at all about ABDL is straightforward and easy to define? LOL

I suppose that’s a good thing, though.  Because if we were all the same, if we were all clones, storm troopers if you will … what fun would that be?

The Laundromat – Part Two of Two

(Start with Part One)

Part Two

Kylie stared straight ahead, her knees having locked and her hands still planted palm-down on the top of the washing machine.  The initial release gave her that sense of relief that was felt right at the beginning.  The flood gates had opened, and the first gush made her close her eyes as she basked in the feeling of no longer having to clench any muscles to hold it in anymore.

That first gush was a big one and she could feel the release of her pee beginning to weigh down her diaper.  The tapes at her hips tightened as they held, the underside of her diaper beginning to sag.  Though she feared an overflow, she was still so happy to now be beyond desperation that the fear hadn’t overcome the sense of relief yet.

If she soon didn’t stop, however, her fear would meet truth.  The sagging of the underside of her diaper continued as she got those temporary relief sweats, her brain going fuzzy and mixing how she felt with where she was to jumble her receptors just a bit more.

Thankfully, she finished without overflowing.  Well, in reality, she released enough to no longer be urgent in feel.  But that was all she would need, for the time being …… or so she thought.

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The Laundromat – Part One of Two

(Guess the Differences answers at the bottom)

Part One

Kylie signaled left to turn onto Front Street, waiting for the green light to head to the laundromat at such an early hour of 7am on a Saturday morning.  It seemed like a good idea to do her laundry so early on that day.  But now she was second-guessing herself, a bit of angst getting the best of her.  And as she turned left, thoughts began to enter her mind that started encouraging her to turn around and go back home:

  • It would be so easy to go back home and save the gas. But if she did that, she would miss this golden opportunity to do laundry in what would most assuredly be an empty laundromat.  She wouldn’t get another Saturday morning off for at least a month.  And the laundry she had with her was most assuredly dirty. 
  • Why couldn’t she just hand wash the laundry at home this time? She could hang it all over her apartment and it would be dry in a few hours.  If she was so nervous about the laundry, staying at home and taking care of it there seemed like a smarter way to handle it.  And besides, turning her apartment into an indoor clothesline was no big deal.  It wasn’t like she was going to be expecting company later that day.
  • How dirty was her laundry, really? Was this necessary to go to a laundromat on the other side of town this morning?  Couldn’t she wear this clothing one more time before she absolutely had to wash it?

But no matter what excuse her mind thought up, she kept driving to the laundromat anyway.

At the next stop light, Kylie reached underneath and picked out the diaper wedgie she had given herself because she had put on a pair of shorts that were just a bit too tight.  She loved dressing in a manner that showed off her figure, like a lot of girls did.  But wearing form-fitting shorts probably wasn’t the best idea she had ever come up with, given her diaper.  She was just so eager to get to the laundromat she grabbed the first pair of shorts she found that morning, put them on and headed out.  It hardly seemed like a big deal, at the time.  Going to the laundromat so early meant no one would be there.  And if no one was going to be there, then the shorts being tight really didn’t matter.  So, she gave it no further thought.

But she forgot about the potential of recurring diaper wedgies – a true #babygirlproblems issue.

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That Nuk


Athena has just become unemployed, the company she faithfully worked for having gone under.  When a virus shuts down the world for a year, this is what can happen.

Through a chance meeting, she chooses to reinvent her life when she meets a guy who has a very specific interest in common with her … ageplay.

How uncanny is that?  And how unlikely is it to meet someone who loves ABDL the same as she loves it?

It really isn’t all that hard to believe … for soulmates.

His name is Harrison, a hard-working sports agent who needed to find a cure for his workaholism.

He is a Daddy and she is a BabyGirl and they both need the dynamic in their lives in a way that neither of them could have imagined.

Getting her a temporary job at the office where he works, Harrison has her move in with him.  And suddenly, their lifestyle turns into the Daddy-n-BabyGirl dream.  Almost like a real-life fairy tale.

But in all good fairy tales, there is a struggle … a villain to defeat.  The villain in this story is a secret that Athena keeps from him.  And in doing so, the very survival of a soulmate match made in Heaven, weighs in the balance.

Flashback is a tale of diaper changes, nighties, sippy cups, spankings, short skirts, the business of sports, tummyflies, sex between the sheets, sex on the kitchen table, crinkling, whimpering, moaning, health, stitches, contracts, flying blouse buttons, flying baby powder, soulmates, premonitions and the future being discovered in the present.

It is a sexual, emotional, intellectual, affectionate and fetish-laden read.

Join Athena and Harrison as they move swiftly to learn if soulmates are real and if there is such a thing as a skirt that is too short to hide her diaper at the office.


Into the Palm of His Hand

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………………….. The HodgePodge Series
The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove Climax  
Crimson Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales
60 Degrees and Down the Crack
The ABDL Any Time Reader
Forever Young
A Girl Named Love

Into the Palm of His Hand

Taken from the ABDL romance:


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here is a little story about some foot work that led to a wonderful place.


Into the Palm of His Hand –

Monday – 7:45am

Today was the day … day one of Athena’s temporary job.  She would become the fill-in mail girl at the office of SMI – a sports agency, the usual mail girl being on maternity leave.  Athena would answer to Harrison, her boss for the next two weeks and her Daddy … hopefully for the rest of her life.

Traveling to the office in his car, Athena glanced over at Harrison.  He was dressed so sharply and looked so handsome.  His hair was combed perfectly.  He was clean-shaven, a close shave without the slightest trace of razor burn.  She liked his scruff too, but clean was also good.  His necktie had been tied into the perfect business triangle at the front of his neck.  The collar of his white dress shirt was stiffened and without a blemish.  His dress shoes were black wing tips, polished to a high mirror shine.  And he wore a charcoal-colored Tom Ford Windsor suit, costing him probably close to $5,000.  It was tailor-made and gave him a slim fit look.  Not only did he look sharp, but he also looked authoritative.  It was an appearance that was necessary, given the responsibilities of his job.  It was also an appeal she enjoyed about him, being his BabyGirl.

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Taken from the ABDL romance:


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here is a little story about what souls look like.



It was a beautiful spring Saturday, the kind of day when the sunshine just kept pouring down out of the sky and a slight breeze could be felt all around – just enough to keep the humidity at bay.

Athena strolled along – past the rows of vendors at the arts and crafts festival, an outdoor affair that was reaping the benefits of absolutely perfect weather.  She was in no particular hurry to get anywhere, her schedule having become very free and open just yesterday.  And while change often jarred her, this particular change had encouraged her to open her mind and breathe a bit more deeply.

She was a fanatic of things like arts and crafts, of antiques and of historical places.  It was just a hobby to discover new things that were old.  Longevity always enticed her.  This may well have been the reason why she brought her sandal-cladded feet to a screeching halt when she saw an old man sitting by an easel with a sketch pad on it.  In front of him was a sign that read: Portrait Sketches … $1

He was an artist – one who could draw, apparently.  He looked like he was in his 70s, maybe even in his 80s.  It was hard to tell.  He just sat there quietly, not trying to draw people over to him.  And while other vendors were charging top dollar for their services, he was only asking for one dollar.  This intrigued Athena and she walked up to him.  He was a handsome man, much older than her, but still handsome.  Though he had a wrinkled face and thick glasses, he still had a posture to him that was as strong as his jaw line.

Athena loved a strong jaw line on a man.  It shaped his face and directed the expressions he would have.  Looking down at the easel, she saw several small chunks of charcoal on its ledge.  Intrigued even more, she smiled at him.  Squinting his eyes in protection from the early afternoon sun behind her, he looked up and smiled back.

“Would you like a portrait, Miss?” he asked with a tone that was clear and robust, but also tender and inviting.

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The story line in this book is a bit more challenging to describe than the story lines in the other ABDL books I’ve written.  That’s because this story is very …… “partially”.

What that means is it’s: partially humiliation, partially fantasy, partially reality, partially BDSM-oriented, partially discipline, partially sexual, partially romantic and partially pure-n-innocent.

To give it a fun little rhyme, this one is a twisty, turny, tryst-y journey.

Layers is the story of an internal journey, taken by a girl named Jessica.  She finds herself in situations that were created by decisions she made as well as the events of her life.  It’s a story not of self-discovery, but rather, of self-invention and the journey she takes leads to self-reinvention.

And as the circumstances mount up for her, a conclusion is on the horizon that will alter the direction of her life.  But only a wise decision on her part will answer the questions she has and show her the clear pathway to take.

Yes, Jessica does get crinkly in this story.  She is a BabyGirl and adores the diapers.  But there are darker chapters in this book as well that may lead to triggers for you the reader, if you are sensitive to uncomfortable happenings.

If you enjoy a story that twists as you turn the pages, then Layers is right up your alley.

Game On: The Impulses


………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove Climax  
Crimson Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales
60 Degrees and Down the Crack
The ABDL Any Time Reader
Forever Young
A Girl Named Love

Game On: The Impulses

Taken from the twisting and turning pages of the journey in the ABDL ebook:



here is a little story about a shopping spree that had more than was bargained for.


Game On: The Impulses

Jessica excitedly drummed the top of her steering wheel when she found a parking space just three spots away from the entrance to the Slo-Mart, a big box store where she often shopped that wasn’t too far away from where she lived.  She had just had the best day ever where she worked, her department receiving a really nice bonus for their productivity in the last quarter.  Going straight home from work, she changed into something a little more comfortable and, checking her now-flushed bank account balance, decided she was going to indulge herself a bit that evening.  She had earned it and was going to reward herself accordingly for her good fortunes.

Jessica worked for a fulfillment company that had just been bought out by a major online shopping site.  Suddenly, there was more work than they had ever seen before.  Jessica and her co-workers had risen to the challenge and were outperforming all other departments.  And in a rare case when her company actually compensated her for the increased efforts, she had received a quarterly bonus that was now encouraging her to set a few things right in other aspects of her life.

Walking towards the entrance to the Slo-Mart, she smiled widely – not just from thoughts of her good fortunes but also from the feel of the flowy short dress she put on when she got home from work.  It felt good to be dressed like a girl, for once – being as her work clothes were practically the polar opposite of what was perceived as being feminine.  In addition to that, she was diapered – a most wonderful little indulgence of her own.

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This is the story of a little headspace fanatic, a romantic exhibitionist, a masochist in search of sadism and a sexual fanatic on the verge of nymphomania – four BabyGirls who met at age play conventions and became fast friends.  They stayed in touch with each other and engaged in length phone conversations, some doing so on a daily basis.

On this weekend, they all gather at a private residence for a BabyGirls Only get-together.  Through laughing and talking, they reconnect quickly.  Then they decide to tell each other their greatest fantasy story.  And in doing so, they delve into a bit of soul-searching that would make the weekend have lasting meaning.

Welcome to the Rest of Your Life

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………………….. The HodgePodge Series 

The Dynamic Story From Sun Up to Sun Down Deja Vu Lucy BabyLove Climax  
Crimson Snake Eyes The Crinklebury Tales Sad girl holding a teddy bear
The Dynamic Story
From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience
Johnny and the Princess
Deja Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati
Snake Eyes
The Crinklebury Tales
60 Degrees and Down the Crack
The ABDL Any Time Reader
Forever Young
A Girl Named Love


DL of the DL on the DL

Did I get that right? Download of the Diaper Lover on the DownLow.  Yep.  LOL

Before ABDL modeling became popular, you had two options for viewing ABDL pictures online:

  1. Browse through the fake ABDL pics of people with fake diapers having been pasted on top of the pictures.
  2. Wait for one of the few ABDL picture websites to put up a new set.

The pics below came from option 2. 

I remember going into the computer lab at college and viewing AB pics like these on university computers (because we didn’t have internet in our dorm rooms).

And I would download them onto a-drive disks (predecessors to flash drives).  Then I would open the pics back in my dorm room on my computer and print them out.  I would put those print outs into a manila folder and I guarded that folder with my life.

All of this, of course, I would do with absolute discretion.  I had just discovered ABDL online, giving me peace of mind that I wasn’t the only one.  But I wasn’t prepared yet to announce openly that I was an ABDLer.  My initial attraction (that honestly, is still the case) was to girls who were diaper lovers, but only had mild interest in being adult babies.

And the pics of this particular girl spoke “DL” to me in appeal.  These are only a few shots of this model, but there was another reason I found her attractive.

When in college, at Temple University, I roomed with the same guys for 4 years.  I lived in an apartment complex that Temple had purchased and converted into a dormitory.  So I had five roommates.  We often coupled with two groups of girls, they also being roommates in the same building.

And one of them I had a never-ending crush on.  For 3 and a half years, I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her.

The girl in these pictures must have been her unknown twin in life.  So, whenever I look at these pictures, I see that college crush.  And what’s better is:  in the pictures, my college crush is diapered.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Mix in the Middle

If you look around different ABDL and other sites, you will find tons of pictures of BabyGirls with really big teddy bears. 

And there is something oh so endearing about them that is very easy to put to words.

For Love of a Teddy Bear …

I kept coming across this particular BabyGirl and that specific teddy bear over and over.  And I was so taken in by the images that I made a collection of them.  I’m certain there are more pics out there (and please email me with the links so I can continue to grow this collection!)

But what captivates me the most about this set is how it tells a story of two mindsets, a crinkly tale of two cities … so to speak.

If you will indulge me …

It was the dream birthday present, the one she couldn’t have possibly thought of.  And when her Daddy gave her the enormous teddy bear, she couldn’t help but regress without even knowing it was happening.

In many ways, it was the ideal match for her.  It was a larger-than-life teddy bear and she was a BabyGirl who felt as little as she looked.  The match was ideal, but not perfect.  That word she saved only for when she was asked to describe the dynamic between she and her Daddy.

But like many crinkly princesses, she often waged a war inside herself, one where she struggled to find the balance between her little girl inclinations and her Big Girl urges.  And while she always looked forward to intimacy with her Daddy, those special times didn’t always line up with her schedule – especially when she was supposed to be taking a nap.

Following her impulses, she gently rocked her diapered hips back and forth, making a most adorable crinkly noise.  But what she didn’t realize was her Daddy had been keeping an eye on her since he put her down for her nap. 

And presently, he was recording her with his phone.

Once more, the war waged within her.  Growing ever needy to satisfy her Big Girl urges, she now felt the slightest bit of humiliating tingles inside as her Daddy made undeniable visual proof of her no-so-little actions.

She knew he wasn’t going to leave and she honestly didn’t want him to, though she would never admit to it.  But regression, humiliation, arousal, security and that sense she always got of being kept blended together into an overwhelming mixture inside her.

So she did the only thing she could think to do just then.

She started rocking her diapered hips with a more even glide, feeling her slickness and swell increase as she began breathing a little less evenly.  With erratic gasps, she closed her eyes – not wanting to look at her Daddy for fear of blushing deep shades of pink.

And then it happened, the BabyGirl going rigid before trembling all over.  Her muscles inside contracted and then released, over and over and over, her glides slowing down as a wonderful sensation rushed out of her center and washed out over her entire frame. 

And her Daddy had been there to capture for posterity every blessed, adorable little moment of her babygasm – a mellowing afterglow to follow.

This wouldn’t be the only time her really big teddy bear helped her reach a wonderful little babygasm.  And it became a daily routine for her, being allowed to do it again right before her afternoon naps – provided she had been good that day so far. 

What an irresistible reason to be a good girl!

And though overly affectionate afterwards, she smiled as her afterglow ushered her into the otherworld she visited during nap times – to the land of diapered dreamers.  With her littleness regressing her and her Big Girl urges satisfied, she basked in the glorious victory that always ended the war within her … for a little while at least.  She knew, however, that a really big teddy bear, a thick diaper and her Daddy with his cell phone would always make her find the balance between little and Big.  And she would always find that perfect mix in the middle.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Happy New …… Decade!

2020! A whole new decade of life, love, diaper changes and of course … ABDL ebooks to write.
What shall I write in this new decade?
Or maybe something brand-spanking new?
The sky is the limit and time is already a-wastin’!

The new year and new decade have begun! So Make it a good one, Baby!

May the roads rise to meet you on your journey.  May the best of your yesterdays, be the worst of your tomorrows.

May your nightie be softer. May your pacifier be more soothing. May your smile never fade and may your diaper rash never return.

So, Happy New Year 2020, everyone!  I hope this year is everything you dreamed it could be, everything you couldn’t possibly have dreamed it to be and beyond that, everything it is meant to be.

Next year, right now, when you look back on 2020 before looking ahead to 2021, what do you want to see? 

Today begins that vision.

Blessings to you all,
Zorro Daddy

With Her Heart In Her Daddy’s Hands

Taken from the ABDL pure-n-innocent tale:

Feeling Little In A Big World 3
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here is a little story about the safest place for a BabyGirl to be.


December 22nd, 12:30 pm

Clyde and Boo pulled out of the parking lot of Clucker’s Restaurant, having had a quick and light lunch.  The rest of their day would be busy.  Boo didn’t realize how busy things were going to get but she knew that she had been looking forward to this day for a little while.

It was that time of year again, the Christmas season – when green-n-red was the color scheme that blanketed the land, when shopping was a necessary activity and when those familiar holiday songs played everywhere.  And all of these things had put Boo in the yuletide spirit.

Acting on this accordingly, Clyde took her to the Drive Town Mall – the one place that displayed Christmas more clearly than anywhere else locally.  The mall had a reason to, of course.  And it was packed, despite the loss of so much business to the internet.  But this mall had been very wise in making the transition of the times.  They created a membership program where – for every purchase someone made online, they would receive a coupon from the mall for a hard-to-pass-up deal.

Needless to say, Boo signed up for this mall membership the moment she heard about it.  And they would routinely take trips there.  On this specific day, they were venturing to the mall for a planned reason – to visit Crystal’s Boutique.  Clyde promised Boo a complete Christmas outfit, multi-layered and from head to toe.

This was a mind-blowing promise he made her.  In short order, Boo had everything in Crystal’s Boutique mentally inventoried, having created multiple outfits and then changing those outfits up a dozen times until she had created the perfect Christmas look.  All of this was complete with a winter coat, gloves and scarf that she special ordered.  But Boo knew very good and well that, once they got to the Boutique, Crystal would probably convince her to try different combinations other than those she had already dreamt up.

Thinking about the outfit-to-be, Boo picked up her baby blanket – the same baby blanket she had slept with every night since her birth.  Finding a soft edge on it, she gently rubbed that soft edge on her lower lip – just as she had always done when in deep thought or when in deep regression or when thinking about important things like the outfit she was going to find at Crystal’s Boutique.

Crystal wasn’t just the owner of that boutique.  She was also Boo’s sister-in-law to-be.  And the two of them had become fast friends.  Crystal was well aware of the unique relationship dynamic that Boo and her brother Clyde share.  Crystal’s little brother had always been a bit kinky, to say the least.  So, it came as no surprise to her at all.

In fact, Crystal accepted their dynamic fully, especially after she saw how blissfully happy it made Boo and how purposeful it made Clyde feel.  And given what Crystal had been going through recently in her life, she was happy to see her brother and Boo so in love – engaged and enjoying every bit of each other’s company.

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Down Home

I don’t remember what site I found this set on, but I was drawn to it right away because the girl reminded me of someone I met quite a few years ago.

The person she reminds me of was someone I met back in grade school.  But in these pictures, the adult female you see is what I believe that grade school girl to look like nowadays.


There’s an appeal that is very grass roots in nature, depicting what an average day might look like.  In the greatest of fantasies, the BabyGirl is always in pigtails, nursing on a pacifier while spinning in a circle in the cutest little babydoll dress imaginable.

I’ll be the first to stand up and say: “There is nothing wrong with that fantasy!” It’s just that most people don’t do that every single moment of every single day.


I have always been a firm believer in that you can’t miss something if it doesn’t go away from time to time.  This always begs the question: What if you don’t want it to go away?

Well, fantasy is wonderful.  But wouldn’t it make things even sweeter to find a balance where the dynamic is always a part of your life, even at moments when the babydoll dresses and pigtails and everything else aren’t a part of it?


It’s about balance, blending fantasy and reality together.  For every person in this world, finding balance is something that requires an individual recipe.

These pictures depict what my recipe is.  Oh yes, she’ll be dolled up when she wants to be.  But there will be plenty of times in life when that isn’t possible.  But nothing needs to come to a halt, if there is a moderation that can be consistent.

These pictures show a down-to-Earth approach.  One that is down home in quality.


There’s nothing quite like hearing your BabyGirl in the next room as she moves about, crinkling up a storm with no way to control the noise.  There’s also nothing quite as adorable as catching her in a candid moment, when her hair is down but her diapered bottom is up.

Call it BabyGirl Casual, if you please.  But to this day, this set of pictures has always spoken volumes about what it just might be like on a day when there are no plans and no expectations to live up to.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories


This set came from adultbabysource, a most wonderful ABDL picture and video site that is still running to this day:  adultbabysource.com.

I think this girl’s name was Melanie.  She has a whole slew of photo sets.  I always thought of her as “melody” and there’s a reason why.

All of her photo sets show her in her element.  She has gone back to basics, to fundamental things.  And she is living vicariously through each of them, free from and absent of all other concerns.

She is overcome with a swell of happiness on the inside – so much so that it is showing through in her smiles, in the expressions on her face and how she carries herself.  That’s a blissfulness that doesn’t have to spoken in order to be noticed.

Having the right things taken care of for her at the right time.  This is a very key thing to consider.

Yes, she has a lifetime of pigtails & Pampers, butterflies & tummyflies, bedtime and babytime.

But those are only focused in upon when the balance of her life leads her to the longing for it.

A little less poetic? Ok. 

She is still a big girl and she wants to be a big girl and she wants to function like a big girl … some of the time. She will always be a big girl but she will also always be a BabyGirl and this is a truth she can never escape.

And that is what makes her elemental, what takes her back to the basic and what produces the swell of happiness inside her.

The pictures always gave me the idea that they were taken by her Daddy and were from his viewpoint.  It’s clearly aiming for that perfect fantasy setting when she is always looking adorable and feeling pretty.  And without knowing it, she is being kept docile – something she heartily enjoys.

He doesn’t see her as a big girl and she doesn’t feel like one, whether at home or when out-n-about.

When you can see a clear emotion pouring out of someone before they can see it themselves, you are paying the right attention to that person.

When you know the reason why that emotion has emerged, you are that person’s harmony.

So this set, with the girl’s name being Melanie, always produced in my mind the matching partner to harmony … melody.

One is based off the other.  They both can exist alone, but they were meant to go together.

That is a basic need.  And a basic want for that matter.  It is fundamental.

It is at its element. And so is she.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories

Why to apply for a library card

Here’s a set I actually remember the source of, adultbabysource – to be exact.  And it’s hardly a set, to be honest – merely a few poor-quality snaps.  But ahhhh, what a story they tell.  The name the model used was Elisha and whether she was an ABDLer or just simply a model who diapered up for the photo/video shoots, she captured emotions in her expressions that melted my heart when I saw them.

That look in her eyes, along with the cutesy poses she was put in, speak volumes about a level of happiness anyone would be grateful to feel.  It shows contentment with the present, silliness, playfulness, sweetness and all while not forgetting to flirt with the best of them.


After all, even a BabyGirl has feminine wiles that were meant to be flaunted, eyelashes that were meant to be batted, an hourglass that was meant to be sassed to the side and locks that were meant to be tossed.


The statement Gentleman prefer blondes is not without its merit, but it’s not always the case.  Yes, in these pictures, she is blonde … but one with brunette roots.  I think moreover, gentleman prefer eyes that reveal her thoughts – windows to her soul … so to speak.

And Elisha was always that, an open book – but one that required you to have a library card to read.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories


A picture theme that, surprisingly, is quite powerful is that of the faceless BabyGirl – making her anonymous and giving her the ability to be anyone.

You see lots of these types of pictures on people’s profiles, displaying a comfortable safety in their unrevealed identity while still expressing the passions of something a bit less common.

This set of photos began with my discovery of one … this one.

For myself, its powerful appeal is that it leaves as much to the individual imagination as possible. And not only is she faceless, but the additional distinguishing feature of her hair is cropped out as well. 

This one picture led to a search for more like it and what I found were several from a series – the source of which I never found out.  But this set remains as one of the more captivating ones I’ve found.

When imagination is allowed to run wild, we often find ourselves filling in the blanks, embracing the unknown features and adding the missing details.  I can’t tell you how many times I have mentally put Keira Knightley in these pictures – in that light blue t-shirt and that diaper.

Our eyes are redirected, being allowed to find a new focal point – whether that is the diaper or the navel or the very pose or something else … allowing the peripheral to satisfy the rest.

25 “Unforgettable Sets”
The Pictures Stories