The Waddling Dead: Episode 12

Episode Twelve: Taking a Stab at It

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Saturday morning, 10:45 am

Still leaning back on the kitchen door, Britney didn’t move a muscle – hearing several of the waddling dead beginning to totter into the dining hall behind that kitchen door.  They grunted and groaned and made lots of disgusting noises that sounded as hideous as they looked.  But Britney’s frozen position wasn’t primarily because of them.  It was more so because of the zombie girl in the kitchen at that very moment.

The overhead light was off.  So the kitchen was dark, save for the beams of sunlight that poured through the loan window on the right side.  Britney could make out no details about the zombie girl.  But it seemed the zombie was disoriented as her movements were quite erratic, lacking direction and composure … more so than the movements of all the other zombies they had seen that day.

On the far side of the kitchen from the zombie, Britney had about as safe of a distance away from her as possible.  But that safety changed as the zombie turned around and began to move in the direction of Britney.  Now involuntarily frozen with fear, Britney ensured that she would need yet another diaper change – should she make it out of that kitchen alive.  But when the zombie passed through the sunlight, it stopped – then turning and facing towards the golden rays. 

Taking advantage of the time allotted to her by the zombie’s distraction, Britney opened the drawers underneath the counter by the wall.  Pulling these drawers out would ensure that no zombies could push in on the swinging kitchen door.  Reaching into the open drawer and picking up a handful of the wooden pot sticks she found, she carefully slid them behind the handle on the kitchen door.  This would ensure that no zombies would be able to pull out on the swinging door.  But it also ensured that Britney wouldn’t be able to escape through that door either.  Keeping her diapered bottom against the counter edge while facing towards the zombie, Britney took slow but deliberate side steps as she began to put distance between herself and this poor creature who used to be a Beta-Alpha-Beta baby sister.  She wished she could move faster, but her concern was about making her diaper crinkle with quick movement and alerting the zombie to her presence there.

The zombie seemed so said, standing there and staring into the sunlight through that window as if it almost couldn’t see the light at all but could feel the warmth of its rays.  How true this mostly was and when the thing turned from the light and faced back towards the center of the kitchen, that was when Britney could see that the right side of its face was covered with blood.  Maybe it had sustained an eye injury.  Hopefully, it had sustained one, if not both eyes.  The creature also didn’t have a diaper on like most of the other baby sisters who had been bitten and turned dead.  Its diaper must have fallen off at some point.

Taking careful steps and reaching her arms out to grab hold of the edge of the metal table in the middle of the kitchen, Britney bent her knees slightly to avoid tapping her forehead on the metal pots that were hanging above that table.  But when she made these movements of reach, that was when the overhead light suddenly turned on.  It had motion sensing.  And there stood Britney, drop-jawed and trembling from head to toe.  This was partially because of extreme fear, but also partially because the zombie in the room wasn’t a baby sister at all.

“Chloe?” Britney said, her eyes welling with tears – Chloe showing no response at all to hearing her name.

Chloe had indeed suffered an eye injury.  In fact, her right eye had been bitten out of her head when she was attacked and her left eye was swollen shut – save for the slightest bit of room to allow her partial sight from that eye.

“You made it!” Britney said with hopefulness.

But she knew the truth.  She couldn’t face it and she didn’t want to believe that Chloe was now one of the waddling dead … minus the waddle.  Facts were facts, however.  And as Chloe began to circle around the center table to get to her, Britney countered – circling away from the her in the opposite direction.

“Chloe, maybe Georgia can help you,” Britney said with pleading tone.  “I know she’s only pre-med, but she knows a lot about head injuries and she might know what to do.  Let me take you to her.”

Growing tired of the circling game, Chloe leapt over the center table and backed Britney up against the double-door fridge.  Then she put her right hand around Britney’s throat and began to squeeze.

“I can’t do this to you,” Britney cried, grabbing at Chloe’s wrist with both of her hands as her former sorority sister lifted her up off her feet.  “Chloe, it’s me.  It’s Brit.  Let me help you.”

Tossing Britney across the room with one hand, it seemed Chloe had the same insane strength that Ursula had displayed having.  And when Britney flew into the cupboards on the other side of the kitchen, the zombies in the dining hall began to slam against the kitchen wall – trying to get in.  Britney hit the floor and immediately started looking for her wooden club.  Had she dropped it outside?  It was nowhere to be found in that kitchen.  And before Britney had another second to look for it, Chloe leapt across the center table again.  Grabbing Britney by the hair and standing her to her feet, she tossed the poor baby sister across that center table – Britney knocking everything off the table as she slid across it and slammed into the fridge doors again.

Now bleeding from a cut above her right eyebrow, Britney stood up and took a quick look around the kitchen for any other possible exit – other than the way she came in.  And when she determined that her exodus was not going to come before Chloe’s revelation, she stopped feeling sorry for her sorority sister turned demi-bitch and started thinking about her own survival in this situation.

In other words: the gloves were coming off.

So when Chloe leapt over the center table again, Britney grabbed one of the frying pans that was hanging up and greeted her pledge mistress with a back-handed swing that connected with Chloe’s left temple and closed the zombie’s left eye.  The shot left out a sound similar to that of a bell at the ring side of a boxing match.  Chloe was spun around from the hit.  And that was when Britney clocked her in the very back of her head, sending her flat to the table.

Grabbing a nearby hand towel, Britney waited for Chloe to stand up.  And when the zombie did, Britney wrapped the towel around its throat.  Holding both ends of the towel with her right hand, she grabbed the left side fridge door and pulled Chloe towards her while opening that fridge door into the zombie’s face.

Then Britney climbed up onto the center table and drug Chloe up onto the table as well.  Flipping Chloe around by her towel-covered throat, Britney brought her zombie adversary’s face in contact with every single pot and pan that was hanging above that table.

Chloe was knocked off her feet and landed on her back.  In the process of this happening, Britney not only fell off her feet as well but also fell off the table altogether.  Following Britney down to the ground, Chloe grabbed her by the throat and choked her tightly – not letting go again as Chloe was now blind.  Feeling for a flat counter space, Chloe found one and lifted Britney up in the air by her throat, slamming her onto the counter space and grabbing the baby sister’s hair as she leaned in to take a bite of whatever part of Britney’s face she could get her jaws around.  Britney placed both of her palms on Chloe’s sternum, trying to keep her away but losing the battle of strength.  She wiggled hard but couldn’t break free of Chloe’s grips.

Chloe turned Britney’s head to the side and leaned in to bite.  That was when Britney saw the wooden knife block next to her.  Grabbing the first knife she could get her left hand on, she plunged the blade into the side of Chloe’s head.  Chloe released her and staggered backwards a step or two, reaching up to the knife and pulling it out of her head.

Britney stood there in disbelief.  Georgia was right.  Killing zombies with knives only worked on TV.  She couldn’t have been right!

Grabbing another knife from the block, Britney plunged it into the very top of Chloe’s head.  Chloe tried to get it out of her skull but couldn’t find coordination to do so.  Grabbing a third and fourth knife, Britney plunged one into each of Chloe’s eye sockets – forcing their tips to stick out the back of her head.  But Chloe hadn’t died and wasn’t showing any signs that she would die from further stabbings.

Tripping Chloe to the ground, Britney grabbed another knife and ran over to the kitchen door – undoing the pot sticks from behind the door handle and sliding the opened drawer back in as she busted through the door.  The moment she got into the dining hall, she was surrounded by quite a few waddlers.  Falling to the floor, she turned onto her back and looked up at the zombified faces that were leaning in to bite her.  Screaming, she swung at them with the knife.  But none were injured by the blade any more than simple surface wounds.

Just then, Angelina, Georgia and Lorna appeared – wielding wooden clubs and blazing a pathway through the waddlers to get to Britney.  Grabbing her, they sprinted out of the dining hall. 

In total shock, Britney didn’t know what to think.  If these zombies couldn’t be killed by head wounds, then how could they be killed? 

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