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Waking Up

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Noel’s Christmas –
Saturday, December 25th

“Waking Up”

The scent of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, gently awakening Noel and putting a smile on her face before she ever opened her eyes.  Turning over onto her back, she saw he wasn’t laying in the bed with her.  Of course he wasn’t there.  He was out in the kitchen making coffee.

Stretching her limbs, she then sat up – grunting at the horrific case of bedhead she had.  This always happened when she didn’t dry her hair completely before going to bed, as was the case last night.  Even if her hair was just damp, the rat’s nest hairdo was what she would wake up with.

Putting her legs over the side of the bed, she stood up and waddled over to the floor-length mirror in the corner of the bedroom to see just how bad her bedhead was.

Maybe just getting in the shower now and washing her hair again was in order.  It would be the quickest and simplest solution.  But while looking at her reflection in the mirror, she learned how wet her diaper was, the sag tugging at her hip tapes.  

This didn’t surprise her.  Sometimes, Nick’s middle-of-the-night diaper change of her caused her bladder to release again.  And waking up in a drenched diaper wasn’t an oddity for her at all.

She was wearing nothing but that wet diaper and a long t-shirt – a red one with Rudolph on the front.  Then she realized she didn’t have her pacifier.  Now that actually was an oddity for her!  She always slept with a pacifier in her mouth.  Waddling back over to the bed, she crawled back onto the mattress and lifted the pillows – finding her pacifier and plunking it back into her mouth before easing back down on the bed.

Ahh.  It felt so good to be in that bed.  She loved her crib, but the bed was incredibly comfortable.  Even though she really needed her diaper changed badly, maybe she could sleep just a little bit longer first.  After all, they didn’t have anything planned for the day.

She closed her eyes and then opened them right back up.  Sitting up, she looked around the bedroom, wrinkling her forehead as she nursed on her pacifier. 

Something seemed really familiar … like she had done this before.  This felt really, really familiar … like déjà vu familiar.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks.

They most certainly did have plans for this day!  It was Christmas morning!

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Yuletide Archaeology

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 24th

“Yuletide Archaeology”

Christmas Eve … at long last.

And what a perfect Christmas Eve it had been.  Nick had the day off.  So they went to the Christmas Eve parade that morning in town, had lunch at a local restaurant and strolled around the downtown area for a few hours that afternoon – just enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

They ventured home, Noel being put down for a nap that lasted a good two hours.  She was tired, for sure – the excitement of Christmas having drained her.  Dinner was a most wonderful pot roast, followed by chocolate chip cheesecake.  They took one more car trip to see the Christmas lights in the area and then ventured home for the night. 

Presently, Noel was in the kitchen.  Having been bathed and diapered and dressed for bed, she was making up a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa.  And her bedtime clothing for Christmas Eve was a long t-shirt, red in color and with Rudolph on the front.  She had several shirts with the famous reindeer on them.  But the house was very warm that night.  So she opted out of wearing the red flannel shirt.

“You ready, BabyGirl?” Nick called from the living room, Noel picking up the plate and glass – then crinkling her waddle into the living room.

Every overhead light and lamp in the house had been dimmed.  And every single nightlight had been turned on, even the ones in the hallway and bathroom outlets and everywhere.  The electric candles in the windows were on and the Christmas tree glowed brightly.  Setting the plate and glass on the end of the coffee table, along with the crayon-scribed note that read: For you, Santa, Noel sat on her Daddy’s knee.  See him reaching into his shirt pocket, she opened her mouth to receive her pacifier.  But he didn’t take a pacifier out of that pocket.  Instead, he took out a little slip of paper.

“Princess, there is one gift I would like you to open tonight,” he said, handing her the slip of paper.  “But you’re going to need to find it.”

Huh?  What did he mean by that?

The little slip of paper had a clue written on it.  And Nick explained what it meant.

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Noel’s Christmas –
Thursday, December 23rd 


It was two days to Christmas and Noel was really getting excited.  Dinner had just finished but Nick and Noel weren’t winding down on the day just yet.

Throughout the day, Noel doubled her Yuletide efforts, wrapping all the presents she purchased last night and then getting out all the presents she had wrapped already to add more ribbons and bows to them. 

And it was during this super-wrapping session that she got an idea of a fun game to play with Nick that night.

“Ready?” Nick asked, Noel nodding.  “Go!”

They both looked down at the items listed on the papers in their hands.  And away they went, each with a plastic bag for collection – Nick making his way to the bathroom and Noel crinkling her diapered waddle back to the bedroom.

The game was simple.  It was like a treasure hunt.  Each made a list of common items that could be found around the house and the other had to find those items.  Noel’s list for Nick was loaded with a bunch of girly stuff she knew he wouldn’t find.  So he had pretty much lost, right from the beginning.  But he was still going to try.

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Just Be Your Elf

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Noel’s Christmas –
Wednesday, December 22nd

“Just Be Your Elf”

This was probably not the best of ideas to have waited so long to go shopping for those last-minute purchases, but Noel had no choice.  Christmas was two days and three sleeps away.  And she still had three relatives to shop for.  All three of them were female.  So they couldn’t be quick and thoughtless gifts.  She was going to have to put in the effort to search.  But luckily, she had planned ahead – having made out a list of possible gifts for all three of them.

She truly hoped that Nick was up for this.  Thankfully, he would be right there with her to carry the bags.  But he wasn’t much for stamina when it came to shopping.

Walking into the local mall, the sound of her heels brought her instant attention from a few guys who were sitting on a bench as she and Nick walked by them.  The sound of her walking heels, along with the Christmas music playing in the mall, drowned out the crinkling of her diaper – an added bonus she hadn’t thought of.  Now she wouldn’t need to worry about whether or not people could hear the crinkling she was making.  Besides there were plenty of other things about her that could draw attention more easily.

Attention was not the enemy.

As a matter of fact, her entire outfit was getting her noticed – something Nick hoped would keep her heart pounding the whole time they shopped.

Back at the beginning of the month, on the day Nick bought her that pink snow suit and the Santa baby dress, he also bought her a green elf girl dress.  And because she had a pair green calf-high boots at home, the outfit was complete.  She simply added a bit of white cotton to the boots to make them match the elf girl dress. 

And though she didn’t worry about the crinkling because of the noise in the mall, she did worry about her diaper becoming visible as the elf dress was really short.

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Chocolate Aphrodisiac

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Noel’s Christmas – Tuesday, December 21st

“Chocolate Aphrodisiac”

Noel stood in the kitchen, pinching at the very center of the back of her diaper as she tried to get the wedgie out.  She didn’t want to make her hands dirty.  Her Daddy had given her a bath and even washed her hair.  She was dressed for bed, feeling super-duper clean and wanting to stay that way.  And besides, what she was presently doing required cleanliness.  She was making two mugs of hot cocoa.

But it wasn’t just any old hot cocoa.  It was a special mixture she had wanted to try since she found the recipe online a few days ago.  It was called: Spiked Hazelnut Cocoa.  And if it tasted as good as the ingredients made it sound, well … this was going to be one wonderful night!

Frangelico, chocolate liquer, milk, Nutella and a cinnamon stick – topped with toasted marshmallows, straws being used to drink it.  Placing both mugs on a Christmas tray she was given when she was very young, she picked up the tray.

“Here I come, Daddy,” she said with a small voice, turning and crinkling her waddle over to the entryway to the living room.

And there he was, sitting on the living room rug, waiting for her … her beloved Daddy, Nick.

Her heart began to pound in her chest when she saw him, that rush of affection filling her senses and making her smile sweetly.  This was a special night.  Dressed in a red Santa hat, a red button-down long flannel night shirt with Rudolph on it, red knee-high socks with Rudolph on them and her diaper of course, she crinkled into the living room – then stopping dead in her track.  Holding the tray of hot cocoa carefully as to not drop it, the beautiful holiday sight in front of her made her well with tears.

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Noel’s Christmas – Monday, December 20th 


What perfect timing!  What absolutely perfect timing!  Nick and Noel had arrived at the Horseshoe Park skating rink right before dusk began to set in.  This would give them a chance to skate in daylight as well as when they turned the night lighting on.

The skating rink did indeed fit its name well, the rink being in the shape of a horseshoe.  At the open end were refreshment stands as well as lockers and benches so people could sit and put on their skates or just sit and watch others skating.  The rink was moderately packed, the town being in the background and giving the setting a nice mixture of rural and urban.  Classic Christmas music were playing.  The feel of the holidays was in the air.  Everything was just perfect.

Now, if she could just get their skates on before all the retreating daylight was gone!

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Noel’s Christmas – Sunday, December 19th


Nick and Noel stood in line alongside the train, waiting to board.  Noel was bouncing up-n-down slightly, partially from her excitement but primarily because it was bitter cold outside. 

At noon, it suddenly became very windy outside, the weather channel having predicted this as the local climate event of the day.  It was said that these winds were traveling down from the Arctic Circle.  And this gave Nick an idea when he heard it.  Telling Noel that the winds of the day were also bringing Santa Claus down for a visit, he called the local train station and bought two tickets for the Polar Express ride that evening.

And now at 7pm, they were ready to board that Polar Express train ride … if they didn’t freeze first!

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The Ceiling

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Noel’s Christmas – Saturday, December 18th

“The Ceiling”

Noel sat on the center sofa in the social area of a most lively Christmas party Nick’s company was throwing.  It was the annual Yuletide gathering that always got out of hand, by the end.  But the business of advertising was extremely stressful and this was the one time of the year when everyone could just cut loose.  And that was why Nick’s boss, a fairly no-nonsense lady named Charlene, threw this party every year.  It was her lone charitable act of kindness to her employees, aside from paying them very well.

Noel never had a problem with mingling amongst people she didn’t know.  She was a natural social butterfly.  But she was also a natural at pacing herself.  She recognized when it was a good idea to be the center of attention as opposed to when it was a good idea to simple be one of many.

So, taking a break, she sat on the sofa and sipped from her glass of fruit punch.  At least, she thought it was fruit punch.  It tasted like fruit punch but it was kind of obvious that there were other liquids mixed in with it.  And this was one thing Noel wasn’t very good at … holding her liquor.  It really didn’t take much to give her a buzz and once she was drunken, it was all over for her until she slept it off.

But the fruit punch tasted so good, she just kept helping herself to more and more of it.  And she knew they wouldn’t be leaving for a while.  She didn’t want to pull Nick away from this happy occasion.  He had been so stressed this month she was going to let this night go on as long as possible.  Her Daddy deserved it.  And besides, she was diapered.  So there would be no urgency that would rush her out of there.

She smiled sweetly, watching her beloved Daddy being pulled from one conversation to another.  She was so happy for him.  When they arrived, people came right up to him – Noel remaining wrapped around his right arm as the pretty eye candy accompanying him.  She had dolled herself up with a conservative look, but not one that was too stuffy.  In fact, the dark red dress she wore wasn’t form fitting at all.  It was a mixture of a mini dress and a tiered dress with long sleeves.  So she was, by no meanings, being choked out by her outfit nor was she worried that eating too much would give her belly that food baby look.

In addition to that, the flowy nature of the dress gave plenty of room for her to diapered while not worrying about looking like she was diapered. 

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 17th


“Now are you absolutely sure you want to do this?” Nick asked, making Noel face him.

“Yes,” she answered, right away.

“And you do realize the dangers involved?” he asked, Noel rolling her eyes at him.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered with sass, having been down this road with him before.

“And you’re willing to accept what may happen?” he asked, his face holding a serious look of concern.

“Daddy, haven’t we done this once already?” she asked, trying not to laugh.  “Now can we please do this?”

Nick nodded, confident she understood the risks as he turned off the car and they got out.  He went straight back to the trunk and got out the two sleds they just bought that morning.  They were called: Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinters.  And they looked menacing. 

Noel was dressed in that baby pink one-piece snowsuit, a knit cap, mitts, a scarf and her pink snow boots.  She was ready for a blizzard and looked like a little pink marshmallow.  Plunking her pink pacifier in her mouth, she wrapped the scarf around her head, covering the lower half of her face so she could keep nursing on it.

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Visions of Sugar Plums

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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 16th

“Visions of Sugar Plums”

Noel awoke in his bed, the smell of coffee having stirred her to.  Turning over, she saw he wasn’t laying in the bed anymore.  She wasn’t expecting him to be there.  Someone had to be making the coffee, obviously.  Sitting up, she took a moment to collect her senses, scratching the back of her neck and rolling her eyes at the horrible case of bedhead that her hair was experiencing.  Getting up and waddling over to the floor-length mirror in the corner, she saw just how bad the bedhead was.

Ugh!  This always happened when she didn’t fully dry her hair before going to bed, as was the case last night.

And, while waddling over to the mirror, she learned just how wet her diaper was.

This one didn’t surprise her.  When Nick came to collect her from her crib to take her to bed with him, his middle of the night diaper change of her would sometimes cause her bladder to release again.  But she would always hold it until the diaper change was complete.  While she didn’t mind the idea of having a little fun and peeing on her Daddy, it hardly seemed like it would have been seen as fun by him – not when he was ready to go to bed.

She was wearing nothing but that wet diaper and a long t-shirt – a red one with Rudolph on the front.  Then her forehead wrinkled as she realized she didn’t have her pacifier.  Now that was strange.  She always slept with a pacifier.  Waddling back over to the bed, she crawled on top of the cover and fished her arms under the pillows – finding the pacifier, plunking it back into her mouth and then easing back down on the bed.

Hmm.  Maybe she would sleep just a little bit longer.  After all, they didn’t have anything planned for the day.

She closed her eyes and then opened them again, just as quickly.  Turning over and sitting up, she tilted her head to the side – nursing on her pacifier as she looked around the room.  Then it struck her.

They most certainly did have plans for this day!  It was Christmas morning!

With sudden excitement, she got out of bed and tried to run out of the bedroom.  But she was so excited, she forgot to put her feet firmly on the ground before starting to sprint.  And she went face down on the bedroom rug.  Standing up, she smirked behind her pacifier, thinking to herself: “Okay, Noel.  Get a grip and don’t get so excited that you fall all over the place and run into walls.”

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The Landscape

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Noel’s Christmas –
Wednesday, December 15th

“The Landscape”

There were points in time when Noel’s fascination with Christmas lights would make you believe that they were the reason for the season to her.  On a whim, she would ask her Daddy to take her to see the lights.  And away they would go, Nick looking for a lights display they hadn’t been to yet that year.

Such was the case on this night.  It had been a work-from-home day for him, the current projects being much more manageable – especially since the company hired on a few more people.  They had dinner and once the sun had set, Noel popped that familiar request. 

“Daddy, take me to see the lights,” she asked, always with a soft voice that made it impossible to say no.

Picking up her diaper bag and taking her by the hand, out the door they went.

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T’was the Night

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Noel’s Christmas – Tuesday, December 14th

“T’was the Night”

Noel lay in her crib, nursing from her baby bottle, 9pm having just passed – meaning: she had stayed up later than normal.  She had been bathed, diapered, put into a nightie and placed in her crib.  Then her Daddy said he would be right back, walking out of the nursery and into the main bedroom. 

And there she waited for him, already covered up with her baby blanket, surrounded by her diapered stuffies and wondering what this surprise was that he said he would give her at bedtime.  This was most certainly no way to get her to settle down at bedtime, giving her surprises like this.  After all, she was a BabyGirl.  And this meant she was wound up a bit too tight anyway. 

Surprises like this would only exacerbate her condition.

But when he walked back into the nursery with a storybook in his hand, it began to make a lot more sense.  Sitting on the side of the crib, he leaned back against the foot board and opened the story book, clearing his throat in a very silly manner before beginning to read:

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On the Door

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Noel’s Christmas – Monday, December 13th

“On the Door”

Noel sat in the middle of the living room couch, sandwiched in by rolls of Christmas paper on her left and the gifts to be wrapped on her right.  Turning on the Wallnick Channel, she watched some cheesy, romantic Christmas movie as she began to wrap the presents.  This was not going to be a quick task as Noel always overdid it with Christmas presents.  And now, she had presents to wrap for both her family and as his family … as well as their individual friends and mutual friends.  Luckily, she never tired of doing Yuletide things.  On occasions, she would become winded, but she never stopped.  And she never stopped enjoying it.

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The Things You Have

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Noel’s Christmas – Sunday, December 12th

“The Things You Have”

Christmas is always a time of year when the things we have grow in amount – gifts being given to us by friends and even by relatives we won’t see again until December of next year.  And it’s so easy to feel like we are kings and queens. 

But not everyone has such good fortune as that.  There are some who try to stay warm during the holidays, some who hope they will find something to eat tomorrow … because they found nothing to eat today. 

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The Scene

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Noel’s Christmas – Saturday, December 11th

“The Scene”

When Noel was little, the cold weather and cold winds arrived in November each year.  And that would be the weather … until sometime in March of the next year.  But times had changed and the weather was different now.  In certain years, it didn’t get consistently chilly at all until December or later.  And what this led to were days that were cold and snowy, followed by spans of time that were a bit warmer and comfortable.

Such was the case on this day …  Saturday, December 11th.  Not more than a week ago, the area was experiencing the falling of almost two feet of snow.  But on this day, the temperature was nearing 50 degrees Fahrenheit. 

She would have been a liar if she had said she wasn’t happy about the reprieve from frigid conditions.  And, knowing it would be cold again before long, she took advantage of the good weather while it lasted.  Venturing to the Country Crafts Village, just a few miles away from the tourist district of town, Noel engaged in something she loved to do … shopping without the need to buy anything in particular.

Having been down this road before with her, Nick prepared himself to carry the forthcoming bags.

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Capturing Images

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 10th

“Capturing Images”

Nick and Noel walked in through the front door and into the kitchen, Noel still nursing on her pacifier – her mind still spinning from the events of the past hour or two.  Her face was as red as the pacifier in her mouth … which was just as red as the outfit she was wearing.  Nick set their carryout dinner on the kitchen table and helped her to get out of the clothing, leaving her in nothing but the red thigh-high stockings she had worn out and her diaper, of course.  He then put another one of those Christmas bibs around her neck.

She did her best to not grin behind her pacifier as he opened the carryout containers.  But the fact that he was also having trouble keeping a grin off his face made it impossible for her to not laugh.

This was a night she would never forget.  And the night was still young.  There was no telling what folly would make them do next.

Nick kept his cell phone handy as they started to eat dinner, Noel wasting no time in making a mess of herself.  Finger food was good, especially finger food that came from a bar.  But it was even better still when the finger food was wings, smothered in spicy barbecue sauce.

“So can I see them, Daddy?” she asked, licking her fingers clean.

“Wait.  Don’t do that yet,” he replied, having her sit on his knee so they could take a Daddy-n-BabyGirl picture – Noel holding her barbecue-covered hands up to match her barbecue-covered face.

He actually took several pictures of them right there, tickling the left side of her ribs to make her laugh.  She had a most adorable look about her when she laughed.

“Let me stream them all on the TV,” he said, Noel getting up and crinkling her waddle over into the living room.  “That way, we’ll get a full screen view of them.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said softly, sitting on the couch and going back to licking her fingers.

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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 9th


It really went without saying that Noel enjoyed the days when Nick worked from home much more than when he had to drive to the office.  For as much as it upset her to see how stressed his work made him sometimes, such as what she saw yesterday, she still preferred to have him nearby. 

And that was the main reason why today wasn’t one of her favorite days.  Nick was at the office. 

It was sort of like: taking candy from a baby … giving something and then taking it back.

Sitting on the sofa, she re-adjusted the top tapes of her diaper – something she often did when she got bored.  Also, she enjoyed having a greater tightness at her waist while having the lower tapes just a little bit looser for leg movement.

She was beginning to run out of Christmas-y projects to occupy her time on days like this.  And that was particularly troublesome as it was only the ninth day of the December.  But it would be a package that arrived mid-morning that would refuel her desire for more holiday undertakings.

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Noel’s Christmas – Wednesday, December 8th


Nick working from home was a wonderful thing as Noel always had him around.  But this didn’t mean that his workload was suddenly lighter.  Quite to the contrary, his amount of work picked up – several clients demanding certain projects be completed before Christmas.  And this meant that everyone at the advertising agency was going to put in longer hours.

On this particular day, Nick got up at 5am and was working by 5:30 am.  Noel got up and made him breakfast, which he had to eat very quickly to then get back to work.  Throughout the morning, she heard him engaging in phone calls that made clear how stressed out he was.  Lunch was something he had to eat at his desk in his office as he was so overloaded with work, he couldn’t stop.

Noel loved him and she hated to see him so stressed and overworked.  In the morning, she watched every cheesy romantic Christmas movie she could find – wanting to have some Daddy/BabyGirl time with him but understanding that he just couldn’t.  He had to work.

So she occupied her time in a most creative way, choosing to do something she hadn’t done in decades … write a letter to Santa.  Getting a piece of paper and a pencil, she filled her sippy cup with juice and then sat her diapered bottom down on the living room rug.  Using the coffee table as her desk, she wrote to Santa:

“Dear Santa,

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In Front of Dark Skies

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Noel’s Christmas – Tuesday, December 7th

“In Front of Dark Skies”

Noel and Nick stood in line to enter the Christmas lights walk-through in the woods next to Himm’s Chip Factory, just two towns away from home.

Himm’s was a family-owned snack foods business that owned a considerable chunk of land.  On a portion of their property that had built an impressive snack food factory, continuing to build onto it as their business grew.  The plot next to the factory was a wooded area that they owned and maintained for the sole purpose of transforming it into a Christmas lights wonderland during the holidays. 

They had done this for 35 years and every year, the displays got just a bit more elaborate.

Paying the minimal ticket fee, Nick took Noel’s hand as they entered the first lighted area.  And right away, she was awe-struck.  The entrance was a corridor of bars that were bent into a U-shape and placed into the ground.  From one bar to the next, strands of colorful lights were strung – creating a passageway for people to walk through.

Nick kept hold of her hand as he knew she would be looking up the whole time they were there and not paying attention to where other people were at.  Before they got to the end of that corridor, he had stopped her from walking into the person in front of her several times.

This was a textbook example of: shiny object syndrome.

But Nick had to admit that he found himself sometimes staring in awe at how complex and creative some of the lights displays were.  He also had appreciation for the amount of work that went into setting all of this up.

The woods had trees and bushes … nothing else.  But instead of just winding strands around the trunks and limbs, they chose to dress the lights in such a manner as to suggest other shapes.  For instance: one tree had lights all over it but also had additional lights dangling down from it that made the tree look like it was in the middle of a falling meteor shower.

One bush was decorated with lights to look like there were a dozen tall lily pads inside it.  Other bushes depicted deer that were chasing each other.  Some of the taller trees had lights strung into their branches that made it look like the tree had lightbulbs hanging from it.

And the wonders continued:

  • a bush displaying a carousel with horses that moved up and down.
  • a patch of trees that looked like exploding fireworks
  • a patch of bushes that were decorated with lights to look like they were Christmas presents

Surrounding the perimeter of the woods and moving throughout was an animated rollercoaster car, complete with loop-de-loop animation … all of this down with strands of Christmas lights!

By the time they reached the center hub of the woods, Noel was a deer lost in the headlights … or, in this case, lost in the Christmas lights.

At that center hub was a huge stand of hot cocoa.  But of course, it wasn’t just ordinary hot cocoa.  There were several flavors of it, including: toasted marshmallow, gingerbread, peppermint and cinnamon amaretto flavors.

This got Noel thinking about unique hot cocoa she could make at home.

Heading back into the lights trail, they saw Tarzan swinging from one tree to another and then swinging back, a most impressive bit of animation that must have take dozens upon dozens of strands.

They saw numbered sheep jumping over a fence, a cow jumping over the moon, a swinging metronome, an airplane landing on a lit runway, a calliope and an American flag – seemingly fluttering in the wind.

Noel sipped her hot cocoa and then took Nick’s cup when hers was empty.  She was captivated, her face beaming with an enormous smile from ear to ear.  Oh, how happy she was.

But the one lights display that caught her attention and kept it, more so than anything else she had seen that night, was right at the end of the trail.  On that side of the woods was a stream.  And on the far side of the stream were trees that were strung to look like they were actually trees … no animation, no fanciness, no other shapes.

The reason why this caught her attention was because the Christmas lights were reflected in the waters of the stream.

And this brought tears to her eyes.  Heading back to the car, she felt very affectionate and clung to her Daddy’s side – partially from the baby feeling she was likely experiencing and partially from the fact that she needed her diaper changed … hot chocolate burps being proof.

What Noel adored so very much about Christmas lights was how they depicted the shape of what they were wrapped around and how they were strung.  And all of this taking place … in front of dark skies.

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Leaving an Impression

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Noel’s Christmas – Monday, December 6th

“Leaving an Impression”

“Okay,” Nick started, taking hold of both of Noel’s shoulders and making her face him.  “I need you to be completely honest with me right now, Noel.”

“I will be very honest with you, Daddy,” she answered with a softened tone.  “I promise.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked with a very serious look on his face.

“Yes, Daddy,” Noel replied, fidgeting a little but still answering him straightaway.  “I’ve given it some serious thought and I’m sure I want to do this.”

“And you understand the risks?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, Daddy,” she answered with fussy breath.  “I know it’s risky, but I feel it’s time that we do this.”

“And you’re not scared?” he asked, confused as to how easily she was answering him.

“No, Daddy,” she answered with a small voice.  “I’m not scared.  I know you will be right there with me and I know you will hold my hand.”

“Do you need your diaper changed?” he asked, trying to distract her.

“Not yet,” she answered softly.  “And you put lots of baby powder on me.  So, I know I won’t get a rash if I start to sweat.”

“Are you gonna be a good girl?” he asked with lustfulness.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said with breathy whisper, growing fussy in her tone.  “I need to do this …. really bad.”

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Those Good Feelings

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Noel’s Christmas – Sunday, December 5th

“Those Good Feelings”

The snowfall finally stopped in the middle of last night, but not before it dropped several more inches.  Noel breathed a sigh of relief the moment she woke up, knowing that cabin fever would be avoided.

She wasn’t someone who really wanted to take every available moment and go and do something.  It wasn’t even something she needed to do … until the option was no longer there.  And for this reason, she couldn’t wait to get out of the house that morning.  However, it was important to her that her Daddy had a big breakfast.

So she got to work on it, even making up a pot of coffee to add to the smells of cooking sausage and bacon that would drift back the hallway and wake him up before long.  Moving the mound of snow gear that was occupying the kitchen table over on top of the mound of diapered stuffies on the living room rug, she set the table – finishing the last detail right at the moment when he wondered out from the bedroom … still a bit groggy, yawning and rubbing his eyes.

Grabbing another one of her Christmas bibs, she walked over to him and wrapped herself around his body – burying her face in his chest so she could deeply breathe in his Daddy scent.  Her reactions to the sight of him were unique, to say the least – if not just flat out strange at times.  When she woke up, she knew she would need her diaper changed before too long, but now she would definitely need changed … right after breakfast.

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The Best of It

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Noel’s Christmas – Saturday, December 4th

“The Best of It”

Noel stood behind the kitchen door, making certain to stay well behind it to shield herself from the cold air rushing in from the outside.  Burping, she covered her mouth – an unintentional gesture reminding her of what she had just had for lunch.  It was early afternoon and the kitchen door was partially open because Nick had just stepped outside to measure the snow that had already fallen since last night.

The weather forecast had called for six to eight inches of snows.  Yet now, more than 18 hours after the first arrival of snow last evening, the flakes were still coming down – slowly and lightly but still constantly.  They had to have exceeded eight inches by that point.

Shivering a little, she bounced up-n-down – her naked feet feeling the chill of the air as it rushed in under the door and made her nearly naked body break out into goosebumps all over.  Her bottom was nice and warm, tucked inside her diaper.  But that was it.  Being naked and wintertime were not good bed fellows sometimes.  Finally, Nick came back inside, declaring that they were at 9 inches of snow and still piling up.

They were snowed in, until this all ended.  No plows had come by to dig out the roads yet.  Not even a truck had driven by.  Nothing looked like it would happen until the snowfall stopped.  But when was that going to be?

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First Arrival

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Noel’s Christmas – Friday, December 3rd

“First Arrival”

Nick and Noel set the table for dinner, vegetable beef soup being the perfect comfort food for the cold weather.  Yes, Nick kept the house warm as he didn’t like the chill either, but the warm soup was gonna hit the spot.  And along with the cheddar cheese biscuits, Noel’s tummy was about to be put in Heaven.

Nick had spent the day working from home, the lone positive that had come from this never-ending global virus problem.  Their Christmas tree arrived at 9am and Noel spent the whole morning decorating it.  It was indeed the right size for the living room and it fit with exactness in the corner.  She was so happy about it and she used every single ornament to give it the “bling” it was due.  Nick took a few breaks throughout the day and this gave them several opportunities to decorate the outside of the house with Christmas lights.  He put them all over the house as she strung the bushes and trees.  Needless to say, it had been a busy and productive day.

Putting the biscuits on the table, Noel took a seat – straightening out the Christmas bib he had put on her.  It was one of 12 he bought her and she intended to use all 12 before Christmas Day.  Plus, aside from the clothing she wore outside temporarily to string up the lights, that bib was the only other thing she had worn that day – aside from her diaper …… and this was another important reason for him to keep the heat cranked up indoors.

Nick screwed the cap on her sippy cup and put it next to her bowl, then taking a seat.

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Just the Right One

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Noel’s Christmas – Thursday, December 2nd

“Just the Right One”

Noel set the pen down on the coffee table, leaning back and stuffing the final card in its envelope.  She was done.  After hours of working at it, she was finally done.  Every one of her relatives and every one of Nick’s relatives and every one of their friends now had a hand-written Christmas card.  For as much as she loved doing every Christmas task that could be, it was also tiring – her right hand having cramped up from all the writing.  But it was done.  And now they just had to mail them all.

Getting up off her knees, she sat on the living room couch and eased back – then sitting up quickly and grabbing her phone.  Seeing what time it was, she got up and sprinted her crinkly waddle back to the bedroom – remembering that her Daddy asked her to be ready to go out when he got home from work.  And he was due home any minute now. 

Tomorrow, he would be working from home, but today he was at the office.  And when he got home, they were going to go get a Christmas tree.   This was something they were going to do last week but Thanksgiving and family stuff and everything else just took up all their time.

Getting to the master bedroom, she flung the closet doors open and began to make her decision of what to wear.  There were so many options, this wasn’t going to be easy for her to decide so quickly.  And she would need to dress completely, from head to toe – as she was wearing nothing but her diaper. 

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Something to Wear

Noel’s Christmas – Wednesday, December 1st

“Something to Wear”

Lacy’s was packed, the department store at occupant capacity – indicative of the time of year.  T’is the season, as was often said.  And for Noel, it was indeed the most wonderful time of the year.  There was no better time when she was more in the spirit of things.  In her opinion, Christmas was the only holiday that mattered.

Stepping to the side of the aisle as to not block shopping traffic that went by, Noel checked her phone – an alert having chimed it notice.

Noel was an early 30-something who lost her husband to a car accident three years ago.  When he passed away, she went into a shell of depression for a long time but eventually decided to live again.  Her life was going to go on, whether she wanted it to or not.  And as she found out, she did want to live and to live fully.  Opening her heart to every bit of what she had inside as if she had nothing to lose by doing so, she pursued something that had only ever been a fantasy in her mind.  She hadn’t even revealed this to her late husband, for fear of rejection.  And what she learned was that she was a BabyGirl-at-heart, a little ageplay sweetheart who felt it but didn’t know what to do with it.  And it had been a journey, thus far.

Looking up from her phone, she scanned the nearby area to find Nick, her beloved.  Spying him looking at some scarves, she walked over to him – keeping her steps small and her stance narrow to reduce her crinkling … a little trick she had learned in the past few months.

“Look,” she said with a small, sweet voice – showing Nick the alert that had shown up on her phone.  “Six to eight inches of snow are heading our way … arriving in two days.”

“Friday evening,” Nick said, seeing that the snowstorm was traveling down to them from Canada.  “Yeah, we’re in for at least six to eight inches.”

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