Rock-A-Bye BabyGirls: Short & Sweet Stories

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Here is a collection of short stories about a Daddy and a BabyGirl.  These stories focus around the full relationship they possess.  Some of them are about trips.  Some are about quiet evenings alone at home.

But these stories are not sexually-based nor driven.

Instead, they derive the little feelings out of the BabyGirl and explain how she is made to feel, how touched she is by the actions of a Daddy who comes to show how “gentle” and “kind” are the foundations of a life of fantasy, spent in reality.

If you like role playing, erotic fantasy, infantilism, or adult fetishes, this book is a must read.

The book includes the following stories:

Intro: The Daddy/BabyGirl Dynamic of Love
Picture This
What Dreams May Come
The Spaghetti Incident
Every Little Thing
What is She Thinking About Now?
Reflections of the Root of the Bond
Sweet September  Sample
……… (Part One) The Morning
……… (Part Two) The Afternoon
……… (Part Three) The Trip
……… (Part Four) The Conclusion

Stories about “The Daddy’s Girl” Dynamic, from a Daddy.
Paperback PDF Ebook  Kindle  Nook  Smashwords


The Rock-A-Bye Series


Thoughts and Other Journeys of the Mind
Short and Sweet Stories
The Stories of Time
Yittlin Extreme

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