The Waddling Dead: Season Three – Episodes 19-20

Episodes 19-20

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Chapter Nineteen:
Top of the World

Friday, 7:45pm

Looking at the circle of zombie soldiers surrounding her, numbering more than 50 this time, Britney inhaled deeply and exhaled the same.  It was a superfluous attempt to defeat her and for this reason, it just simply looked like a lot more work she had to do.  But there was no fear inside her.  Quite honestly, she felt numb to all emotions – except for one … anger.  And it was this anger that was fueling her craving for revenge.

So, wiping her hands against each other, Britney prepared for another epic battle.  Hopefully, this would be the end of the minions so she could get to Doctor Glen at last.

The ground was colored a deep red and Britney was blood-covered from head to toe.  Between she and the next batch of undeadlies lay the bodies of dozens of ex-zombies, now deceased and positioned to make for some interesting terrain to fight overtop of, this time.

The sounds of approaching helicopters were growing louder, though they still couldn’t be seen in the pitch-black sky – save for the foggy dim illuminations of a few random stars here and there.

“Now, Iris!” Lorna yelled again, Brook being quickly moved into position as the girls prepared to emerge from hiding.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Iris fired up the engine of the military truck they found next to the building they were hiding in.   All the girls were on board. 

And more diapers were found, thankfully.  (Whew!  That was a close call!)

Brook had been charged with chugging endless amounts of water, an entire case of bottled water having been placed next to her in the back of the truck.  Sitting on an unfastened diaper, she had put her incontinence to good use – peeing on the unfastened diaper and then sitting on a new one to do the same.  A collection of wet diaper ammunition was being amassed.

Pulling out of from alongside the building, they drove straight towards that circle of zombies.  Plowing through the one side of the circle and rumbling over dead corpses, Iris slowed the vehicle enough for Britney to jump onto the back. Then Iris plowed through the other side of the circle of zombies and headed down the skinny pathway that lined right behind the buildings, between the base and the front edge of the woods.

This pathway had to lead to the trail that would take them up the side of Rugged Mountain.  Their plan had worked – get to the base and find transportation to the top of the mountain where they hoped they could signal for help.  Rikki unfortunately died in making this possible and they hadn’t planned that.  With sadness, they had to move forward and were now following the pathway that would take them to the top of the world.

General Wynwood smiled as he watched the girls escaping.  Dr. Liotta was less than delighted to see this.  Back at the bloody battle ground, Doctor Glen motioned for his zombies to go after the girls.

The soldiers broke into full sprints through the woods, foregoing the path the girls took as the zombies knew a quicker way to get there – having done the run to the top of Rugged Mountain on a regular basis.

“Oh my God,” Angelina said, seeing Britney completely covered in blood.  “Are you okay, Brit?”

“Yeah,” Britney said, grabbing a bottle of water and pouring it on her forehead to wash her face.  “It’s not my blood.”

Iris did indeed find the trail that led up the side of Rugged Mountain.  But no sooner did the vehicle begin to ascend than it struggled to handle the steepness of the trail.  They slowed to a crawl, a testament for how steep this trail was – given that a military truck could hardly navigate it.

Out of the trees ran the zombie soldiers, a most impressive distance covered by them so quickly.  But then again, they were zombies who were in excellent military shape.

“Aww, shit,” Britney said with disgust, seeing the soldiers approaching the back of the truck swiftly.  “Did you girls find any guns back at the base?”

“No,” Lorna admitted.

“You didn’t find a single gun anywhere?” Britney asked with shock.  “We don’t have any guns in this vehicle?”

“We have wet diapers,” Brook innocently offed up as compensation.  “Speaking of which, I’m done with this one.”

Angelina placed a new diaper flat on the floor next to Brook and she shifted over from the wet diaper to the new one.

Britney looked back out at the approaching undeadlies and prepared herself for another battle, this one being mobile and a lot riskier.  Should the zombies think to climb up onto the right side of the truck and pile their weight there, they could potentially tip the truck over and send it tumbling down off the trail.

Looking off the left side of the truck, Britney saw that beyond that side of the trail was a drop to infinity, hundreds if not thousands of miles to the ground below.

“Okay, we can’t let them get onto this truck,” Britney announced, reaching back and grabbing the diaper Brook had just finished peeing on and tossing it out of the back of the vehicle.

The wet diaper hit the trail and caused the soldiers to jump around it to prevent getting any closer to the estrogenized liquid.  And for a brief few second, it backed the zombies away.  But they quickly returned to being right on the heels of the truck.

“Keep chugging, BabyGirl,” Britney said to Brook, then walking up to the very back edge of the truck and readying herself.

The first two zombie arrivals were airborne fanatics, both leaping up in the air and landing on the back edge of the truck.  Britney throat-punched the one on the left, sending him flying backwards and knocking over several of his co-undeadlies in the process.  Then she planted the sole of her right foot into the chest of the other, sending him flying off that side of truck and off the trail completely – plummeting into the unseen abyss below.

A third zombie landed on the back edge of the truck and grabbed Britney from behind.  She fought with him, spinning herself around to face inward and trying to force him off the back edge.  Facing inward, she saw Angelina winding up to throw a wet diaper bomb.

“Britney, duck!” Angelina yelled, Britney bending over at the waist as Angelina threw the wet diaper right into the ghoul’s face.

He released his grip of Britney and grabbed at his face as he fell backwards off the truck.  Britney stood back up and now saw Lorna and Georgia winding up to throw wet diaper bombs.  So, she ducked again – the girls throwing the diaper bombs and connecting with the faces of the next two arriving zombies – the same result happening as they both fell off the truck … their faces sizzling as they died … again.

Now the zombies were reaching the back of the truck in droves, Britney struggling to keep her own balance while fighting them off and also ducking every time another wet diaper bomb was thrown out of the truck.  Britney had taken to grabbing anything she could to throw the zombies off the truck.  Getting a knife off one of the zombie’s hips, she took to plunging the blade into as many eye sockets and skulls and throats as she could get to.  But she wasn’t even interested in killing them just then, only to keep them away from the other girls.

Thankfully, the steepness of the trail leveled off a little and enabled Iris to get the truck moving faster – putting distance between them and the zombie soldiers but not before several of them jumped onto the back of the truck and climbed up onto the top.

Some of them were easy enough to stab through the canvas cover and knock to the ground but there was one who had worked his way to the very center of the canvas above.  And he was making his way up to the front swiftly.  Stabbing up at him with the knife several times, Britney put quite a few rips in the canvas, this eventually leading to the zombie falling inside the back of the truck.

The girls scattered to get away from him as he and Britney duked it out in close-quarters battle.  But it was the dear sweet innocent Brook who would save the moment, taking the knife and slashing at the back of the zombie’s ankles.  The zombie dropped to the floor and she suffocated him with the diaper she had just finished peeing in.

The zombie gargled and thrashed as the pee sizzled his face off and killed him.

Making it to the top of Rugged Mountain, Iris slammed on the brakes and spun the truck around so the headlights were shining in the direction from where the zombies would be coming.

“I don’t believe it,” Britney said with shock, then staring at the floor as if trying to process something she couldn’t fathom.

“What is it?” Georgia asked.

“Girls, stay inside this truck,” Britney said, grabbing the face-sizzled undeadlie out of the back and dragging him around to the front.

The zombie soldiers would arrive a few seconds later and Britney would drag the dead zombie forward a few steps, giving the zombies room to make a complete circle around her.  They were predictable, to say the least.  And as Doctor Glen had ordered them to surround her down at the base, it made sense they’d instinctively do the same here.

The girls climbed into the front of the truck, rolling up the windows and locking the doors – Brook drinking the last bottle of water and concentrating to wet into the last remaining diaper they had to spare.

But it wasn’t the circle of zombies around Britney that had spooked her.  It was the arrival of Doctor Glen moments later.

“How in the Hell did he get up here so fast?” Georgia asked, the girls taking in the levels of danger that were now present.

They were on a mountain top with a good 30 or 40 zombies and a zombie doctor who just wouldn’t die.

Britney fought valiantly when outnumbered down at the base. But now she would also have to protect the girls as well up here.

Or would she?


Chapter Twenty: The Alpha

Friday 8pm

The helicopters had now come into view finally, their lights being the only bits of illumination around.  General Wynwood smiled triumphantly, walking down out of his office and out to the landing area to greet General Cartwright upon his arrival.  Dr. Liotta went straight into his lab, preparing for the contingency plan – should it be needed.

The helicopters were now just a short stretch away from the base.

At the top of the mountain, the girls witnessed the lights of the soon-arriving helicopters but wondered if they would even know to fly up to the top of Rugged Mountain or not.  Likely, General Wynwood would only alert General Cartwright of people being on the top of the mountain if it somehow served his purposes.

All he needed was for Britney to come back down to the base – which he knew she would do … should she survive the current battle.

With the remaining zombie troops surrounding Britney and with all the girls having locked themselves inside the front of the truck, there was only one thing left to do yet.  Britney needed to face Doctor Glen.

Still holding that dead zombie in front of her, Britney tossed the diseased corpse behind her and stepped forward – eyeing up Doctor Glen across the circle.  With the headlights of the truck shining from behind her, she could clearly see the once-good doctor.

Revenge … that was all that mattered.  Britney used to be good, too.  But now, she was nothing more than The Count of Monte Cristo – hellbent on one thing and one thing only … Revenge.

Doctor Glen motioned for the zombies surrounding her to attack her.  But Britney puts her arms out at her sides, motioning for the undeadlies to stay back.  And the zombie soldiers did indeed back off.

“Why are they listening to Britney now?” Brook asked.  “I thought that the doctor was in control of them.”

“He was,” Lorna said with a smile.  “But not anymore.”

“They follow the Alpha first,” Angelina said, raising an eyebrow.  “And Britney is, without a doubt, now the Alpha.”

Britney could have ordered the zombies to attack him.  But she wanted Doctor Glen for herself … Revenge.

“Let’s finish what we started on that rooftop, Doctor No-more,” Britney snarled, Doctor Glen charging towards her.

He swung his left arm at her, an easy move for her to block with both her hands as he had no left hand and half of his left forearm was missing.  But it was a decoy move on his part, giving him an open shot with his right hand.

And he planted his right fist into her left temple, not intending to kill her with the punch but to chip away at her.  Her head jerked to the right, the blow causing her trouble with the vision in her left eye.  And there was a cracking noise that accompanied the fist strike.

She shook her head for a second, trying to displace the pain of that punch and that was all the time Doctor Glen needed to grab the front of her neck with his right hand and squeeze. 

Now reacting quickly, she reached for his eyes – then realizing he was already blind.  So, she reached for his throat as well, but he angled his body away from her and leaned forward a bit.  This prevented Britney from being able to reach his throat and it also kept her from standing properly on her feet.  So, she stumbled to get grounding and tried kicking at his legs, aiming for his knees.  Doctor Glen kept side-stepping her kicks, still keeping her off-balance and squeezing the front of her throat a little harder.

For as much as it seemed that he was just sending his zombie troops in to do his dirty work for him, Doctor Glen had actually been paying attention when she fought the soldiers on the base.  No, he couldn’t see her when she fought them.  She had taken his eyes out when she fought him on the hospital rooftop.  But, as with the loss of any of the five senses, he learned to compensate for his blindness – being able to clearly sense the exact location and movement of the virus inside her blood.  And because of this, he had been studying how she fought.

She struggled to take in a breath of air because of his grip of her neck.  And with a few swift kicks to her torso, Doctor Glen broke a rib or two inside her – knocking the wind out of her.  The pain was unbearable for her and it only forced her mind to try to get her to shut down all that much quicker so as to avoid the pain messages coming from her nerve-endings.

She began to lose consciousness as his restriction of her breathing took its toll on her, Doctor Glen pressing in on her windpipe.  Everything around her dimmed and started to go black, even the headlights of the truck showing no illumination she could see.  And in a sense, he had blinded her.  As she struggled for air and to remain conscious, she recalled hearing what Chloe her pledge mistress said to her on the way to the hospital earlier that week:

You are a natural leader.  And I can see that, at some point in your life, you will prove this to yourself.

All the oxygen inside her was now spent and slowly, she began to slump – her mind recalling what Rikki said right before she was killed:

You are the best hope those girls have of surviving this.  You knew this about yourself when you jumped back onto the roof of that hospital to fight him before.  Don’t doubt yourself now.

With a last effort before she passed out, Britney opened her eyes and struck upwards on Doctor Glen’s right elbow – destroying the joint and getting the zombie doctor to release grip of her neck.  Collapsing to the ground, she heaved for air – looking up in his direction but still not having full eyesight back.  Her left temple was already healing but still swollen.  So, her left eye wasn’t of any real use yet.  And her body was still trying to re-establish her grounding from having lost air flow for a short time.

Seizing the opportunity presented to him again, Doctor Glen stepped back towards her and swung his broken right arm at her – aiming to deliver another concussion-worthy blow to her head.  But Britney blocked the swing and snapped his right arm in half.

Stepping back, Doctor Glen growled in anger – looking around at the zombie troops for help.  But none followed him anymore and thusly, did nothing to help him.

Standing to her feet, rage filled Britney.  And without hesitating another second, she leapt up in the air and landed with a heel plant on the outside of his right knee – bending that leg inward.  Then she struck the same at the inside of his left knee – bending that leg outward.  Doctor Glen was reduced to kneeling – unable to stand, blinded, missing half his left arm and with his right arm broken beyond use.

Grabbing him by the throat, Britney lifted him up to her eye level and then plunged her left fist up through the underside of his chin – pushing her fist up into his skull and brain.  Then, she ripped his head off the same way he had ripped Rikki’s head off – his corpse falling to the ground as she tossed his head to the side.

Looking at all the troops, Britney motioned for them to return to the base.  They took off on foot, Britney turning and walking back towards the truck.  There was one more monster who needed to die yet.

“Remind me to never upset Britney for any reason ever,” Iris said.

The girls drove back down towards the base to find a greater military presence there.  The helicopters had landed, and one was indeed heading to the top of the mountain – having seen the truck’s headlights from the air.  On the way down, the girls saw gunfire blazing through the trees.  Iris slowed the truck to a crawl as they assumed the military forces who had just arrived were shooting the zombie soldiers as they appeared.  This gave the girls quite a bit of concern as Britney was covered from head-to-toe with blood and didn’t look very human herself just then.

Very slowly, Iris drove back onto the base, coming to a halt alongside the main hangar.  The military troops surrounded the truck and aimed their weapons at the front.  Even more slowly, they got out of the vehicle, all of them holding their hands up in the air with the exception of Britney who looked like death warmed over.  And if the soldiers had opened fire on her, Britney honestly wouldn’t have cared.

A man of high ranking walked out of the hangar and over to the truck – the amount of jewelry on his jacket being more than what General Wynwood wore.

“I assume you are the girls who were brought here from the hospital, the same ones who were at that campground in New York,” the man stated, the girls nodding slowly – the man then taking notice to the blood-covered Britney.  “And you are the girl from the rooftop of that hospital.”

Britney nodded, military paramedics running over to the girls and beginning to treat them.  They were taken into the hangar to be further treated.  All the girls most happily complied, except for Britney.

“My name is General Mason Cartwright,” the man said.  “I don’t blame you for not trusting anyone, at this point.  What has happened to all of you is unthinkable.  The degree of mismanagement and abuse in this situation is unprecedented.  And I can assure you that General Wynwood will never see freedom again.”

Britney glared him down with an unimpressed look on her face.

“Please come inside,” General Cartwright said.  “Please allow us to give you medical treatment.”

Seeing no additional harm that she couldn’t handle happening, Britney walked alongside the general, still crinkling and still waddling.

“You may not know this, but you are very well known at this point,” General Cartwright stated, leading her into the hangar and over to the soldiers’ quarters.  “What you have done will remain heralded for a long time to come.  Of course, your accomplishments will always be kept top secret, but your name now carries with it the kind of respect that so many of us wish we had earned.”

“I’m honored,” Britney said with monotone quality.

“General Wynwood thought he could gain such respect through some very dark channels,” General cartwright said, showing General Wynwood sitting in one of the glass cells.

“Dark channels, huh?  Like black ops, for instance?” Britney asked, the General nodding.  “General Cartwright, I’m glad you’re here.  Now please, stop with this inspirational speech and see to it that my girls are taken care of.”

With that, Britney walked into the soldiers’ quarters, several military personnel helping her to clean the blood off her body.  And when all the girls had received treatment, they were led out to the waiting helicopters.

It was then that another helicopter landed, this being the one that went to the top of Rugged Mountain – arriving now with Doctor Glen’s body and head.  General Wynwood was led out to another helicopter, hand-cuffed and to be taken to some military prison.  As he climbed into the helicopter, he received a stinging sensation to the back of his neck.  From the shadows of the hangar, Dr. Liotta lowered the gun he just used to inject General Wynwood with the contingency plan.

Britney and the girls were put into one helicopter and were strapped into their seats by a soldier they thought to be really cute.  They weren’t sure of their destination, but they were grateful that the events of the past week of their lives were over now.

“What’s your name?” the cute soldier said, kneeling down in front of Britney and strapping her into her seat.

“Britney,” she said with a softened voice and the first bit of expression she had shown in quite some time.

“Is there anything I can do for you, Britney?” the soldier asked, having been instructed to cater to the girls.

“Yeah,” Britney said with a flirtatious twinkle in her eyes.  “I need a diaper change.”

The End


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