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Who is she?

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me an email asking that question. What they are asking is who the ABDL Girl is in the stories I write.

Some are asking for a literal answer. Others want the figurative.  Whether I give her the name of Lily, Mia, Gina, Lucy, Penny, Daisy, Rose, Sidney, Violet, Dakota or whomever … she is based on real people.  So, at her core, she is more real than fantasy.

But to describe the nature of whom she is:

She is perfect yet flawed. And because she makes mistakes, you can relate to her. No one is perfect, but people like her have perfect intentions all the time. (And there is nothing flawed about having such intentions.)

She is complicated yet simple. There are so many levels to her persona lity that getting to know her is a lifetime pursuit, and one that you can’t help but love. And she’ll often realize that she is searching for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist. That’s when she goes “simple” again.

She is fun-loving yet serious. A giggle, a bounce and a smile can not only make her moment and her day, but yours as well. And all those around her benefit from her cheery outlook on everything. It is her personal mission in life to make the world around her as happy of a place as possible. But when the time comes to be serious, she can answer that calling because she realizes that the world is a great, big place and she will have a lot of work ahead of her to change it. Until then, she recognizes when she needs to be serious.

She is affectionate. And she shows how she feels, longing to be touched and held and loved back with the same passion she has given. Touch is very important to her. From the forehead to the neck to the lips to the tummy to the bottom to the legs to her toes. Her skin is a receptor and the closer she can be to a beating heart, the more affectionate she becomes. Sure, she’ll wander off, but that’s only because she wants him to take her by the hand.

She is impulsive and spontaneous. And she does what comes to mind and heart without always weighing the outcome of her actions. It is her nature to listen to her first instinct, believing that it is the best one to follow because it was the first one.

She is adaptable. And she hates the fact that she ever needs to act differently or become someone else for a short time when the situation calls for it, but she does it, just like everyone has to. She has a free spirit and an open heart. And it is because of her innocent nature that she believes everyone should be able to be exactly who they are all the time (which is also part of her mission to increase the happiness of the world.)

She is sweet. And everyone around her sees how pure her heart is. She’s got the nature to be happy and to paint rainbows in the clouds when the rain finally breaks, to see the opportunities that present themselves only by candlelight when a storm knocks the electricity out, to see long lines at a Wal-Mart as a chance to say the things you meant to earlier, to relive a kiss over and over in her mind until she receives the next one, to hug someone with the intention of giving her love to them, to wipe away someone’s tears before they stain the cheeks but not before they served their purpose, to think of what others need while she thinks of what she wants, to ask a question without fear of ridicule or judgment, to listen to the advice of others while also deciding what is best for her and to possess a motherly love in the mind of a BabyGirl.

What intrigues me about the typical ABDL Girl from my stories is that she’s real and that’s why I keep writing about her.

She is a character born from reality, nurtured through the events of storylines, and brought to life through imaginations.

She is a dream, but one that is tangible and unforgettable. And when you meet her, you’ll know who she is.

Country Rose 5

Country Rose 5Rose Bedford, a city girl who moved to the country to find her place in this world, has done just that.  She has overcome tremendous adversity and paved her own pathway to a life worth living.  She has found a Daddy, a career she literally built from the ground up and has embraced the dream come true.

All the fairy tale stories always ended with: “… and they lived happily ever after”.

Well … the Happily Ever After has been found.  Roll the end credits.

But wait.  There was a little something Rose hadn’t thought about up to this point.  And she was able to summarize this new thought with a single question:

What happens “after” the Happily Ever After?

Country Rose 5 continues the story of Emmitt and Rose, seeking to answer that very question.  From a honeymoon with a mesmerizing view to bouts of baby fever to the fastest ride Rose has ever made on horseback, her dreams not only come true, but also teach her that Happily Ever After is merely the beginning of everything that is yet to come.


Thinking Out Loud
The View … With A Happy Ending
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The View … With a Happy Ending (Both Parts)

The View ... With a Happy EndingTaken from:

Country Rose 5

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here is a little story about some site seeing that got “emotional”.


The View … With a Happy Ending

Friday, July 8th

Tomorrow was the end of their honeymoon.  They would return home to Southern Pines, back to regular life.  But the end of their time in The Outer Banks was the furthest thought from Rose’s mind just then as she sat down in a chair at a local salon.

That morning, she had removed the pink polish from her fingernails and toenails in preparation for a different kind of … pampering she would receive that day.  This whole week had been exactly what she hoped it would be.  But it turned out to be even more than she had expected.  What a blessing … a honeymoon with welcomed surprises.

That final afternoon Rose spent at Lavishing Elegance, a spa and salon in Kitty Hawk, NC.  Emmitt booked and prepaid her appointment, but left the details to her.  He wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between an aroma dry wrap and a salt glow exfoliation … or a Swedish massage and a Lomi Lomi Bamboo massage … or anything else on their menu of choices.  When she realized there was a couples massage package, she tried to get him to join her.  But he flatly refused and though she was snickering at how adamant he was when saying no, she didn’t press the issue.  In fact, she was quite happy to have finally found one of his limits as up to that point, it seemed he had none.

“Oh, he’s handsome,” the one spa lady said as Rose was eased back into the reclining chair – wrapped in the softest bath robe she had ever worn. “Is he coming back any time soon?”

“Who?” Rose asked, looking at the lady with confusion.

“The guy who brought you in here,” the lady said, tilting the back of the chair further down as Rose’s neck came to rest on the sink edge.

“Oh,” Rose said with a smile that grew, soon sizing up to meet the glow on her face.  “I’m sure my Cowboy Daddy will be back for me.”

“Your Cowboy Daddy?” the lady asked, not understanding what was meant by calling him that – Rose’s eyes growing big and wide.

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Thinking Out Loud – Both Parts

thinking-out-loudTaken from:

Country Rose 5

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here is a little story about what we think … in private.


Thinking Out Loud

Saturday, May 21

Emmitt planted Rose’s back against the bathroom wall, his hands gathering up the lower half of her wedding dress and reaching under to grab at the back of her thighs.  He lifted her up as Rose grabbed the sides of his face, planting her lips on his mouth.  Passion consumed as it always did.  But on this day of days, her thoughts would combine with the sensations and she would make yet another set of vows to him.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she winced from the muscle pain of having her legs wrapped around his waist.  That pain, in itself, was a whole other story.  But the current movie playing in her mind was about the earlier events of that day and how she now found herself pinned against that bathroom wall.

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The Silence That Spoke Volumes

Rose PetalTaken from:

Country Rose 4

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here is a little story about what silence sounds like when you listen to it with your heart.


The Silence That Spoke Volumes –

(Start with “The Things You Learn … Again“)

Rose gripped both of the railings, set up as parallel bars in the center of the rehabilitation room. The braces on her wrists made it easier for her to steady herself but more difficult to grip the railings.

“No, don’t use your arms to find balance yet,” Olivia explained, positioning herself behind Rose and placing her hands on the girl’s hips. “Try to stay straight with your posture. In a moment, I’m going to have you lift your chin and walk as if you were balancing a book on your head. It will all make sense soon. Just trust me for now.”

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The Things You Learn … Again.

Rose BedfordTaken from:

Country Rose 4

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here is a little story about what you know, about what you remember, and about what you learn ……. again.


The Things You Learn … Again –

Wednesday, September 30th

This was a very important day for Rose. It wasn’t the most important day of her life. In many ways, however, it was the most important day of the rest of her life. Tomorrow had become the goal and every day seemed like a quest to get there.

It wasn’t about the date. The last day of September was no different than any other day of the year. But Rose had made a few promises to Emmitt as well as to herself. And with some well-influenced determination, she was going to make good on every single promise she pledged.

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What To Do With a Miracle

MiracleTaken from:

Country Rose 4

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here is a little story about obstacles that seem insurmountable and about the strength you acquire from miracles.


What To Do With A Miracle

Wednesday, September 9th

While lying on her back, perfectly still, Rose could feel her head spinning – not from dizziness, but rather, from the inundation of the last two days. Having awoken on Monday from a coma that lasted a little more than two months, there were more questions in her mind for which she could have possibly been able to retain the answers to … at least not all at once. But she was being barraged by doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who hadn’t expected her to suddenly awaken from the coma. And her abrupt return had everyone scrambling.

Thankfully, the one and only thing she needed in order to get through the current over-amount of unwanted attention was Emmitt – her Cowboy Daddy and … her fiancé. He sat on the side of her bed, holding her hand and smiling without making a sound. The fact that she had come out of the coma made him happier than he could have put into words. But the look in his eyes and the smile on his face spoke volumes of how he felt.

Having met and spent the past year and a half in North Carolina with him, Rose had found new meaning in many things. And finally, she was in a place where she could blossom into the full bloom of her life. But the reason she wound up in that Charlotte hospital was a little more than just scary. And it likely could still upset everything she had so recently acquired.

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