“The Fuss (Part One of Five): Realization”

Being a BabyGirl wasn’t always easy.

For as simple as it made a lot of the decisions she never liked to make and for as much as it satisfied the cravings of her fantasies of submission and of a kinkiness no one understood but her Daddy, she had moments when being a BabyGirl made her feel too little to handle.

The problem wasn’t the feelings so much as it was her reaction to them.

She had picked up a glass and threw it to the ground, shattering into pieces. Her Daddy made her kneel in the corner of the kitchen as he cleaned the glass up.

She knew what was to come and it confused her that her arousal, now evident in the swelling of her peach, was mixed with the fear of what her Daddy kept repeating to her as he cleaned up the glass shards:

“This is one spanking you’re never gonna forget, Baby.”

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