The Birth of the Dream Elf Connection

Taken from the ABDL ebook: Lily
(a prequel story to the Zeke and Lily Saga),

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here is a little story about an imaginary friend who was anything but imaginary.


The Birth of the Dream Elf Connection

(Start with Breaking From From What Holds You Back)

Moments later …

“An’ dat was jest dis mornin’, a daydream she had,” said a little elf, sitting along the edge of a lake in the middle of a clearing in a wooded area – the landscape giving it a countryside feel.

In the surface of the lake water, Lily could be seen – still laying in her bed in her apartment, still looking out the window and now thinking back on the daydream that had just finished.  This was what she did every morning, lately.  And the daydream of this morning was one of a heart-pounding trip to a mall that had transformed itself into a wonderful benefit of freedom.

Lily was a BabyGirl, indeed.  But she had no Daddy.  Not anywhere except when in her fantasies.  So it made sense that she was reluctant to do anything but fantasize.

That was what kept Lily laying there and not getting ready for work yet, despite the fact that she would be late to work if she didn’t get up soon and get ready.  But it was a Monday morning.  So the desire to go to work was at its weekly low.

That little elf of the woods watched Lily’s actions in the surface of the lake water.  Sitting next to him was another woods elf, a bit older and a female.  For him, the visions remained in the water.  For her, the visions disappeared from the water’s surface.

“What happened?” the female elf asked.  “Where did she go?”

“She’s still der,” the male elf said, mesmerized by Lily.  “But ye can’t see her anymore because she’s not dreamin’ anymore.”

“If I am understanding you correctly, you are telling me that this girl, this human named Lily, has a special connection with you and you alone,” the female elf said, looking for clarification.

“Dat’s correct,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“And what makes you believe this?” she asked, perplexed.

“Because whenever she dreams, I can sense it an’ I can watch her dreams,” he replied, the female elf taken back by what he said.

“Does she know this?” the female elf asked.

“No,” the male elf replied.  “She doesn’t even know I’m der watchin’ her.  But it’s a connection.  Ye know how ye’ve always wondered where we woods elves came from?”

“Yes,” she answered.  “It’s a mystery to all of us.”

“I tink we are de creations of humans,” he continued.  “I tink we are born in de hearts an’ minds of humans.  Each of us is born from de thoughts of humans.  An’ each of us has a connection wit’ dat human.  An’ dis makes us dream elves, not just elves of de woods.  Lily created me, but she doesn’t know she created me yet.”

Then he paused for a few moments to think about it some more.

“I’m listening,” the female elf said, folding her arms and not believing any of this crazy explanation he was giving her.  “Go on.”

“Okay, look at de truths,” he said, turning towards her and referencing the lake they were sitting next to.  “Dis lake we call Crystal Lake because we can always see to de bottom of it.  It is a peaceful an’ tranquil lake an’ for some reason, all de elves in dis woods are attracted to it.  Some of dem say de hear de lake callin’ to dem sometimes.  But it’s not de lake callin’ to dem.  I tink it’s der human connections callin’ to dem through der human dreams.”

The female elf raised an eyebrow, having felt that way herself many times.  But if this was the reason, it certainly seemed sketchy.

“Also, tink about dis: when a new elf is born, it is born right here at de lake, is it not?” the male elf asked, the female elf nodding yes.  “And when a new elf is born here at de lake, we all sense it, yes?”

“Yes,” the female elf agreed, beginning to wonder if he was indeed on to something here.

“An’ when we all come to de lake to welcome de newborn elf, we always find dat elf wrapped up inside what?” he asked.

“… a flower,” she said with hesitance – no longer for the sake of doubt, but rather, for the sake of starting to believe him.

“An’ what is dat flower always floating on?” he asked.

“A lily pad,” she answered.

“Dis girl who I know I have a dream connection wit’, is named … Lilian Paddington,” he said with a smile, folding his arms and chuckling as the female elf’s eyes grew big and wide with shock.  “Doesn’t seem like such a foolish thought anymore, huh?” 

“No, it doesn’t,” she admitted.  “But clear something up for me.”

“Okay,” he said, more certain than ever before that he had hit the nail on its head.

“Okay,” she started, thinking of how she was going to ask him this.  “You say that every human is connected to one dream elf only and only that one dream elf can see the human’s dreams.”

“Dat is correct,” the male elf said with confidence.

“If that is so, then why was I able to see this girl’s dream in the surface of the lake water?” she asked, hoping he knew the answer.  “If only you can see her dreams, because you are her dream elf, then why was I able to see the dream she just had this morning?”

“Firstly, what ye saw was a daydream.  But a daydream is still a dream.  And it wasn’t a daydream dat was takin’ place as ye saw it,” he explained.  “What ye just saw was a reflection of her daydream, here in de crystal lake of de dream world.  Dis lake is where all dreams go after a human has had dat dream.  I can come here anytime an’ watch her past dreams again.  You are seein’ it because I’m here.  Also because I allowed ye to.  I have watched her dreams for months now an’ I know I am a creation of her mind.”

“Okay,” the female elf stated, now starting to believe him.  “Tell me more about her.  What have you learned about this … Lily?”

“Lily is a one in a million girl.  De guy who lands her will be de luckiest fella in de human world,” he stated with a warm smile.  “She has de purest thoughts … an’ den suddenly, has de naughtiest ones.  She has all de thoughts about findin’ dat perfect fella guy for her.  In her mind, she knows very clearly who she wants.  An’ what I believe is dat she has somethin’ dats holdin’ her back.  She won’t chase after anyone.  It’s like der’s still somethin’ she needs before she will allow someone to court her.  Somethin’ dat’s holdin’ her back … or perhaps somethin’ she still needs to find.”

“So why can no other elf do what you have done?” she asked.

“Because de haven’t been shown how to yet,” he replied.

“And you know how to show them?” she inquired.

“Not yet, but I’m workin’ on it,” he answered.  “An’ when I get it figured out, I believe I will be able to make it very easy for de others to find der dream elf connections.”

“How?” she asked, wondered if he was talking nonsense again or if he had a plan in mind.

“I want to form a dream elf school, here in de Countryside … in de elf world,” the male elf said proudly.  “All I have to do is establish my connection wit’ Lily better.  Perhaps den I could help her get past her hesitance an’ maybe even get her to see tings in a different way, from time to time.  But only when it helps her.”

“If you do learn a way to teach the other elves of the woods to do what you have taught yourself to do and if the other elves of the woods are each indeed connected to a human, as you believe they are, then the possibilities of being helpful are endless,” she said with excitement.  “It sounds like you should get to strengthening your connection with Lily right now.”

“It isn’t time yet,” he stated sadly.  “She still needs to meet de guy in her daydreams.  She must do dis first, before anythin’ else.”

“Why?” the female elf asked.

“Before she can help me to connect humans wit’ der dream elves, I need to help her find what she needs,” he answered.  “She needs dat counterpart dat she dreams about.”

“So go find him and guide her along until she meets him,” the female elf suggested.  “And if he is exactly who she is dreaming about, wouldn’t that be the best thing for her?  It would be the happily ever after.  You could make them fall in love.”

“Absolutely, not,” the male elf said sharply.  “I don’t believe I should ever make a decision for her.  I will only ever influence her, not decide what she is gonna do wit’ her life.  Lily is already capable of doin’ dat herself.  She has all de thoughts she needs.  She just needs to learn how to piece it all together.  A dream elf should never tell der human connection what to do.  Instead, dey should be helpin’ der human connection to take der jumbled thoughts, put dem in order in a row an’ present de results.  An’ dis will be de first ting I teach at de dream elf school.  It will be lesson number one.”

“I agree,” the female elf said.  “Dream elves should be like … like guidance counselors, there to help but not to do.  They shouldn’t be like parents, making the decisions for their kids.”

“Exactly,” the male elf said.

“So what’s the next step?” she asked.

“I wanna meet Lily … in her dreams,” he answered with confidence and without hesitation.  “I wanna get to know her an’ I want her to know dat I am der for her, always.  All she has to do is dream an’ she will find me der, every time.”

“Keep me updated,” she said.  “And when you are ready to move on this, we’ll make it happen.”



Lily walked out of her bathroom, ready to go.  Giving her appearance one more look in the hallway mirror, she sighed deeply – heading down the stairs and out of her apartment building.  It wasn’t an ordinary apartment building, but instead, it was a two-story house that had been converted into an apartment building – each floor being an apartment.

She had lived there for several years now, the lone tenant who enjoyed the house location on Lime Street – right in the center of Lancaster City.  The downstairs tenants were always coming and going.  Sometimes, it was an older couple.  Sometimes it was a young family.  Sometimes, it was another single girl.  But none of them stuck around for more than six months.  And regardless of who lived beneath her, they never got to know Lily – not even introducing themselves to her.

Lily lived on the second floor of that house, right across the street from Lancaster General Hospital.  It was her private castle, the second-floor balcony being perfect for a Prince Charming to climb up and rescue her – should such a man ever come to be.

Getting in her car, she looked up at that balcony and sighed again – starting the engine and driving to work.

(A prequel to the Zeke and Lily Saga)

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