The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 1-4

Episodes 1-4

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Chapter One:  Living Up to Its Name

Monday, 10am

The ambulance brigade chose the bumpiest road imaginable to take all the sorority baby sisters to the hospital and away from that wretched campground.  Though the situation was looking up for everyone, the fate of each girl still weighed in the balance of far too many uncertainties for anyone to be comfortable with.

In the final ambulance of that endless chain of them, heading to the hospital, was Britney and the blinded Chloe – her beloved pledge mistress and dear friend.  Though needing medical treatment herself, Britney rode in that ambulance with Chloe to keep her company – more than for any medical reason.  Britney was responsible for the loss of one of Chloe’s eyes and felt terrible guilt for this, a guilt that bared down on her shoulders like a boulder.

Kneeling alongside the stretcher bed Chloe was strapped onto, Britney whispered to her – filling her in on every single thing that had happened that weekend.  She was keeping her voice down so the paramedic in the back of that ambulance wouldn’t hear the conversation.  At different moments during Britney’s story, Chloe softly laughed.  And even though her head was bandaged around her eye sockets, Chloe’s face lit up.

“In the end, all it took to bring Ursula down was to push a bottle of pee water down her throat,” Britney said, she and Chloe chuckling.  “So don’t drink the water around here.”

“I sure won’t,” Chloe whispered back with a weakened tone.

“Sweetie,” the paramedic said to Britney.  “You need to come lay down over here.  I need to get an IV in you.”

Britney laid down in the stretcher bed next to Chloe, getting an IV needle put in her arm at the first red light the ambulance came to.  Chloe grew silent, quite sleepy from all the medication that had been pumped into her.  Britney closed her eyes, finally being able to relax.

There was so much for her to process it was going to take a very long time to do so.  Yara was also dead, another beloved friend as well as a pledging baby sister.  The memories alone of that fateful weekend at The Shultz Retreat would haunt them all, for some time to come.

“Britney, I need to tell you something.  Come here,” Chloe said with a weakened tone, her voice now sounding shakier than just a minute ago.  “I don’t have much time.  So, I need you to listen to me.”

“Don’t talk like that, Chloe,” Britney said, getting off her stretcher and kneeling alongside Chloe again, much to the chagrin of the paramedic who had given up on asking her to stay laying.  “Everything will be fine.  We’ll soon be at the hospital.”

“That’s why I need to you to listen to me now,” Chloe said, her voice sounding fatigued.

In a few short words, Chloe no longer made any sense with what she was saying.  Her head wounds were severe, but her vitals were holding up.  Still Britney struggled to try to understand her words.  They were more like random groupings of words as opposed to connected thoughts.  It was as if Chloe was making final statements.

How true that turned out to be.

Chloe suddenly flatlined, the paramedic forcing Britney back onto her stretcher as she then attempted to save Chloe’s life.  But no matter how diligently the paramedic tried, Chloe was showing no signs of recovery.  She would try until extreme exhaustion forced her to stop.

Sitting in a ball, with her arms wrapped around her knees, Britney wept – looking at Chloe’s body … lifeless and still.  The rest of the ambulance ride was somber for Britney.  She made no sounds at all, having just lost a dear friend … now for a second time.



When they arrived at Harris Regional Hospital, the drop-off area by the emergency room was functioning like a fast-food drive-thru.  A line of ambulances waited to deliver their patients and the longer they had to wait, the more likely death would greet them when the ambulance doors were opened.  The hallways of the emergency room area became lined on either side with a sea of stretchers, those stretchers holding females with a range of injuries – from mild to life-threatening.

The most severe were treated first.  Britney, having minimal injuries, watched from her stretcher as chaos ensued all around her.  The noise in the nearby area grew deafening as puzzled nurses and doctors scrambled into action.  Some girls cried.  Other wailed.  Some were in excruciating pain.  Others had sympathy pains for their friends.

And among them was the Eclectic Eight – the pledging class from St. Mark College: Brook, Angelina, Britney, Yara, Georgie, Iris, Rebecca and Lorna.  Both of their pledge mistresses were their as well: Chloe and Sherry.  But Yara and Chloe were dead.

And in the midst of this swirl of anarchic mayhem were a doctor and a nurse, the two people supposedly in charge of the situation – though that was an impossibility for the overwhelming influx.

Glenview Fairmore was his name, a practicing doctor of twenty years – having graduated from NYU three times … from pre-med all the way up to his doctorate.  His co-workers affectionately called him Doctor Glen.  And he had the respect of everyone at that hospital.

Rikki Straithmeyer was the head of all the nurses.  Having recently acquired her doctorate in nursing, Rikki had traveled up through all the letters: ADN, LPN, LVN, RN, BSN, MSN.  Her co-workers called her Rikki, her choice of the simplest title.  And she too had the respect of everyone at that hospital, both male and female.  But Rikki was no push-over, often bucking the system when she felt the necessity to do so.  Sometimes, the right thing to do wasn’t always the permitted thing to do.  But in Rikki’s mind, when lives were in danger, permissions didn’t matter nearly as much as doing all she could to save them.

“Doctor Glen, what’s going on?” Rikki asked him, huddling with him at a nurse’s station and trying to make sense of this whole ordeal.

“I don’t know,” Doctor Glen said, then sighing as he kept flipping through the paramedics’ reports.  “They are all coming from a campground about 20 miles south of here.  There isn’t much explanation.  Some of them are sickly and they all have wounds.  Some of the wounds are critical.  And we also have several dead bodies, one of which has been decapitated.”

“What should I tell the nurses to put in the HPI reports?” Rikki asked.  “We can’t admit these girls with paragraphs of question marks and UNKNOWNs to work off of.”

Sherry ran from eclectic to eclectic, frantic for their conditions and quite upset she wasn’t at the campground.  Amidst the madness, Sherry and all others who weren’t being admitted were made to leave the emergency room area – security being called to facilitate this. 

Walking out of the hospital, Sherry found the nearest bench and sat down – then bawling her eyes out to the point of emotional exhaustion.  Leaning back on the bench and looking up at the sky, she saw a heavy cloud cover rolling in and dimming the noontime brilliance of the sun.

Back in the ER, a series of girls flatlined simultaneously, only adding to the pandemonium as every available medical personnel did their best to save the lives of these poor girls.  All noise would die down, save for the sounds of nurses and doctors counting the chest compressions they were giving out.  And that hallway, designated as an area where lives were saved on a daily basis, suddenly became a gauntlet of death.  Several other girls passed away and an even greater sense of eeriness took the place over as those personnel who tried to save lives were suddenly heaving for air to save their own lives from physical exhaustion.  It was as if nothing could get any worse.

But how wrong that belief was.

The hallway grew dead silent as the newly-deceased girls were pulled away from the walls and wheeled down the center, headed for the morgue.  Behind them was a line of stretchers being wheeled down the center of that ER hallway – transporting the girls who were dead on arrival.  Among them were: Chloe, the decapitated remains of Hillary and Yara.  And as the living girls watched the dead being wheeled towards the morgue, they began to wonder if their own injuries would shortly lead to the same demise as well.

Then Ursula’s corpse was wheeled by, her stretcher having a squeaky wheel.  Everyone watched with eerie remembrance of the evilness Ursula had possessed.  As Ursula was wheeled by Britney, she saw the baby bottle that she had jammed into Ursula’s mouth and down her throat when they fought.

It was quite shocking for Britney to see, knowing all the trouble that was mixed with the water inside that bottle.

The emergency room had lived up to its name.

What would happen now?

Chapter Two: As Could Be Expected

Monday, 11:30am

The hospital morgue was located on the first floor of the building.  The very hallway that went through the emergency room area continued onward, travelling through other areas of the first floor and winding up in the morgue on the other side of the building.  The morgue itself was luckily sizable enough to at least hold the dozen or so corpses until they were retrieved and taken to more equipped facilities.

As the corpses arrived, Jimmy, the assistant medical examiner grew hysterical.  Fortunately, Doctor Glen arrived with the corpses and calmed his nervous-Nelson assistant down.

“Just … breath, Jimmy,” Doctor Glen said, sitting Jimmy down and then helping the personnel to strategically place the stretchers throughout the room to get them all to fit in there for the time being.

“Doctor Glen, what’s going on?” Jimmy asked, still panicky.

“We have an epidemic on our hands,” Doctor Glen replied, quickly going over to a desk and getting a brown paper bag – then walking over to Jimmy and opening the paper bag before handing it to him.

“An epidemic?  What epidemic?” Jimmy asked, taking the paper bag and holding it in front of his mouth to prevent himself from hyperventilating – a lost cause.

“We don’t know much of anything yet, but a bunch of college-aged females have just arrived in the ER with strange symptoms of illness and even stranger injuries,” Doctor Glen explained calmly, rolling the closest stretcher over to the examination table and sliding that dead girl’s body onto the table.  “But until we come up with answers, we need to proceed with all operations as normal.  You and I are going to cautiously remove the blood from all these bodies and begin the initial embalming procedure.”

“What sickness do they have?” Jimmy asked, sliding his chair backwards as he watched Doctor Glen preparing to drain the blood of the girl on that table.  “Could we get sick from touching them?”

“Jimmy, you know very well that we could get sick from merely touching a doorknob,” Doctor Glen said calmly, sliding a needle into the most-pronounced vein on that girl’s left forearm.  “But we take the same precautions every day and we do our job every day.  And I need your assistance to preserve these girls’ bodies for the time being.”

Very nervously, Jimmy joined the doctor – the two of them completely applying the system that would drain the girl of blood and replace it with embalming fluid.

“Okay, so we don’t know what it is,” Jimmy said with agitation.  “But do we at least know what caused it?”

“That’s hopefully what we’ll find out from their blood,” Doctor Glen said, then walking back through the lines of stretchers – looking at all the dead girls as Jimmy followed him.

“Have you ever seen something like this before?” Jimmy asked.

“Once,” Doctor Glen replied, stopping alongside Ursula and looking down at her corpse.

“So, what was it that time?” Jimmy asked, hoping that the doctor would say something to ease his nerves.

“I don’t know.  The CDC came in and took everything over,” Doctor Glen recalled.  “But in doing so, they saved a lot of lives.”

“How?” Jimmy asked, seeing Doctor Glen picking up the baby bottle that was laying alongside Ursula’s body.

“Because they prevented a virus from getting into the public,” Doctor Glen replied.  “They got there in time.  And do you wanna know why they were able to get there in time?”

“Why?” Jimmy asked, seeing the doctor holding the bottle up as he looked at the liquid inside it.

“Because they were contacted by medical personnel who knew they were in over their heads with a problem,” he replied, leading Jimmy back to the small lab at the front end of the morgue.  “Time will explain a lot of things.  But the wisest of individuals will help time along.”


Slowly but surely, the girls were being admitted into rooms throughout the hospital – wherever open bed space could be found.  And, to the polar opposite of how they were so ordered in the ER, those girls with the mildest conditions were put into hospitals rooms first.

This meant that Britney and Georgia were amongst the first to be placed in rooms.  And, as fate allowed it, they became hospital roommates, being put on the third floor – in general admittance.

Those girls still requiring surgeries were temporarily placed in an intensive care unit.  But Britney and Georgia only had scrapes and bites, all healing nicely on their own.  The IVs in their arms were taken out so that newer IVs could replace the ones put in them while they were in ambulances, in route to the hospital.  But the new IVs wouldn’t be administered until everyone had a room.

Sitting in their beds, the girls got under the blankets – happy to finally be covered by something other than those paper-thin hospital gowns that were tied in the back.

“I can’t imagine how many people saw my butt crack in that hallway,” Georgia said, she and Britney sharing a laugh – a much-needed tension breaker … harmless and fun.

But the jocular moment came to an end quickly as the reality of the situation hit them both again.

“Oh my God, Georgia.  What just happened to us in the past few days?” Britney asked, covering her face with her hands.  “Are Yara and Chloe really dead?  And when is this nightmare going to end?”

“I know,” Georgia replied.  “I keep pinching myself, but I just haven’t woken up yet.”

“You said it, sister,” Rikki the head nurse said, walking into their room.  “My name is Nurse Straithmeyer.  But just call me Rikki.  It takes less time and air to say.”

“Okay,” Georgia said with a smile, enjoying the bluntness Rikki possessed but also the perfect mixture of humor with business.

“I thought I’d start with you two since you seemed to be in the best shape,” Rikki said, pulling a chair between the beds and sitting down.  “You’re also the only two who have been put on this floor so far.”

Britney laughed this time.  Whoever this nurse was, she was alright.  And, based on her boldness – free of initial hesitations – it seemed Rikki had done this before.  She wasn’t green behind the ears.

“So, let me get some information out of the two of you,” Rikki said, logging into her tablet and looking at it.  “My first question is one that confuses me the most.  And if you answer it honestly, you will help me immensely.  And if you do that, I will give you the access codes for all the cable channels.  Do we have a deal, girls?”

“Deal,” Britney and Georgia said simultaneously, sitting up and smiling as they were coming to love this lady’s personality.

“You do know that the beds you’re laying in have remotes, right?” Rikki said, looking above the top rim of her glasses at the girls.  “You don’t need to sit up on your own, if you don’t want to.”

Georgia immediately started playing with her remote.

“Do you two need diapers?” Rikki asked, getting right to the first question.  “A lot of you girls who were admitted together were in diapers, most of which having been used.  So, what’s the verdict?”

Britney and Georgia looked at each other for a second.  And they both made the conscious decision to allow the center of their bottoms to be seen at the opened back of their hospital gowns, as opposed to being put back in diapers.  They were done with the damn diapers.

“No, we don’t need diapers,” Georgia said.  “It was a sorority pledging thing we had to do.”

“But we would like to know where a few other of our girlfriends are at,” Britney said with hutzpah.  “That is, if you’re allowed to tell us.”

Rikki looked at both of them, scrunching up her lips for a moment.

“Technically, I can’t give you that information,” Rikki stated.  “But if it helps you to not worry about them, sure.  What are their names?”

“Brook Iverson, Angelina Nelson,” Britney said, pausing to think of the girls’ last names.  “Iris Petrillo …”

“Rebecca Erkert and Lorna Rothwell,” Georgia said, then frowning as she knew were Yara Ivest was unfortunately at.

Brook and Angelina …,” Rikki said, looking at her tablet.  “… are directly below us, one floor down.  Iris and Lorna … have just been brought to this floor!  They’re five doors down on the left.  Rebecca …”

Britney and Georgia waited patiently.

“Rebecca was just taken into surgery,” Rikki said, then standing up.  “There’s no other information available for her yet.  My next stop is to meet your friends, Iris and Lorna.”

“Can I go with you?” Georgia asked.

“Yes, but let me get a few steps ahead of you first,” Rikki said.

“I’ll go see Brook and Angelina,” Britney whispered to Georgia.

Rikki headed down the hall, Georgia following a few steps behind her as Britney made her way to the stairwell at the end of the floor.

All seemed to be going as well as could be expected, given the current circumstances.  But down in the morgue, things were about to go horribly wrong.

Chapter Three: The Reason for Alert

Monday, 12:30pm

In the morgue, Doctor Glen poured the contents of that baby bottle into a flask.  Taking a small sample of it, he put a few drops on a glass slide and slipped it under a microscope.

“Jimmy, test that liquid.  Tell me what it is comprised of,” Doctor Glen said, looking at the slide through the microscope.

Lifting his head up and raising an eyebrow, he tried to figure out what he just saw.  Looking over to Jimmy, he saw his assistant testing a small sample of the liquid.  Doctor Glen knew something wasn’t right already.  And what he saw in that microscope was the most jagged piece of the entire troubling puzzle.

“It’s just water, Doctor Glen,” Jimmy said, testing another sample to make sure.  “Water with a slight trace of urine.  Nothing else.”

“You’re sure?” Doctor Glen asked.

“Yes,” Jimmy said, confirming the same findings in the second sample and then looking over at Doctor Glen – seeing the look of concern of the doctor’s face.  “What is it?”

“Come see for yourself,” Doctor Glen said, sitting back as Jimmy walked over and looked into the microscope.

“I don’t understand what I’m looking at,” Jimmy admitted.

“It’s a virus,” Doctor Glen stated.  “But I don’t recognize it.”

“Is it Ebola or maybe Hantas?” Jimmy asked, increasing the magnification.  “Maybe it’s a combination of the two.”

“No. Ebola has a long tail and Hantas has a circular formation with a sunflower petal appearance,” Doctor Glen explained.  “We have no record of them combining ever.  I don’t think this is as severe as those but it could be biosafety level three, from the looks of it.”

Jimmy took a step back, trying his best to control the panic he felt.

“Capture an image of it,” Doctor Glen said with a serious tone and that continued look of concern in his eyes.  “We need to contact the CDC immediately.  I have a really bad feeling about this one.”

Jimmy wasted no time, capturing the image and emailing it to the Center for Disease Control as Doctor Glen picked up the phone and called them.  Trouble was on the horizon.


Britney made her way down the stairwell, sneaking onto the second floor and finding Brook-n-Angelina in the general admittance room directly beneath hers.

“Hey, girls,” Britney said, running up and jumping onto Angelina’s bed – then seeing Brook with her right ankle in an air cast, slightly elevated.  “So, what did they say about your foot, Brook?”

“They said my foot was fine,” Brook said with a jovial laugh.  “It’s my ankle that’s broken, not my foot.  But it was a clean break and they put me in an air cast for now.  It’ll just take time to heal.  That’s all.”

“What room did they put you in?” Angelina asked.

“Directly above you, on the third floor,” Britney said, pointing to the ceiling.  “Georgia and I are roomies.  Hey!  Did you guys get the diaper talk from any of the nurses yet?”

“Yeah,” Brook said with another laugh.

“What did you guys say?” Britney asked, wondering why Brook was in such a cheery mood.

“Well, I said no and Brook said yes,” Angelina explained.  “We gave our answers at the exact same moment.  And our conflicting answers confused the nurse.  You shoulda seen the look on her face.”

“And then I told the nurse that it was a sorority pledging thing to start but I liked it so much that I taught myself how to be incontinent,” Brook said with another laugh.

“Then I told the nurse that she was loopy from the pain killers they had given her but that she was definitely incontinent,” Angelina said with a grin, Britney laughing with them.  “So where is everybody?”

“Well, Georgia and I are directly above you,” Britney answered, once again pointing to the ceiling.  “Iris and Lorna are in a room five doors down from us.  The nurse on my floor looked for Rebecca in her records, but all she could find was that Rebecca had been taken into surgery for her neck injury.  There was no other information available on her yet, about how the surgery went or if it was still in progress or whatever …… and we know where Yara and Chloe are.”

“Yeah,” Angelina said, leaning forward and hugging Britney.  “They’re in a much better place than this.”

A few minutes later

Doctor Glen kept looking in the microscope, trying to figure out what virus cell he was looking at.  Jimmy stood next to the phone, drumming his fingers on the desk top and praying that the CDC would call back very soon with answers.  Every second felt like an eternity.

Thankfully, the fates were listening.  The phone rang and Jimmy picked it up with quickness.

“It’s the CDC,” Jimmy said, handing the phone to him.

“Yes? …… This is Glen Fairmore,” Doctor Glen said, then going silent as he listened – Jimmy sitting on the chair in front of the microscope and concentrating on his breathing as he saw Doctor Glen’s face turn a ghostly white shade at what he was being told.  “I understand ……. yes, immediately.  I will see to it personally.”

Doctor Glen hung up the phone, then walking over and looking in the microscope again.

“What did they say?” Jimmy asked, growing impatient because of the doctor’s silence.  “Damn it, what is it?”

“They believe it is a biosafety level four virus,” Doctor Glen said, matter-of-factly.  “And they’re ordering this hospital to be locked down immediately.  There is one specific evacuation they are permitting.”

“If it’s biosafety level four …,” Jimmy said, stepping back from the flask, the microscope and the samples.

“… then we all are in real trouble,” Doctor Glen said before going to the nearest computer and signaling the lock down alert while also authorizing the lone evacuation that would take place.

Code Blue LD, Code Blue LD, Code Blue LD,” an automated voice said on the hospital-wide intercom channel.

Mere seconds later the phone rang, Doctor Glen answering it as he knew who would be on the other end of the line.  And, needless to say, Rikki wasn’t very polite to him.

“Rikki, let me explain what I know,” Doctor Glen answered, not surprised by the sharp-tone greeting she gave him.  “The Center for Disease Control took one look at the picture I sent them of a virus that came from a bottle that was laying on one of these sorority girl’s stretchers and they immediately called me back, telling me to put the entire hospital on lock down.”

Rikki demanded to know what the CDC said, a demand he couldn’t accommodate as the CDC really hadn’t told him much at all.

“No.  They gave me no definite answers,” Doctor Glen replied, regretful that he had to keep the whole truth from her.  “But it had to spook them quite a bit to make them jump straight to lock down.”

Then Rikki asked the next logical question.

“Yeah.  We’re in some serious trouble.  That might be an understatement because this may be a biosafety level four incident.  The CDC is sending everyone they have in the area and I’m assuming that will include local police.  For now we …” he said, Rikki cutting him off as she completed his thought.

There wasn’t much more to be said.  The situation was what it was, a truth that made both of them quite angry.

“Exactly,” he replied sadly.  “Thank you, Rikki.  I’ll be in touch with you as soon as I know anything else.”

Hanging up the phone, he returned to the microscope.  In 20 years of practicing medicine, he had never encountered something as deadly as what he was looking at.  Zooming in as much as he could, he studied the single cells that floated past the view.

They were round but imperfect in their somewhat-circular shapes.  Little spikes that looked like limp noodles grew out of each orb-like nucleus in all directions, numbering at least a dozen or so on a single cell of this virus.  On each of the little spikes were tinier spikes – stiffened like cactus needles and fuzzy in appearance, even under extreme magnification.  The outer covering of the orb center was colored with an inconsistent mixture of grays and olive-green colors.  And around those shades was a yellowish haze that had a glowing quality to it, pulsing slightly.

Each virus cell moved in a particular manner, all being similar in their movements but not being synchronized.  It was as if the only thing those virus cells needed was a command before they attacked.

Chapter Four: Code Blue LD

Monday, 12:45pm

Britney and Georgia returned to their room, having convened with the others and shared the information of everyone’s whereabouts.  Rikki walked the hallway, keeping an eye on everyone and waiting for the call to administer new IVs to the sorority patients.  But what she heard was:

Code Blue LD, Code Blue LD, Code Blue LD,” an automated voice said on the hospital-wide intercom channel.

Then the code information was sent to every nursing station in the entire hospital.  Rikki went to the nearest computer and sent the confirmation message back, signaling that she had received the message and understood what to do with the floor of patients she was watching.

But before she was going to do anything at all, she was going to get some answers.  Picking up the station phone, she called the morgue.

Doctor Glen answered.

“We’re in LOCK DOWN?” Rikki asked with a hushed but angered tone.  “Glen, tell me what’s going on here and don’t feed me any shit!”

Doctor Glen did what he could to ease her anger, but it was understandable why she felt rage.  This entire day at the hospital had been a locomotive of unexplained mysteries and hordes of sick patients.  He explained how he had been in touch with the CDC about a strange virus he found in a bottle laying on one of these sorority girl’s stretchers and how the CDC immediately ordered the entire hospital on lock down when they saw a magnified picture of the virus.

“Did they say what it was?” Rikki asked, suddenly wondering if any of the girls on her floor were infected.

He couldn’t answer that question because the CDC hadn’t told him much of anything.  But they were worried enough to order the code.

“Are we in trouble, Glen?” she asked, straight out.  “Just tell me.”

Admitting how serious this situation was, he revealed the probable biosafety level four status of the virus.  And how, for the time being …

“… we need to keep everyone in the dark until we actually have something to tell them,” Rikki said, completing his thought.

Hanging up the phone, Rikki felt no better.  But Doctor Glen said he would be in touch with her as soon as he learned anything else.

So, a waiting game began.  Rikki despised games, especially when they prevented her from taking the next step.  And it appeared, once again, she would need to buck the system if she wanted to stay ahead of a looming problem that could turn that hospital into a house of death.

Going right into Britney and Georgia’s room, then shutting the door behind her, Rikki stood at the foots of their beds – glaring both of them down with a look of non-nonsense that sucked the air out of the room.

“The entire hospital has just been put under Code Blue LD … which means Lock Down.  No one gets in.  No gets out … with the exception of the maternity ward most likely,” Rikki said with no jocularity in her tone this time.  “No more games, girls.  Tell me what’s going on.”

Britney and Georgia looked at each other and then began to tell Rikki of the events of their weekend at The Shultz Retreat.

“There is an old well in the middle of that campground that is connected to a natural spring under the ground,” Britney began.  “One of the girls at the retreat drank some water from that well and not only got sick but died because of it … except, she didn’t really die.”

“Huh?” Rikki asked, looking at Britney as if she was making no sense at all.  “What do you mean she died but didn’t really die?”

“There was some sort of pollution in that water, I guess.  She turned into …… a zombie,” Britney said, then lowering her chin as she already knew what Rikki was going to say next.

“You listen to me, young lady,” Rikki snarled at Britney.  “I said no more games!  You’d better start making sense, right now.”

“She’s telling you the truth,” Georgia added.  “A girl drank from the well, turned into a zombie and began to bite people.  And whatever sickness she had inside her began to infect anyone she bit.”

“And they all became zombies, too?” Rikki asked.

“Yes,” Britney and Georgia said in unison.

“Did they also die but not really die?” Rikki asked with disgust, then calming her attitude when she saw the tears in the girls’ eyes.  “Continue the story.”

“As the sickness spread all over the campground, those of us who were still unbitten fought to find ways to stop the attacking zombies,” Britney said.  “We began to break their arms and legs and necks.”

“That’s why so many of us who were brought here have injuries like broken bones,” Georgia added.

Rikki raised her left eyebrow.  That was the first bit of the story that made logical sense, given the number of injuries the lot of the girls had when they were brought in from the ambulances.

“How many people were infected with this sickness?” Rikki asked.

“Almost everyone,” Britney said, wiping her tears.

“Well, then there might be a healthy supply of anti-bodies,” Rikki said, thinking out loud.

“What?” Britney asked, confused as to what Rikki just mumbled.

“It’s a dumb idea.  Never mind,” Rikki replied.  “How many people were never infected?”

“Brook and Angelina, one floor down and directly below us,” Georgia answered.  “Rebecca, the girl in surgery for her neck.  And Britney.  Britney was bitten but the infection never entered her body.”

“Why not?” Rikki asked, puzzled as to why Britney was immune.

“Because I killed the girl who drank from the well,” Britney replied.  “I killed the host … the girl who died but didn’t really die.”

“And how did you do that?” Rikki asked, not believing much of this big fish tale she was being told.

Just then, an entire squadron of police cars arrived, surrounding the hospital and blocking all the connecting streets.  The three of them went over to the window and looked down at the street to see a plethora of ambulances pulling up to the emergency entrance as a police-escorted brigade of new mothers and newborn babies were brought out through the front entrance of the emergency room area.  They were put directly into the ambulances and driven away from the scene.

“That was the lone evacuation, right there,” Rikki said, she and the girls watching as the CDC agents next arrived in vans – dozens upon dozens of them getting out … already dressed in hazmat suits.

“Now we’re trapped in here,” Rikki said.  “Stay in this room, girls.”

Britney and Georgia stayed right there by that window, continuing to watch the CDC and police setting up outside.

Rikki was right.  They all were trapped.  And this situation felt eerily similar to the trapped feeling they had at that campground, too.

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  The ABDL Nympho Book 1       The ABDL Nympho Book 2       The ABDL Nympho Book 3

Nympho 1  Nympho 2    Nympho 3

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The Dark Age Play Series

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