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ABDL Events, Conventions and more – All Year Round

  CAPCon CampCrucible & More!

This is a very exciting posting to make, for many reasons.  Listed below are ABDL events, gatherings, parties and convention.  And it’s very encouraging to see so many, popping up out of the woodwork.  Gone are the days of sparse communications and remote parties.  Now, you have opportunities around every corner, inviting you to attend and waiting for you.


I’m certain there are some events that I’ve missed.  In fact, I hope I missed some because that would mean there’s even more out there.  But just with what’s listed here, you can find something very “Diaper-ish” to attend that will fit your comfort level, road trip limits, budget, age, preference, darkness levels (a.k.a. Butt Whoopin’), innocent levels and how far away you can be from Turkey Hill Iced Tea without losing your mind! 


Okay, that last one mainly pertains to me, but the fact remains that diapered bottoms are travelin’ everywhere!


Hold on, everybody.  Here we go:


Click Here for the Events Information …

CAPCon 2017

In 2011, the current era of ABDL hotel conventions began.  These weren’t the first of their kind as they followed after so many wonderful predecessors of the past who built the momentum without the enormous aid of internet exposure.

As a close friend of mine has often stated: “A rising tide lifts all ships”.

And that tide has been a tidal wave.

CAPConThough others have emerged since, the ABDL hotel convention that has survived from that year of 2011 is CAPCon, The Chicago AgePlayers Covention.  And 2017 will see their 7th offering.

But things have changed about this convention in so few years.  Whereas, at its inception, tickets would be available up to the start of the convention weekend, a few years in – with a solid month to go before the ever started.

But that kind of available timing no longer exists.

For 2017, and this is the most important point of this posting, so I’m going to put it in bolded and underlined text … TeddyCon 2017 is selling so fast that they will likely be completely sold out before Christmas 2016 … if not sooner than that.

So, if you want a ticket, you need to act quickly and purchase it.  If you are one of those people who, in years past, bought your CAPCon ticket in January or February, the 2017 event will be sold out by then.

If you are interested but still uncertain about CAPCon, here is a list of every posting I have made about it on this website:

So what’s CAPCon?
CAPCON – How to get there …
Recapping CAPCon 2012
The CAPCon Experience 2013
Videos from CAPCon 2012
The Big Little Podcast from CAPCon 2013
Open Roads


Also, here is

The CAPCon 2017 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website


Hop onto the FetLife group and read the threads.  Ask people about the event.

These are exciting times, and as these types of conventions begin to sell entire hotels out I would very much like you to be a part of them.

They are eye-opening, exciting, accepting of everyone and filled with more things to do than you could possibly be able to do in a single-weekend.  Some have even been so affected by them to refer to these events as being life-changing for them.

So I leave this exciting and time-sensitive decision in your hands and I hope to see you at CAPCon in 2017.


Zorro Daddy

TeddyCon 2016 – Happily Stuck on YOU

tc-16-handbookSince 2014, every October has included an east coast ABDL convention for the crinkly and ageplay masses, rivaling no other convention – but instead, further enhancing the community we all belong to and love.

TeddyCon 2016 continued that mission in its third year and with an immense amount of help from its attendees and volunteers, grew just a bit more.

Tuesday, October 11th

I arrived at the TeddyCon hotel at the appropriate time of 2:18 pm, almost exactly two days before the event started.  As I approached the front entrance, out walked Mommy Kuri, Little Philly and Razamataz – three devoted individuals who had arrived the evening prior.  And in short order, TeddyCon 2016 – The Hat Trick began.

There was an immediate buzz in the air, helping hands with greater involvement than ever before and the vision clear that not only would there be new things for the TC masses to enjoy this time around but also the trusted favorites to return.  The growth was evident, a result of immense planning and building.  And the energy equaled the preparations.

Setting up the command station in the infamous room 218, I already was taking notice to the greater amount of everything that would make up the third offering of this event.  It was a greater amount of supplies, of helping hands, of attendees and as I would soon learn – of memories.

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The Con is now open

tc-16-handbookBy the time you read this posting, TeddyCon 2016 will have opened its doors and welcomed in the masses of ABDLers, age players, dreamers and believers.

Throughout this weekend, please check out the TeddyCon Group on FetLife for updates, memorable quotes and more.

Blessings, …………………………………………………….. Zorro Daddy

A “Class” Affair

TeddyConI love the weeks and months that lead up to an ABDL convention as more and more details are added to the planning of the event and then announced.  It’s fun because you get to see the convention forming right in front of you and, in a sense, you become a part of it that way.

Just yesterday, the TeddyCon crew announced the class list for the 4-day 2016 convention.  I list those classes here now.

“Solo Age Play” – Penny Barber

Solo age play can be fun and deeply rewarding to your Little. Come meet with Penny Barber as she leads a discussion in solo age play techniques, activities, and issues. Bring your questions as well as your suggestions!

“Setting Up Online Profiles” – Penny Barber

This class is designed to help you connect online efficiently and meaningfully with other age players and fetishists. Penny Barber, who has been professionally and privately blogging about age play since 2003, will go through the basics of writing your profile, adding pictures, writing that first PM, and making new friends.

“Sploosh / Wet and Messy (WAM) Play with Piggy” – Piggy

Pie throwing is kind of a lost art, and although it may be a rather rudimentary, burlesque humor, there’s something inherently funny about taking a pie in the face, under the right conditions. ~ Johhny Carson Learn about Sploosh/Wet and Messy (WAM) play! From set up, to safety, to delivering the perfect pie in the face, Piggy will walk you through it all.

“Touch: Good, Bad & Other” – Squee

Humans are wired to crave physical contact. In this interactive session, we will cover types of touch, their benefits & consent. Embrace this opportunity to learn more about how much touch does!

“Welcome to the Sandbox: Age Play 101” – Tisiphone

Welcome to the sandbox! Grab a pail. So, you’ve heard of this thing called age play, but what is it? Littles, middles, ad/dl, bigs, what does it all mean? Where do you fit into the spectrum? This class will be an overview of age play; we’ll talk about what age play is and what it is not. We’ll discuss why people may desire this type of play as well as provide hints for achieving and maintaining the headspace you desire. This class is perfect if you are merely curious or are just starting to explore. This class is interactive, so please bring questions and an open mind.

“Pulling Pigtails” – Tisiphone and MephistophelesXI

Why do Bigs always get to play the role of the big, bad wolf? Well; a little may not be able to be very big, but littles certainly can be bad! Let’s get down and dirty and talk about little on little bullying tactics! Whether you identify as a middle, little, or ab/dl we’ll give you plenty of nasty tricks for your toy bad and use against the other kids! We’ll discuss the potential pitfalls with this type of play, and how to hopefully avoid them. Come out with your questions and we’ll wrap up with a demo!

“The Lonesome Little: Ageplay for Introverts” – MephistophelesXI

Friends! Coloring! Nerf gun wars! Tag, you’re it! – It often feels like playing with other littles is one of the most important parts of the age play experience, yet sometimes, well… people can feel a little overwhelming. But wanting to be alone doesn’t have to be isolating! This class will focus on how being by yourself can enhance your ageplay experience. Not everybody wants to be the life of the party; come let your wallflower flourish.

A “Little” Detective Work – Little Lady Luna

Join Detective Luna and her stuffie sidekick, Deputy Moose, in creating and investigating an imaginary world, playing improve games, and solving mysteries with the TCFTPD (Teddy Con Fairy Tale Police Department). This class will focus on stretching our imaginations, letting go of our day to day worries, supporting each other’s ideas, and having fun playing pretend in a structured adventure. This class will feature active participation from all of its members. Please come ready to play!

And there are more classes to be announced yet!

For Presenter info, check out TeddyCon.org and go to the presenters’ page.

Ready to attend TeddyCon 2016?

You can register here.

Then join the FetLife TeddyCon Group.

Then get on the FetLife TeddyCon Event Page and click I’m Going!


Zorro Daddy

TC Postcard

Congratulations are in order!

CAPConJust a quick note to congratulate The Chicago AgePlayers Convention on selling out for the third year straight!


When they launched their first campaign back in 2011, 60 people attended.  Now, five years later, they are five times as large … if not more.

CAPConAnd this goes to show that, not only do the attendees enjoy the event, but they continue to return every year – bringing more and more ABDLers with them. 

CAPConThe word has spread that CAPCon is a very good time.  And I can hardly wait for the day when CAPCon sells out an entire hotel.  To the best of my knowledge, it will be the first and only single-fetish event to do so.

CAPConCongratulations, CAPCon.  I’ll see you in March.


Zorro Daddy


CAPCon’s FetLife Group


What a Great Six-Pack Looks Like

I remember attending CAPCon 2012. It was actually CAPCon #2. And from their first convention to that second one, their attendance had doubled. There were 90 or so people there. And at the time, it was the largest gathering of ABDLers I had ever seen at a single-fetish event. (Yes, I had seen more than 90 ABDLers at FetFest 2011, but that was a multi-fetish event.)

CAPCon 2013 held the same number of attendees as the convention had chosen to focus in a particular direction. But the same con space and the same atmosphere brought different classes, different experiences and even a podcast recording.

CAPCon 2014 not only shot the attendance over 200, but it actually sold out for the first time. A new hotel and con space as well as new classes and a growing-trend of room parties had made the convention an established annual event that wasn’t to be missed.

CAPCon 2015 sold out again, pushing the numbers very close to 300 and was now held in the biggest convention space I had ever seen. The room was enormous with very high ceilings and a magnanimous way of making everyone feel small – a feeling nobody complained about.  😉

I would give anything to go back and experience the first CAPCon in 2011, just to witness the foundations being laid for the proven GrandDaddy of the common era. But if I had done that, I might not have been as enchanted as I was at CAPCon 2012.

Pennsylvania is moving ever-closer to allowing alcohol to be sold everywhere. Unlike most every other state, the only place you can buy any alcohol at all is at a beer distributor or a state liquor store. What this means is: In PA, you will find no alcohol at grocery stores or Wal-Marts or gas stations. Any time I visit friends in other states, I’m still blown out of the water by the beer section at stores there.

But recently, certain grocery stores in PA have been licensed to have “beer cafes” on the premises. In short explanation, you are allowed to go into this section of the grocery store and make a personalized six-pack out of the beers that are offered.

This may seem minute to most, but it’s a major step in the right direction for Pennsylvania. And what an enchanting way to usher in the inevitable. You can make a sample six-pack.

Six PackThis year, CAPCon turns six. (Can you see where I’m headed with this analogy? 😉) I’ve often wondered what a CAPCon six-pack would look like. And if following true to CAPCon form, I guess it would have to be similar with each offering while still being unique each time around.

That first year of CAPCon will always remain a mystery to me because I wasn’t there. But what is established fact at this point is that CAPCon 2011 had to display an environment that was all-encompassing, all-inviting and all-consuming. If it hadn’t been like that, there never would’ve been a franchise created.

And much like a personalized variety six-pack, you can start with any particular bottle and enjoy them all. Similarly, there is no need to have every attended any CAPCon at all in order to enjoy the sixth one this year.

But time is of the essence and March 18th will be here in the blink of an eye.

Will you be at CAPCon 2016?

If so, come up and say hello to me because any six-pack that is worth having is worth sharing with friends.

It’s time to pull the trigger and to decide.  The event is, once again, about to sell out.  And when the tickets are gone … they’re gone.

The CAPCon 2016 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website



Zorro Daddy

CAPCon 2016

CAPConIt’s that time again! Time for the granddaddy of ‘em all.

CAPCon 2016 registration is now open!

The sixth offering of this beloved event will take place Friday, March 18th to Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

Before there was US Littles, TeddyCon, Abdulia, KickAss parties, FetFests, and even NELICon, there was the CAP. The Chicago Age Players Convention started it all.

That is to say, in the current era. Never to be forgotten are the giants that ushered in the present-day gatherings. Events such as DiaperFest, The Vermont Ski Lodge Weekend, The Mommy Swirvin Get-Togethers, the California Spring Flings and so many other past happenings certainly created the need to come together and laid the foundation for the conventions and parties that we now frequent.

And the sixth offering of CAPCon welcomes back the Chi-Town weekend traditions of the nerf gun war, the pageant, the classes, that enormous play space, the multiple after-hours room parties as well as welcoming back a bit of the darker side of the force (no Star Wars pun intended … well, okay. It actually was intended. LOL)

There are a bazillion and one BDSM conventions/gatherings that embrace the ageplay community, offering a space for littles to be little. But CAPCon is a single-fetish convention that caters to the ABDL first. And my, oh my, how successful it has been.

For many of us, it is the one opportunity per year that we have to see certain others, made possible by its middle-of-the-country location. For others of us, it was where we met those people we now meet often on our own, having formed friendships and more.

I’ve watched CAPCon grow exponentially each year and just like TeddyCon, it has grown so quickly that I can hardly imagine there being any limit to its potential growth in the future. But, until the day these ABDL conventions are big enough to sell out entire hotels, there will always have to be a capacity for attendees.

And, that being said, I cannot encourage you enough to register for CAPCon while the tickets are still available.

I have a list of memories from the four CAPCons I have attended and cannot wait to add more postings to this list:

So what’s CAPCon?
CAPCON – How to get there …
Recapping CAPCon 2012
The CAPCon Experience 2013
Videos from CAPCon 2012
The Big Little Podcast from CAPCon 2013
Open Roads


The CAPCon 2016 FetLife Event Link
The CAPCon Convention FetLife Group
The Chicago Age Players Website


Stranger Than Fiction: The World Will Still Keep Turning

There’s nothing quite so intriguing as a story that is either real or seems so realistic that you can relate to it – either as a whole or perhaps just relating to a character in that story.

I’ve written entire books that were storylined from real events in my life and quite a few more that were based loosely on real events in my life.  The rest of what I’ve written is fantasy … or fantasies that I have.

But what I write to you in this posting is a true story.  It is not based on anything.  It is an actual account of something that happened to me recently.  And Stranger Than Fiction , though catchy in sound, really doesn’t even adequately describe it.

I’ve had a small handful of different jobs in my lifetime, from acting to serving to factory boredom and more. And I must say that my favorite job has been to be an author (but also, once working for the company that makes my beloved iced tea was pretty tasty, too.) Yet, in all the jobs I’ve held, I’ve never once had an experience where one job sort of “met” the other in a rather happenstance manner.

That had always been the case for me at least … until yesterday.

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Classes and Crafts and Toys … Oh my!

TeddyConFollowing the Yellow Brick Road is not only one of the notable scenes from all of cinema history, but it’s one that speaks of an amazing journey. The illusion behind it is that if we follow this colorful road, our destination will be easy to get to and will yield us everything that we could’ve possibly hoped for … and more.

A lot of times we overthink things in life and while the Yellow Brick Road fills us with fantastic thoughts, it can sometimes be dumbed down and used as a tool to teach us not to dream.

Well … that just seems like a rotten way to look at something that was intended to enhance dreams and imagination. And how many times in our lives have we been discouraged about following after fairy tale endings.

The reality of it all may be that Fairy Tale Endings and Yellow Brick Roads are perfect examples of what we dream about. But it doesn’t mean that our journeys have to be anything less than fantastic. A lot of times in life, we set out in pursuit of something specific, only to find along the way, that our pursuit has changed. And we discover so much more of what we wanted that we wouldn’t have ever known we wanted … had we not taken the journey.

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And now … TeddyCon 2014!

TeddyConTeddyCon 2014

I will never forget Saturday, January 9th, 2010.  That was the night I attended my first munch.  It was actually the first non-vanilla gathering of any kind I had ever attended.  For years, I had read about them online, but simply couldn’t build up the courage to go to one.  On that night, I realized how foolish my fears were.

That particular munch wasn’t an ABDL one.  It was simply a non-vanilla gathering at a cafe in the middle of Lancaster City, PA.  I figured someone who knew me would certainly see me or people at nearby tables would hear what our conversations were about or worse yet … that someone would attend the munch and be dressed in obvious attire that would draw unwanted attention to us.

Happily, I report to you now, that I was wrong on all accounts.  There were no problems and I made friends at that munch I remain close with, to this very day.

It would be another year before I would begin to look at convention and festival type gatherings.  And another year after that before I would start attending ABDL-specific events.

What I will tell you is:  Some of the closest friends in my life I met at these gatherings.  And I truly wish I had branched out at a younger age.  For years, I kept a profile and wrote stories.  That was it.  But when I began to meet people, a whole new world opened up to me.

In the past few years, I’ve budgeted going to quite a few festivals, conventions, parties, munches and the like.  From FetFest to the Geeky Kink Event to Brimstone to CAPCon and I even attended an Abdulia.

They were all great and I had a fantastic time at all of them.  But the ones I’ve enjoyed the most were the AgePlay Hotel Conventions.  I attended my first one in the spring of 2011.  That particular convention no longer exists, but in the spring of 2012, I went to CAPCon.  And suddenly, I was meeting people from the west coast to the east coast, people from Europe and even a guy who flew down from Alaska!  What made CAPCon such an amazing experience were the similarities we the attendees had with each other.  What made it an unforgettable experience was how we the attendees were vastly different people on the outside.  What made CAPCon a wanted repeatable experience was how everyone, similar and different, became family.

And now the age play hotel conventions head east … to TeddyCon.

What is TeddyCon?  It’s an annual get-together of ABDLers and ageplayers in a hotel in the Eastern Pennsylvania area.  It’s designed for the AB/DL, Ageplay, Littles and Bigs community.  Like CAPCon, it welcomes the pure-n-innocent side of things.  So it isn’t a typical BDSM event.  But what you do in your hotel room is your business – whether it’s innocent or dark!  From a ball pit to classes to activities and so much more than you’ll ever have time to do, if you love CAPCon, then TeddyCon will touch your heart in the same way.


Be it understood, TeddyCon is not a carbon copy of CAPCon.  But it is very much of the same cloth (every pun intended).   The format is the same.  And a lot of the friends we made at CAPCon are attending.  Just as with CAPCon, you will get out of TeddyCon what you put into it.

There will be classes, activities, presenters, a pageant and all of the fun, friendship & family that an AgePlay Convention can have. 


I cannot encourage you enough to join the TeddyCon FetLife Group, to join in on the discussions, to check out the TeddyCon website  and to get to know everything that will be happening at the con this fall.


Tickets are on sale already and the available spaces are filling up.  The price of the hotel room is $65.00/night with the TeddyCon code after registration.


The registration price will continue to go up as the event nears.  For the current price, visit the TeddyCon website.


Dates:  Friday, October 17th – Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Webpage:  http://teddycon.org/

FetLife Event Link: https://fetlife.com/events/234434

FetLife Group Link:  https://fetlife.com/groups/75248

TeddyCon Profile:  https://fetlife.com/users/2381294

See ya there!

Zorro Daddy

The Big Little Podcast: “Origin Stories” (Episode 101)

BLP-LogoEvery story has a beginning – even the ABDL ones. “How did you know?”  and  “How did you start?” are two questions I eventually ask of people I meet.  And their answers are always fascinating.  I have yet to meet two people who had identical or quite similar origin stories.  But I’ve also never met anyone who had no origin story at all to tell.

Our beginnings are as individual as we are.  But they often lead us together, to places like CAPCon.  And that was where Mako & Spacey, our ABDL Podcasters and friends, held a recording session on the subject of origin stories.

I was fortunate and blessed to have been asked to sit in on the panel of guests.  And as with every one of their podcasts, I learned a little something about others, but also a little something about myself.

CAPConBig Little Podcast from CAPCon 2014:
Episode 101: “Origin Stories” 
Big Little Podcast from CAPCon 2013: 
Episode 77: “Age Play Leadership”
CAPCon Website
CAPCon FetLife Group
Big Little Podcast Website
Big Little Podcast FetLife Group
Sign-Up for the Big Little Podcast Emailing List

Open Roads …

open roadOpen Roads …

On Wednesday Night, April 9th 2014, I climbed into my car at about 9pm and began a journey that would last until the following Monday morning. It was a road trip to start that led to a Midwest location that, even after I got out of the car from 16 hours of driving, would still present to me … open roads.

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Sunday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Sunday

Sunday began a bit earlier for me than Saturday and it required an even quicker wake-up.  Jumping in the shower and racing down to grab a bagel and cup of coffee from the Continental Breakfast in the front lobby, I headed back to the convention area, walking into Classroom A to see something that I was quite excited to hear would be happening at CAPCon this year. 

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Saturday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Saturday

Saturday morning opened with more classes and  the open play area was busy with a bunch of littles who had the time of their lives … or at least, that’s what I was told had happened on Saturday morning.  I wasn’t actually there.  LOL  I, myself, was fast asleep still up in my room and it wouldn’t be until the afternoon that I would wake up.  Surprisingly, I had made it through two days without the usual constant stream of Turkey Hill Iced Tea I consume.  Waking up is usually a quick thing for me.  But without the iced tea, it can take a bit longer.  With a bit of Mt. Dew from the bar downstairs, I built up my energy and went into the convention space to see ABDL-ers everywhere, enjoying the experience of simply “being”.  And as I made my way to Classroom B for another story time reading, I thought back to the words of a gentleman from New Jersey I had befriended a few years prior. 

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Friday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Friday

Thankfully, the hotel room mates kicked me a little around Noon on Friday.  We had quite a bit to set up before the convention opened registration later that day.  First on the docket was setting up the ball pit.  Pulling the vehicles around to the back of the hotel, we made short order out of the task of carrying about 5000 ball pit balls into the convention space.  And instantly, we saw the feel of family in action.

What would have taken two or three people quite some time to accomplish became a quick task as a caravan of people lent both of their hands.  In a few short minutes, the ball pit walls and its balls were safely inside the convention space.  And a group of about 15 people went from one room to another within the convention space, setting everything up.  And many hands showed the growing feel of family.  Not only was CAPCon a “coming out” party for so many newbies, but every step (or crawl) of the way, the acceptance of one and all wasn’t just felt but also shown.

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The CAPCon 2013 Experience: Thursday

Begin with CAPCon 2012CAPCon 2013

At a Hotel near Chicago in April,  the Chicago Age Players held an annual convention that showed what happens when you Dream Big about Being Little.

The CAPCon Experience: Thursday

What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?  And where were you headed?  In the past 6 years, I’ve made more road trips than I can recall.  Yesterday, while headed to the Charm City, I looked down at my odometer and saw the miles.  Smiling, I thought about how my car had visited ever state east of the Mississippi – except for Louisiana, Maine and New Hampshire.

But the longest of all of those road trips was one that took me to Chicago.  And though it lasted 14 hours, it flew by.  But fast or slow, where I was headed was worth every second of the travel.

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Mightier Than Any Hurricane

A friend suggested I go to The Geeky Kink Event and I am eternally indebted to him.  The weekend put me in mind of past experiences that were memorable.

Last year, I attended FetFest 2011 and had my eyes opened to so much. (At certain moments, I quickly closed my eyes when I saw needles. )  But I walked away from FetFest knowing two things:  

  1. I would attend FetFest every year. 
  2. It was a weekend I would never forget.

FetFest 2012 expanded the experience and showed how effective it can be to hit the ground running and continue to pick up speed.

Earlier this spring, I attended CAPCon 2012 (a convention specific for niche) and I was once again blown away with an experience I couldn’t put to words.  I walked away from CAPCon knowing two things:

  1. I would attend CAPCon every year.  
  2. It was a weekend I wanted to last a whole week.

This past weekend, I drove to New Jersey, and on the way, got a closer perspective of what Hurricane Sandy had done.  But walking into the hotel, I saw nothing that made me believe the GKE would be destroyed by the storm.  And I was awe-struck by everything.  From the vendors (brilliantly located in each of the first floor hotel rooms – numbering 40 or 50 it seemed) to the classes (instructed by people who informed you and not by people who made you feel like they knew everything) to the dungeon, the aftercare room and so many other places to go,  there was more to do at this event than imaginable.  And if by chance you got bored or couldn’t find something to do, there were schedules all over the place and people directing you to “what was happening” at that moment.

From my own flavor of ice cream: the daycare room, the bouncy house, the ball pit room and how everyone related to seeing these yittle souls running all over the place told me that no matter who you are, no matter what your kink may be and no matter how shy or open you may be about it all – you have a place at the GKE and in the hearts of everyone who attends.

I saw my little girl, attending her first event ever, embraced by everyone for being who she was and watching the joy she showed when meeting people she knew from twitter and just simply online, told me two things before I left the GKE:  

  1. I will attend this event every year and can not encourage people enough to attend it as well.  
  2. It was a weekend that would remain in my heart and a memory I would relive for a lifetime.

The Geeky Kink Event doesn’t have everything.  There is no event that has everything, nor will there ever be an event that has everything.  But what GKE had was more than you could possibly imagine.  And that’s what made it mightier than any hurricane.

The CAPCon Videos: The Greatest Part About a Fantasy

CAPCon 2012 

Individuality is what endears us to so many things in life.  Taking something and making it personal to ourselves enables us to allow it to become truly dynamic.

Such is Fantasy, for example.  And each of us finds the greatest part of fantasy to be different than anyone else.  That’s why it becomes our fantasy.

Here’s the greatest part about a Fantasy, to me:

The Grats, The Sagas & The Yittlins

Click here for more videos