The Waddling Dead: Episode Ten

Episode Ten: Nothing to Wear

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Saturday morning, 10:15 am

The cabin door opened.  Georgia, Iris and Rebecca carried Yara’s body over to the bed in the middle of the room.  Brook stood at the door and waited for the other three, watching them battle the advancing waddlers.  Wrapping the sheet from that middle bed around Yara, Georgia instructed the girls to get all the bed sheets and blankets they could find in the cabin.  Iris and Rebecca moved quickly, grabbing anything they could find and helping Georgia wrap Yara up until the lifeless girl looked like a mummy.

“Is this gonna help?” Iris asked, still quite shaken from the whole ordeal in the dining hall as well as seeing Yara in an unresponsive state.

“I hope so,” Georgia said, looking around the small cabin and then over to the bathroom.  “Here, help me carry her over to the bathroom.  There are heaters in there that come out of the floor.”

The three of them carried Yara into the bathroom, setting her right next to a vent by the sink.  Iris stood up and looked to the ceiling, seeing the little trap door that led to the crawl space above.

“Turn the shower on as well,” Iris said, trying to find other ways to improve Yara’s chances of survival.

“What?  Why?” Rebecca asked.

“Well, this building isn’t insulated very well and heat will escape from it quickly,” Iris stated, her architecture major becoming useful in their current situation.  “This cabin would never pass for public use if it was built nowadays.  This building is really, really old.”

“Works for me,” Georgia said bluntly, turning the shower on and making the water as hot as possible as she directed Iris and Rebecca out of the bathroom to shut the door and keep the heat inside it.  “Brook, are the girls okay out there?  What are they doing?”

“Well, I think Britney is letting out some frustration right now,” Brook said with a shaky voice.  “Oh wait!  Here they come!”

Georgia, Iris and Rebecca moved to the door, but stopped in their tracks when the other three walked into the cabin – spattered with blood on their bodies … especially Britney.  Shutting the front door and locking it, Angelina then locked all the windows as well.

“What happened?” Iris asked, welling with a new set of tears.  “Are you all okay?  Did they bite you?”

“No, they didn’t,” Angelina said with confident tone.  “And thanks to Britney, those three out there won’t be biting anyone any time soon.”

“Where’s Yara?” Lorna asked, looking around and seeing all the bed sheets gone.

“She’s on the floor of the bathroom.  We wrapped her up in everything we could find and turned the heater on,” Georgia explained.

“So who is in the shower?” Angelina asked, a little confused.

“No one,” Rebecca replied.  “We’re trying to heat up the bathroom as much as possible to keep Yara warm.”

“Okay,” Britney said, looking down at the blood-stained front of her body.  “I’m gonna need a whole lot of baby wipes then.”

The girls went to their supplies and loaded the middle bed up with baby wipe packs.  Britney took her crop top off and started to clean herself with them, as did Angelina and Lorna.  The others wiped their hands and arms of Yara’s blood.  Then Britney saw Brook standing away from the group and keeping to herself.

“Brook, sweetie,” Iris said with a maternal tone, Britney putting on a sorority baby-t.  “Do you want me to change your diaper?”

Brook nodded shyly and waddled over to Iris who laid her down on the floor and unfastened the tapes at the girl’s hips.  Seeing this happening and realizing that they all lost their bladders a little bit from the ordeal in the dining hall, everyone ripped their diapers off – taking baby wipes to every inch of their bodies.  And once Brook was wiped clean, powdered and rediapered, she hopped back up onto her feet – the reason for her shyness having been taken care of.

“Oh, sh–,” Britney said, picking up another diaper and beginning to put it on herself.  “We don’t have any other clothing with us.”

All the girls then looked around and groaned, each picking up another diaper and putting it on.  Britney was right.  There was only baby clothing and skimpy t-shirts for them to wear that weekend.  No pants.  No shorts.  Not even panties.  So they all got crinkly again.

Then everyone sat down in a circle, trying to piece together what had happened as well as trying to figure out what to do at this point.  But the concern for Yara trumped all other topics.

“Severe injuries, like the one Yara has, alter the activity levels of a large number of genes,” Georgia explained grimly.  “Her blood vessels are taking short cuts all over the place right now.  It’s a natural process called vascular routing.”

“Georgia!” Angelina yelled, cutting the pre-med student off.

Georgia sighed and then got to the point.

“Yara will either pull through this on her own or she won’t,” Georgia concluded.  “Given where we are and the lack of medical supplies, there is nothing we can do to help her.”

“I don’t wanna sound insensitive about this,” Britney began, choosing her words carefully as she knew how much they all loved Yara – especially Brook who had a close friendship with her.  “But I don’t think we’re going to be able to leave this campground until Monday when Sherry comes back for us.”

Everyone sat silently, allowing that likely truth to sink in.

“There is no cell phone reception anywhere in this God-forsaken camp.  We were blindfolded when we arrived.  So we don’t know how to get out.  And I’m not even sure how vehicles got to the dining hall anyway since I can’t seem to find a road or even a trail big enough for a vehicle anywhere,” Britney continued, getting up on her knees and picking out her diaper wedgie.  “We could go as a group and walk in a straight line until we got out of this valley.  But since there are infected, biting and diseased baby sisters everywhere, we probably wouldn’t get very far.  We’re gonna have to look out for each other until Monday.”

A brief moment of further realization preceded the smashing of windows as the waddling dead had found them and were trying to get into the cabin.  The seven Eclectics screamed simultaneously and then huddled in the very center of the cabin as zombified arms reached through the broken glass of the windows.  Several others slammed into the front door.  And the whole building was beginning to shake, presumably from a dozen or more zombified baby sisters outside.

“What are we gonna do?” Rebecca asked with panic.

“Well, we’re not gonna stay here.  That’s for sure,” Angelina said.

Then Iris looked up to the ceiling.  Remembering the trap door in the ceiling of the bathroom, she found the solution.

“Okay, there’s a crawl space above this ceiling,” Iris explained.  “We can get to it from the bathroom.  Everybody hurry.”

Moving in a nervous huddle, the seven walked over to the bathroom and opened the door – seeing something that brought them all to further tears.  Lying on the bathroom floor and still wrapped up like a mummy, was Yara.  Except Yara had turned … dead.  With a contorted jaw, Yara snarled at them but was unable to grab at them or even get to her feet because of the sheets wrapped around her.

“No time for tears now,” Georgia said, helping Iris up onto the bathroom counter – Iris then opening the trap door and climbing up into the crawl space … the other six following her immediately.

They all sat in the dark and eerie crawl space above their cabin, quietly listening to the waddling dead finally breaking in below and looking for them.  There was a hideous amount of snarling, shrieking noises the waddlers made, for no reason that the seven could figure out.

“Now what are we gonna do?” Lorna asked, softly sobbing.

“If we just had some way to protect ourselves, we actually could move throughout these woods and find a way out of here,” Angelina said, she and Britney looking at each other at the same moment.

“There’s the company vehicle back up at the dining hall,” Britney said to the group.  “It’s the only wheels here, an old station wagon.  But if we could get to it, we could find some sort of trail out of here.  All those vehicles had to be able to drive in.  So we will find the road out.”

“And I can hot-wire any car,” Angelina said with a grin.

 “It’s back up at the dining hall?” Brook asked with whimpers.

“Yeah, but it’s our only chance,” Britney said calmly, trying not to upset Brook or anyone.  “So we’re gonna crawl to the front of this cabin and go out through that vent onto the roof of the porch.  Then we’re gonna get on the ground and run for our lives.”

“We need to get sharp weapons like knives to stab these creatures,” Lorna said as the seven crawled to the front vent.  “That’s how they kill them in the TV shows and movies.  Isn’t it?”

The seven got out of the crawl space and stood on the roof of their cabin’s front porch, the waddlers having come back outside and waited for them.  Britney jumped to the ground, grabbed the club she left there and started to beat the Hell out of these disgusting demonic bitches.  The other six jumped down and they all sprinted towards the dining hall … as fast as their waddling diapered hips would allow them to move.

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