Leaving the Atlantic

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Gabriel and Gina
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here is a story about the greatest balance in life – the one which draws a line between want and need.


“Leaving the Atlantic”

Gina squealed with delight as she and Gabriel sped down the Atlantic City Expressway, heading away from a weekend of gambling which had yielded them 100 thousand dollars.  She unbuckled herself and stood up on the console between the two front seats of his car, sticking the top half of her body up and out of the sunroof.  She placed her hands flat on the top of the roof and spread her fingers out.  Closing her eyes, she felt the sun on her face and the wind rushing through her hair.  Turning around she looked back at the ever-diminishing town-that-Trump-had-built. This was how she greeted the expressway on the way in and it was how she wanted to see it go.

Gabriel reached up under her skirt and pinched the back of her right thigh.  She twitched from the pinch and climbed back inside the car.  Kicking her shoes off, she leaned her seat back and put her bare feet up on the dashboard.  Closing her eyes again, she relived the weekend’s events. 

They had driven directly from their graduation ceremony and from the moment they got in the car, Gina decided she was going to live life as an exclamation.  Little did she realize the crossroads she would face almost immediately.

“100,000!” she screamed, wiggling in her seat.  “Gabriel, I will never forget that moment for the rest of our lives.”

Gabriel smiled, remembering how they both were petrified as he made that bet.  Yet, at the same time, they knew nothing would happen without taking the chance.  And what he would remember the most about Atlantic City was the lesson of leaping.

But as they drove away, what became clear to him was the lesson of leaving.  Chance only worked out when someone was willing to accept whatever outcome it would bring.  Too often, people jumped into the wrong beliefs – those that always believed that chance should go their way.  Gabriel was never one to flaunt anything.  He was never rich before.  And what he had in life, he worked for, he struggled for and, when needs be, he fought for.  Chance would give, but just as quickly or eventually, chance would take as it saw fit.  The lesson of leaving the game of chance was just important as playing it in the first place.  Watching Gina reveling in their good fortune, he wondered how she felt about it and if she was ready to learn the lesson of leaving as well.

“What are we going to spend the money on?” Gina asked excitedly.

“I think we need to use most of it to pay off college.  We gambled with fate and found that karma was kind to us … this time.  Control is what we need to keep … until it’s time to lose it,” Gabriel replied, waiting with hope for a response from her which would be good.

“But if we do that … we won’t have much money left at all,” Gina said, somberly.

“No, we won’t, but we’ll have a head-start and a sense of direction.  We could live in reality or we could live with a sense of entitlement.  But the choice we make we’ll have to live with,” Gabriel said, seeing her reaction was favorable to his down-to-earth  tone.

But he was right and she knew that control was the one thing she didn’t want to lose.  She enjoyed losing her free will, losing her independence, losing a little skin from a bottom which was still a bit sore, but most of all … losing it all to him.  But crossroads were ahead for Gina.  Up to this point, she had seen her fantasies become realities.  Now it was time to make her reality befitting to a lifetime.  And for as much as Atlantic City was the culmination of every fantasy she had dreamt up to that point, she knew the next step would be found while leaving the Atlantic behind. 

Looking ahead wasn’t quite all that it was made out to be.  There were a lot of decisions she would need to make and juggling them all into a balance which could sustain her heart and her soul seemed daunting.  Where would she work?  What direction would life take her?  How would they get there? Was submission something that fit into the grand scheme of a lifetime or would it always be the fantasy she could sometimes have, but never have forever?  Could she ever find balance with it all or would she always be journeying with no direction at all?

Even as the crossroads multiplied in her mind, there was still more she craved to experience, more she wanted to learn and more she wanted to lose.  The conflict within her wouldn’t be resolved just then, but leaving the Atlantic behind was definitely the first the next step along the way.

“So what’s the game plan, Daddy?” she asked, picking up her pacifier from the dashboard and put it in her mouth.

“Oh, my.  Have we got a busy few days ahead of us,” Gabriel started.  “First, we need to get all your belongings and fit them into one truck and get them to the house by Tuesday night.  Then we need to get the place set up that night because Wednesday afternoon, you have job interviews and I have to go into work Friday.”

She closed her eyes again, feeling the buzz of joy leave her with the memories of Atlantic City.  She was saddened, but also determined to make their life together all that it could be.  A tear streamed down her right cheek as she resigned to saying goodbye to a honeymoon of sorts which had barely begun.  The skies didn’t seem so limitless as they pulled up to the first red light off the expressway.

“Hey, BabyGirl,” he said, wiping her tear away with his thumb.  “Don’t packing up your dreams just because uncertainty has returned for the moment.”

She opened her eyes and looked over at him – the lover and the Daddy she had happily lost everything to.

“The Atlantic was yesterday.  Tomorrow is wide open and we will build your castle in the clouds,” Gabriel said softly.  “But we’ll have to start with a little house at the end of Destiny Drive.”

She smiled sweetly behind her pacifier.

“We both know what we need,” he said with a new glimmer in his irises.  “Now let’s go find it.”

His hand reached over, rolling across the top of her left thigh and under her skirt as the light turned green.  He slammed on the gas and he placed his palm on her diapered front, drumming his fingers across the plastic outer shell between her legs.  She smiled more brightly behind her pacifier.

“Tell me what you want, Baby,” he asked, running his finger over the elastic edging of her diaper.

She reached down between her legs with both of her hands and pressed his palm into her center.  She whimpered at the urge building within her, submitting to it without hesitation – just like he had taught her to do.   

“I want it all,” she mumbled behind the pacifier, grinding his hand into her diaper as she rocked her hips.

“Tell me more,” he said with a lustful tone as he plucked the pacifier from her mouth.

She began nibbling on her bottom as he kept accelerating.  The mood was there for her to slip back into the wants of fantasy, but with reality at the end of this car ride, she didn’t know if she could focus as she would need to, given a new flurry of visions filling her mind and imploring her to fill them with technicolor details.

“I want to know what it feels like to be broken down and rebuilt,” she whispered out with a breathy tone as her crinkling hips kept grinding her center into his palm.

“Do you need to be rebuilt?” he asked with a directing, passionate tone.

She closed her eyes and whimpered, not wanting to reply, but rather, to concentrate on the task between her hands.

“BabyGirl,” he said sharply with that stern Daddy Voice which always snapped her back around.

She opened her eyes and looked over at him, whimpering again as her tears welled up.

“Answer me and don’t hold back,” he said sternly, forcing her to open up her troubled heart to him.

She didn’t want to say anything.  She truly didn’t want to plague any more of their time with her worries, her problems and her insecurities.  And for as many times as she thought she had overcome them all, they seemed to return without announcement.  She was beginning to resign to a lifetime which would surely re-introduce trepidation whenever it deemed to.  She went so far as to believe there was something wrong with her.  In her heart, she knew there was an answer and she knew it lied with him, but in order to receive his care, his advice, his guidance – she had to admit to her dependences.

“BabyGirl, does Daddy need to rebuild you?” he asked again, not allowing her to escape answering.

“Yes,” she said in a low, pouty tone.

“Tell me why,” he said, pressing her emotions.

“I might be broken,” she admitted, feeling a pain in her heart from merely saying it.

Why do you believe you’re broken?” he asked with a less aggressive tone.

Her admittance wasn’t what he expected to hear and her trepidation became his own.  There was a strain in her face, almost like it had taken all of her energy to say it.  She stopped rocking her hips and wore a new demeanor as if to suggest she had just defeated herself.

“I’m weak,” she struggled to say through streaming tears. “I want you to break me down and see if you can find why I can’t find a steadiness in anything.”

Gabriel could’ve spent time telling her that she wasn’t weak.  He could’ve spent the rest of their lives repeating this to her over and over and over.  But what he realized, in having spent three years’ worth of yesterdays building for their tomorrow was that Gina didn’t need to hear the same old statements of encouragement.  She needed to be shown their meaning.

He thought for a moment and then decided that the best way to show her the strength she possessed already was to allow her to fill her own mouth with the right words.  If she did that, she would be denying herself, not the kind reassurances of others.

“Gina, I want you to take one final trip backwards,” he said, as he slowed the car down for the forthcoming red light.  “Think back to the one fantasy which makes you feel the weakest and tell me what you want me to do.”

She searched through all the passions of her fantasies, categorizing each one of them by how much she craved their memories.  She was initially uncertain why he was asking her to think of her weakest fantasies, but as she began to make a mental list, she realized that the worry of weakness was something she fantasized about quite a bit – not for being weak itself, but for being exposed for her weakness.  And what she craved more than anything else was having her self-labeled weaknesses dangled in front of her – almost like he was toying with her.

Toying with her!  That was it!

Toy with me,” she finally whispered out.

Toy with you, huh?” he said, looking across the intersection at a store.

His eyes danced with the ecstasy of a thoughtturnedplot.  Signaling right, he turned into the adult bookstore ‘n more.  She looked at him with a sly smile and her beautiful eyes began to dance with the same lustful waltz as the tummyflies which had suddenly arrived inside her without announcement either.

“Let’s do a little toy shopping, shall we?” he said with a burning twinkle in his gaze.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, gazing back at him with the same want for the need of humiliation.

And as they walked arm-and-arm across the small parking lot, her crinkling strides charged her with an electricity which was as intoxicating as always.  Her thoughts drifted back to the boardwalk and how helplessly humiliated she felt as she walked alongside him in a simple two-piece shirt-n-shorts outfit which did nothing to hide the noise or her padded bottom. 

She shuddered for a moment as a tingled glazed across her belly and traveled down between her legs.  She snapped herself back around this time, shaking free from that memory of Atlantic City.  And as he opened the front door for her, she realized for the first time that memories were wonderful to cherish, but senseless to reproduce when you could make all new ones instead.  Dwelling in the past was only for those who couldn’t see the future because they never looked.

The store had everything imaginable, from videos to magazines to a sizeable toy section.  Gabriel picked up a small red basket at the door and handed it to her.  At that moment, she knew they were in for some serious shopping.  And without skipping a beat, she went into what Gabriel called stealth mode – a look of determination that formed across Gina’s eyes and in her body language when she entered a shopping experience.

“A whole store of fantasies,” he said to her as they walked up to a wall of toys.

Some of the items fascinated her and some scared her a bit.  But nothing made her back off.  These weren’t just purchases for the sake of buying something.  They needed to be the right toys to break her down.  And with a fervent zeal for achieving that goal, she eyed up all the possible selections.

“Fantasies aren’t designed to replace the realities we keep,” he said, picking up a small egg-shaped plastic ball and placing it in her hand.  “They’re designed to enhance the realities we already live in.”

He closed her fingers around the egg before clicking the remote which came with it.  The egg starting vibrating and her eyes grew big-n-wide as he turned up the control to the full setting.  She gasped and then looked up to the wall, grabbing one of the packages with the remote controlled pink-colored internal egg and placing it in the red basket.

“So if fantasies are the garnishments of reality, where do fairy tales fall in all this?” she asked.  “What about the white knights and the fair maidens?”

He took a thick black leather strap down from the wall and slapped it across his palm.  Though she didn’t show reaction, the sound of the leather slapping jolted her and began a bit of teasing with her senses.

“Fairy tales?” he asked, slapping the strap across his palm again.  “I’m not sure, but I’ll take a crack at it.”

Placing the strap in the red basket, he took her in his arms, making her step forward with her bare feet up onto the insteps of his shoes.  She wobbled to stand still.

“I think what you’re getting at is a little more about the whole balance thing,” he said, keeping his hands behind her back as he steadied her stance.  “Cinderella needed to take a step forward in order to find her foot in that glass slipper.  But before she could do that, she had to be found.”

Gina knew what he was referencing.  She needed to speak of what bothered her more often, but in a quick-witted, fun-loving moment, she reached over to the wall and picked up a ball gag, placing it in the basket.  The twinkle in her eye jousted the conversation back to him.  How could she speak if she was gagged?

He began taking a few steps down the length of the wall.  She remained standing on his insteps for the short walk.

“Maybe you’re not getting the point at all,” he asked, taking down the thickest dildo she had ever seen and placing it in her hand to feel the girth.

The outside of this dildo wasn’t rubber and it wasn’t plastic.  It was covered with a skin-like material that moved.  She closed her eyes and tightened her lips to let out a steady, controlled breath as she placed the dildo in the red basket.  The fantasy it placed it her mind was a bit too intense for public.  But she would certainly revisit that memory, regardless of the consequences.

“When all is said and done, Princess, you’ll face those recurring fears for the last time on the day that you are prepared to tie up loose ends,” he said, helping to step off his shoes as he took down a full set of hog tie restraints.

They made their way to the register and Gina crinkled her near-skipping steps alongside him as she emptied the red basket on the counter. 

“Do you need any condoms?” the lady behind the counter asked with a usual tone of spunk, given the people she met working at that store and seeing the purchases they made.

“No,” Gina said cheerfully, glancing up at Gabriel with a gaze detailing the ultimate physical submission she was craving.

And exiting the store, she seemed to have a spring, if not a bounce to her steps as they made their way back to the car.

“Well, aren’t you suddenly bubbly?” he asked with a syrupy tone.

“Are you toying with me, Daddy?” she asked, her mind already filled with the lustful imagination of what was to come.

“Not yet,” he said, stopping in the middle of the parking lot and taking hold of both of her biceps.  “But give me one day of toying with you and I’ll show you that fantasy exists in more places than just along that line between want and need.”

Enhance me,” she whispered, embracing him.

“As you wish, my fair maiden,” he replied, embracing her back.

She felt the warmth rising up from his chest as she clung to him and the gentle rocking, back and forth, filled her with the sense of security she would always wanted.  It was one that told her that a glass slipper awaited her too and the first step she needed to take was truly Leaving the Atlantic.

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Gabriel and GinaGabriel and Gina

The reality of taking that first step forward and finding something you couldn’t have dreamed of.

Kindle – Nook PDF Ebook Smashwords – Kobo 

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