The Waddling Dead, Season Two – Episodes 5-7

Episodes 5-7

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Chapter Five: Standoff

Monday, 1pm

In the morgue, Doctor Glen was still looking at the virus on that glass slide under the microscope.  By now, Jimmy was a complete basket case and nervous wreck, distracting himself by reading a medical journal for infectious diseases they kept in the morgue for reference.  They both knew that CDC agents had arrived on the scene and would be in the morgue any minute.  But the doctor knew that both he and Jimmy could not, under any circumstances, leave that small lab room at the end of the morgue.  They easily could both be infected at that very moment, especially if this strange virus was airborne.  In fact, if it was airborne, everyone in the hospital as well as those new mothers and newborns evacuated, could suddenly be carriers of the disease.

Airborne seemed an unlikely possibility as there were police in the building who weren’t suited for protection against that.  But the fact that the CDC agents had arrived in hazmat suits was definitive indication that there was an extremely serious situation on their hands.

Unfortunately, because of Jimmy’s mental state, Doctor Glen couldn’t alert him to any of this.  So, in an effort to distract his nervous-Nelson assistant, Doctor Glen told Jimmy a story that would keep his attention until the CDC agents arrived.

“Jimmy,” Doctor Glen started, turning to face him.  “About ten years ago, I was working in a municipal hospital in the Boston area.  My job was quite similar to yours.  I was the assistant in the hospital morgue.  But I was also the assistant in high-risk situations, scenarios like: when a patient comes in and is sickly for an unknown reason but they are still alive.  They would be isolated and it would be my job to keep them isolated while closely monitoring everything about them, vitals and more.  My job was to keep them alive, all circumstances considered and all variables taken into account.”

Jimmy leaned back on the counter and folded his arms, listening.

“I had a patient who had flown into Boston and was so sickly that he was rushed to the hospital.  His temperature fluctuated and in response, his body would shut him down, in its natural attempt to battle the fever.  But then his fever would break and he would wake up, only to repeated the fever spike again a short while later,” Doctor Glen continued, stalling as long as he could as Jimmy was staying very close to the door – eager to run out of it.  “After about four hours of this, the patient began to heave for air.  Blood rose to the surface of his skin all over his body and he bled for every orifice as he internally hemorrhaged, flatlined and died.  Afterwards, myself and all other doctors and nurses who had been in contact with this patient were taken into a sort of quarantine custody.  And for three weeks, my body was physically monitored.  I was informed that, if I began to show signs of illness, I wouldn’t be saved.”

“Oh my God,” Jimmy said, the story having a dark ending.

“Yet here I am,” Doctor Glen said, standing up and turning around.  “I’m healthy and not dead.  My point it this: jumping to conclusions is what will kill you, not the unknown virus in this water.”

“I understand,” Jimmy said, lowering his chin.

“I hope you understand,” Doctor Glen replied, sitting back down in front of the microscope and taking yet another look at the virus.  “This prickly little fella in the water might be contained to just here in the morgue.  Everyone else might be safe, after all.”

At that moment the hazmat-suited CDC agents entered the morgue from the back entrance – a door on the side where dead bodies were taken out of when full-morgue facilities came to retrieve them.  Upon first sight of the yellow hazmat suits with hoods, Jimmy went hysterical.  The CDC agents walked into the small lab and Jimmy backed away from them, picking up the flask with the virus-infected water inside it.

“Get away from me!” Jimmy said, holding up the flask as a weapon.

“Jimmy, these men are with the Center for Disease Control,” Doctor Glen said, getting between the CDC agents and Jimmy as he tried to calm his assistant down.  “They’re here to help us.”

“No, they’re not!  They’re here to kill us!” Jimmy shouted, his hysterics growing worse – and because he had that flask in his hand, the seriousness of the situation growing equally as worse.  “You just told me what they did to you ten years ago.  They’re here to kill us!”

“That’s not true.  I’m alive.  They didn’t kill me and they’re not going to kill you, either,” Doctor Glen said, desperately trying to calm Jimmy.  “Just relax, Jimmy.  Let them help us.”

“Biosafety level four means that there are no known cures or vaccines,” Jimmy said, pointing to the medical journal he was read a few minutes ago.  “This is worse than anthrax!  It’s worse than H.I.V.!”

The CDC agents pushed Doctor Glen out of the way and approached Jimmy.  In response, he raised the flask to throw it.

“Jimmy, please don’t!” Doctor Glen shouted.

“We’re dead, Doctor Glen!  You and I are dead!  You knew we were dead when the CDC called back.  We’ve been exposed to this stupid virus and once they get what they want, we’re dead,” Jimmy said, now losing all senses of logic and reasoning.  “The way I see it, this flask is the only thing keeping us alive.  So long as they don’t have this flask, we have a chance.”

“If you don’t give them the flask, then no one in this hospital has any chance at all,” Doctor Glen reasoned.  “What you are holding is the virus, yes.  But you’re are also holding the only possible cure.”

The CDC agents lunged at Jimmy and he threw the flask at them.  They moved out of the way and grabbed for the flask.  Doctor Glen threw his arms up to block his face a split second before the flask hit his forearms and shattered.  The virus-infected pee water covered his face – stinging his eyes, going up his nostrils a bit and landing on his lips.

Doctor Glen collapsed to the ground, his hands covering his face as he shrieked.  The CDC agents quickly backed out of the small lab and shut the door.  Grief stricken, Jimmy helped Doctor Glen stand to his feet while guiding him over to the sink.

Doctor Glen washed his face as Jimmy held him up.  But it was too late.  The damage was done and a few seconds later, Doctor Glen collapsed to the floor.  He began to rake his fingers down his face as if he was trying to get the water out of his nasal cavity.  Sneezing as hard as he could, he still couldn’t dislodge the water.  Then he gripped at his chest, gasping for air as his eyes grew big like hard-boiled eggs.

Chapter Six: The Outbreak

Minutes later

All patients had complied with the directions from their nurses to get back in their rooms and to stay there until further notice.  But it was the further notice part of it that was the current problem.   The nurses weren’t receiving any further instructions, not from Doctor Glen or the CDC or even the police.  Rikki kept calling the morgue, but obviously Doctor Glen wasn’t picking up the phone.  The reasoning was not yet obvious to her and this was why she kept calling, wondering what was keeping him from contacting her with more information.

And as she waited for a return call from him she would never receive, Rikki started piecing together the facts of Britney and Georgia’s fish tale story with what was happening all throughout the hospital that day.  Maybe the tale wasn’t a fishy as it seemed.

Certain things lined up:

  1. Pollution in the campground well water – A virus had been found in a baby bottle that arrived with the sorority girls.
  2. Sickness turning people into zombies – The corpses that arrived DOA certainly had a zombie-like appearance to them.
  3. The infection spreads through open wounds – Biosafety level four viruses are spread by direct contact.
  4. This sickness kills people – Biosafety level four is deadly.

But if this sickness had killed people, then turning them into zombies … how had Britney manage to kill the host?


In the morgue, Doctor Glen writhed in agony on the floor of the small lab.  His flesh sunk in, turning dry and then turning slimy as it went gray in color.  The muscles beneath his skin became pronounced with their new leathery covering.  His joints dislocated themselves as his limb began to contort.  The sound of his bones crackling inside his body could be heard.  And that was when he finally passed away.  But his body kept moving, kept twitching erratically.

Seeing this hideous transformation from outside the small lab, the CDC called for police back-up, summoning several armed officers to the morgue.  But not even bullets would be able to stop this.

The doctor’s knuckles swelled to a thickness worse than what the most severe case of arthritis would have done to them.  His gums bleed.  His teeth shifted.  His eyes sunk into their sockets and turned dark.

And that was when he started breathing again.

Placing his palms flat on the floor, he lifted up his torso – rolling his neck and learning how to move with the new configuration of his body.  Seeing Doctor Glen transforming into an unrecognizable creature, Jimmy grabbed for the doorknob and tried to open the door.  Only to be denied by the CDC agents who had locked the door from the outside.

The police arrived on the scene, drawing their weapons when they saw this hideous monster rise up onto its knees in the small lab.

“Let me out!” Jimmy screamed, pulling at the doorknob.

But Jimmy wasn’t going anywhere.  Picking up a chair, he began to smash it into the glass window of the small lab, only to find that the glass was shatter-proof.  Again and again and again, he slammed the chair into the glass, to no avail.  Then the police and the CDC agents took a few steps backward, Jimmy turning around and seeing Doctor Glen standing on his feet.  He was diseased, decrepit and most-presumably infectious.

Grabbing Jimmy by the left side of his face, the doctor sunk his nails into his assistant’s scalp.  Then he grabbed Jimmy’s right shoulder and tilted his head out of the way, before lunging down and sinking his teeth into Jimmy’s right clavicle as well as the lower front of his throat.

Jimmy screamed in pain as the doctor took an enormous flesh-filled and bone-chipped bite out of him.  Jimmy gurgled and spit up blood, going limp all over and finally falling to the floor when the doctor let go of him.  The doctor tilted his head to the side, stepping forward and looking through the glass window at the CDC agents and police on the other side.  He began to chew the flesh in his mouth as he watched the police line up and aim their guns at him.

“Fire!” one of the policeman said, all six of them emptying the chambers of their guns.

The glass was shatter-proof, but not bulletproof.  And when they stopped firing, the glass was still intact, just with a whole lot of bullet holes in it.  There didn’t appear to be any movement in the small lab, though this could no longer be confirmed by sight as the glass window was so cracked that it could no longer be seen through.

“That had to kill him,” one of the policeman said as all the officers reloaded their guns.

“It didn’t kill him,” one of the CDC agents remarked.  “But hopefully, it knocked him unconscious long enough for us to get him into containment.”

“Are you telling me 36 bullets can’t kill him?” the policeman asked.

“I’m telling you 1000 bullets can’t kill him,” the CDC agent replied.  “But it’s not his body that we are trying to destroy.  There is a virus inside him that could kill us all.”

The policemen took another step backward after hearing what that CDC agent said.

“Don’t worry.  The virus can only be spread through direct contact,” the CDC agent said, he and another CDC agent walking up to the cracked window and pushing it inward.

The police raised their newly-loaded guns and got ready to fire again.  But there was no diseased doctor standing inside that small lab.  Presumably, he was now laying on the floor – temporarily unconscious from having been shot three dozen times.  The police and the CDC agents walked up to the now-open window space and looked inside the small lab.

And that was when Jimmy jumped out of the room, leaping up from the floor and tackling the police.  His deformities were similar to those of Doctor Glen and his hideous appearance was proof that the virus was now inside him.  Before a single shot could be fired, Jimmy raked the eyes of all the policemen and then feasted on their flesh and blood.

Next, the doctor jumped out of the room, going after the CDC agents and slashing at their throats.  The doctor was already coated with his own blood that poured out of the bullet holes.  Feasting on the CDC agents, he satisfied his craving for flesh.  And then, both Doctor Glen and Jimmy stood over their victims, watching them take their last living breaths.

In just a few minutes, the first wave of zombies would be transformed.  And the entire hospital, now so conveniently locked down, would become a smorgasbord for the undead.

Chapter Seven: The First Wave

Monday, 1:30pm

“Alright, girls,” Rikki said, flinging the door open and walking into Britney and Georgia’s room.  “Don’t believe, for half a second, that I’m buying a single word of the story you told me.  But, let’s pretend that what you said was the truth.  Britney, how was it possible for you to kill someone who was already dead?  And I’m talking about this host you spoke of killing.”

Britney sighed and leaned back on her pillow.  Rikki had lost the fun flavor her personality possessed when she first met the girls.  It was understandable as to why Rikki had changed, given the circumstances.

“Now is not the time for sighing, reluctancy or tears,” Rikki said, sharply but with a softened tone as she walked over and sat on the side of Britney’s bed.  “There is a very deadly problem in this hospital that arrived when you sorority girls showed up at the ER this morning.  The two of you have the answers we need to questions that could prevent any more suffering.  So I need to know, Britney … how were you, the first human being in the history of us all, able to kill a virus?”

“I don’t think you would believe me if I told you,” Britney said, Rikki glaring her down.  “Okay, okay.  It requires the simplest solution of liquid imaginable.  Quite honestly, it’s completely natural.”

At that moment, in the middle of Britney’s explanation, screaming began on that third floor.  Rikki got up and ran over to the door, Britney and Georgia following as the three of them looked down the hallway.  Indeed, several of them were screaming but none of them ran out into the hallway.  Rikki briskly began walking down the hallway.

“Girls, stay in your room,” she called back to Britney and Georgia.

Then a girl’s voice that was screaming turned into gurgling noises, Britney and Georgia looking at each other in horror.

It couldn’t have been happening, not again.

“Iris and Lorna are down there,” Georgia said with a tone of panic, she and Britney then sprinting down the hallway – only to be stopped dead in their tracks when they saw a girl’s body flying out of one of the rooms and hitting the wall on the other side of the hallway.

Rikki ran up to the girl and knelt down.  The left sternum of the girl looked like it had been bitten into, a big chunk of her flesh and interior muscle missing.  The girl heaved for air with the tiniest of gasps, all the more she could muster as blood then began pouring out over her lips.

Britney and Georgia ran down the hallway and into Iris and Lorna’s room, retrieving the two girls and running back out into the hallway.

“Come on,” Britney said to Rikki, the nurse still in shock about what the injured girl looked like.  “You can’t save her. Come on.”

“Get off me!” Rikki shouted back, yanking her arms free of Britney’s grab and standing up to face her.  “I need answers from you!”

“I’ll give you all the answers you want to hear,” Britney said, mounting the alpha female challenge.  “But they won’t do you much good if you’re dead.”

“What?” Rikki snapped back, confused by Britney’s statement.

Then another girl’s body came flying out of a room, hitting the far-side wall and landing on the floor.  The entire front of this girl’s neck had been bitten off and she was a blood-gushing mess.  Still alive, at most for a few more seconds, the girl reached out to Rikki.

Then the second girl died.  Rikki looked back at the first girl, now also dead.  And the zombie who had been feasting on and tossing these girls, sauntered out into the hallway.  It was one of the policeman from the morgue, now decrepit and ghoulish and diseased.

Rikki made eye contact with the zombie cop.  But he only had eye sockets left, though he could still sense the presence of the living.

“Come on!” Britney screamed, grabbing Rikki’s arms as she, Rikki, Georgia, Iris and Lorna ran in the opposite direction of the zombie.  “Girls, we gotta go down one floor.  Head for the stairwell.  We’ve gotta get Brook and Angelina.  Brook has a broken ankle.  So we’re gonna have to carry her.”

But in their sprint towards the stairwell at the other end of that floor, Rikki and the girls were brought to a screeching halt when another zombie appeared – this one dressed in a CDC hazmat suit.

“Oh, Hell No!” Lorna said, running full-speed and charging into the zombie.

But she bounced off his body like she weighed nothing and like he was a stone statue – cemented into the floor.

“They’re a lot stronger this time, Britney!” Lorna said, crawling backwards but not getting away from him – the zombie reaching down and grabbing her by the hair to then toss her easily.

Lorna slammed into a wall and dropped to the floor.  Georgia and Iris ran over to retrieve her.  But strangely, this zombie wasn’t looking to bite anyone.  Instead, he had his eyes locked on Rikki.

“A friend of yours, Rikki?” Britney asked her, Rikki stepping backwards.  “Get to the stairwell, girls!”

Britney then smashed the glass casing around a fire extinguisher in that hallway and grabbed it, pointing it at the floor and spraying.  The fog created when using a fire extinguisher filled the air in that hallway, making it impossible to see anything. The zombie kept walking towards them, but then slipped when he reached the floor that had been sprayed.  He fell to the ground, flat on his back.  When he sat up, Britney swung the metal fire extinguisher and connected it with the side of his face.  His head turned to the side and he dropped over again.

Britney dropped the fire extinguisher and grabbed Rikki’s hand.  Georgia and Iris helped Lorna to her feet as they all ran into the stairwell, the screams still being heard on the third floor.  But once they got into that stairwell, they saw several zombies also walking into the stairwell from the second floor – where they were headed, where Brook and Angelina were!

The zombies walked down to the first floor, single-file and in a fashion as to suggest that they were being controlled and summoned.

“There’s a new patient zero,” Britney whispered as she and the girls remained still until the zombies went down a full flight of stairs.

“A new what?” Rikki whispered.

“A new host,” Britney clarified.  “And it’s already making a drone army.  Oh God, please let Brook and Angelina be alright.”

Cautiously, they made their way down the flight of stairs to the doorway to the second floor.  Cracking it open, Britney peeked out – the chaotic sounds of screaming being just as loud as on the third floor.  Sprinting out and heading for Brook and Angelina’s room, Britney dodged the swing of the first zombie she encountered – another policeman turned rotten and dead.

Knocked to the ground, she tried to get back up to her feet.  But the zombie grabbed her left foot and lifted her straight up into the air.  With her hospital gown not fluttered down over her face, she couldn’t see him.  But, remembering Lorna’s self-defense advice back at the campground, Britney went for mobility points on the zombie’s body.  With her free right foot, she kicked the front of the zombie’s left knee – repeatedly slamming her heel into his knee cap.  But the zombie had no reaction.  They certainly were much physically stronger this time, as strong as Ursula had been.

Lifting Britney’s left foot up, the zombie leaned in for a bite.  But at that very moment, Rikki plunged a syringe into the side of the zombie’s neck.  The zombie dropped Britney and then dropped to its knees before doing a face-plant on the floor.  Britney wasted no time in racing into Brook and Angelina’s room to find that they were both gone.  Dropping to her own knees and covering her face to cry, Britney then heard the bathroom door in that room slowly opening – Angelina and Brook having hidden themselves at the first sign of the familiar trouble.  Britney embraced both of the girls and then Brook got up on Angelina’s back as they joined the group.

“What was in that needle you stuck in his neck?” Georgia asked, seeing the zombie twitching but not getting up.

“I have no idea.  I found it in the nurses’ station,” Rikki replied.  “But whatever it was, it seemed to do the trick.”

“For now,” Iris said.  “We’ve gotta find some place to hide.”

“I know where to go.  Follow me,” Rikki said, leading them down a quieter corridor of the second floor and into a private room that was designated for doctors to sleep in when they needed it.

“This will do,” Angelina said, setting Brook down on the bed in that room as Rikki locked the door.  “… for now.”

“Now,” Rikki said to Britney.  “… how did you kill the host?”

“Pee water,” Britney answered with no hesitation.

“Pee water?” Rikki asked in disbelief.

“Yep,” Britney replied, the other girls nodding their confirmations.  “But just pee itself works, too.”

“Pee?” Rikki asked again.  “Urine?”

“Yep,” Britney answered again, Rikki throwing her hands up in the air – willing to believe anything at this point without reason or logic.

“So, when you killed the host, what happened then?” Rikki asked.

“The sickness lifted and everyone recovered,” Georgia answered.

“Just like that?  With no further ado?” Rikki asked, the girls nodding.  “So, the sickness was a virus that required a host in order to stay alive ……. That makes absolutely no sense at all.”

Rikki inhaled deeply and then exhaled the same, taking a seat.

“Is this host here in this hospital?” Rikki asked.

“Yes …… It’s Ursula,” Britney replied.

“And does anyone, by chance, know where Ursula is at right now?” Rikki asked, flabbergasted by the whole situation.

“She’s dead,” Angelina said, looking at the other girls.  “So, she’s probably in the morgue, I would imagine.”

Rikki’s eyes grow big and wide, grabbing the phone in the private quarters and trying to reach Doctor Glen in the morgue.

Now it was starting to make sense.  For as far-fetched as it still seemed, the factual medical evidence and proof was all around them.

The virus in the well at that campground had been transported here, likely in the baby bottle Doctor Glen said he had found on one of the girl’s stretchers.  That was what the CDC saw in those magnified pictures.  And an outbreak was what they were trying to avoid.  That was also why they put the entire hospital on lockdown.

Rikki hung up the phone, Doctor Glen having not answered.

“Now what do we do?” Rikki asked.  “They can’t be killed by anything we know of … except for pee.  So there’s nothing we can arm ourselves with, no weapon that will do any good against them.”

“Well, I know something that will help,” Brook said to Rikki.  “And I’m sure you have a lot of them in this hospital.”

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