25 Breath-Takers

25 Breath-Taking and Unforgettable Images

We’ve all heard the saying: “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”.  The power of imagery is only exceeded by the power of imagination, creativity.  Images often help us imagine.

If you get online to find pictures of ABDLs (whether male or female), you’ll be truly inundated by the amount of websites, networks, paysites and various other sites where you can find.

I remember going through that stage.  I woul peruse every ABDL site I could find, and this was before FetLife and a lot of the ABDL paysites existed.  So I had to search hard.

But I loved finding those pictures of BabyGirls which told a story.  Those were the ones which I found to be truly breath-taking.  And it wasn’t until I entered into my first Daddy/BabyGirl relationship that I would replace the faces in those pictures with hers. 

This is a collection of the 25 ABDL pictures from my past searches which I feel are are breath-taking and unforgettable for the stories they tell.  Some are fake.  Some are models.  But they all tell the same story of a dynamic unlike any other.

#25 – Letting her hair down and unwinding in a fashion just as beautiful and breath-taking as every other “look” she has tucked away in her diaperbag.








#24 – And what thoughts are racing through her head? Whatever they are, her thumb goes in her mouth, and she curls up in the fetal position, prepared to dream an AB memory.





#23 – The Diaper Change. “Tiny” & “Little” feelings become so intense that tummy butterflies and excitement make her fidget. Her spine quivers and her mind goes numb with thoughts of finally satisfying that desire in her heart to completely release every little secret in her soul.




#22 – This girl is a combination of pretty, little, and uncertain. The sight of her makes you want to hold her in your arms and rock her gently until she feels loved, cherished and safe.







#21 – Angel in the Sand – Lost in her own world and ready to build a sand castle.





#20 – I have no idea where I found this picture, but I hope she is real and I hope she has found a guy who makes her feel loved like no other.

And with any luck, he’ll have a moment to tend to the diaper change it looks that she needs.






#19 – The danger of the thrill of “discovery” … only for those who want their hearts to pound heavily durning a spring shopping trip.





#18 – Absolutely Enamored – When you are alone with each other, and the rest of the world becomes background noise, what you have is a connection that defies conventional love upon sight and allows you to see into a soul through one’s eyes.






#17 – Sleepy Heather, Far Away and Dreaming – And Babydolled up on a blanket. Pleasant dreams, Princess…





#16 – Strawberry Tail End – Do we look at a girl’s bottom? You bet! And when her bottom is diapered, well … we may have to start staring.






#15 – On the Floor and in Need of Attention.  She is a fuss and most likely a mess.  And to get her to settle down, you simply need to unfasten the tapes of her diaper.

Sound like a silly solution?  Try it.  For as upset as she may be, the thought of not being in a diaper is even more upsetting to a BabyGirl.  A loose diaper will keep her still. 





#14 – Fernanda & a Snoopy Bottle Feeding – A girl drinking from a bottle is a precious sight alone, but when she dribbles a little? … ah yes.

Precious has just gone adorable.




#13 – In the Tub.  What need to be said about this which isn’t all ready obvious?






#12 – Thumbsucker – Bright, dancing eyes with an intense look of fantasy on her mind.

The thought?

“How will her fantasy feel in reality?”

Keep thinking of it, Princess.  It feels wonderful.





#11 – Prebabygirl – Going ‘shy’ before she even begins her “BabyGirl time”.








#10 – Saturday Morning Papers – Saturday morning, and all day long everything will be calm and sweet and soft and gentle. No switching back to the Adult side…not today.





#9 – Daddy’s Check – And with that tender touch he regresses her mind, crumbles her free will and takes her submission.




#8 – Succumb – At the risk of sounding sexist, the thought of a barefoot girl running around the house in nothing but her earrings and her diaper makes a Daddy’s senses come alive.

And when that “shy” feeling comes across her face, she assumes that role of “little” in her mind.





#7 – Baby and her Lover – A priceless combination – exactly what each was looking for.








#6 – Sunny in her Crib – An ABDL Girl’s dream scenario. A crib, hopefully in the middle of a nursery made perfectly to her heart’s every wish and desire.




#5 – Sweet Dreams – There are few things more beautiful than a girl sleeping. The way her body and face relax is a sight worth watching all night long.







#4 – ‘Seepy Day Trip – Felicity, from the a paysite site, I believe.

Her photo sessions are unparalleled at capturing the innocence of a BabyGirl’s soul.




#3 – Happy Meal Girl – I’m not one for taking things out in public. It attracts attention that never leaves. But the idea of it, the fantasy of it, is truly intoxicating to the heart.





#2 – If this isn’t Alicia Silverstone, it must be her twin.  Everybody has a dream about a celebrity they’d like to see like this.  Alicia is definitely on my list.




#1 – BackSeat Change – Once again, this BabyGirl displays absolute innocence, that purest vulnerability seeking gentleness and tenderness.

It makes me wanna dream … or wanna write a story.


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