Getting What She Wanted


She sat patiently,  remembering what she had told her Daddy she wanted for the weekend: “I just wanna be your BabyGirl and I don’t wanna stop.”

And he promised her she would be.

Now as she sat in the car seat – nursing on her pacifier, crinkling in her diaper and wearing a very baby-ish get up.  What could possibly have been any more intense than what she was about to experience? 

He had often spoken of the day they would go Out-n-About as a Daddy and BabyGirl.  And now she tingled with thoughts of what that meant and what it was going to feel like.

But she got what she wanted.  She had been a BabyGirl all weekend, non-stop.  Daddy had made good on his promise and he certainly would keep her feeling like a BabyGirl when he discovered she had wet her diaper.

And she knew exactly where he was going to change her.

25 “Dream Makers”
The Pictures Stories

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