The Waddling Dead: Episode 11

Episode Eleven: “Braking” and Entering

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Saturday morning, 10:30 am

The seven Eclectics sprinted towards the dining hall, Britney leading the way and swinging her wooden club like she was Conan the Barbarian.  Her first few strikes were to the three zombie bitches on the ground that she had paralyzed a few minutes ago.  They were still dead, but they wouldn’t be waddling anymore.

The group stayed close behind her, Angelina having scooped up Brook and carried her since Brook was shorter than everyone else and wouldn’t have been able to run as fast.  Clearing a pathway, Britney took out another six waddlers, breaking knee caps and trying to kill with more blows to the head – to no success.

“I’m telling you, Britney.  We need things like knives,” Lorna shouted as they drew nearer to the dining hall.  “You’ve got to stab through their skulls to kill them.  It’s the only way!”

“Shut up, Lorna!” Georgia said with heavy breathing as they all got to the dining hall and stopped to catch their breaths.  “That’s what they say to do in a TV show!  It doesn’t mean it works.”

“I kinda think if you stab anyone through the head, it will kill them,” Iris said, trying to find the kind way to calm everyone’s tension while making an obvious point without insulting anyone.

“You shut up too, Iris!”  Georgia shouted at her, looking around for the vehicle.  “They’re already dead.  You can’t kill something that is already dead.  Britney, where is this station wagon?”

“Around the back.  Come on,” Britney replied, sprinting her crinkly waddle around the dining hall – the other six following her closely.

“There it is!” Rebecca said, pointing to the dusted relic – parked just ten feet from the back of the building.  “It doesn’t look like it’s been used in a while.”

“At least the brakes are holding,” Angelina said, referencing how the station wagon was parked downward on a slight incline.  “I’ll get it started, though.  Don’t worry.”

Angelina set Brook down and tried to open the driver’s door.

“I don’t suppose we’ll be able to ask anyone where the keys are at,” Angelina said, trying the rear left passenger’s door – also locked.

“They’re coming!”  Brook shouted, pointing at the waddling dead – still a good distance away but advancing towards them with labored side-to-side motions.

“Can you pick locks, Angelina?” Rebecca asked with anxiousness.

“There’s no time for that,” Britney said, swinging her wooden club and smashing the small window on the right rear passenger’s door.

Reaching in, she unlocked the door and stepped back.  Angelina and Brook got in first, climbing up into the front seats.  Iris, Lorna and Rebecca got in next, climbing into the very back.  Georgia got into the middle seat.  Britney looked at the back of the dining hall, wondering if the slim chance of Chloe having survived was a reality or a pipe dream.

“Get in, Brit,” Angelina said, sitting behind the steering wheel and reaching underneath to hotwire it.

Looking around the campground one last time, Britney searched for other survivors.  She could hear their screams in the distance, but the thick tree-covering of the campground made the noises bounce all over the place.  So there was no way of knowing what cabin had baby sisters in it who were still fighting for their lives.

“Britney, get in the car now!!” Angelina shouted, Britney snapping out of her daze and realizing how close the approaching waddlers were.

So Britney got in and locked her door, remaining right there as she would need to fight off any zombie arms that tried reaching through the broken small window.  It seemed, however, that Angelina was having trouble getting the car hotwired to start.  And with approaching waddlers, the situation was about to become despite.

“What’s wrong?” Georgia asked from the middle seat, looking to Angelina behind the steering wheel.

“I don’t know,” Angelina said, flipping herself over on her back and dangling her legs into the middle seat area so she could get her torso and arms down by the pedals.  “I don’t think this car can be hotwired?”

“Why not?” Brook asked with panic, looking at the arriving waddlers around the car and starting to cry.

“I don’t think there’s a battery under the hood,” Angelina said, trying one more time to hotwire the car before giving up and flipping back around to sit upright again.  “This is not good.”

“Everybody hold tight,” Britney said as the station wagon became surrounded by waddlers, the vehicle being slammed into and rocked.

Brook began to scream deafeningly as she curled up into a ball on the front passenger’s seat.  Georgia leaned up from the middle, grabbed Brook in the front passenger’s seat and pulled her back into the middle seat.  That was when the waddlers started pushing on the windows.  One particular eager waddler stuck her entire right arm through the broken small window next to where Britney was sitting.  The zombified hand grabbed Brook by the hair and began to pull on her for a split second before Britney placed her wooden club under the arm, forcing it upward and breaking it.

Then all the windows started to crack, the zombies getting closer to breaking through.  Again, the rocked the station wagon, the three girls in the very huddling together and shaking like leaves.

“This wasn’t a good idea at all!” Georgia yelled, the station wagon really starting to rock now as the waddlers had doubled in number outside the car and through joined strength – were capable of flipping the vehicle over with enough momentum and attempts.

Then the front windshield shattered into a million pieces, Angelina crawling backwards as Georgia and Brook pulled her into the middle seat as well.  Two waddlers climbed up onto the hood of the car and reached into the front seat, grabbing at Angelina’s ankles and pulling on her.  Britney leaned forward and jabbed at the waddlers, but couldn’t make a full swing at them because she was inside a station wagon where she had no room to wind her arm up.

The five other Eclectics grabbed hold of Angelina’s arms and torso, trying to pull her backwards as the two waddlers kept trying to pull her out onto the hood.  Britney was ineffective with her wooden club and the waddlers all waddled around to the front of the car, more zombified hands grabbing at Angelina’s ankles and shins.

There seemed to be no way for them to escape, not without one of them sacrificing herself for the rest – the way Chloe had done.  The girls kept pulling on Angelina and Angelina kept flailing her legs, kicking her ankles free several times.  But then the waddlers began climbing up onto the hood and crawling onto the dashboard.  This was the moment when it finally the escape route finally presented itself.

“No.  Wait.  Let them pull me out a bit more,” Angelina shouted at the Eclectics.

“We are not giving you up, Angelina!”  Rebecca cried, refusing to let go of her.

“You won’t have to give me up,” Angelina explained, Britney figuring out what the escape plan was and joining hands with Angelina.

“Everyone get ready to lean back,” Britney said, positioning herself to keep locked hands with Angelina.  “Brace yourself and when the moment is right, open the doors and run.”

“When is the moment going to be right?” Brook cried out, Britney making eye-contact with Georgia – Georgia then understanding what was about to happen.

“You’ll know when the moment is right, Brook,” Georgia said to her.  “Just be ready to move, sweetie.”

“Ready?” Angelina asked, her left hand being held by Georgia and her right hand being held by Britney.  “Go!!”

Continuing to hold her hands, Georgia and Britney allowed her to be pulled forward into the front seat.  And when she could finally reach it, she put her left knee on top of the steering column gear shift – forcing it down two notches into neutral.  The station wagon, positioned on an incline, rolled forward quickly.  Some of the waddlers were run over.  Some of them were thrown off.  And a split second beforehand, Angelina kicked those who were still on the hood, forcing them backwards and into the back of the dining hall.  Then the station wagon plowed into them as it slammed into the back of the dining hall.

The three Eclectics in the very back opened the back hatch and crawled out.  Brook and Georgia followed them out, then Angelina and finally Britney who swung her club at an approaching waddler – just a moment before it got its hands on Angelina.

The girls were running everywhere.  Chaos was dividing them.

“Angelina, get them back together,” Britney said – Angelina running after the girls, not seeing the two waddlers who grabbed at Britney.

Breaking free from both of them, Britney sprinted her crinkling hips around the side of the dining hall – then running into the dining hall and directly into the kitchen.  Shutting the door behind her, she leaned back against it to catch her breath – only to have her breath taken away once again from what she saw in front of her.

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