The BabyGirl Philosophies: Emmitt to Rose

When a BabyGirl finally embraces that she is a BabyGirl, her little world opens up great big-n-wide.  Everything she had overlooked or taken for granted sudden become the focal points of her life.

She begins to dream while being awake, looking around and seeing the things in this world that she wants to be in her world.  She studies these things, first fantasizing about having them before doing anything about it.  She remains as this dreamer until she is ready to make her little world everything she wants it to be.

Rose Bedford is one such BabyGirl, a simple sweet soul who walked the concrete streets of yesterday to find her golden fields of today.

To offer up a few examples of the BabyGirl mindset, I thought I’d write about a few BabyGirls which I know pretty well in some couples I know pretty well.

What couples?

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


Emmitt to Rose

Having lived an uptight city life, Rose moves to the country – determined to break the repeating cycles that were controlling her ability to not only be happy but also to just live the way she wanted.  She would give anything to be free from it all, to ride with the wind, to pursue the fairy tale she daydreamed about and to turn her life into a journey to find her ever after.

She would do all of that and more, packing her life into a moving truck and heading south to the country.  She made it all the way to a Carolina horse farm where she met Emmitt, a sweaty cowboy who had a habit of taking off his shirt.

Rose never complained about this, instead sitting on the front porch of her little cottage on the other side of the horse farm pond – watching this shirtless cowboy and day dreaming about him being her Daddy.

This was the moment when Rose became Country Rose and when this ABDL romance series kicked into high gear.

With pink diapers hidden in her closet, Rose stops being a dreamer and pursues something she wants to be in her world … Emmitt – her cowboy heartthrob.

The Country Rose SeriesAn age play romance about a city girl and a country guy who learned that horsin’ around was exactly what they both needed.


The BabyGirl Philosophies, one couple and one BabyGirl’s thoughts at a time.

Zeke and LilyGabriel and GinaEric and MiaElliot and PennyEmmitt and Rose


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