The Four Gifts – Part 2 of 2

WarningThis ain’t no Daddy/BabyGirl story!  In fact, it’s the polar opposite of that.

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The Four GiftsPart 2

For as much as his body wanted to keep struggling towards natural reaction, his mind intervened and convinced him to lay still.  And when he finally stopped fighting, Vicky slid straight up – hold her opening around his tip for a moment before incrementally sliding back down.  This was not only an intense sensation for him to endure.  It was also an intense one for her, too.

Penetration, often romanticized in many ways, was a very jarring experience for a female.  And yes, there was enjoyment she got from it.  But it was a different kind of enjoyment than what David got from it.  If done right, she could reach the summit of pleasure from penetration.  But Vicky was always particular about her orgasms and that was why she enjoyed being on top the most.

Locking her elbows to hold herself up, she clenched her pelvic muscles around the base of his cock – the entire length of his shaft now back inside her.  She began to rock back-n-forth, making the movements something that benefitted her more.  She would do this for a while, whimpering herself and beginning to breathe heavier and heavier.  Then she would stop moving back-n-forth, beginning to move up-n-down and making the movements something more beneficial for him.  Over and over, she slid herself upward and then pounced back down – their pelvic bones connecting again and again.

It took everything David had to keep himself from cumming.  And while he was struggling but holding up on the physical management of self, his emotions let loose.  He began fussing uncontrollably, tears welling in his eyes.  It all had become too much for him to handle.  Unphased by his attention-getting tantrum, Vicky leaned over the top half of his body – taking the pacifier out of his mouth and plopping her right breast down over his lips … allowing him to freely follow his instincts this time by beginning to nurse from her nipple as she returned to the back-n-forth motions that furthered her arousal.

“Shhhhhhhh,” she whispered, shushing him with choppy breath – her reaction to the penetration and the movements.

David was an emotional mess – but with a bit of received domination, steady nursing from her breast and her shushes, he slowly calmed down.  Though happy to see he was finding a bit of ease, Vicky was in no rush to see him recover quickly at all.  The longer he fussed, the longer she could extend her only pleasure from the penetration.

But he would indeed settle down.  And when he did, she sat and dismounted him – sitting back on her haunches.

“Happy birthday, baby,” she said with a devilish grin, pulling the front of his diaper back up over his stiffened cock.  “Just breathe, baby.  But don’t you dare relax one little bit.  You have a Christmas present coming to you next.  And I think it’s one you are really going to enjoy a lot.”

Reaching back behind her to that stack of items she carried into the bedroom, she picked up her vibrator – turning it on and gazing down at David with devilish delight.

“Now don’t move, baby,” she said with tease as she parted his legs more widely, placing her bent knees on the middle of his thighs – and getting comfortable in her front row seat of the show that was about to take place.

Touching the vibrating wand to his belly button, she moved the wand back and forth across his belly, getting him accustomed to the feel of the vibrations but not going near the front of his diaper … not yet.  David closed his eyes, not wanting to see the build-up tease she was going to put him through.  It would only make the wait that much more excruciating for him.  Breathing heavily through his opened mouth, his chest heaved up and down – his heart beginning to pound with fury.  And despite his attempt to keep Vicky’s tease out of sight, it wasn’t out of mind.

He began imagining what the vibrations would feel like on his diaper.  He knew it would be intense because of how his stiffened cock was positioned inside his diaper, flat to his abdomen with his bulging underside vein contacting the inside of the diaper.  This meant he was in a vulnerable position and when she started touching the vibrator to his diaper, those vibrations would go straight to that underside vein.

He wouldn’t have a chance to hold out for very long.  And he knew that punishment would follow, if she hadn’t given him permission to cum when it happened.  Vicky knew what she was doing and that was why she pulled the front of his back up into place, position his cock that way.  She was going to maintain complete control of him, even in as situation where control was barely possible.

“Now you be a good boy for me,” Vicky whispered with a syrupy sweet tone as she placed the tip of the vibrator over the tapes at his right hip.

She didn’t touch the tip to the diaper, but got it so close to the plastic surface that the vibrations traveled into the diaper anyway.  David gasped and froze in place, hoping that a lack of movement would lessen the likelihood that he would erupt in a matter of mere seconds.  Slowly, she moved the vibrator over top of the front waist band of his diaper – all the way over to the tapes at his left hip.  His breathing became deep and steady as he already had begun struggling to keep control of himself.

“Mmmmmm,” Vicky hummed with closed lips as she began to zig zag the wand back-n-forth across his diaper, going from one hip to the other and slowly moving downward.  “It’s going to feel soooooo good, baby.”

The vibrations grew with intensity as the wand went further and further down the front of his diaper, beginning to send vibrating twinges down the elastic edgings at the top of his thighs and to the back of his diaper as well.

Then she placed the wand flat to the front of the diaper, the tip coming to rest right on the tip of his cock.  As any guy would tell you, the most sensitive area of the cock, at the beginning of such stimulation, is at its base.  The sensations travel upwards and the tip of the cock then becomes the most sensitive area right before the moment of eruption.  But Vicky opted to start at the top and work downward, realizing that six months of build-up wouldn’t take long to come out – if she had chosen the usual pathway.

“Didn’t it feel wonderful for that stiff little dick of yours to have been inside me?” Vicky asked with torturous tease in her voice as she ever-so-gently moved the tip of the wand down the front of his diaper and thusly, down his underside vein – from mushroomed head to the base and then right back up to the head.

David gasped again, instinct making him try to rock his hips.  But with her bent knees pushing into the middle of his thighs, he wasn’t moving at all.  In fact, having his thighs pinned down like that was encouragement for him to not try to move again as his first attempt put pain in his thighs … daring him to try it again and risk giving himself a Charlie Horse.

“Hmm?” she asked, moving the tip of the wand down his underside vein again and then pushing it inward between his legs, the vibrations going straight into his balls.

This made him squirm, incessantly.  It actually hurt – as opposed to feeling good.

“Did you enjoy your birthday present, baby?” she asked with laughter in her voice as he nodded – his throat having run dry.  “And don’t you wish you had more than one birthday a year?”

David nodded again, trying to distract himself from the pain she was putting into his balls by contacting them with the vibrating wand.

“I, really, wish, that, you, had, a, bigger, cock,” Vicky said with animation, moving the wand up-n-down and up-n-down the front of his diaper quickly with each word – David struggling to keep his brains from oozing out of his ears.  “If you had a bigger cock, I would have felt you when you were inside me.  But all I felt was a little tickle.  It’s no wonder you have a diaper fetish.  It’s no wonder you like age play.  That little dingy of yours is so small it belongs in a diaper.”

Humiliation sunk into David all over, little pings of electricity dancing all over his body.  Vicky knew just what to say.

“I think it’s time, baby.  Hmm?  Do you think it’s time?” she asked with a sweetness in her voice.  “Should Mommy give you your Christmas present now?  Hmm?  Should Mommy let you baby cum in your diaper?”

David nodded vigorously, opening his eyes and gazing up at her with hope in his irises.  Vicky laughed hysterically.

“Okay, baby,” she said, moving her planted knees off the middle of his thighs and kneeling between his legs to stay out of the way as she placed the tip of the vibrating wand on the center of his underside vein.  “You may cum.  Go ahead.  Cum for Mommy.  Make it happen.”

Without a moment of hesitation, David began rocking his hips – his now freed thighs making it possible for such movement to happen.  With Vicky holding the tip of the wand in one place, the vibrations went inward more deeply and intensely than when the wand was being moved about.  With each rocking motion he made, he thrusted his diapered endowment upwards – towards those vibrations.  His underside vein, bulging and ready for release, urged him onward.  It was as if he couldn’t help but pursue greater intensity from the wand.  For the first time in six months, his arousal would yield a result … her permission and blessing having been received.  And he wasn’t taking this opportunity for granted.

When she told him to cum, he obeyed.

“Look at me, baby,” Vicky said sweetly, David gazing up at her and locking eyes with her as he started rocking his entire body.  “Good boy.”

The tone of her voice sounded so tender and kind, the expression on her face filled with love and with an affection of pride for her obedient little submissive.  He did everything he was told to do and now, his reward would be given.

Rocking his whole body, he made the tip of the wand move up and down the entire underside length of his cock – albeit still behind the plastic and padding of his diaper.  But such restrictions didn’t stop the vibrations from working their magic.  And as he grew closer and closer to eruption, he started bucking harder and harder – Vicky capitalizing on that moment with a few words that dismantled any lingering free will he may have still had.

“Good boy,” she said with her sweetest tone yet, supportive and adoring.  “Doesn’t it feel sooo good, baby?  Hmm?  Are you gonna make baby cummies?  Hmm?  Are you gonna cum in your diaper for your Mommy?  Keep trying.  That’s it.  You can do it.  You can do it, baby.  You have Mommy’s permission to make your cute little spurts.”

And then all at once, David seized up – focusing on not moving at all as he felt the strongest sensation yet at the base of his shaft.  That sensation traveled up the length and to the tip.  His eyes grew big-n-wide.

“Gush,” Vicky said with a forceful monotone delivery.

And David did indeed gush.  His body twitched every time his muscles shot out another ripple of seeds.  The gushes coming out of him weren’t enormous in size.  There were just simply a lot of them, more than usual – one right after another, right after another.  His balls could only hold so much cum, even though he hadn’t cum in six months.  But the desire was greater than at any other point in his life, for obvious reason.  It rapidly drained him of a tremendous amount of energy.  And it seemed like it was never going to end.  Quite honestly, he didn’t want it to end.

There he was, laying before his girlfriend and Mommy, having an orgasm that was lasting longer than normal.  What baby boy in his right mind would want that to end?

But, as is true about everything, it eventually did end – David relaxing into the crib mattress and concentrating on keeping his gaze locked on Vicky.  He felt the drain of energy and it was encouraging him to go to sleep.  Vicky, however, wasn’t done with him yet.  And before he nodded off, she re-stimulated his animation.

But he looked so peaceful and content.  She almost didn’t want to disturb him.  This pause on her part, nonetheless, was short-lived.  Getting up to a kneel, she placed her knees on the outside of his thighs and forced his legs together.  Leaning forward, she put her hands on the top of his shoulders and yanked his body downward – stretching his arms as his wrists were still cuffed to the headboard. 

“And now … your gift for our anniversary,” she said with a devilish twinkle in her eyes, straddling his rib cage and sitting on his chest.  “It was one year ago tonight that we began.”

Her center was inches away from his face.  Lifting up the front of her black nightie, she teased him with the sight of the sweetness between her legs.  It was just out of reach for his tongue, but he had an up-close view of her continuing wetness and swell.

“And in this year, you have been such a good boy for me.  Mommy is very proud of you,” she said with a breathy whisper, gently rocking her hips – bringing her sweetness closer to his face and then pulling it back away.

Taking the pillows out from underneath his head, she swung her feet and lower legs along either side of his head – now putting all her body weight on his chest.  Crossing her calves behind his neck, she lifted his head back up – her legs now serving as his pillow.  His face was but an inch or two away from her sweetness in that position.  And his drowsiness had been erased from his senses.

“Mommy is very happy with you.  You like making your Mommy happy, don’t you?” Vicky said with a sweet tone and an endearing smile on her face as she ran her fingers through his hair, lightly scraping his scalp with her fingernails … something he thoroughly enjoyed her doing.  “And I just know that you’ll make me happy right now.”

Uncrossing her legs from behind his neck and putting them behind his back, she forced him to lean up slightly.  And when he shifted upward, she covered his entire mouth with her labia, holding him there, just like that with all ten fingernails sinking into the back of his scalp.

“I mark my property.  And I don’t share my possessions with anyone else,” she said with a breathy monotone quality as she leaned forward just a little, adding his nose to the labia covering.  “You will wear my scratches proudly, baby.  And I will cover you with my scent so that any woman who comes near you will instantly know that you are already owned.”

She continued holding him there, nibbling her lower lip as she ever-so-slightly rocked her hips – gazing down at him with an intoxication of power beaming off her.

“The moment I met you, I knew you’d be a good boy for me.  You would just need a little training,” she said firmly, her breath picking up as she gripped the hair on the back of his head in two fists.  “But I didn’t know you would also be a good titty boy and a good pussy boy.”

Then she began to rub her wetness up-n-down his face – from hairline to chin, over and over … faster and faster.  Her hips rocked as she jammed his face into the wetness.  The crib creaked with the violent motions.

“You may …… lick,” she said with breathiness, David putting his tongue to work right away.  “Do a good job and I’ll give you a bonus … an unplanned gift that you don’t have to pay back.”

Though he did his best to stimulate her swollen tissues with his tongue, he could hardly get a pace going as she ravenously rubbed her wetness up and down his face, drenching him with her juices.

Then she frozen in place for a split second before shuddering and moaning out loud as a new layer of wetness saturated her.  As his tongue finally began to hit the mark, she began to rub her hood with a very rapid movement of her left hand fingers.  Now gripping the hair on the top of his head with only her right hand, she yanked his head up – cocking his neck at a strange angle.

David knew what was about to happen and he readied himself for it.  He suddenly knew what the bonus gift would be.  He just didn’t know exactly how she was going to give it to him yet.

Vicky was a squirter.  And this had always been something she prided herself on, never once being embarrassed by it and always using it to her advantage.  She would go wild when having sex or when just playing with herself.  It was her thoughts that got wilder still as arousal built up within her.  Wetness was already there, but there were so many more steps before she would ever orgasm.  And control was the greatest turn-on she knew.

Being a squirter, there was only one way this anniversary present would end.

“Close your eyes, baby,” Vicky said with tremendous fuss, David closing his eyes as her fingering grew into a frenzy.  “Oh, God.  This feels so good.  Get ready for it, baby.  Get ready for it.”

Pulling his head back so he couldn’t tongue her anymore, she positioned his face to have a target.  Her moaning got louder and louder.  And the grip of his hair in her right fist was now pulling at the roots.  Her hips were rocking so hard that her bottom lifted up off his chest and pounded back down on him repeatedly.

And then it happened.  Her movement came to a sudden screeching halt, and she stopped making noise for a moment before groaning as she squirted all over his face.  David kept his eyes closed and took the wetting.  This wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last.  As she ballooned down from the summit, she sat up and spun around – releasing her grip of his hair as she now faced towards his legs.

“I am a woman of my word.  I am a mistress of my word and I have learned to become a Mommy of my word in the past year,” she re-stated as she knelt up straight.  “You did a very good job and here is your bonus gift, baby … as promised.”

Grabbing the front waist band of his diaper, she lifted it up – just a split second before she started peeing on his stomach, her urine rolling down his stomach and into his diaper.  He could feel the warm liquid rush past his endowment and deposit itself in the back of his diaper.  She had enjoyed several drinks as her girlfriends were over earlier.  And this was yet another bit of indication of the control she possessed.

If there was any one fact that remained truer than all the rest, it was that: a dominant person absolutely must be in control of themselves.  If they’re not in control of themselves, how could they possibly be able to control anyone else?

Vicky was proof of this.  When she was done relieving herself, she used his hair to wipe her hood dry.  David, on the other hand, he would air-dry overnight.  And there would be no trip to the shower for him until morning.

She got out of the crib and raised the side railing halfway up, then uncuffing his wrists and looking at the drenched mess she had made him into.  She smiled so sweetly, her need for power by aggression having been satisfied once again.

Ending #1:

“I told my besties about you.  And they want to meet you now.  I’ve kept you to myself long enough.  So they’ll be over for lunch tomorrow,” Vicky said, dropping the bombshell on him.  “And we’ll finally get to use that highchair I bought you for Christmas!”

David’s eyes grew big-n-wide as that thought sunk into his head.

“That will give you something to overthink about for the rest of this night,” she said with a delighted smile.  “And just imagine what you will get on our wedding night … and what you’ll receive as a gift from me on our wedding anniversary.”

Picking up her vibrator and the washcloth, she wiped her inner thighs as some of the pee got onto her in the process.  Then she leaned into the crib and kissed his forehead, returning the pacifier to his mouth as she raised the side railing the rest of the way up.

“Good night, baby,” she said, walking over to the master bed and crawling under the covers.  “Happy new year.”

Seconds later, Vicky was asleep.  David drifted off to sleep shortly thereafter with thoughts of what the second year with Vicky would hold … but more so, what she would do to him when her girlfriends came over tomorrow to meet him.

Ending #2 –

She got out of the crib and raised the side railing halfway up, then uncuffing his wrists and looking at the drenched mess she had made him into.  She smiled so sweetly, her need for power by aggression having been satisfied once again. 

“I think I’m going to go out before the bars close tonight.  Maybe I’ll go back to the bar where you and I met.  Now that you are broken in, I need a new boy project,” Vicky said, dropping the bombshell on him.  “But don’t worry.  You’ll always be my baby.  And if I find the right guy tonight, I’ll bring him home and fuck him in that bed, right over there.”

David’s eyes grew big-n-wide as that thought sunk into his head.

“You’ll be able to watch him ravage every inch of me,” she said with a delighted smile at his fidgety reaction.  “That will give you something to overthink about for the rest of this night.  But let me give you a few more things to fill your head with, a few things you will be accepting from this point onward.”

David looked at her with confusion, Vicky returning his pacifier to his mouth before he could speak up.

What did she mean by that?  Things he would be accepting from this point onward?

“Mommy can’t live her life with the same cock all the time,” she stated bluntly while gathering the items she brought the crib, David showing signs of worry.  “Relax, baby.  You’re not going anywhere.  I will be keeping you for the rest of your life.  But Mommy would get bored after a while with just one cock.  I need variety, different thicknesses and lengths and textures.  When I get tired of a cock, I send that man on his way.  But I will always crave finding the next man and the next cock that will fuck me.  This means I will always be on the hunt for him.  I need a strong man to drill inside me and make me cum, then flipped me over and pound into my ass, cumming inside me with his thick streams of seeds.”

Tears welled in David’s eyes.

“Shhhhhh,” she shushed him, reaching down and wiping the tears from his eyes.  “You did nothing wrong, David.  And that’s why I’m keeping you … but for a reason that is far different than all the rest.”

What did that mean?  What was the reason?

“You know that I can’t get pregnant.  And so long as I have you, I won’t miss out on being a Mommy,” Vicky said with tears welling in her own eyes.  “So you will remain as my baby and you will get used to listening to me being devastated by big, thick cocks.  But you will always be here for me to take care of, to love and to fuss over.  And I will always have a cock to take care of me.  You’ll get used to it, baby. ………………  Good night.”

She leaned into the crib and kissed his forehead, then raising the side railing the rest of the way up.

“Don’t wait up for me, baby,” she said, walking over to the bedroom door and out into the hallway – heading towards the bathroom to put herself back together.  “And don’t get scared when you hear me screaming in a few hours.  Sometimes a new cock will catch me off guard like that.”

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