Kindle Unlimited

For years, I overlooked Kindle Unlimited – figuring that just listing Kindle ebooks on Amazon was far-reaching enough.

I would put one of my ebooks up on Kindle Unlimited in the summer of 2015, but never really understood the value of it.  Admittedly, I have always “learned along the way” since I entered into the ebook world back in 2011.

But it wasn’t until recently, when I signed up for Amazon Prime myself that Kindle Unlimited finally jumped out at me.

So I have begun shifting a few of the books over into the Unlimited catalog.  This is a major move as the Unlimited rule is that any ebook listed in their catalog may not be listed for sale anywhere else – not Barnes & Noble, not Apple iBook, not Kobo or any other.

So … dipping more than just a pinkie toe into the waters, here are the Zorro Daddy ebooks that appear on Kindle Unlimited.

Sticky Situations: Books 1-5

Sticky Situations 1 - 5 FrontWhat would you do if you found yourself in a Sticky Situation where you were headed for danger or towards the danger of discover with no way of getting out of it?

The Sticky Situations Series is a collection of stories where the danger of discovery is not only felt, but actually realized.  For these BabyGirls, being discovered is the east part … until it gets “sticky”.

Public humiliation galore fills these tales.  All 22 stories appear in this second edition collection.

Gratification: Volume One

Everybody has a fantasy they think about, but often tell no one. Sometimes these fantasies are so intense they can be very gratifying for us. Defying convention, we don’t just walk on the wild side, but instead, rush into it without caution or modesty.

This is a collection of dark age play stories that entwine submission, domination, bondage and discipline into storylines of foreplay, intercourse, adult language, explicit sexuality, severe spankings and humiliation.

These 24 dark age play erotic short stories will bind you, break you, excite you, exhaust you, nurture you and then do it all again.

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified.

Gratification: Volume Two

The continuation of this dark age play series deals with themes of guilt, mind games, power trips, pleasure, want and need – this second box set taking the stuff that fantasies are made of and speaking the unspoken.

These 26 dark age play erotic short stories will tie you up, pin you down, drain your heart, open your soul, push you to the edge, bruise your guilt,  ravage your senses, get your number, ring you up, unravel your defenses, make you question your decisions, make you face the consequences, watch you  squirm, make you feel regret, make you regret what you feel, make you beg for correction … and then make you do it all again

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again.

Gratification: Volume Three

This third collection of disconnected dark age play stories tells sexual and sensual tales of the erotic combinations of ABDL, BDSM, spanking, discipline, humiliation, taboo fetishes, bondage and more.  Each story melds together two people who come from different starting points. 

These 18 dark age play erotic short stories will spin you around, put you on exhibit, drop you to your knees, change the way you think, change the way you feel, reinvent you, disguise your passions, reveal your desires, eat you up, spit you out, blind your heart, scramble your mind, teach you where you truly belong and then do it all again.

Warning: Delving into these pages will leave you gratified, over and over again. 

The Voice The Voice – This is the darkest age play story I have ever written, paralleled by nothing else in that regard. 

Sharon Locket is a highly successful businesswoman with a secret fetish she shared with only one. But Sharon had even more secrets than that. The only problem was: It was her past secrets that were about to revisit her and make her regret the present ones.

To become so successful, Sharon had to step on a few tails along the way. Much like a lot of successful people, she made enemies. Some of them she knew and some of them she did not.

With her career skyrocketing upward, Sharon meets her past, present and future – all at once and in a most alarming way. As her life unravels around her, she can no longer function and finds herself helplessly victimized by a voice with no face.

Also available as: Lulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback

The Zorro Daddy SamplerThe Zorro Daddy SamplerVolume One

A collection of individual stories that span several erotic themes, from the darker to the romantic to the sexual to the pure-n-innocent and more.  But regardless of which theme they show, all these stories still include ABDL.

Try any sample – whether your choice is BDSM, humiliation, saga romance, littleness, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, wearing nothing but a diaper or wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Johnny and the PrincessBooks always tell you what she was thinking.  Do you ever wish you knew what he was thinking, too?  Do you ever wish you had the whole story?

This is the story of a Daddy and a BabyGirl who fell in love, grew together and found a way to overcome the heartache, pain and damage that past relationships had caused them.

Johnny and the Princess is an adult age play romance romance with each chapter told from his perspective and her perspective.

Also available as: Lulu PaperbackCreateSpace Paperback

ClimaxClimax – Nina is a Midwest sweetheart. But as a recent college graduate, her forthcoming summer employment will teach her how much she still has to learn about herself, about others, about love and about life. With a head-full of fantasy and a heart-full of secrets, Nina travels up to Michigan – completely unaware of the life-changing events to follow.

For eight weeks, she will dance, sing, perform, jump off waterfalls, gaze up at stars, daydream of imminent fetish nights, take road trips, have sex in a cabin, have sex in a kitchen, have sex in the sand and sex in the water.

Also available as: CreateSpace PaperbackLulu Paperback

Deja VuDéjà Vu: Inamorata to Illuminati

This one is a little less babyish and a little more grown-up.  But just a little.

Daisy Jane Vanderbilt was entering grad school.  As a bookworm her whole life, she had finally begun feeling the ticking of her time in a coming of age long overdue.

This is the story of how Daisy Jane Vanderbilt became Déjà Vu.

Sometimes all you need is the right incentive.  Show and tell has never been this revealing before.

The Dynamic Story The Dynamic StoryThis is the story of Adam, a guy with a tale to tell.  Hank, an author and screen play writer, walks into a bar & grille, meeting with Adam to hear his story – one that Hank learns is more than the usual and quite dynamic.  But not even Hank, a seasoned storyline creator, could’ve seen the twist at the end of this dynamic story.   …..     Perhaps you will. 

Samples:   Dynamics  –  A Tale of Dreaming Minds and Dreaming Hearts

Daddy Issues – Daddy Issues is a story of what can happen when two people bring something to the table, when reality is seen to be just as important as fantasy and when people give back just as much as they take.

The story is told equally, from his point of view at times and from her point of view at other times – laying proof that we are only half of something that is perfect for us.

Sample:  The Fine Art of Give and Receive

From Sun Up to Sun Down From Sun Up to Sun Down: The ABDL 3-Way Experience One story, told in three ways.  And Three Ways are always better than one.

The Perfect Way to Start the Day
What to Wear with a White BabyDoll Dress

The Waddling DeadThe Waddling Dead

A 30-episode ABDL zombie tale that follows eight college girls to a sorority retreat in the woods of upstate of New York.

For one weekend, from Friday night until Monday morning, 64 sorority pledges from eight different New York colleges will be isolated from the world to finally complete what has been a month-long pledge.  This campground is in a valley where no cell phone signals can reach.

But when a virus is discovered and an evilness is unleashed, being cut off from the world proves detrimental.  One by one, they are picked off as sorority sweethearts become crinkling zombies.  And the sorority girls new pledge is to find a way to stay alive until unbeknownst help arrives on Monday morning.

The Waddling Dead on Kindle Unlimited