The Mia Series (Book Ten): “Her Wedding Weekend”

The Mia Series - Book 10The wedding weekend of Eric and Mia has arrived. Traveling to a romantic location she chose in Vermont, they had abstained for a month – a commitment that challenged both of them to see the beauty of marriage in their near future.

Now in the midst of wedding rehearsals and with friends-n-family in the mix, Mia dreams of the perfect wedding day. Not only does she dream it, but she intends to make it a reality. Every detail has been meticulously planned and she will stop at nothing to see it through as such … just shy of becoming a bridezilla about it.

Join Mia and Eric in this, the conclusion of The Mia Series, giving her a send-off she has been waiting for her entire life.

Samples:  The Perfect Day”    “Late Night Rendezvous

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The Mia Series

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